Elsie’s ReStyled Espresso Cart

ReStyled Espresso Cart (A Beautiful Mess)My husband surprised me with an espresso machine for Christmas! I have wanted to learn about homemade lattes for years, so I was pretty excited! I've mentioned before (a few times?) that my kitchen is small. After a week of making espresso drinks on our kitchen countertop I was desperate for a solution to free up some space. We decided to try to find a cart to restyle (similar to our cocktail cart) and here's what we found…BeforeBefore: At a flea market I came across this wooden kitchen cart. It was most likely from the 1990s and not exactly a "knock out", but I knew a quick restyle would work wonders. First we removed the knife block from the side of the cart and then we removed the wheels. Next, we painted the cart with Kilz Oil Base Primer and painted it with Krylon Celery Spray Paint. Then we added a coat of polyurethane just to add a little extra protection to the paint. We let the paint cure for 24 hours. Last, we added new casters that we bought from Lowe's. We used a little caulk to secure the casters in the holes at the bottom of the cart.Elsie's ReStyled Espresso CartOur restyle only took a few days and I am so happy with the resulting cart! We decided to keep it in our studio, because it's fun to use during work and we had a good amount of extra space in there.Espresso Cart DetailsTo keep things organized, I sketched everything that I wanted the cart to hold before we even started shopping for one. Once it was ready to use, I invested in some good airtight containers for espresso beans, some lucite trays to hold coffee cups and of course, some really good beans! Espresso Bean StorageI ordered these beans from Intelligentsia Coffee. We used Martha Stewart labels and small letter stamps for our beans and syrups.Espresso Cart Detail Since we like to entertain, and we have our team working at my home most weekdays, I wanted to have a good variety of sweeteners. I made a few simple syrups (psst- get the syrup recipes here!) and stocked up on truvia and sugar as well.ReStyled Espresso CartI have to admit, restyles are some of my favorite projects! I love giving flea market items makeovers. This cart is something that will be useful and practical in our home for a long time. xo. Elsie 

Source List: Cart/Flea Market, Casters/Lowe's, Spray Paint/Krylon in Celery, White Tray/West Elm, Espresso Machine/Breville Cafe Roma White Mason Jar "vase"/Fishs Eddy, Airtight Containers/Bed, Bath & Beyond, Feather Teapot/not sure- it was a gift, Thermos'/vintage, Coffee Bean Grinder/KitchenAid, Wire Basket/Amazon. ♥ PS- If you are curious about our new "wallpaper" I will be posting about that soon! 

  • Being so creative you should try roasting your own beans next. I bought my husband a roaster for Christmas from the coffe project and we have had so much fun roasting the beans and tasting the coffee. It’s just one more way to creat and have fun with yummy coffee.

  • Hello! greetings from B.C, Canada! What a fantastic idea! Keep in mind it might be wise to keep it quite a distance from the wallpaper, I would worry for the beautiful wallpaper bubbling up behind the espresso machine!

  • I’m DYING over the wallpaper! As someone who has a wall “papered” in encyclopedia pages from the 1800’s I can totally appreciate this. I can’t wait to hear more! The drink cart is super cute too!

  • This is amazing! I love your DIY/makeover posts, they always get me itching to create something beautiful. Love the idea of having an espresso cart, it’s just a shame I’m the only one here who drinks coffee.
    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  • Love, love, love this wall! Can’t wait for the post how to. And the espresso cart is a wonderful idea. Really like that everything is in one place and ready to make a hot cup of espresso or cappucino. Yummy!

  • that teapot… saw it at target months ago and loved it… didn’t get it. recently saw it at target’s clearance and put it back… and also saw it at goodwill in great condition… and now seeing it here… so many signs that i should have gotten it… i mean, i had the chances!

    great post btw. my favorite are the containers of coffee beans and thermos. so nifty!

  • Oh my god, I am so a coffee lover and this beautiful idea is SO much inspiring me! I was thinking of making a coffee spot too because I live in an appartment with my boyfriend and the kitchen isnt that big. We were thinking of buying an espresso machine to celebrate the end of my «bac» at the university and making a nest for it (and for the tea too).

