Elsie’s Sunroom Tour (Before + After)

Elsie's Sunroom TourI am so excited to share our sunroom with you today! This is one of our favorite rooms in the house for so many reasons, and it was initially one of the features that made us fall in love with our home.

We use our sunroom as a space to keep plants, entertain and unwind (it has earned the nickname Club Rosé…haha). It is also a creative space for me to paint, my favorite hobby.

I’m going to share all we’ve done to update this space, but first, a walk down memory lane! You can see the before photos of this room here, as well as our first update here (which had a very different color scheme that didn’t end up working out).

Elsie's Sunroom Tour Here’s a look at the before and after! I am in love with the vibes, the plants and the black and white.

This post is in partnership with one of my favorite brands, West Elm. I have been a longtime fan-girl of West Elm, so having an opportunity to design a room with them was SO motivating. They currently have a collection with Dusen Dusen and Eric Trine (other brands I love), and I mixed a lot of pieces from that collection with the main collection for this room (plus vintage and things from years of flea marketing, of course).

Elsie's Sunroom Tour When our home was built in the seventies, this room was an actual porch with open air, according to the house plans the previous owners left. And we aren’t sure when, but we believe that windows were added at some point as well as an air unit. So this is the only room in our home that doesn’t have regular heat and air. Since it doesn’t have heat, we don’t use it from around November until it warms up in the spring (around March or so) each year. During those months, we relocate the plants, and it can be extremely cold.

For that reason, when we open it up every spring, it’s the BEST FEELING EVER. And we tend to use it a lot and really savor it through the warmer months. We like to have happy hour out there and sit out there and snuggle with the dogs when it rains. I also use one corner of the room as my painting space, and I’ll show you that below.

Elsie's Sunroom Tour This room is adjacent to our dining room, breakfast room and our living room, so I didn’t want to put another table in there or a sofa. I wanted to do something kind of different, but that would still be nice for entertaining—maybe playing a game of cards or sipping some cocktails. So I decided to do a floor seating concept with pillows and a coffee table. It’s so fun!

Elsie's Sunroom Tour Elsie's Sunroom Tour Let’s talk about this coffee table for just a second. It was definitely love at first sight. The gray marble is just so pretty! And it’s completely different from any other marbled surface in our home. I am in love with the high contrast and the deeper tones—they really complement the brass base too!

Elsie's Sunroom Tour Here’s a pulled back shot to show this whole side of the room. Plants are a HUGE part of my decorating style and our life here in this home. I truly enjoy keeping plants and caring for them. Watering them each week is my favorite ritual. I just feel like they make our home feel so much more alive and fresh and full of positive energy.

Elsie's Sunroom Tour These spun brass planters are just bananas!  I mainly have white planters and a few plants inside wicker baskets, but adding just a few gold accents really makes the room feel cohesive with the rest of our home.

Elsie's Sunroom Tour Elsie's Sunroom Tour This pillow situation makes me insanely happy! It’s so fun and casual. I like how it’s just a little bit different from the the other living areas. And this rug ties in perfectly to make sure it’s a really comfortable space!

All the pillows are from West Elm: Macrame Diamond and Comune Temoayan Pillow Covers, Outdoor Pentagons and Slash Lines Pillows.

Elsie's Sunroom Tour
Elsie's Sunroom Tour
Elsie's Sunroom Tour This time of year there is nothing we love more than fresh veggies, homemade hummus and something light like Rosé or an Aperol Spritz.

Here’s the serving board, coasters, glasses, and little leopard figurine.

Elsie's Sunroom Tour

Elsie's Sunroom Tour This tiered planter is just amazing!

Elsie's Sunroom Tour Here’s a view from the opposite side.

Elsie's Sunroom Tour Elsie's Sunroom Tour In the corner with windows on both sides, I set up my painting stuff. It’s insanely magical at night with the string lights on and so inspiring. This little loveseat is perfect because it’s not really good for my back to sit hunched over paining on the floor for hours.

Elsie's Sunroom Tour Plus it’s the cutest pattern ever!

Elsie's art cornerI inherited this vintage cart from Laura and the rattan stool is a flea market find.

