Elsie’s Nashville Home Tour Video (BEFORE)

Elsie's Empty House Tour (the BEFORE)Hey, guys! I am SO EXCITED to share today’s video. A few weeks ago we closed on our future home in Nashville, Tennessee. The first thing we did (well, after we went to switch the utilities over—haha!) was go into the house and film a video for you of all the empty rooms. 

The next day we began the process of painting, pulling up carpet and turning it into a disaster zone. The next time you see these rooms they will look VERY different. I’ve never made a before tour before, but I’m already SO happy we did. I feel like we immortalized a very special thing because, already, it looks so different! I have a feeling this video will be even more fun to watch back in a year or two as our home gets decorated and lived in. 

A little history about the home—it was built in the 1970s and had only had one owner before us. A doctor and his wife built it, raised their family, and have now moved to another state to be closer to their children. The decor was pretty preserved from the seventies and eighties, and while a lot of it was not our style, we loved the way they had it decorated. The house is full of custom details with the prettiest sun porch I have ever seen, beautiful moulding on all the doors and (HOORAY) hardwood under ALL the carpet.

We almost didn’t look at this house because I had my heart set on another one. But we decided that since we were driving eight hours for one day of house shopping, we might as well see as many as possible. When we stepped inside, I instantly knew it was a special house, not to mention an incredible makeover waiting to be made. The next day we viewed it a second time with Todd and Laura and they assured us that it was the right space to start the next chapter of our life together and run our two businesses. We made an offer the next day! 

Anyway—I’m rambling, aren’t I? Here’s the empty house tour!

Thanks so much for watching! Did you guys get enough of that carpet? Isn’t the living room pretty? Do you think we’re crazy to take on that studio renovation? I hope you feel included on our new adventure. I’m so happy to share it with you and can’t wait to share more in the coming months! xx. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Video and Music: Jeremy Larson. 

  • I love fixing up houses and always had a project. Some I learned to do myself, others, required a professional. What a wonderful house you have chosen What fun your going to have fixing it up . I look forward to following your adventure.

  • Just had to have a peek of the new place! It’s going to be gorgeous hon! Love you both- Aunt Karin

  • This is going to be a great renovation and I can’t wait to see how you make it yours! Beautiful…

  • This house is huge! You guys will give it the most rad blend of old school with your awesome style. I will love seeing its progress. Good luck to you guys on all of the fun!

  • I love it and am super jealous of your spacious back porch. How exciting!

  • I love it! Do you mind sharing what neighborhood the house is in? We live in West Meade and it looks very similar to the houses in our neighborhood!

  • Congratulations on your new home! My girlfriend and I are looking into moving down to Nashville as well. Curious as to which area you guys chose, we’re trying to decide which areas to focus our search on. Thanks!

  • Yay! We are moving to Nashville in three weeks as well!

    This made me so very very excited to start our house hunt! May I ask what part of town this is in??

    xo, Jordan

  • Oh I love this! I live in Nashville as well!! Where did you end up buying? Bellevue?

  • Wow Elsie, that house is huuuuuuge! Can’t wait to see what you guys will do with it!

  • It looks amazing, you lucky things! So many plans and things to do – just how you like it! By the way I watched the video and then Jeremy came on with his hairdo and I suddenly thought, woah, Chandler’s roommate! He was called Eddie and played by Adam Goldberg. I just looked at google images and he’s not so similar but in my head… funny how those memories just bubble up sometimes!

  • That s going to be an incredibly fun project! That house has amazing bones. So excited to see what you do with it!

  • That sun room! ::heart eyes::
    I can’t wait to see what you do with each room 🙂

  • Your videos just get better and better every time! So cool to see you getting more comfortable on camera. Congrats on the new pad and your next big adventure!

  • Awesome tour. Your reno ideas sound great. I just wanted to suggest finishing/staining the floors in the garage instead of hardwood. From what I can tell, that’s just a whole lot of potentially gorgeous concrete that could still be cozy with some rugs thrown over it. Roll up the rugs when your niece comes to visit and turn it into a temporary roller rink. 😉 Just an idea, but keeping the concrete might make the space even more versatile! Congrats on the house!

  • Wow, that is one huge house, great!! After following you for years, I can already kind of imagine what it’s going to look like when it’s done. You’re going to turn that kitchen into something great, it already exists in my mind 🙂

  • Wow, what an amazing house! I would not know how to fill all those rooms, but you certainly have it all figured out already and I am super excited to watch those rooms transforming into your home! 🙂

  • Hello Elsie~

    Welcome to Nashville! I’m originally from Los Angeles, met my husband and started our family in Denver, and we have been raising our children, in the outskirts of Nashville, since 2010! We came here for music! I can relate to the transition your are going through! Enjoy your journey! Cheers and best wishes to you both!

