Elsie’s Palm Springs Photos

The Saguaro in Palm SpringsThe Saguaro in Palm SpringsThe Saguaro in Palm SpringsThe Saguaro in Palm SpringsThe Saguaro in Palm SpringsIt's official… we love Palm Springs! Last weekend Jeremy and I traveled there for a little getaway to celebrate our two year anniversary. It was such a relaxing time and the perfect way to relax and get inspired! Here are a few photos…

Salvation MountainSalvation MountainSalvation MountainSalvation MountainWe visited Salvation Mountain together and it was absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. It's my favorite work of art in the world. 

Ace Hotel in Palm SpringsAce HotelAce HotelAce HotelAce HotelKoffiKoffiKoffiHere's a list of spots we visited and loved: Cheeky's, Birba, El Jefe, Koffi, WorkshopTrina Turk, Ace Hotel. 🙂 If you live in the area, or have visited, let us know in the comments if you have other favorite spots! 

The ace hotelI shared more photos over at my personal blog. We had a great time! Life is good. xoxo. Elsie 

  • I love your macrame curtains. I have made many hangings and now you have nudged my cafty side. I am redecorating my bedroom in the Boho style and I am going to make a curtain or hanging in my case of your pattern for behind my bed. Thank you for this. Great work by the way.

  • i love Palm Springs! <3
    we went there a few months ago after we eloped – most relaxing place ever!
    absolutely love the Ace Hotel too! that pool! and the spa! ahh dreamy! <3
    we went to this incredible mexican restaurant downtown – it was huge & jam packed every night! live music, great cocktails & the biggest food portions i’ve ever seen in my life!
    love your pics – looks like you guys had a blast!
    happy anniversary
    Cheray x

  • Lovely photos so nice and colourful 🙂

    Doctor of Fashion Blog


  • Your photography: wowza! Love it! So colorful, and you two are just the most photogenic people.

  • I stayed in the Horizon Hotel when visiting from the UK last year it’s a mid-century modern dream, absolute perfection.

  • I just came back from Palm Springs yesterday. We finally took the drive to Salvation Mountain, simply amazing. We have been wanting to go for a while. Such a relating time. Also, we loved our brunch at Cheekys! Got that idea from you.

  • Great photos! I’ve never been but it looks so colorful!



  • This looks so fantastic. My in laws live outside Phoenix and I’ve been nagging my husband to do a road trip to Palm Springs next time we go visit them. Needs to happen…

  • Palm Springs is great! We’ve never stayed at ACE, but friends have. Great spot.

  • While you were there, you might have seen some beautiful mountains towering nearby. Next time you visit go up to Idyllwild, it’s less than an hour up the mountain and it’s a beautiful artsy mountain town. You’ll be amazed how quickly you go from a dry palm desert to a pine forest! (In fact, the highway is called Palms to Pines Highway.)

    I lived in Idyllwild for two years and attended an arts high school they have up there. There are a ton of art galleries and cute restaurants. If you go, you NEED to stop by the coffee shop, Higher Grounds Coffee. Some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. My fiance used to work there when we lived in the area. I’m far up north now, but I miss Idyllwild so much!

  • Other local faves are Palm Greens Cafe, Nature’s Cafe, the farmers’ market on Saturday morning, Camelot Theatres, the Palm Sorings Art Museum, Joshua Tree, and the Thursday street fair.

  • I would love to visit Salvation Mountain.

    xo Lisa

  • Great photos! And everything is so colourful! I love it! 🙂

  • Amazing and great photos. So glad you had a relaxing getaway.

  • I am from Youngstown, Ohio. I saw the “Youngstown Tube” cocktail and got so excited!

  • I love the spirit of these pictures!!


  • Looks like such a fun time… and I love all of the colors!

    Stella + Charlie

  • love all the colors in these photos mixed with a few black & white in between!

  • I’ve never been but I’ll keep your suggestions in mind just in case 😉

    xo Jennifer


  • these photos are GORGEOUS. i have always wanted to visit palm springs, and stay at the ace! AND visit salvation mountain! dream.

  • Palm Springs looks so colorful and full of life. I’d love to visit one day! Congrats on the two year anniversary 🙂


  • Isn’t it the best?! We are heading out there in June and I can’t wait. Never been to Salvation Mountain but thinking it’s a must this time.

  • Ah! I have been to Palm Springs once and am (most likely) going back in one month! I’m super excited and will definitely put some of these places on my go to list! I can’t wait. Glad you had a good time and happy anniversary!