Elsie's Sunroom Tour This toucan planter makes me smile!

Elsie's Sunroom Tour ABM_May31_AmberUlmer-056Thank you for taking a tour of one of my favorite rooms! If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments!

Oh—and be sure to follow our Instagram because I’ll be sharing some videos of how cozy this room feels at night on stories this week! xxoo -Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Amber Ulmer, Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. 

  • Big fan of this look! One quick question- are the trim/doors true black? Which color did you use? Thanks for your feedback!

  • Love your room. Black and white is an amazing look. I want to paint the brick in my sunroom. Did you also paint your metal windows? Is there a special kind of paint to use?

  • Wow wow wow, what a great space! I would want to be out here forever & always! Love the painted brick, and all the beautiful windows!

  • Wow, the transformation is impressive. I love all the plants and those brass planters – just to let you know that the link isn’t currently working to those. Definitely given me some ideas for redoing our living room

  • I love your sunroom! I wish I’d have a room like that someday! The loveseat with the fur is my favorite!

  • I just love how to black door looks and acts as a focal point in the room! Great job and the loving the West Elm furniture, especially the gold and marble table in there:)

  • Just a beautiful before and after. Love all the flowerpots and the detail of golden lighting contrasting with white brick wall. Great mixture of architecture and decoration.
    Feel free to have a look of my deco and design blog! Hope to reading you again!

  • Now that you’ve had that (amazing) coffee table for a while, what do you think of how sturdy/heavy/kid-proof it is? TIA – the room is stellar!

  • Such a great transformation! I love all the details – you have such an eye for that Elsie! The tiered planter is so good!


  • What a lovely room! There’s something so pleasing about the textures of the room – the sharp leaves of the plants, the soft delicacy of the pillows, the pleasing roughness of the wicker all comes together, along with the appealing colours to create a soft, but vibrant energy. Just lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  • Painting the bricks white was such a good idea. I love how everything turned out.

  • Hi Elsie,
    this room just looks awesome! I really really love it! Too cute and def an inspiration!
    Just great ♥

  • I remember the teal color from before–and I thought I loved it when you first posted that room update, but now that I see the black, I love it WAY more. It’s a classic feel that will last for years.

    You’re so cute, I can’t help but relate to that level of perfection you put in your posts. Using a painting you created that matches the color scheme of the room with warm pink hues instead of anything else, the way you set up the pillows and the coffee table…I can see the level of detail in your blogging and I really appreciate the aesthetic and hard work you do. <3

  • The black and white is so dramatic. So lovely! All your home posts are getting me geared up to decorate my new house, as soon as we find it….

  • This is beautiful! Love every small details, absolutely perfection <3


  • This is beautiful!!! It looks like a little resort in the back of your house!

  • You COMPLETELY transformed this space! It is so bright and polished looking. I’m in awe, words can’t express how I feel at this moment. Can I move in?

  • I love how your room looks! I am looking for inspiration for my room too and this one is a great help!


  • Hi Elsie, love your decor. Where did you get that lovely basket for the tall corn plant in the corner? Been looking for a nice one everywhere but I’m really struggling :/

  • Hey Elsie, your paintings are getting weirder, which is great! Keep going!;)

  • I have been obsessed with this room ever since you first shared it on Instagram. Love love love all of the natural light and of course all of the plants!! If I had this space, I’d be out there every day! <3


  • Beautiful decoration
    The Pink Pineapplle
    New post:http://thepinkpineappleblog.blogspot.com/

  • Love this! What a great space for a painting nook. One noob question that is killing me: how are you supposed to use decorative planters?? I now have five plants I haven’t killed and would love to move to more attractive vessels for them, but–do you just put the soil and the plants right in the decorative planters? Or do you just set a regular pot with drainage holes inside the pretty one? Don’t want to kill my plants but would love some prettier containers!

    • Hi Kristin,
      Good question! One method that works really well for me is to just sit the plastic container it comes in into the decorative planter. But it has to fit really well or it looks weird. I sometimes totally plant them in the planters, but when I do that I use a layer or rocks in the bottom for drainage.