  • I am so looking forward to seeing your house change and come to life with your inspiration. It’s such a huge space so you will be able to so some wild and wonderful things. You are going to have such fun! With love from a New Zealand Beautiful Mess fan!! Jude

  • Wow, so pretty! Call me crazy but I love that cheery yellow breakfast nook! 😀 So many amazing custom details in this house! Have fun with the reno!

  • Your new house is amazing! So much potential – its existing character is just off the charts. Congratulations and good luck on this new adventure! Also, you and Jeremy are so darn cute. #RelationshipGoals

  • Ahhh! That house is so amazing! I can’t wait to see what ya’ll do with it! It looks like my dream home, so I’m excited to be inspired by all your projects!


  • That house is flippin’ massive. I live in a NYC closet basically. haha ::sob::
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the space. Thanks for sharing!

  • “OMG look at her house… i like big haouse and i cannot lie”

  • Am I the only person who has never heard Jeremy speak!
    Weird internet thing, seeing someone’s face on your screen so many times and then only realising when you eventually hear them speak that you never had before.
    Gorgeous house, so excited for the transformation!

  • Wow, congratulations on buying your new house! It looks like you’re going to have fun with it 🙂 Great space!

  • Whoa, the peek of the yard through the sunroom looks amazing. I can’t wait to see where you guys take everything!! Good luck with the move and with all the renovations!

  • What a wonderful find! I seriously LOVE this place. There are so many weird details that would be fun to hold onto, or give a nod to in your renovations. Can I ask how many square feet this place is? It looks HUGE!


  • LOOOOVE this house!! I am so jealous of your new sunroom!
    Also, pretty cool to hear from Jeremy!
    Congrats (:

  • Wow, that house has so much potential! (once that carpet and drapes are gone!) Side note, this is the first ABM video I’ve watched and your voice sounds so different than I pictured it as I read your posts in my head, haha! But now I can read them in your voice!

  • Wow wow wow!! I can’t wait to see what you do to this house. I can see so much potential. I even kiiiiiinda like the lattice. Kinda.

  • Oh man… I am SO excited to see what you do with this place! It’s already such a unique space… Can we just speed up time and see the finished product already?? (Netflix generation. I want to binge watch this season of “Elsie moves to Nashville,” is that creepy?)

    Sidebar: I’m sort of weirdly in love with the faded yellows and the blue checked laminate(?). Will be sad to see that go, but the space will be that much more rad with your creative eye. (Rainbow glassware arrangement? My first thought was bar, but hello! I could see the display as soon as you said it. Brilliant.)

    Sidebar to the sidebar: Fun to have your man in the video. Just awkward enough. 🙂

    ♥ http://faitboum.com

  • Wow!!
    I’m totally in awe!
    I can’t imagine how it will be more awesome after your beautiful transformation!!
    I believe you will be your happiest there!!
    All the best and keep sharing!!!

  • That house is drop dead amazing. So much potential! I’m most excited about that studio space. It’s my dream to have a studio space attached to our home like that one day. For now, I’ve converted 1 bedroom in our tiny 1920’s house to a jam room with a snake out so that we can record in the living room. You guys are living the dream!

    But what I really want to comment on is the quality of your videos. It’s been fun watching you guys grow your video production over the past year. The editing is gettting so much tighter giving it more engaging pacing. I’m starting a video company myself with my partner and love to see how others grow.

    P.S. I’m so stoked you guys upgraded to wireless lav mics!

  • OMG you have found THE most amazing house, I’m so excited to see what you do with it!

    I wouldn’t know where to start, I literally think my entire London flat would fit in your dining room haha. (Seriously, see my bathroom renovation posts!)

    Also, I kind of love the kitchen?! I’d just replace the cupboard handles 🙂

    Becky :: accooohtrements.wordpress.com

  • Love it. Can’t wait to see what you do to the house. Good luck to you both.

  • This house has mighty potential. The windows are huge, I love that. I was shocked that you wouldn’t keep the garage as is……but then again I live in a place where winter is rough and my dream is to one day have a garage where my car can sleep in…..so I don’t have to shovel snow off it! I guess snow is not a big problem in Nashville.

  • love these tour videos! reminds me of hgtv 🙂 can’t wait to see how you decorate!

  • Wow what a house! That’s gonna be some major renovatin, whew! Will be fun to see over the years. Very cool to see Jeremy chip in too 🙂

  • Congratulations! That’s exciting!I am looking forward to reading more about your renovations!AriadnefromGreece!

  • Yay!!! So excited for you guys and can’t wait to see what you do! It was awesome having Jeremy show his space!!! Loved the video! Thanks for sharing!

  • So so excited for you guys!! I also loved seeing both you and your husband on camera! Made me feel like I know you guys (which I feel like through your blog, hehe!). Good luck with everything, can’t wait to see it all unfold!