  • Love these pictures! Check out my last post on salvation mountain !

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Those colours are gorgeous. What a lovely relaxing vacation. I’m going to have to make it out there sometime soon!


  • Wow! Looks beautiful! I’m hoping to visit Palm Springs this September for a friends wedding. I’ve never so looking forward to it 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • Wow nice pics dear!!


  • amazing shots! love love the photography!

  • I love Palm Springs too – the guys at ACE recommended Birba to us so we grabbed some of their free bikes and pedalled our way to pizza goodness! Never made it to Salvation Mountain though… we’ll just need to go back! x

  • never thought of palm springs as a must go destination, but just these colours are enough to inspire a visit. adding it to my list of places to visit, asap!
    glad you two had a happy anniversary.

  • Amazing pictures! I love the beach cruisers!! Looks like a fun getaway to Palm Springs!



  • Awwww congrats!! love is in the air (8)(8)
    I want to visit palm spring, looks colorful and pretty


  • so beautiful! I’m glad you and Jeremy had a great time! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, I love Palm Springs! We were there over the new year and fell in love! One place I loved was the Nature’s Health Food & Cafe (www.natureshealthfoodcafe.com), which is a lovely juice bar. They had so many options for juice including one with prickly pear & great dishes! Next time we visit I’d love to go to the tram and for sure Salvation Mountain! What a special trip! =)

  • Such fun photos! These are so beautiful!

    Juliette Laura

  • What amazing photos! That hotel looks so awesome! And the bikes… What a pretty colour!

  • i am dying to go to Salvation Mountain!


  • You HAVE to do the drive up and down San Bernadino Mountain. The Palms to Pines highway they call it. And it ends in Cabazon where you can visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!!

  • looks lovely…

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  • Wow, this looks such a beautiful place. I love all the bright colours and all the descriptions on the drink menu: very inspiring! And many congratulations on your two year anniversary – what a wonderful way to mark it!

  • gorgeous photos! Looks like you’ve been having a fab weekend

    Hannah xx

  • So beautiful, what a colorful place!


  • Gorgeous photos, I love Palm Springs!! I was there this weekend and I had a great time!!!!


  • Looks like you had an amazing time!

    Carina xx

  • You are such a genius with the camera!!
    QUESTION: I just bought the Wacom Bamboo Tablet (wich I know you guys use as well) and I am SUPER exited, but I was wondering if you could imagine making a post about it with tips and tricks on how to create cute effects and desgins on photos?


  • I love the bicycles that’s exactly the kind I want but in yellow 😀

    Natalie @ http://secretsofahappygirl.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Where are your shorts from that you wore to Salvo Mountain? I’ve been looking for some just like that!!!

  • Jealous would be an understatement! I want to go on holiday more than ever now! Great snaps! helloiammariam.com

  • such colourful photos – very pretty. I’d love to got to Palm Springs some day


  • So nice pictues!! Amazing

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  • Amazing post!


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  • beautiful photos! you capture moments and sights beautifully. loved it!


  • i live like 1.5 hr away from Palm Springs and always wanted to go to ACE hotel since a lot of weddings are being held there… I think I need to venture out. Plus of course Salvation Mountain… I need to go soon before it gets really hot!

  • I’d love to visit Palm Springs, it looks so amazing and colourful, every time I catch a glimpse of Ace hotel or Salvation mountain I feel I should be visiting, hopefully one day!

  • Such colourful and beautiful photos!


  • I grew up in Indio, California right near Palm Springs. I love how you captured what a unique and wonderful place it is. There’s no place else like it in the world 🙂


  • It looks like you had an amazing trip! I love all of the bright colors! 🙂

  • I love your pictures becuase they’re always so bright and colourful! They make me want to go out and explore the world!
    You two are a cute couple!


  • What a perfect place, everything looks so vibrant and delicious 🙂


  • Super awesome photos!! 🙂


  • Looks like a dreamy vacation! I love all the colors.

    Ladyface Blog

  • How many colors, what a happy vibe. It must be a nice place indeed 🙂

    tsiou, from http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com

  • golly, you capture things so beautifully. i love the colour, the light, the smiles. keep the love coming! evokes wanderlust in me!


  • Wow, so colorful and fun – hope I´ll get to see it one day! 🙂

  • Your photos look great, I hope you had an amazing time!

  • Great photos! I definitely want to visit Salvation mountain one day…

  • Heading there in a couple weeks! I love Palm Springs too!! Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  • Looks amazing. I love the photo of the bikes.

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