Elsie’s Locker ReStyle

Elsie's Locker ReStyleWhen we first looked at our current home, my husband and I made a typical pros and cons list. Pros- amazing windows and lighting, original wood floors, plenty of space. Cons: the kitchen. The kitchen was no good. It had its fixable cosmetic problems, but the greater problem was storage. There just wasn't much. So we became determined to find creative ways to add extra pantry storage to our space.

I had these lockers from my retail store(s) I decided to bring home. They are the perfect size for extra non-perishable food storage. I also plan to use them to store extra props for photo shoots. They were painted hot pink, which is cool but not a match for our home. I wanted something neutral. My first thought was white, but then I had the idea to paint the doors and the frame mismatched neutral shades. Fun!Mixed Neutral Paint ColorsColors I used: (Valspar) Turkish Coffee, Bistro White, Wet Pavement, Madison Avenue, Porcelain Shale. We used regular satin latex paint and then several coats of polyurethane to seal them.Locker ReStyleI added a few baskets from the flea market to the top. These will probably be used to hold extra kitchen linens and glass bottles (I have too many).Old locker = extra storage!I am super happy with the result of this restyle! The lockers are located in our mudroom, just one room over from our kitchen. I'll probably spend some of my weekend organizing the cabinets. Hooray! xo. elsie 

  • That’s an amazing idea! I love old school looking things in a home, it feels so cozy. My mom thinks it’s horrible though haha! Lovely inspiration xoxo

  • This is an awesome addition to a mudroom. I’ve always wanted lockers in the house too! Great post!

  • Fantastic color choices! I refinished a set of lockers too. They are the PERFECT solution for taming my craft supplies. Hope your food is now tame too 🙂

  • I love coming up with new ideas for storage, I’m getting better after having started university and being given next to none. I did a lot of reorganisation at home over Christmas too – I find the creative aspect really therapeutic 😀

    Emily x – prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com

  • Cghenley, I used satin latex paint (wall paint) with a sealer. I chose this because I wanted more color options and it is too cold to spray paint outdoors (most days) where we live.

  • Can I ask what kind of paint you used (spray paint, or paint in a can)? Love this – I’ve been searching for the perfect lockers to re-do…the search continues!!

  • That’s a great idea for storage! Will you be adding shelves inside them?

    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  • I love this. It is a fabulous storage idea too. This would fit well in my shop.

  • Alicia,
    Yes- I chose latex for the color options. Also, it’s too cold to spray paint most days where we live. Since this piece won’t get too much wear (besides the doors rubbing on the frame- which was probably hopeless no matter what paint we used…) I think it will hold up just fine.

  • this is lemonade,
    i have a lot of bottles for food blogging props & also i just always keep the really cute liquor bottles for crafty reasons. they add up quick!
    glad someone else shares my glass obsession. :))

  • Haha! Glass bottles.. I caught that mention at the end of the post… (I LOVE the subtle colour variations by the way…but back to the glass bottles…)
    What do you do with them? I also have too many – I have an obsession with interesting glass bottles, I just love glass and when it comes free as a beautiful drink wrapper, what’s not to love? 😛
    Don’t worry, I have not developed an irrational delusion that we could be twins, based on this common ailment… I suspect you have a perfectly normal reason for why you have too many glass bottles lol!

  • I’ve noticed a few projects online where metal objects were painted with regular paint instead of spray paint. I never would have thought of doing this. It definitely opens many more options for color. Do you use rollers to apply the paint?

  • I really, really love this! It is such an awesome idea and they look so cool! Thanks for sharing! xx


  • love the colours that you chose!! I am in love with greyscale & neutral. Looks great!!

  • I like the different shades! I am loving every part of your new home and can’t wait to see the whole house tour!

  • It’s a nice idea for more storage space. However I would use different colours, pastel shades maybe? It looks gloomy for me.

  • Love it, so modern and really useful! Enjoy organising your storage! 🙂

  • amazing idea !!
    New post up : http://www.thestilettoholic.com/2013/01/12/elegant-friday/

  • The locker looks great. I liked the hot pink version as well but you’re right, it has to fit the whole concept of your home.

  • Wow – I want some of these! Hope you have some pictures pinned to the inside of your lockers too.

    Eva x

  • The complete geek in me loves getting new cupboards to organise – so happy organising this weekend!

  • Love how the project turned out! I’m pretty sure I wouldve gone for pink and white, though.

  • Beautiful! I love that you chose to do this in different shades rather than just the one. Something most people wouldn’t think of doing!


  • I adore this! I always used to dig the idea of bringing my school locker home with me. For the storage, yes but mostly because I thought it would be cool to decorate them for an at home look 🙂


  • Not having kitchen space is a nightmare one of the first ones my husband and I had together had NONE and we had to buy all these utility shelves just to store things. I am sure you will come up with some idea to help you better.

    BTW what is up with all these dirty ladders lately? lol

  • Kristen,
    I am thinking about adding extra shelves. First I think I will start filling them just to see what kind of shelves are needed. I’ll show a photo later if the insides turn out cool. :)))

  • Brilliantly stylish (dont know if it is possible to say this in english, but its the way I feel : c’est merveilleux!).

    Olive xox

  • Excellent idea!I love re-proposed lockers, for home storage! They look awesome! Did you add additional shelving inside? 🙂

    Have a nice weekend.

    – KristenInGermany

  • This is such a cute idea! Id love to get my hands on some lockers for my work room, but I have no clue where in the world I could find some, lol

  • I would have loved have seen them in hot pink!


  • I love how you can make anything work just by restyling it. I aim to do this more in the new year.



  • this is such a good idea! My kitchen nightmare is not having enough storage space….things like this look original and work. LOVE IT!!!!

  • The lockers looks so cool! I love those baskets!!


  • I loved the pink lockers, but the new look is pretty awesome as well! I like that the doors and fram is mismatches. 🙂 -Katie

  • So cool! 🙂



  • i use a set of lockers as my pantry as well – works great and adds character. love the two tone color combo. have fun decorating the rest of the house!

  • I kind of want to do this for all of my kids’ stuff piled in our entry way. It is kind of a good idea for the coats and backpacks.

  • What an awesome find.I would love to have some of them.


  • It might be a good idea to put felt sticker on the feet or some kind of barrier between the metal and the wooden floors. My parents had filing cabinets in the study for years and when we moved them to remodel, there were some rust spots on the floors. Now we always put something in between to make sure the floors stay nice.

  • i actually really like the idea of different neutral shades. very inspiring and i’m jealous that you have a mudroom.

  • You should show what’s inside when you stock it up!

    xo Jennifer


  • I love the lockers Elsie 🙂

    I also lacked storage in the kitchen so my husband turned what used to be a coat cupboard into a pantry for me and it has made a massive difference. We should have made this little alteration years ago.

  • This is such a good idea! I love taking utilitarian items and making them cozy inside the home.


  • I never would have considered lockers for kitchen storage – such a great idea!


  • I have always loved the idea of lockers for home storage solutions. Great colors, and they seem like they are in the perfect space!

  • Jennifer- deal! I will share that sometime. Maybe in a “spring cleaning” type post.
    Thanks so much!

  • Such a great Idea!! Looks amazing! If only I had a house to decorate, your house must be a dream! 🙂

  • Such a creative way to find storage! Love it!
    much love, Rachel


  • What a good idea! I like the colors you picked too. More neutral. Also an easy fix for storage. I have a problem with drawers. Always seem to forget that my possessions are

  • Great solution to your storage problem. And I even love the idea of the door painted different neutral shades. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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