Elsie’s ReStyled Espresso Cart

ReStyled Espresso Cart (A Beautiful Mess)My husband surprised me with an espresso machine for Christmas! I have wanted to learn about homemade lattes for years, so I was pretty excited! I've mentioned before (a few times?) that my kitchen is small. After a week of making espresso drinks on our kitchen countertop I was desperate for a solution to free up some space. We decided to try to find a cart to restyle (similar to our cocktail cart) and here's what we found…BeforeBefore: At a flea market I came across this wooden kitchen cart. It was most likely from the 1990s and not exactly a "knock out", but I knew a quick restyle would work wonders. First we removed the knife block from the side of the cart and then we removed the wheels. Next, we painted the cart with Kilz Oil Base Primer and painted it with Krylon Celery Spray Paint. Then we added a coat of polyurethane just to add a little extra protection to the paint. We let the paint cure for 24 hours. Last, we added new casters that we bought from Lowe's. We used a little caulk to secure the casters in the holes at the bottom of the cart.Elsie's ReStyled Espresso CartOur restyle only took a few days and I am so happy with the resulting cart! We decided to keep it in our studio, because it's fun to use during work and we had a good amount of extra space in there.Espresso Cart DetailsTo keep things organized, I sketched everything that I wanted the cart to hold before we even started shopping for one. Once it was ready to use, I invested in some good airtight containers for espresso beans, some lucite trays to hold coffee cups and of course, some really good beans! Espresso Bean StorageI ordered these beans from Intelligentsia Coffee. We used Martha Stewart labels and small letter stamps for our beans and syrups.Espresso Cart Detail Since we like to entertain, and we have our team working at my home most weekdays, I wanted to have a good variety of sweeteners. I made a few simple syrups (psst- get the syrup recipes here!) and stocked up on truvia and sugar as well.ReStyled Espresso CartI have to admit, restyles are some of my favorite projects! I love giving flea market items makeovers. This cart is something that will be useful and practical in our home for a long time. xo. Elsie 

Source List: Cart/Flea Market, Casters/Lowe's, Spray Paint/Krylon in Celery, White Tray/West Elm, Espresso Machine/Breville Cafe Roma White Mason Jar "vase"/Fishs Eddy, Airtight Containers/Bed, Bath & Beyond, Feather Teapot/not sure- it was a gift, Thermos'/vintage, Coffee Bean Grinder/KitchenAid, Wire Basket/Amazon. ♥ PS- If you are curious about our new "wallpaper" I will be posting about that soon! 

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