Elsie’s Mini Photo Wall Art

Hi friends! I’m so happy to share this project with you today! I have been working hard on finding homes for our photos throughout our home. In addition to catching up on ALL our photo books, one of my current goals is to fill our home with family memories.

In these digital times, it’s TOO EASY to leave my photos on my phone for years at a time without printing them out. But each time I do print, I get SO happy and motivated! Today, I partnered with our friends at Canon USA to make a big photo display with a 16×20-inch frame and 32 family snapshots from our past two years.

As you all know, I typically don’t use anything but my PIXMA iP8720 (which I adore and cannot recommend enough), but for today’s post I used Laura’s printer while I was waiting for an order of ink to arrive (it’s good to have a neighbor with a full supply of ink, you know what I’m saying?). I’m still loyal to my PIXMA iP8720, but look how pretty Laura’s PIXMA TS8120 printer is. It’s the fashion blogger of all printers! So good looking! And I was super impressed with the printing quality too. The colors really pop, which is important!

Step 1: Get a 16×20-inch frame and line it with plain white mat board.

Step 2: Print out 32 of your favorite memories in 2×3 size on nice photo paper. I cut mine out with a small white border remaining on each one.

Choosing the photos was my favorite part, of course!

Step 3: Arrange your photos in eight rows of four each. Play with the spacing and composition before you commit to adhesive.

Step 4: Use whatever adhesive you have handy (I used washi) to adhere your photos to the mat board. Be very careful to keep the spacing as even as possible.

Here’s my hand for scale to see how large this actually is. I think it’s way bigger than it appears in photos. I’m planning to hang it in my office.

Here’s the finished product! I have probably said this before, but I love the sentimental aspect of seeing a lot of family memories all grouped together. It’s gives me an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude.

Side view.

And one last view.

I would LOVE to see it if you guys make a project like this! Tag us on Instagram!

And, as always, I am happy to answer any printer questions you have. 🙂

xx. Elsie

Credits: Author and Photography: Elsie Larson.
  • How are you arranging 9 2×3 photos on 8.5×11 paper? What program and what feature within that program? I was going to use my local print shop, but they only print wallet size in pairs, so there’d be no white border. So I was thinking of sending them 8x10s that actually have several 2x3s on a white background, and get around it that way.

  • This is such a fantastic idea and an amazing way to display lots of photos without taking up huge amounts of space! As a uni student, this was such a helpful space-saving idea thank you for sharing it!

  • amazing idea you shared! This looks so simple and beautiful I love this and really want to make this photo collage. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial.

  • Question about the printer(s) – I don’t doubt that the quality is great, but what are your thoughts on the 6-ink system? Is it expensive, a hassle, worth it?

    Love this project by the way.


    • I love it! I owned other wide format printers in the past but the 8720 is my favorite by a lot. I don’t feel like ink is more expensive than other printers like it. 🙂

  • oh my, this is such a cool idea. Definitely making this for my new home.

  • This is such a beautiful idea, I love the small size of the photos and the collage character!

  • Simple yet elegant. It brings back many memories. I imagine i can put my mini wedding photos too at there… Thanks for sharing 😀

  • Aw, this is such wonderful idea, I want to make this for our family photos. XO


  • LOVE this Elsie! It’s so simple yet so effective. I’d love to learn more about how you get that beautiful unified look to your photos. My pics always look so messy with distracting clashing colours and cluttered backgrounds. I know you use the ‘Golden’ filters from A Color Story but I’d love to see some more of your before and after photos. I’m not terribly technological so all tips are gratefully received! xx

  • I love this and really want to make one for my family. Where did you get your frame? I’m having a hard time finding a similar one and I love the “moulding” look of this one (how it sort of has two layers of frame).

  • What a fantastic idea and so much fun to create too. Plus it makes sure you make use and find a good home for all those photos x


  • I love this!!! So special and organized at the same time!

    Eva | www.shessobright.com

  • This is a beautiful way to preserve and display some of your favourite memories. I adore the small sized photos, especially since it allows you to display so many photos in the one frame! I would love to do something like this in the future.

  • Love this, I’m going to go through some of our older albums scan and resize our pics of our daughter growing up! Thank you!!

  • Love all your photo projects !
    Please do a post on how to print multiple pics in a 2×3 and a 4 size papers !

    Is there any simpler app apart from photoshop that we can use ?

  • I so love this photo collage. It’s a great modern update on the old kind of family photo collage frames that I grew up with in the 80s : )

  • This went right forward into my pinterest board “home decor” xoxo

  • Loooove this. So beautiful to have the memories all displayed in one spot! I need to be better about printing my photos. I received a PIXMA printer as a gift – after lots and lots of hints 😉 – and am so excited to start printing more photos!

  • This is such a fun and cute idea! I love this!


  • This is cute! I’ve never seen a mini wall art before but it reminds me of purikura that I used to take all the time when I was a teenager. So fun! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Want to get more confident to use my canon printer- what program do you use to arrange the photos in on your computer?

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