    Thanks for sharing!
    Olive xox

  • Do you have a post about your wallpaper? It’s to die for. So beautiful and personal.

  • What a great idea! My husband and I are obsessed with our espresso machine and this is such a great way to keep all of our materials in one place. Thanks for the tip!

    I actually wrote a post on how to make a great cappuccino at home. I also use Black Cat from Intelligentsia. It doesn’t get any better!

    here’s the link, if you’d like to see 🙂 :


  • I agree, giving worn and used things a makeover is very satisfying. And your cart looks lovely.
    I’m always amazed what some people throw away. I found a similar kitchen cart in the trash and gave it a makeover as well.

  • Oh my goodness, such a cute idea! Definitely something I’ll have to attempt to recreate!
    xo Heather

  • I LOVE that wall paper. SO SO SO CUTE!



  • i love this idea! i hope to re-create it myself one day 🙂

    <3 jen

  • Espresso/ tea carts are a great alternative for those who like to entertain but abstain from drinking alcohol. Nicely done.

    Please talk to your barrista friends to confirm what I’m about to suggest— upgrade to a burr grinder! Grind, measurement of beans and tamping are essential to a good espresso. 🙂

  • great job on this, Elsie! I also have the Breville Cafe Roma (grad gift!) and it has served me well. 🙂 By the way, you guys have great taste in coffee!! Which of the espressos do you prefer, Honey Badger, or Black Cat?

  • This is so wonderful. I absolutely want an espresso cart when I have a place with more room. (And a cocktail cart too…) I’ll be taking inspiration from this. It turned out so adorable!

  • Absolutely gorgeous. And the wall makes it pop out even more 🙂 Wish I worked with you guys.

  • Wow! I am also the proud owner of an espresso machine, but I never thougt about making an espresso cart! I LOVE it! Is there also going to be a post about that great wallpaper? Because that is amazing also!

  • Natalie, The basket has extra beans stored in it. It’s from Amazon (link in the post). XOXO!

  • PS. Can’t wait to hear about the wallpaper—AND, what is in the basket on the bottom? Curious 🙂

  • Genuius! I love love love the idea of an espresso cart! I’m tucking this in the back of my head for when I move out of my studio apartment and actually have some space.

  • gah amazing when i finally get an espresso machine i am totally having a cart for it like this so people know that coffee is important in our house and i am not mucking about lol

  • You make me want to move to a house. My apartment is not big enough for all these wonderful project. Damn. 🙁

  • Yep, I was wondering about that wallpaper the instant I started reading this post. 🙂 And I LOVE the cart. What a great idea.

    While trying to find an e-course to help me renovate my blog last weekend, I stumbled upon your blog and I’m so glad I did. My blog is currently overcrowded and has a design that is 3+ years old. I can’t afford a designer and at one time had a smattering of HTML knowledge, so I was elated when my search found your e-course(s). THANK YOU.

    In the process, I love your blog and will be following from now on!

  • Well done! What an excellent cart. It turned out so nicely. And since coffee is my favourite drink, were this in my home, it would be the busiest spot in the house! Am I correct that there is another little shelf under the top one, that pulls out? Handy!

  • really nice idea!!! now I know where I´ll put my espresso machine when I buy one 😀

  • Love this, unfortunately I don;t have a place for it in my kitchen! xx


  • this is so cool, your studio looks like the BEST place to work & get inspired! loving the wallpaper too 🙂

    Katie x

  • I love restyling too!
    But i do not have time to do all the projects i would like too…. so love coming here and see yours!

  • The cart is from target. http://www.target.com/p/utility-cart-with-cutting-board/-/A-554179#prodSlot=large_1_16
    I have it, it’s great! Want to paint mine now!

  • Great job! Really love the photo wall! Have you done a blog post on that? If not, please do!!!

  • Wow, that’s really impressive! Great post! xx


  • What a super cute idea – Our coffee machine takes up way too much space in our kitchen.. maybe I can convince my handyman to try something like this?
    xo Emily @ http://www.hungrydelights.com/

  • ooh love the new set up! I like how it’s more organized with certain items in a tray, and then the fresh flowers on the side just complete the look 🙂

  • Such a cute cart. I’m really looking forward to the Instax wall post, though! :o)

  • Cute I have something similar in my kitchen to save on bench space.
    Just wondering where you got the green ceramic punnet from I have been after some for my study for AGES!
    Would really appreciate a link.

