Elsie’s Tried & True Non-Toxic Skincare Buys

Hi there! So after three years of testing, trying, and swapping out for non-toxic beauty products, I decided it was a good time to pull together a GIANT list of favorites for you! This post is going to be A LOT of products.

I don’t use all of these every day. But I do love to swap back and forth a lot with my products (it makes my skin happy to switch it up!) and these are all the products that I have rebought, I would rebuy OR I find myself continually recommending to friends!

When I first dove into natural skincare and beauty, I tried so many products that I didn’t love. A lot of them just didn’t perform as well as conventional, had ugly packaging or didn’t smell nice.

Everything I am sharing today is a winner in my book and something I am proud to personally recommend. I want people jumping into natural beauty to have a good starting point with products that are exciting to try! I hope you enjoy this.

Cleansing oils. 
I am big on oil cleansing. There are two reasons I love oil cleansers. One is that you never need makeup remover again because it gets all the makeup (even eyeliner and mascara) off very well. The second reason is that it moisturizes and balances my skin.

I have met so many people with both oily or dry skin who swear by oil cleansing. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it. But I will add a water-based cleanser here too for any of you (crazy people) who don’t want to open your hearts to oil cleansing.

Leahlani Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil 
This product is on my “hell yes” list. It’s the best smelling skincare product you will ever buy. It kind of smells like a creamsicle… a creamsicle from Hawaii. My skin always feels super refreshed. I use it to take my makeup off every night.

One Love Botanics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil
My other favorite cleansing oil. This is best if you have dry skin. It smells incredible as well.

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash
For those of you who refuse to try an oil cleanser, here is an option for you! It’s foamy and a little tingly!

I am SUPER passionate about my masks. I do about three a week, usually at night while I read for 20-30 minutes before bed. I do notice a difference in my skin when I use them. And I use different masks for different skin concerns.

Leahlani Meli Glow 
This is my current favorite mask because it is deeply hydrating and glowy skin is my number one goal. It smells like honey and strawberries. Raw honey is one of the best things for your skin—it contains all kinds of wonderful nutrients! This is a great anytime mask!

Herbivore Brighten Mask 
I use this mask when my skin is feeling dull. It has a tingle and it’s important to use a mask brush and mix it up (shake it too) before putting it on because some of the ingredients tend to settle at the bottom of the jar. It will gently exfoliate and brighten my skin. I probably use it once a month or so, only when my skin is looking dull.

Tata Harper Clarifying Mask
The ultimate green mask. This one is a little more pricey, but great. It has micro crystals that provide a little more exfoliation. So, just like my brighten mask, I only use this one when my skin is in need of exfoliation.

One Love Organics Love & Charcoal
I had to include a charcoal mask! This is a great clarifying mask for anytime your skin is in need of a “deep clean” like after a trip or a long week of wearing too much makeup.

(and continuing with a few more masks!)

100% Pure Does It All Sheet Mask 
I love 100% pure sheet masks. I also use their collagen boost mask quite a bit. Favorite sheet masks!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask 
This is my number one favorite mask for two purposes: travel and sleep! It’s called jet lag mask because you can totally wear it during a long flight—it goes on like lotion and other than a slight glow doesn’t look like you are wearing a mask. I wear it all the time to sleep in and it’s amazing for waking up with super moisturized skin. The only thing I will say is that you do definitely need to rinse it off fully before applying makeup. I tried to wear makeup over it once and it made my makeup peel off—lol.

Honest Hazel Eye Masks 
Great for giving a little boost of collagen to the under eye area. I always refrigerate mine because the cold helps to reduce puffiness as well!

I am pretty minimal with exfoliating because I read a while back that most people exfoliate way too much. But since I don’t make time to go get facials as much as I wish I did, I do think it is useful to do a little bit of chemical exfoliating (I almost never use physical exfoliants, just my personal preference) every once in a while.

Herbivore Prism Natural Fruit Acid Glow Potion 
I LOVE this potion. I use 5-7 drops a few times per week in my night routine (after I cleanse, before I apply face oil). It’s my all-time favorite Herbivore product. The ingredients list is inspiring and it really performs!

