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Room Inspiration 1Lately I have been pinning interiors like crazy! Our upcoming move has got me obsessed with pretty rooms, color combinations and decor ideas. Here are four beautiful rooms with notes about why I love them so much! 

This first room belongs to Paula Mills and the full tour can be seen on Design Sponge. I love (mostly) white rooms with interesting pops of color and texture. In this photo I am most inspired by the grouping of mirrors and the cozy details.Room Inspiration 2This next room amazes me. I'm obsessed with the mix of natural wood, wicker and green. The details are beautiful, especially that rug! I'm a huge fan of bright and fresh interiors. 

I discovered this room on Pinterest from Blood and Champagne.Room Inspiration 3This room definitely makes a statement. After all these years I am still loving chalkboard walls. I definitely plan on painting one or two in our next space. Another thing I love about this room is how the simple color story pulls together the busy look. It's perfect! 

I found this one via NY TimesRoom Inspiration 4Sigh… this might be my favorite room. I love the paintings, the many rugs, the white painted floors and the light fixture. I love how every piece is a treasure. I would love to live here. I want a space full of beautiful and unique things, and natural light. 

You can see the full room on Wolf Eyebrows, photos are from The Apartment

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  • I am still decorating our apartment that we moved into 4 months ago and love this same vibe. I am slowly finding pieces to last us for a long time and feel like this style allows for long lasting style with pops of colour that can easily be changed.

  • these are all absolutely gorgeous!
    makes me a bit sad — i just moved into a temporary room, fully furnished and all. it was exactly what i was looking for, since i didn’t want to move all my stuff just to move them back in 5 months, but now i’m getting decorating-fever!
    xo, cheyenne

  • I love these rooms! I love the white with pops of colors, great inspiration.

  • I love that chalk board room ahhhh!


  • Great…. now I need to go out and buy cute socks 🙂 Love the pink ones!!

  • I love all these rooms! Great inspiration.


  • nice and calm with pops of color I love it! I’m a bit obsessed with white at the moment as well.

  • Oh they’er stunning! I wish I had a house that I could decorate! There’s only so much you can do to a rental!

  • GAH, I really hope you do another house tour for your new house!! I just want you to be all moved in, in that case! LOL! Your decorating skills are to die for. Much love xo

  • I love that fireplace and the chalk board wall. Also I have white floors and EVERYONE loves them!


  • Wow! I love this post–that kitchen chalkboard wall is fabulous and the painting and mismatched rugs in the living room are to die for!


  • I looove this post. The first photo with the fireplace is so great. I am a frequent reader of your blog and a huge fan. Please check out my blog Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls if you get a chance!

    xx Kari

  • OBSESSED with every single one of these rooms! So fun since I am decorating my apartment currently. Super excited for a someday house!



  • I love white walls and chalk wall 🙂
    I like rugs on photos but in real life it’s too much cleaning time for me ! 😉

  • Love that first photo! I’ve been into white rooms with pops of black & pink too. So much so, that I recently did my bedroom in that theme. Here are some pics if you’d like to see.. http://traceytilley.com/www.traceytilley.com/Blog/Entries/2012/1/30_Bedroom_%3D_Finito!.html

  • I absolutely love that kitchen. It’s my dream kitchen. Red & Black! <3 I love the chalkboard walls! You could write recipes on there to look at while you cook!

  • This reminds me of my own search for interior inspiration when I moved to a new home earlier this year.

    Sitting in my living room (which is still a work in progress) I can see the inspiration I took from photos (like yours above), but it has completely become our own room with just the things we like. I love it!

    Photos can help you organize and categorize your style and wants, it’s so useful!

  • The chalkboard room is great xoxo Name That Dress and win $50 with CopperEtiquette

  • Loving your inspiration!! Such great details.

    ~ Jillian

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  • I love every room, I’m also a little obsessed with wicker and wood.

    www.jodies junk.com

  • Loving the books in the fireplace and the rustic touch of the first room, but all of them are pretty amazing.

  • Amazing !
    Such a good inspiration for my future seaside house ! I love love love !

  • The chalk board is amazing but I think too much white is hard to handle, especially white floors.. Imagine spilling anything on there..

  • These rooms are amazing! I’m dreaming of owning a flat or a house somewhen in the future so I can paint the wooden floor in fun colors.


  • I love the first room, books in the fireplace is such a quaint idea. I’m looking at buying my first home soon so have gone interior mad myself, so I’m loving posts like this right now!


  • Love chalk wall in the kitchen and white floor in the living room.
    I am planning a redo for the kitchen!


  • I LOVE the first room, and the room with the chalkboard wall. Amazing!


  • I love all those wood things. I visited this store a month ago in Amsterdam and fell in love with it.. http://www.rawmaterials.nl/ I think you might like them too.

  • really love the second one with the natural wood and lots of green! however the last one is pretty too.


