Elsie’s Interior Inspirations

Room Inspiration 1Lately I have been pinning interiors like crazy! Our upcoming move has got me obsessed with pretty rooms, color combinations and decor ideas. Here are four beautiful rooms with notes about why I love them so much! 

This first room belongs to Paula Mills and the full tour can be seen on Design Sponge. I love (mostly) white rooms with interesting pops of color and texture. In this photo I am most inspired by the grouping of mirrors and the cozy details.Room Inspiration 2This next room amazes me. I'm obsessed with the mix of natural wood, wicker and green. The details are beautiful, especially that rug! I'm a huge fan of bright and fresh interiors. 

I discovered this room on Pinterest from Blood and Champagne.Room Inspiration 3This room definitely makes a statement. After all these years I am still loving chalkboard walls. I definitely plan on painting one or two in our next space. Another thing I love about this room is how the simple color story pulls together the busy look. It's perfect! 

I found this one via NY TimesRoom Inspiration 4Sigh… this might be my favorite room. I love the paintings, the many rugs, the white painted floors and the light fixture. I love how every piece is a treasure. I would love to live here. I want a space full of beautiful and unique things, and natural light. 

You can see the full room on Wolf Eyebrows, photos are from The Apartment

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