      Hope that helps! xo

  • Elsie, this made me want to get a sunroom in my future house! Yours came out beautiful ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  • the jute rug? looks so cute in there as a slightly different neutral. where’s it from??

    • I got that on Amazon. I can’t remember any details, but if you search “circle jute rug” in whatever size you need I’m sure you can find one.

  • I love this so much. I’m so in love with all your houseplants – how do you find such amazing planters? Either I’m just not looking in the right places, or the UK is seriously lacking on planters haha! Seriously, can you just come decorate my house please?
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Hi April,

      You’ll be pleased to hear that west elm is in UK and we have a whole selection of planters available! You can find them here: http://www.westelm.co.uk/planters-terrariums-we-uk! Hope that helps 🙂

      west elm UK team

  • Such a beautiful room! You could maybe get longer use with a indoor fireplace. Iittala has some really beautiful ones. 🙂

  • Yes I love everything about this room. The black + white, floor pillows, cozy textured rug, plants galore, and that awesome light that fills the room when the sun is out!

    I’m all about adding a sun room to my home, inspired by yours Elsie. I would mention it to my husband time to time, but he wasn’t so responsive to the idea at first. So I got super excited the other day when he started talking about adding one to the front of our living room and how easy it would really be ( I lucked out and married a contractor – score! ).

    It might be a few years down the road, but a sun room is in my future and I couldn’t be happier! Give me all the natural light please 🙂

    • Oh my goodness- yes! Lucky you!

      Send me pics if you build one. I’d love to see it!!

  • How do you deal with no drainage holes on the brass planters? Lots of rocks on bottom, or plants in separate pots, just placed inside?

  • So so pretty Elsie!!! Total inspiration for our little sunporch that is right off our dining room we love having snacks and drinks out there but don’t really have a surface and like you don’t want to put a full table and chairs so I love the pillow and small table idea… so fun!! I love how different this house is from your last house it’s been so fun to see all the transformations. ❤️

  • Justina just blogged about those raffia coasters on The Jungalow! Synchronicty 🙂

  • Love how this turned out! Any chance you can post a photo with names of all the plants on it, ha! I’m always overwhelmed when going to a nursery and trying to pick out plants, I don’t know where to start. They really add so much! 🙂

  • Cannot possibly love this space any more! SUCH a wonderfully dreamy home, Elsie.

  • My parents had a sunroom and I remember all the great get-together’s our family had there throughout the years! Here’s to many good times for you in this special room! Mary Wilding

  • Ooh, it’s so warm and airy! What white paint did you use?

    • I used Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams (same as the rest of the interiors and outside I used the outdoor version of the same color). xx!

  • Dream space… I would be so happy there! Also, obsessed with all the Dusen Dusen x West Elm stuff!

  • Oh my Gosh… can I just say how much I love your sunroom? Especially that little area on the floor! It’s so gorgeous! Good job with it!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Love EVERYTHING about this. You SO need to look into an electric fireplace of some sort… can you imagine cuddling under chunky blankets, cocoa in hand, sitting by the fireplace, while gazing at the magical snowfall?? I definitely think there is a way to get it used in the wintertime! Such a wonderful space 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing! They have ones that look like little wood burning stoves and they’re not expensive! By the way, I’m so envious of this space! I would want to hang out here all the time!

  • I have never understood why people and designers remove ceiling fans. I know that they don’t look amazing in a room but they are one of the greatest inventions ever, and for a room like that with no a/c how could you not want one?

    • This room has an air unit that cools the room really well. xx!

  • I love the white and grey with black trim! What made you think of changing from the seafoam to black?

    • It just seemed like a better fit for our space. I loved the teal/mint, but it didn’t flow with the other rooms around it.

  • I ADORE painted brick…I know some people think it’s such a sin to paint it but I think it makes it looks so clean and interesting! and I actually start to love it more if it chips, it adds so much authenticity to a wall. The room really pops with the black trim, my favorite color combo!

    • Thank you! I totally understand why some people think that, but I firmly believe that you have to make your home a place you love to be- no matter what. 🙂

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