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads 
These are great as well and an easier format to travel with. These are useful to getting rid of dull skin and I would also use this just before the face oil or serum step at night. Both these products are good for sensitive skin.

Toners and Mists. 
I tend to go a little crazy in this category because mists are my absolute favorite. I only started using them a few years ago, but now they are an important part of my beauty routine. I use them for my face, my body, when my skin looks dry, after applying an oil or serum and simply to help me wake up in the morning.

I will admit I have too many, but I do use them all and they’re typically on the less expensive end of beauty products, so maybe it’s not so bad to have a little collection?

True Botanicals Renew Nutrient Mist 
The biggest thing I enjoy about True Botanicals is that their products smell very herbal (not too floral since many mists are rose water-based). I love this mist and it does last a long time.

Sailor Sea Mist Refreshing Toner 
This is available at Target and such a great option for a great price. It smells like cucumbers and basil and I use it to mist my whole body (I know it sounds crazy, but try misting your legs next time you are wearing a dress. It actually makes a nice difference—I have pretty dry legs).

Leahlani Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner
Specifically great for dry and sensitive skin. Each bottle has a purified rose quartz inside. I feel like there are two types of people—those who want a purified rose quartz piece in their beauty products, and those who are reading this sentence scratching their heads. LOL I have to say, I am a fangirl for this brand and love every single thing they put out, so I’ll take all the aloha magic there is!

Ere Perez Herbal Face Tonic
This one is really unique and lately I have found myself reaching for it over and over. It’s ideal for tired skin so maybe that is why— haha! I’m always game for a pick-me-up!

Oxalis Apocathary Mineral Mist 
I fell in love with this New Orleans-based brand a few years ago and have been repurchasing it ever since. It’s one of my favorites!

Face Oil. 
OK, strap on your seat belts. Just like with all the other categories, you only need ONE … but I want to give you all my favorite options since they have different benefits, packaging, and pricing. Plus, I truly could not choose just one favorite face oil. I switch around all the time.

Asarai Vitamin Oil 
Lately, I have been using this a lot and loving it! The line was developed by a Naturopath (I think the stories behind companies are so important and cool to learn about) and I love the bright yellow packaging. My skin drinks this oil up.

Leahlani Happy Hour Serum 
Definitely a classic go-to! I love this oil. It doesn’t take much to cover my whole face before bedtime and it smells subtle and nice. It’s a good calming oil if you have inflamed skin or suffer from redness.

Elsie’s Face Oil 
Here is the recipe. I wanted to show this DIY option because once you have a few basic supplies you can make your own face oils for very budget-friendly price and they are fun to mix!

RMS Beauty Oil
I love this oil because it smells so nice and contains marigold and turmeric (hence the pretty color). It’s a little more on the pricey end, but I have to recommend it because it’s so soothing and nice.

Meow Meow Tweet Juniper Carrot Seed Face Oil
If you are on a budget and looking for a quality face oil, look no further (well, honestly there are quite a few options in this post under $40). I love that this oil contains carrot seed oil, hemp oil and geranium. It’s a good one!

True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil 
Love this oil. It has the longest ingredients list ever (in a good way) and is full of amazing oils meant to deliver benefits to the skin. I have used this one for a long time and can’t say enough good things about it. The only bad thing—the price tag, of course. True Botanicals is a bit more pricey in general than most of the other brands I love, but their ingredients lists are always excellent!

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil 
I am definitely obsessed with this oil and this brand. It’s great quality and I love that you can buy it at Sephora since it’s convenient (Sephora has some clean brands, but far from an extensive lineup). I love that this oil doesn’t have much fragrance—sometimes you don’t want that. It’s a great morning oil. I usually put on my face oil in the morning and then go let the dogs out or get a coffee to let it soak in about 10 minutes before I put on any makeup.

Osea Essential Hydrating Oil
This oil is amazing. I love that it comes in this smaller size because it can go in my purse and is great for travel. They also sell a one-ounce bottle as well if you don’t like the roller application (I personally love rollers!).