  • OMG!its a huge house i’m so curious to see what you gonna do with it!! i visited nashville a few years ago….its awesome!
    lots of luck from tel aviv israel

  • What a fun development! Cannot wait to see your home renovations!

  • Wow what a beautiful house! Looks like it will be a lot of fun to re-decorate everything!

    <3 Barbie

  • I am SO HAPPY for you, this was exciting and emotinal to see (like watching a happy ending of a movie plus this feeling of something new and great that’s about to start)!! Inspiring, motivating and wonderful… Thank you for leting us being a part of your journey <3


  • I love it! Can we just talk about the epic-ness of some of those light fixtures?!?! The kitchen nook one was probably my favorite 🙂

  • Wow so beautiful and so spacious ! It looks like you have a pretty big back yard do you have acres ? You can definitely see the difference between a house in Nashville and a house in Missouri. Can’t want to see these posts !! :):)

  • There is something endearing about the yellow kitchen. Looking forward to the transformation!!

  • I LOVE YOUR HOME TOURS!!! Fave. Fave. Fave. Keep rocking it.

    Big love!
    Design The Life You Want To Live

  • WOW, that is one heck of a house! So big! I can imagine you doing great things and changing it up to your style! Yeah, and that carpet? Enough already! Congrats!

  • East Nashville is a GREAT investment!! It’s all happen’ there! Well, wait, it’s happen’ EVERYWHERE in Nashville! Welcome!

  • Your house is amazing!! I’m soo jealous, I’m still stuck with my 258ft² studio 🙁

  • Great house ! I loved your video. I have to say that I follow you guys for so long and it makes me want to go to America (besides NY, I already have been there – and loved it too) !

  • Oh my gosh the house is huge! Which makes me incredibly excited for the many interior related posts! Cannot wait to see the transformation. Congratulations!


  • Beautiful House!! I love the walls how they are painted!

  • THIS IS SO EXCITING!! I am over the moon for y’all! Can’t wait to see all the updates that you share on the blog. 🙂

  • you hit the jackpot with that house. You had me at the marble floor entry way. I am so excited to see what’s next!!

  • Ohhh I ADORE your new home!!! I love the 70s vibe and the “virgin suicides” look also. Bummed out that you’re getting rid of the lattice though–one of my fave details. ?

  • I am so so very happy for you both……it’s so wonderful to see that all of your consistent efforts, Elsie, have led you to having the freedom to pursue these new stages of your lives…just wonderful….I knew from the moment I was purchasing ‘Love Elsie’ scrapbook products that you’d go on to even greater things and I’m so, so very happy for you…..(hope you’re at least considering keeping what looked to be some pretty cool ship wallpaper in one bedroom!)……

  • Super excited to see the transformation. Love your place, reminds me of Hollywood regency. So many possibilities. We’re in the process of transforming a dark dank 70’s time capsule. At least you have light, we’ve been painting A LOT of dark paneling. Can’t wait to see what you do with the fireplace. I have a similar situation.

  • Amazing! My dream house ? the space you have is unreal! Can’t wait to see how you will make it your own!

  • So excited and happy for you!! It looks like a home full of character and will be perfect for your creative endevors together.

  • Just so…so flipping excited to see the overall outcome! Especially the downstairs living area/bar 😀 😀 Congrats guys on this new chapter!! Love from New Zealand x

  • Wow this house is amazing! It’s so huge! I’m excited it has so many rooms because I can’t wait to see what you do with each of them 😀 It was really cool to see Jeremy on camera too 🙂 I feel like his downstairs/studio space will be the most exciting transformation because it’s going to be completely repurposed into something new and amazing 🙂
    Congratulations to you both!!

  • Oh please oh please don’t paint those beautiful wood built ins in your office! I understand wanting to lighten and neutralize the space but it would break my little woodworking heart!

  • I am SO excited for this house and all the exciting posts to come! I went to Western Kentucky University, so once you get settled, you should def take the beautiful road trip (45 mins) up the road to the bluegrass state and check out Jackson’s Orchard;) Also, if Cafe Coco still exists in Nashville, it is AMAZINGLY yummy with such a fun artist vibe.

  • Super excited for you guys & look forward to seeing the transformation! Very inspiring!

  • I’m so excited for your new journey. I love Nashville and me and my husband are thinking of moving there as well. I can’t wait to see how you two transform this awesome house. Just curious what general area of town you guys moved to?

  • I’m so excited to see what Jeremy does with the studio space – I absolutely adore his latest Violents project so this is super cool!

  • How exciting!!!! The house is gorgeous, I love so much of it without the renovations. I can’t wait to see your finished product. Good luck to you on your new venture!

  • Oh man it seems like a lot of work but really exciting. I like the place I can see why you like it too.


