Elsie’s Super Secret Storage Cabinet

Today’s post is a little random, but sometimes that’s my favorite type of post. 🙂 When we first moved in, I took a lot of comfort in finding ways to get organized.

I wanted to get out of boxes as soon as possible and my first priority was to childproof all my skincare and things I hide from our children, like essential oils. I started searching for cabinets that had moveable shelves that I can use to store all sorts of stuff!

This is the exact cabinet I got, and here are a couple similar options I found: 1, 2.

I swapped out the hardware on my cabinet for this Etsy set … much prettier! Swapping out the hardware that comes with your furniture is almost always a good idea. Makes it more personal!

What I love most about this cabinet is that I can organize it over and over and over again. At the moment, I am using it for skincare and fun accessories.

I ordered these headband holders, but other than that I used containers I already had for storage and it was so much fun. I used some ceramics from my old bathroom and office. I was thinking about hanging jewelry along the top back wall, but haven’t tried that yet.

The other thing I hide at the top of the shelf are my rings … my children LOVE to wear my rings, and to be honest, it’s terrifying. I can’t even tell you how many little gold rings Nova has lost at this point.

On the top shelf is my skincare stuff. It makes me happy to have it all in one spot and always be able to find what I need and swap stuff around without keeping it ALL on my bathroom counter. I also keep things like nail polish up here.

Below that, I stored a few of my special bags, my headband collection, and my fancy shoes—which I wear basically never right now, but I can’t wait to wear them again someday.

Oh! I also have a huge collection of scarves, mostly vintage, that I keep in a basket. They’re fun for getting dressed fast!

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to hear about your quarantine storage projects as well! xx- Elsie

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Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

  • adorable! love it all. where are those cute woven sandals from?

  • So smart! With my 3 year old home from daycare, I need to be more vigilant about child proofing… There have been a few times while I’m on a work call that she’s out on my mascara!

  • Do Nova and Marigold not open the cabinet doors, or is it more out of sight out of mind?

    • Hi! They almost never open this, but when they do they only get out the shoes because that part is more their height. XX.

  • Where did you get the racks that hold your skin care? I like that it’s in pink and tiered!

  • Wondering if the cabinet came with that many adjustable shelves or did you have to add any? Thanks for posting, it’s given me a possible idea for our new space that has zero to little built in storage space.

    • Hi! The cabinet came with all the shelves seen here, and also a clothing rod that we didn’t end up using.

  • Alia isn’t an anti-racist company. ? Not the nest polish to put in your lovely cabinet.

  • We are always on the lookout for storage solutions! My daughter is a major artsy-craftsy girl and I just have too much stuff! Add all of our books in the mix and it’s definitely a struggle to keep things under control! I love cabinets like this! We have an armoire that was custom built by a carpenter and his apprentice using reclaimed barn wood and it is my favorite piece in the whole house. I saved up for it and it was totally worth it! Unfortunately we were far less productive with our quarantine project – redoing my daughter’s closet space! We made plans, bought supplies and that’s as far as we got! We haven’t given up, though! Just a hiccup in the motivation area. This post has given us a nudge in the right direction though!! 🙂

  • I’m not sure you’ll be able to find any options for a cabinet this large for under $500 unless you’re going to Walmart to buy something made of particle board or plastic. The materials to make this are not cheap, and neither is the labor involved. Anything cheaper is going to fall apart and not hold anything well. If $500 isn’t in your budget I would recommend installing open shelving. Even that is $100-200 though, unless you buy one large piece of wood and cut the boards yourself.

    • True- Facebook marketplace or a flea/thrift are probably the best chance at a steal!

  • Not a super relatable post when none of the cabinet options are under $500.

    • Hi! I’m sorry about that! I’ve seen people do Ikea hacks for a similar style. It’s just a really specific cabinet, so I wasn’t able to find a ton of options that looked similar for sale. I’ll definitely keep your request for affordable furniture options in mind for future posts. Thanks for reading! xx

  • Hi. When it comes to jewellery storage I love the faux taxidermy to hang necklaces, rings and bracelets from, it makes a really cute wall decoration. I am in Australia so was unable to order from faux white taxidermy in the USA as the postage was nearly double to triple the cost of the item. I did manage to find something similar from a local company though. And you can spray paint them and their antlers etc any colour you like.

  • I love that cabinet!! And you look so pretty in that dress! I haven’t done much organizing during this weird time yet. I reorganized a few drawers in my kitchen, but that’s it so far. But, we just treated ourselves to a French door fridge during Memorial Day sales, so I’m looking forward to getting the fridge in order once it finally comes at the end of next month. I’ve wanted a French door for years, but our house came with a side-by-side that did the job.. However, with all the cooking and food-prepping we’ve all been doing, I decided it was finally time, and I’m so excited! I’ll probably get on a roll and reorganize the pantry, too!

    • oooh amazing! I hope you have fun organizing your new fridge!!

  • I’ve already committed to a another type of color scheme with darker moodier furniture, but Elsie every time I see your neutral/natural-toned home, I keep thinking … maybe in another chapter of life I’ll give that a try. It’s so beautiful. Why a great find for an astonishing price!! Can’t wait to see more.

    • Ooh I feel that, but opposite. When I see a moody piece I love I know it won’t fit with my home, but I love to look!!! I think it’s good to love and appreciate styles outside of your own. XX!

  • My husband built giant storage cabinets for our vacation rental. We previously stored our sheets, towels, cleaning products and more in an area where tenants were able to access them- it was never an issue until one family invited all of their friends to come over, use all the laundry detergent, every single towel, sets of sheets, blankets…literally everything we would use to clean & set up the house. Now everything is in the same enclosed area, but on shelves, inside labeled bins (also in plastic bags- it’s Florida, and those adorable little geckos get into EVERYTHING AND POOP EVERYWHERE! Also, in case of a water leak, we’re doubly protected.), locked and accessible to only our co-host and ourselves. If a rodent does get in, we’ve made it more difficult for them to make themselves at home (they eat coffee pods, soap and garden fertilizer…ugh!) It’s neat, everything is labeled and organized, and it has made turnover so much easier on us & hopefully for our co-host too. I want her experience to be better too! When I look at it I call it “storage porn” because it’s just so convenient & makes me happy. All that hard work was worth it.

    • Oh my goodness! Lol! I had to stop and tell you that I laughed way too long on your gecko description! One of my best friends moved to Florida two years ago and she’s still not over all the lizards. (Glad that you found a solution to inconsiderate tenants!)

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