Elsie’s Mudroom Organization

Elsie's Mudroom OrganizationI've been looking forward to this project since we first moved in! Our goal here was to create an organized wall that could hold different things through the changing seasons: things like our rainboots and gardening tools. Our mudroom is located just inside our back porch, so it's kind of the spot where indoor and outdoor living meet up. 

We purchased three large wood crates from Michaels and used Cabot stain in Pecan. To get a lighter stain we brushed on one coat of stain and then wiped it off with an old rag. The darker pieces had two coats without any wiping. 

We chose to hang two boards (both 5.5 inches wide). The top board has clips for family photos, and the bottom board has hooks for coats, purses etc. I thought it would be cute if in the future the hooks were designated for different family members with their photos (we need babies!), but for now I used some old family photos that mean a lot to me.Photos + coat racks inside the mudroom doorPhotos + coat racks inside the mudroom doorEmma hung these boards (thanks Emma!). Emma's #1 tip: Any time you hang anything on your wall, especially if you will be adding holes in the process (drilling or hammering), be sure to measure everything twice and use a level if you have one. This is something my dad has, um, aggressively encouraged, and I think he's right. There is nothing worse than hanging a board (or hook or picture frame), taking a few steps back to admire your handy work and noticing that it's just a little bit crooked. (!!!!!!!!)Crates as shelves in the mudroomCrates as shelves in the mudroomSince our mudroom is located between the back porch and our kitchen, I decided this would be a good spot for cookbooks too! A spot for cookbooks! xo. Elsie + Emma

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