  • Let me begin by saying that I have been following you and Emma for about two years now and LOVE everything you two ladies (and of course the rest of the ABM team) do! So very talented and inspiring. I would have to say its a daily ritual for me to head over to ABM via the web. Anyways back to this house. HOLY HOUSE! It looks incredible and bursting at the seams with potential!! I absolutely cannot wait to see the end results of your brilliant vision. Best of luck to you both…and Nashville is awesome! There is an outdoor swing band dance hall near the Parthenon that I once stubbled upon while visiting a friend there. I feel you two would enjoy :).

    Again, all the best!


  • The house looks beautiful! My favorite part is is the sun room <3 I can imagine it turning into a beautiful space. Thank you for sharing the beginning of a new chapter in your life with us, I feel part of it 🙂 & I’m so extremely happy for you and Jeremy!

  • What a cool house!! Love that sunroom with the brick! My husband and I just bought our first house and you totally just inspired me to do a before video. Best of luck to you guys in Nashville.

  • CONGRATS! What a beautiful home, so much character already!!! And what a great idea it was to give us a tour. Not to mention you will have those memories forever now. Can’t wait to see the “after” tour, keep us posted! xo



  • Wow, the place looks beautiful and has so much potential! Have you considered posting a layout of the floor plan? That would be especially cool to see as you start to share some of the renovations on the blog 🙂

  • The wood paneling is all being covered by fresh new drywall. We’re reconfiguring so much in that room anyway that it would be crazy to keep any of it (wouldn’t match).
    :)) Thanks for the kind words! Elsie

  • HOLY MOLY. I looooove it. You guys are going to make it so amazing. Ps. It was so nice to see Jeremy chat about his music space! 🙂

  • So excited for you all! And to see what you do with the spaces. It definitely has a lot of nice features. I love ripping up old carpet to reveal hardwood floors.

    Haha, I was surprised to see the exact same white flowery chandelier in your house as the one on the sun porch of the 1925 house we are renovating. 😉

  • I live in Nashville and just recently started following via Bloglovin. Welcome to TN! Love the house and can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  • oh! a cookbook! exciting!! in the livestream, I thought I heard it hadn’t been picked up yet. I am happy to see that possibly it has now? yay!!

  • OMG this house is amaaaaazing!!

    Also, I know you hate the lattice but what if you keep it and use it for plants? I’m picturing so much greenery that it would obscure the lattice….haha maybe I’m just falling into my own housing fantasy but an archway of plants could be sooo dreamy!

  • Very cool thanks for sharing! I’m excited to see what changes you make….are you planning on doing anything with the wood paneling in Jeremy’s studio? The house we’re moving into has a ton of it and makes the rooms really dark. Congratulations on your new home

  • Stunning, I can’t wait to see you transform this amazing space, when will you begin to share the updates I’m so excited to see what you do?!

  • I love that you shared this before! I can see why you picked this one – it has so much character and though a few things are a “bit much,” I can tell the makeover is going to be absolutely incredible! Also, it’s ginormous! I feel like the entire Beautiful Mess team could move with you into this house haha! Congrats to you two! I love seeing your Nashville updates. My fiance and I are thinking of moving there, ourselves. 🙂 xo

  • I love it when you guys do videos. You both seem like two of the sweetest people in the world. Best of luck on your move and new home, can’t wait to see what you guys do!

  • Elsie! I’ve followed your blog off and on for years and just read you bought a house in my home town! Congrats! I’ think you all will fit in perfectly here. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the house! Is it in West Meade? Looks like a high school friends house whose dad was a Dr…

  • Wow, AMAZING!! Such a big and beautiful house. Cant wait to see what you are going to do with it and see all the progress. Please share all the details!!

  • This is so exciting!!! Combining 2 of my favorite things, house remodels and A Beautiful Mess 😉

  • Aww. Jeremy is the cutest. Congrats on your new digs!! Excited to watch it evolve.

  • totally in love even before the renovations begin! so excited to see what you do with ALL of the rooms 🙂 very cool to see and hear jeremy, too! my husband used to be a drummer and audio engineer, so i know how hard it is to find a place that can suit all musical needs! CONGRATS!

  • What a fun idea to do a video tour of the empty house! I just may copy that when I am able to buy a home.

  • Ahh! I’m waay too excited about this. Maybe I have terrible taste, but I sort of love your kitchen the way it is. I’m sure whatever you do will be better, but it is oddly charming and sweet.

  • What an amazing house and a perfect shell for a redesign! How about the outdoor area? Do you have any acreage for a big garden or patio ideas?

  • So excited to see your transformation! Also appreciate that you were totally respectful of the previous owners too (which you don’t always see..) Love it!

  • Wow, that house is stunning… and HUGE!!! I can’t wait to see what you guys do with it!

