Elsie’s Locker ReStyle

Elsie's Locker ReStyleWhen we first looked at our current home, my husband and I made a typical pros and cons list. Pros- amazing windows and lighting, original wood floors, plenty of space. Cons: the kitchen. The kitchen was no good. It had its fixable cosmetic problems, but the greater problem was storage. There just wasn't much. So we became determined to find creative ways to add extra pantry storage to our space.

I had these lockers from my retail store(s) I decided to bring home. They are the perfect size for extra non-perishable food storage. I also plan to use them to store extra props for photo shoots. They were painted hot pink, which is cool but not a match for our home. I wanted something neutral. My first thought was white, but then I had the idea to paint the doors and the frame mismatched neutral shades. Fun!Mixed Neutral Paint ColorsColors I used: (Valspar) Turkish Coffee, Bistro White, Wet Pavement, Madison Avenue, Porcelain Shale. We used regular satin latex paint and then several coats of polyurethane to seal them.Locker ReStyleI added a few baskets from the flea market to the top. These will probably be used to hold extra kitchen linens and glass bottles (I have too many).Old locker = extra storage!I am super happy with the result of this restyle! The lockers are located in our mudroom, just one room over from our kitchen. I'll probably spend some of my weekend organizing the cabinets. Hooray! xo. elsie 

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