This oil smells amazing to me, but I heard some of our customers say they didn’t love it. It’s funny how smells can be that way. I love it—it has chamomile, cedarwood, geranium and cardamom … so a lot going on, but that also means it’s crazy healthy for your skin because it’s filled with a diverse lineup of ingredients. I am a fan!

I get asked ALL the time what kind of natural fragrances I use. This is a complicated category because synthetic fragrances can be VERY toxic so it’s an important category to swap out (especially for people who spray fragrance directly on their skin!). But it’s nearly impossible to find truly natural fragrances that mimic synthetic.

So, if you set out to replace a perfume you bought at the mall, the natural ones will smell very different to you at first.

That said, after you get used to natural scents instead of synthetic fragrance, your preferences may change. For example, I used to LOVE perfume and wear it almost every day. But now I can’t stand any kind of conventional perfume, candles, room sprays, or shampoos with fragrance. It all smells horrible to me.

Anyway! Here are a few of my favorites!

Moon Milk by Kani
Kani has a bunch of amazing products, but this moon milk body oil is my favorite scent EVER. The glitter is not obnoxious looking. I usually use just a little on my neck and arms and everyone asks me what I am wearing. It’s amazing!

Skylar Meadow Perfume 
The closest thing to conventional perfume I have found. This fragrance is a safe, responsibly made lab-created formula. While it doesn’t fit into the “natural” fragrance category, it’s a great non-toxic option, especially for those with allergies who can’t use products made with essential oils.

Leahlani Bless Aromatherapy Essence 
I love this scent and I love this packaging. It definitely does NOT smell like conventional perfume—it is in a completely different category but it is so nice. It smells like blue tansy and citrus.

Leahlani Perfume Oils 
My favorite is Pua Lei and my second favorite is Mahana. Pua Lei is my everyday scent and I love that it comes as an oil that I feel safe putting on my skin. They smell like Hawaii.

Boosters + Eye Creams. 
I go through phases where I go super simple and don’t use any of this stuff. And other phases where I want a lot of bells and whistles and add more and more. These are definitely add ons, not necessarily essentials, but they are still awesome and worth mentioning!

Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel
Eye cream is big for me. Growing up, my eye circles were the first thing I was insecure about and tried to OVER correct with makeup. I was also terrified of acne, so I used a ton of really harsh products and I noticed fine lines around my eyes in my EARLY 20s.

What’s crazy is that now that I am in my mid-30s and using completely different products, I am much less insecure about my eyes. I still have fine lines and eye circles, but using face oil and better makeup helped them to be much less noticeable.

Now that I know what I am doing, the biggest advice I would give to someone in their 20s is to focus on the actual ingredients IN your products—not the claims the products make.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on “anti-aging” products—quality clean skincare is as “anti-aging” as it is going to get! And also drink more water!

(I just realized I have three different eye creams here. You’ll have to forgive me for that, I am passionate about it!)

Frankincense Essential Oil
The holy grail essential oil. Frankincense is an amazing skincare oil. I often add just one drop to my face oil at night as a booster. I have seen a lot of benefits in my skin since switching to this more simplistic approach. If I had to give up all my skincare I could honestly be happy with just a quality face oil and a bottle of Frankincense.

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream and 100% Pure Superfruit Oil Nourishing Eye Cream
Love these both. They make a good AM and PM duo. The coffee bean cream is my longtime fave. It smells incredible and is helpful for puffy eyes and dark circles. The superfruit cream is more for lessening the appearance of wrinkles, so I like it as a night cream.

General rule: Whether you use a targeted eye cream or not, be sure to moisturize your eye area daily. It’s so delicate and can use all the love it can get!

Body Lotions and Oils.
Here are some great quality options for your body. My arms, legs, elbows and feet all get super dry, but for some reason it is more difficult for me to remember to moisturize daily. Keeping one of these beside my bed helps a lot!

Oy-l Body Butter (I like lavender)
This has a whipped texture that is so luxurious (I pretty much never use the word luxurious—lol— this is very serious!). It’s unbeatable and for sure my favorite lotion of all time!

Egyptian Magic
So I was really drawn to the quirky packaging and low price tag. This drugstore beauty buy has a perfect ingredient list! It is rated a zero on the Think Dirty app.