    Thanks oxo

  • Love it! And completely understand. My home is so tiny. I will soon be making some extra space in there!

  • I have the exact same cart and never thought to restyle it. It doesn’t fit in my current kitchen, so is just collecting pile of paper. Will definitely have to make myself a little tea station even if I don’t paint it.

  • Great work! I love those ceramic strawberry baskets. I immediately picked some up when they came out. Great is of course the must authentic. Love your use for it.


  • Like the other comments… I love the photo wall, it caught my attention more than the cart.
    So much so I searched the page to find if you had made a post about it, but the only thing similar is the instagram wall post you guys did.

    Please do tell how you achieved that wall =)

  • Gorgeous! Amazing what a little paint and an eye for style can do! Good job! x

  • I hate to admit this, but I have that same cart — and we bought it at Target a year ago. :-/ So if someone has to have this cart so they can re-do it like today, well, you know where to go. I like how you’ve jazzed it up, though, because it is a fairly plain piece of kitchen furniture.

  • Love love love the vintage thermoses! I have a record player cart, but perhaps I need a coffee one as well …


    PS: Stop by my blog if you like thrifting, vintage dresses, flower crowns, Moonrise Kingdom, DIYs, and adventures!

  • This is such a good idea! My sweetie looooooooves coffee so this would be such a creative (and big!) gift to give to him. I’d win major girlfriend points 🙂


  • Gah, that wall!

    And that cart is perfect- so chic and convenient too. As always, I am amazed at the never ending stream of new projects. Keep it up!


  • Sorry if there are some understandingproblems on my part. But is your studio part of the house Jeremy and you bought last year? I’ve thought you hired some extra space somewhere else …

    Best wishes,

    Sarah from http://pleasuresoflifeblog.blogspot.de/

  • Adorable set up! It is a perfect solution for clearing up counter space.
    Love the color.

    L. loves to share

  • Love it! I’m pretty sure the tea pot is from Targets last season of home goods. Possibly Patch NYC ?

  • Such a great restyle. I also cannot wait to read more about your new photo wallpaper.

  • What a nice gift ! lucky you 🙂
    check out my new post: http://www.thestilettoholic.com/

  • holy jeeze! i read your blog almost daily, and it’s amazing how many ideas/restyles you do that i have had on my mind already! like this cart, for example. i have the same exact one and my girlfriend and i were considering putting our espresso items on it. such an odd coincidence, i just had to share!

  • Jeanine,
    I have a spot for my tea in a cabinet by the stove (because I use a teapot) but yea- mix and match would be fun!! :))

  • Gorgeous Elsie! It looks simply Fab – love the way it looks super organised but very “vintagey” too.

    Now is this a cart that you would mis-match and sometimes put your teas on? As I recall, you did a blurb on David’s Tea?

    It is FAB!

    Love it.

  • such a good way to store everything! love this!


  • I’ve received espresso machine as well in christmas and it’s great to have one at home!:)
    That wall is amazing! How many hours or days did it last until you finished? So impresionante!

  • Black Cat Espresso is seriously my favourite! Good choice! My espresso machine lives in the cupboard because I, too, lack counter space. I’m liking your cart solution!

  • I’m working on my own “beverage bar” — possibly using a cart. Thanks for the idea. I especially like how you styled the items on it.

  • I can’t stop staring at the adorable picture wall behind it! Instead of wallpaper it’s wallpictures. Love.

  • Hi Sarah,
    Yes. We had a studio space last spring, but we got rid of it when we bought this house. It’s just easier for us to all work here right now. 😀

  • i love re-style’s. it’s always exciting to re-purpose and breathe new life into something that was just sitting around. we don’t drink coffee at our house though, but if we did, i love all your ideas that you implemented especially the syrups.

  • Such a good idea and it looks so nice! What a bit of paint can do..