  • Oh, I absolutely LOVE house renovations, so I can’t wait to see what you guys do with this space! 😀


  • Thanks Vera. With so much on our plate we are hoping to begin to tackle the outside next year 😀 I promise I’ll post more about it when the time comes.
    xx- Elsie

  • Wow! That house is HUGE! I can see why you fell in love with that sun room though OMG! My dad was just in Nashville and fell in love with it too so I am not surprised that Nashville called to you guys! Good luck on your new adventures! And it was so good to hear your hubby talk for the first time! He sounds excited too.

  • Wow! I love the house. I totally wish you’d leave the kitchen and breakfast nook as-is – they’re so fabulous. Of course, I don’t actually have to live in that early-1970s glory, so it’s easy for me to say! I’m so excited to see all that you’re doing to the house. I’m having a major house-buying-and-renovating craving right now, so hopefully this will help me survive until I can do it myself! Good luck to you two!

  • Hi Katie,
    Yeah- we are keeping a LOT of stuff, but I already feel like it will look completely different in this new space.
    Thanks for your kind words!

  • I love your new home already! It is so spacious. I cannot wait to see the complete renovation.

    Happy Friday, Elsie 🙂

  • Whoa! Really. Haha! I never thought of that. So funny!
    I’m so excited to share how that living room is coming along. The fireplace already looks SO much better! xx- Elsie

  • I would love to do another home book eventually! Right now we’re starting on a cookbook though! :))
    xx- Elsie

  • Have to tell you, I got pretty teary eyed watching this. Aesthetically, I normally gravitate more toward older homes but, holy cow, your new house has some magic going on there and I could feel my heart leap throughout the tour. As it is, it’s a damn cool house. But when you add your soul and personality to it it’s gonna be stunning. Can’t wait! And I bet the previous owners feel comforted and happy knowing you and Jeremy will do well by their home and their history in it. Congratulations, you guys. This is something special.

  • No, it’s not bad at all! For the age of the house/updates all the stuff is really nice. We’re going to keep a lot of the things they chose (not that wallpaper though, just bc I have my heart set on something more “us”). Thanks for your kind words!
    xoxo! Elsie

  • Loved this!!!!!!!!! Such a great house – it’s so big, and it looks like you guys have some awesome plans in store. I can’t wait to see the process and results! Good luck!

  • I hear your Kate! I actually really like the kitchen too, but in person it feels worn out and ready for a refresh. And if we’re already going to spend all that money I want to make sure I choose things that are truly our style! We do appreciate the vintage beauty, though! :))

    The bathrooms I will show later in photos. They are similar to the rest of the house (lots of drapes, chandeliers, old tile etc).

    XOXO! Elsie

  • I cannot wait to see everything that you’re doing to this space! It has so much potential!

  • Hope you get to come visit! Thanks so much for your kind words, Mel!
    xx- Elsie

  • Very beautiful and spacious house! Thank your for sharing this fun tour to your new home! I can’t wait to see when you finish all decor! xoxo



  • Your new house is HUGE and has so much character!! I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the space. Congrats on the new home

  • This is a fantastic house! I can’t wait to see what you do with it! That walk in closet upstairs is beautiful already (aside from the crazy carpet and weird window thing) I just have to say when you get the studio finished it is going to be AMAZING! My boyfriend is also a music guy and he would DIE to have a place with so much potential! Oh and can’t forget about the amazing sunroom! So happy to see your new home!

  • Welcome to Nashville! My husband and I bought our 1966 home here last year from the original owner. He’d taken great care of the house and, like yours, left everything pretty much as-is. We ripped the carpet up right away to find beautiful hardwood floors and we are always working on one update project or another. Fun! Your new home is lovely already–can’t wait to see the after video. Hope you all enjoy Nashville. We’ve been here three years and we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. 🙂

  • Love! That house looks amazing and I’m so excited to see all the renovations and personal touches you add!

  • Wow!! This place is massive and has such potential. Can’t wait to see what you guys turn it into. Looks like you have a great yard, too.
    Sarah M

  • how fun and exciting! it looks like you got a winner of a house. c;

  • Very happy for you. I can’t wait to see what you all do with your new home. Hopefully I will get a few ideas since we are buying next year.

  • I feel like it’s strange to say that I’m super excited for you two and this amazing house…I don’t even know you!! I am buying my first house right now so maybe that’s where some of this unbridled excitement and enthusiasiam comes from! Derp. This video really inspired me to think of my new home as a blank canvas for our own personal style. I cannot wait to see what you do with this big old vintage-y beaut!

  • I am genuinely so happy and excited for you! Can’t wait for your home’s transformations. You inspire the masses!

  • My gosh i can’t wait to see the little miracles you’re going to do in this house! That will be make me jealous at first, but mostly admirative! 😉
    Also you two are super cute in this video! :*

  • What an amazing house! It’s so much space (and perfect place for your family to grow 😉 )!!! I can’t wait to see what you guys do to update this house as I am trying to update mine as well!