  • Love these ideas and I already follower you on Pinterest so know the pretty boards you are talking about. I can’t wait to hear/see more ideas about your love for white walls. I am currently renting at the moment looking to move soon and every rental property I have looked at has plain white or neutral walls! This is something I am not as worried about but not anymore as your images make them look great and very fresh 🙂

    BEcky, K.

  • I like white rooms, but at the same time I don’t want to have many of them, I need color. I am also obsessed with chalk walls, I want to paint one in the future.
    Great inspiration


  • Amazing post!!! I would love to see more like this posts!!!!



  • These are all absolutely beautiful! I especially love the last one, it is just too gorgeous! The whites with pops of color are absolutely stunning

  • Love these designs! I am totally in love with interior decor also!!
    ~ Hanna

  • That selection is pretty amazing and surely inspiring. I like the way that you share not only nice ideas but also a way of synthesize your brainstorm ideas.
    Thanks for that!!!

  • Where did you find the room with that AMAZING rug??? It would be ideal for our home.

    Devoted Reader

  • These are so beautiful! I loveee the idea of putting books in an unused fireplace, so cool!


  • oh, i love these rooms! the first + second are my favorite. (:


  • LOVE the books in the fireplace! All the pics are great.
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Ooh, the first and last rooms are so pretty! I definitely agree with you on mostly white rooms and having lots of unique pieces, plus I’ve always wanted to have a mirror collage 🙂

    Xo, Kelsey


  • as a renter, sometimes I have no choice but white walls–thanks for sharing some inspiration to liven things up!


  • This is AWESOME! <3 Check out my blog: http://thechicstreetblog.blogspot.com/

  • this is an awesome collection of rooms. the walls of my studio/guest room are white, white, white…and some of these ideas are easy to load in when i have guests and then roll out, when i need the space. love!

  • I struggle with pintrest because my taste always emerges as being super cluttered and colorful or super open, organized and white….since I have three small ones I guess the open, organized and white needs to be scratched off the list for a time. I love your taste and especially love the pops of color, the cozy piles of blankets, the white subway tiles and the clean feel from these different rooms. Thanks for the inspiration and I cannot wait to see how your lovely home shakes out:)!!


  • So many fun ideas, I think my absolute favourite has to be the chalk wall, just brilliant!

  • I really love the first one — that fireplace is beautiful! Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

  • You should check out this page, its from a tv show ran here in Australia called ‘the block’
    I think that some of the things Sophie and Dale used might be your style.

  • I love the blood and champagne kitchen but I always wonder how much chalk dust gets everywhere (maybe that is just my OCD kicking in??)
    xo Emilie @ http://www.hungrydelights.com

  • I love white or light walls with lots of natural light. The first two are definitely my favorites. Light and airy, but still warm and comforting. Hope you have lots of fun decorating your new home.

    – tianna 🙂

  • I spend hours and hours on pinterest looking for house inspiration… it’s just addicting. Love cozy feels, love lots of green, love pops of color… I love all white rooms with pops of color, but never seem to be able to pull off that look! Can’t wait to see your new home, Elsie!


  • We have the exact same taste in interior design. Can’t wait to see everything after your move!

  • The rustic look with the green and wood is amazing!

  • Oh man that chalk board room… uh-mazing!

    – Sarah

  • Ohh they are so beautiful !

    XX Luba

    Today on Well Living Blog :: Tribute to Coco

  • haha I love how everyone has such strong visceral reactions to all the rooms. Decorating a home is such a personal thing, really!

    I am really drawn to the last room! I love the white and the different colourful rugs. The large peachy painting actually looks like it’s painted on a mirror! Such a great idea to bring both more light and art into a room!

    Talia Christine

  • Awesome post! Love the mirror groupings & pops of pink in the first photo!!



  • Looove these kinds of posts! Would definitely like to see more of them 🙂

  • Love the rooms you posted about. So many great ideas! and it makes me itch to get my own place…Sigh, one day, right?

    The books in the fireplace is a really neat idea and we have an un-usable fireplace right now…
    Thanks for the great post!

  • Gorgeous rooms…love the white floors, use of wicker and chalkboard walls. I think in my cottage redo I will def incorporate the chalkboard wall in the kitchen. You new house is going to look quite fab! And so authentic to the way you live.

  • Awesome photos. We’re moving ourselves and I cannot wait to design our new space.

  • God, I loved every single picture!
    I hope to see a lot of before/after posts of your new home!

  • The ‘Blood and Champagne’ kitchen is beyond fabulous. I love the pops of red with the wood. It almost looks like Blood Wood, which I love. I love the chalkboard paint too, it keeps everything youthful! Awesome finds.

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH I LOOOOOVVVE the chalk wall!!!!!!!! It’s so big and so…. I don’t know just amazing.

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so beautiful! I love the white walls and colourful paintings, and those patterned rugs are gorgeous!

  • These are beautiful!!! I love the big painting in the last photo – at first, I thought it was a window splashed with paint! The first picture is awesome, but the mirrors are off-center and my OCD would kick in. It’s actually my favorite room, otherwise!

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