  • Great idea. Have you ever tried Wandering Goat coffee roasters in Eugene, OR?! http://www.wanderinggoat.com/ Most expensive coffee in Eugene, but they’re the best. Second best is Caffe Pacori: http://www.caffepacori.com/ I love their wood roasted house blend 🙂

  • This is adorable and just plain fantastic. I might steal this idea for my next place. I love coffee and tea 😀

  • I am not a coffee drinker, but this would also make a cute tea + hot chocolate corner… tea varieties, hot chocolate varieties, marshmallows, honey, chocolate, etc. Now I’m thirsty!

  • This is amazing! I’ve been on the hunt for one of those carts so I’m super jealous! Haha! You’ve done a great job! 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • So cute! I wish things worked out as perfectly for me. They always seem like a good idea in my head!

  • So cute! Where are all of these wire baskets from?


  • that looks fantastic! Simple update that makes an impact!

    Juliette Laura

  • When I first looked at this post the photo wall background catches my attention more than the coffee cart 😛 i love it, can’t wait to read what you’ll write about it!

    Wita @ Design is Yay

  • So cute! I love your photo wall too. I’ve always wanted to do that but I’m afraid of it looking too cluttered in a small room. Tutorial?

  • oh my. that’s great. One question only, where did you get this super nice green container for the sugar? (sugar bags aren’t these on the top shelf?) thanks!:)

  • The cart looks great and the photo wall looks AMAAAAAAZING!!!! So many Instax photos!!

    ♥ Talia Christine

  • oh my goodness your wall looks incredible! 🙂


  • Very cute set-up!

    Just wanted to leave you a coffee tip though, as an ex barista & coffee lover: To keep your coffee freshest, it’s best to keep it away from air & light. The jars look airtight, but you may want to get some opaque jars.

    Enjoy your brew!

  • Oh my goodness, I LOVE this! Your constant little DIY projects are sooo feeding my newly found addiction! I so have to have one of these in my next apartment! This is definitely going in my ‘save for later’ pile!!!!

    Lori x

  • this is amazing and that wall is insaaaaane! looks like the grand daddy of all DIY’s!! can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

  • I want to try this in my kitchen for my baking items! We have zero counterspace and a really deep, narrow pantry. I hate having to reach over a million things to get to my canister of sugar, but yet there is no counterspace to leave it on so it is easily accessible! A cart like this would be perfect (leaving the top clear for mixing room)!

    And yes – do tell about the “walloper.” So good!

  • Wow, it looks really great – like your own little café 🙂

    just a question though – I’ve noticed that ABM often uses polyurethane on the things you paint for protection, but how good is it for you and the environment? I don’t know too much about it, that’s why I’m asking.. Hope to hear from you, or anyone that can answer… thanks xo.

  • I love your restyle! You are so good at seeing beautiful things out of normal everyday things.

    I need to get myself an espresso machine! I am spoiled right now working at a coffee shop. Once I am done working there I am going to be so sad.

    Leah Faye


  • super cute girls! i need to make a quick thrift store run after this! 🙂
    -deana, @ birdsandoxfords

  • It’s so funny I posted today about my beverage station that created for my pantry. If you want to check it out you can find it here.


  • This looks so good [and your ‘wallpaper’]! I wish I like coffee! Maybe I could learn?

    Maybe I could have a tea/hot chocolate version?

    Anyway, love it!

    ~ Alex @ Forrest Mush

  • By boyfriend and I just got some intelligensia coffee beans for Christmas from his sister. It’s our ‘fancy’ coffee for the weekends and special occasions. So good!!! 🙂

  • This looks amazing, but I can’t take my eyes off of your wallpaper- that is awesome! I can’t wait to hear about it!!

  • love that wall!! is it all instax photos? i can’t imagine making that many- that would be so amazing!

  • Elsie- we bought that exact cart a month after we got married from JC Penny in 1994! We use ours (formerly a microwave cart) in JD’s wood shop. Love how yours looks!

  • This is great!!! 🙂
    Just noticing you have your beans in glass jars. Although it looks pretty this way, the beans will store better and keep their flavour profile in dark places. So I guess it comes down to better flavour or aesthetics of coffee display.

  • What a small world, I just took a break from working on the same “wallpaper” in my hallway. Great minds, they really do think alike! Love the cart too!

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