Elsie’s Paint Colors (a complete guide)

Entryway + blush pink door ©AlyssaRosenheckIf there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m really scatterbrained. So when people ask me on social media for the names of all my paint colors, I usually can’t remember or even say the wrong one, (SORRY, Instagram!) For this reason, I thought it would be helpful for me to write one big post that I can link back to over and over with all my paint colors.

Here we go!!!

Jeremy + Elsie LarsonPink front door/ Noble Blush by BEHR.

Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams ©AlyssaRosenheckWhite Walls (throughout our entire home)/ Marshmallow by Sherwin-Williams.

I love this color because it’s very slightly warm, but close to untinted white.

ExteriorExteriorMy exterior is also painted Marshmallow by Sherwin-Williams (but it’s an outdoor satin exterior paint).

Elsie's bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheckThe ceiling in our bedroom is Baby Blush by Valspar (I stole this color from Laura’s dining room).

Black trim in sunroom ©AlyssaRosenheckThe black trim in our sunroom is Dark Kettle Black by Valspar.

Jeremy's studio ©AlyssaRosenheckThe deep blueish-green in Jeremy’s studio is Midnight in NY by BEHR.

Turquoise floor ©AlyssaRosenheckOur living room floor is Stained Glass by Valspar. Read here for the exact technique used. It’s not just a painted floor!

Dark grayThe dark charcoal color in our living room is Hematite by BEHR.

(I will say, it reads more navy blue in person.)

Painted white fireplace ©AlyssaRosenheckOur fireplace is plain white, untinted satin finish paint with a stain blocking primer beneath it. Learn more about painting brick and stone here.

Let me know if you have any questions!!! xoxo. Elsie

Credits/Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck (and a couple of my own from our blog archives).

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