  • What a nice big space. You will be able to do so much. I cannot wait to see the progress. I haven’t seen so many drapes in such a long time.

  • Oh my gosh the potential is just amazing! It makes my current home look like a dolls house, but here in Northern Ireland properties do not compare with those across the pond! Nashville is also on my ‘to do’ list! Congratulations, it looks like it will make a great home x

  • This looks amazing! You seriously did an incredible job!


  • 1. I’m so jealous of your house. It’s beautiful! Totally obsessed with that kitchen.
    2. Congrats on the move to Nashville, I love the city.
    3. Yay!! Renovation posts <3

  • I’m excited to see what you do with your new home!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  • That house is super cool! Can’t wait to see the renovations you do.

  • what a fun funky house! can’t wait to see what you guys do with it. 🙂

  • Wow, this is a huge house! And soooo much potential. Good luck, i’m sure it will be amazing!

  • What a lovely huge space you found, your house is full of potential, which you both best of luck with you decoration. Thanks for sharing

  • Looks like a great house!

    I know you probably don’t agree with this, but I just LOVE the kitchen/breakfast nook and doorway arch (with lattice) just the way it is! So much character! Also love the vintage appliances!

    It makes me kinda sad because I bet you’ll be changing it so it doesn’t resemble the adorable retro room it is now.

    I’m interested in seeing the bathroom(s) too… are they 70s?

  • Congratulations to you! I’m so looking forward to seeing the transformation. I’m sure it will be as inspiring and lovely as always 😉
    All the best, Lena

  • Yayyyy this is all soo exciting!!! Congratulations on the house! I love how much light it has and im so excited to see what you guys do with it <3 i loved the before video! thanks for posting it 🙂


  • OMG! love this HUGE house, its like Im more exited that u guys jajajaja congrats!
    cant wait to see all the work. Happy living!

  • So excited to see how you will transform the space. I would like to see a shot of the outside, too!

  • Gorgeous house with plenty for you to work on!! Congratulations to you both!

  • This house looks perfect for what you want to do. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with what looks like a huge yard space. I hope you and your family are happy in your new neighbourhood and city!

  • Love it!

    Our home has built-in wood shelving in our dining room (it was a study) similar to what you have throughout the home and in your study. I am excited to see what you do with it!

  • So glad my husband has not seen this house. He would make me leave everything the way it is since he likes that ‘look’. Cannot wait to see your hard work!!!

  • Wow those windows are epic lol. This was fun to watch! Excited to see more!

  • Amazing house Elsie!!! 5 bedrooms?!!!! Girl, you are SO gonna rock in jazzing up those spaces!
    And that porch is TO.DIE.FOR!!! Emma best get ready for the succulents budget to soar! HA!!
    EXCITED for you both!! Cool that Jeremy popped in and to hear his view and voice on the ideas for his space.
    So beautiful and brave the sacrifices you have both made for moving away from the “familiar” and starting a new journey together.

    Oh, and welcome to the South as my “neighbor”! I live on the Gulf Coast in Alabama.

  • Is it bad that I kinda like the dining room wallpaper?! I can imagine the house when it was built, how very regal and impressive it must have been with the window treatments, and the moldings. I’m excited to see what you do with it though. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

  • Looks so fun and SO BIG. Plus a quick look at that back yard has me all ?. Love that you got Jeremy in on the video!

  • Loooove this house!!! So up my alley. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the space! I’m excited for more of the Nashville posts!

    Monica / Mocha and Moccasins

  • I have been following your blog since the beginning and I am so excited and thrilled for you to be moving to Nashville. What an incredible home you have purchased! YAY can’t wait to see all the sweet things you’ll do to it.. maybe book #3 ? would love another coffee table book:)

  • It has so much character! I’m super excited for you guys and can’t wait to see how it all turns out. And because I’m super nosie…it looks massive, how big is it?

  • It reminds me so much of the Madonna Inn! That woodwork detailing in the first shot and the stone fireplace + pink(?) carpet especially.

  • WOW, congratulations on your new house!!! We’re looking forward to the way it’s going to turn out! I’m sure it’s going to be lovely and inspiring and welcoming. May you have the most amazing memories in it!!! (and I just wish, just wish I could buy your previous house!). Have fun Elsie and Jeremy! Greetings from Greece.

  • It looks HUGE!

    Can’t wait to see the final result. My boyfriend and I recently bought a loft in Montreal and we are still at the stage of building and decorating, so I relate to your project a lot. I think that doing things by yourself gives you the opportunity to do it exactely as you want, which is a great satisfaction.

    Beside the house, your videos have really improved! Much more dynamic and you look more confortable in front of the camera. Keep on the good work and good luck with your fabulous new house!

  • Elsie – oh. my. goodness. This house is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited to see how you and Jeremy renovate it. I’m sure it’s going to look even better than what it already does now!

    Good luck with it all!!

  • i can’t imagine any space that could possibly be more “you & jeremy” elsie!!! i can’t wait to see your renos!!! now you need a new house hashtag… i can’t lie… i suggested a variation of “jelsie” on insta because i thought it sounded so cute and funny! hehe

  • This house is so incredible. I just got back from a mini Nashville vacation and totally fell in love. Stayed in an incredible Airbnb in East Nashville, you could totally turn part of your house into an Airbnb dream! Congrats, that house is incredible, You’re making me want to move!

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Wow this house is HUGE! I’m always surprised by the formal and informal living rooms in US homes, we don’t have such things in France.
    I can’t wait to see the magic happen!

  • Oh my goodness, you guys! This is such a dream! You’re right— it does have kind of a Virgin Suicides appeal that a tiny part of me is like… don’t change it! But that’s silly because this has so much potential to be a dream home for you two. I have butterflies for you!

  • You are stinking adorable and so is this house. I really hope you post the room by room updates. I don’t think i could stand to wait until the whole thing is done!!!

  • You are going to have so much fun making over this house! I love it and can’t wait to see more!


  • Great house! I’m excited to see what you guys do with it. The sitting room in the garage sounds like a fun idea. I’ll have to show my husband what Jeremy ends up doing for his studio. He went to school for recording engineering, so I know he would love that! Congratulations, by the way! 🙂

  • Elsie! The house looks so cool and has so much potential for your awesome taste in home decorating! So excited for you two! Can’t want to see what you do with the place. Will you be using a lot of your furniture and artwork from your old home to decorate your new home or are you starting with all new things?

  • WOW So gorgeous! I’m hoping to show house renos on ym blog as well. I’m very jealous about the location I always wanted to move south! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • I’ve also been perusing the Nashville housing market! I’m excited for you and will keep an eye out for extra special gems like this one!

  • Although I was in public and without earphones, and therefore had to listen on mute, this is already my favorite post on ABM of all time! I can’t wait to watch again with sound. Thanks for sharing so much of your lives. I hope you are fantastically happy in Nashville!

  • OOOHHHHH MYYYYY GOOSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I love it! The house has so much personality! You will do an amazing job! Now I’m so sad that there isn’t an after video yet ! Dying to see it 🙂 beautiful house! Absolutely beautiful

  • WOW this house is absolutely perfect!! There’s so much that seems stunted with the paint colors & carpet, but you can tell there’s indisputable potential for how amazing it’s going to look once you two get your hands on it. The built-ins, the moulding, the big windows–all the good stuff is there, it just needs a face lift! Plus, the house looks like it was well taken care of & in really good shape so you can focus on the fun stuff instead of the grunt work. I’m super excited to see what y’all do, congrats!

  • Would you consider adding captions on any of your future videos? Not everyone can hear. 🙂

  • You two are perfect together. Thanks for the tour. I am so excited to see what you do with all that great space!!

  • Woah the house is already amazing!
    Cant wait to see the result after the renovations and decoration!

  • I really hope you keep us updated on Jeremy’s studio! My husband has designed or consulted on many recording studios so I’ve developed an interest! We’re currently planning on downsizing from 3000 sq ft to like, 700 or 800 sq ft. (I’m eyeballing your garage and thinking THAT’S where I’d build the studio – so much roooom!) I’m going to be excited right along with you!!

  • So excited for you both! Can’t wait to see all wonderful updates! Congrats 🙂

  • What a beautiful house! Thanks for sharing! As a gardener I was hoping for a glimpse of the yard (there seem to be some big trees?), but I understand that you are going to concentrate on renovating the inside of the house :-). I am very much looking forward to updates!

  • This house is incredible! You have so much space to work with, it’ll be just perfect when it’s done. And even though there are lots of colors/textures going on, I can totally see it being kind of a “blank slate” once all of that is cleared out. Lovely lovely lovely.

  • This house looks amazing! I am super excited to see how you guys turn it in your own home 🙂

    Have a great weekend!


  • So exciting! My fiancé and I just bought our 1963 home in East Nashville. We’re slowly but surely making the place our own, while keeping some of that charming 60’s character. Good luck with everything!!!!

  • Ohhhh, I think this house has really good bones to it. It will be so fun to see the makeover….I cannot wait! Hopefully some music videos will happen too…haha. The studio and sitting areas will be amazing!

  • Holey moley, it’s huge and wonderful. So looking forward to seeing how you renovate!

  • Beautiful house with so much room for you all to create a special place! Thank you for sharing!!

  • ahh-mazing!!!!

    Love all the incredible details. So inspiring!

  • Holy cow, your new space seems so big! I’m so excited that you guys are sharing this next big adventure with us. I know this might be a crazy request, but is a floor plan going to be shared on ABM?

  • yay Jeremy! I’m so jealous because we’ve already done so many major renovations in our home and I’m bummed because I love to do it and am sad it’s kind of over. Although I’m sure I’ll find something else to destroy and redo 🙂 good luck! So excited to see what you do with all those big spaces.

  • You all look great!

    The fireplace is a little dark but the stones are pretty rad. And I actually sincerely love that kitchen…

  • This house looks amazing! My husband and I are moving to Nashville this week and we just bought a fixer upper in East Nash. It looks nothing like this! Haha! But we are super excited to get started on a new project. I’m psyched to see all that you guys do on your new home as well. Here we go!

  • This is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the final outcome! Especially the sunroom, thats my dream to have a livable space filled with plants!

  • Your new house is an absolute dream already…can’t wait to see the changes you make! Congrats, and thanks so much for sharing.

  • Such a beautiful house, I can see why you picked it as there is so much potential for fun projects! Loved seeing Jeremy talk, you guys are awesome!

  • I love a project house SO much!! It’s my dream to just buy the ugliest most awkward house I can find and completely rehab it. I’m sure you guys will have so much fun bringing it to life! Can’t wait to see what you do! All the best to you guys on this next chapter. : )

  • Congrats on your new home! Jeremy looks a bit awkward at first, that’s funny! I like the wallpaper in the entryway, so bad it darkens the place so much though… I guess I’d remove it too if it was my home!
    Still, I find that this house is insanely big for two people! It’s nice to have guestrooms, sure, but isn’t that too much? I live in a flat with one guest room and I already find it very big for me! Well, I guess that’s the difference between Europe and the US, your homes seems always SO BIG to me!

  • OMG what an amazing house!

    I just recently moved in to a small apartment (in the Netherlands) and after two weeks I was so sick and tired of all the mess everywhere. Can’t imagine how much work such a huge house will be! But since you guys are experts in making things a beautiful mess you probably loveeee all of the painting and cleaning and demolishing and building!

    I wish you lots of luck on this new adventure and in this beautiful home!


  • This is so cute. My favorite part is “hey its Jeremy” haha. I can’t wait to see what y’all do with this house, it looks like the perfect canvas for you!

  • Those old chandeliers are beautiful! Can’t wait to see the transformations, there is so much potential there.

  • ok- BEST way to start my friday. thank you so much for sharing that!!
    You guys are fearless visionaries. I cannot get enough of your ambitious dreams and how you go about perusing them. Its inspiring.
    The house is such an OLD style… Totally a “virgin suicide” feel, haha. I have no doubt you will create a masterpiece! The studio sounds like an amazing idea. If anyone can do it, its YOU. love the idea of glass doors for the sitting area. It already sounds like it will be set up for great success.
    IM so happy for the both of you. Cheers to new adventures and beginnings 🙂

  • I can’t wait to see what you do with the place! You are both adorable!

  • So amazing! what a beautiful house, can’t wait to see what you do with the space!!! so happy for you both.

  • The house is amazing! And I actually love the kitchen as it is!

  • I’m so excited we get to be “in” on the whole process!! Such a gorgeous home and a neat story. I love all the built ins and high ceilings. That living room is amazing, though; I definitely feel like you needed a pipe and some props and you could have been standing in a Wes Anderson film. 🙂

  • Yeah! They were SO hard to take down with so much “stuff” under there.
    xx- Elsie

  • This house is HUGE! Going to love to see what you do with this.

  • Super excited to see what you’re able to do with that space! My favorite posts on this website as always been personal posts and home decor posts. Thanks for filming this video for us!

  • Wow, it is a beautiful house. It has so much potential and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Thank you! We’ll be posting about this house for, like, years. So I’m glad to hear that!!!
    xoxo- Elsie

  • Sooo happy for ya’ll!!! I feel like I’m a part of your crazy awesome life journey 🙂 Congrats on the new home. I was visiting Nashville the week you announced your decision to move, so I totally get it. Nashville is awesome! My fiance’ is also in the music industry, so we’ve discussed moving there multiple times, too. We just bought a house in Tampa though, so I’ve got my hands full 🙂

  • omg! This house is so amazing!? Love the video!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    xxx from brazil

  • That house is amaaaazing!!! You are going to turn it into the perfect place. Can’t wait to see the transformation. Wishing you lots of luck!

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing your new home before you delve into transforming it into something SO amazing!! I just love the living room and that computer room is lovely 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • OMG, you guys, the house is incredible!!!
    Can’t wait for all the renovation + decor posts!
    It’s cool to see Jeremy in the video, too! 🙂
    I hope you’ll be the happiest in your new home!
    xxx Lena

  • It is so good to finally hear Jeremy talk – Ha! 🙂 Looks great. Super excited to see how the studio comes out!

  • Such a fun tour – thanks for sharing! It was also cool to see Jeremy talking about his studio space. Excited for you while you guys start this next chapter of your lives. You two are DA sweetest 🙂

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