I originally got it for Nova because when we first got home from China she had very dry skin. It’s a great one to carry around in a diaper bag or travel with because it’s all-purpose, you can use it for pretty much anything!

Primally Pure Body Oils in Blue Tansy and Lemongrass 
I like to put on a body oil right after a shower and let it soak in a few minutes before dressing. These both smell amazing!

The Seaweed Bath Co Detox Cream
I love how affordable this is. I use this one quite a bit!

Because Nova has Albinism, her skin has no pigment, which also means she has no protection from the sun and needs to wear sunscreen on every part of her body that is exposed to the sun.

So, we go through A LOT of sunscreen in our home (we average about one bottle per week lately!). Of course, most people don’t need to wear sunscreen on this level, but most of us need to be more careful, especially when spending extended periods of time in the sun.

Sunburns cause damage to your skin over time and none of us want that. So here are our go-to sunscreens and why we use each of them!

Without going on a huge rant, a lot of sunscreens (especially for kids) are very toxic. It is an important category to put effort into replacing with clean products.

Goddess Garden Sunscreen
Since we use so much sunscreen we decided to try the most affordable brand we could that still performs well (for us this means goes on smooth without an insane amount of white film and, obviously, that it works) and still meets our standards for clean ingredients.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen 
This is by far the best face sunscreen to apply. Because it is a clear gel it is really smooth to put on and doesn’t leave any white film. It’s just an all around really great face sunscreen.

COOLA Scalp & Hair Mist
This is important because most people don’t put any sunscreen on the top of their heads, but most people’s scalps are still somewhat exposed, so it’s an easy place to miss (just like the tops of the ears). I like this product because it goes on quick and easy and isn’t aerosol (I try not to buy any aerosol suncreen).

Supergoop Setting Powder (SPF 45) 
This is awesome! I use it as my setting powder and I got the lightest color to use as a touch up sunscreen for Nova when we are out.

Coola is pretty much my go-to. I stock up often and they have a lot of travel sizes, which are so helpful for us (for both actual airplane travel and always having sunscreen in my purse or diaper bag when we are out).

Hair Products. 
I am still searching for a shampoo and conditioner. For Nova, I use Honest. For me, I have tried probably 10 different brands and it has been by FAR the most difficult category for me to find a go-to. If you have suggestions, I would love to hear them!

That said, I do still have some clean hair products that I use regularly.

Shea Moisture Hold & Shine Moisture Mist
My go-to foreverrrrrr. I’ve been using this for more than five years now. My hair routine is pretty minimal, but my ends get dry from heat styling, so I like to use this shine spray on them.

Shea Moisture Leave-In Treatment 
I use this before I heat style and after every time I wash.

And one more RANDOM thing.

Self tanner. I recently tried this self tanner and it is the cleanest scoring self tanner I have EVER seen (almost everything has fragrance in it) and it works VERY well. I

think I can finally give up my expensive spray tan habit (or at least minimize it). I am so excited!!! If you have never self tanned at home, use the mitt … it makes a HUGE difference and spend extra time rubbing it in.

OK … I think that is all! This post took me almost a whole day to write—haha—so I hope it helps some of you on your journeys to cleaner skincare! I will have a makeup companion post coming for you soon! xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • I would love you to consider adding Wild As The Wind. FACIAL OIL No. 2 and FACIAL OIL No. 8 to the next post you publish like this. These gorgeous smelling face oils are incredibly rejuvenating as well as being anti-acne and able to diminish rosacea and scarring, amongst a whole host of other issues…

  • Look into moo goo from Australia. We lived there for a year and so many people raved about it. It is the FIRST natural shampoo & conditioner I can use with thick hair that doesn’t leave it greasy. They ship to the US!

  • I don’t know if you’re still in the market for a good hair care line, but I’ve recently discovered the brand Organic Chemistry. I don’t use much, as I’m an air-dry kind of gal, but I love the gentle shampoo and the curl creme. I make really good skin care products and I’d be happy to send you some if you feel like giving them a whirl. Shoot me an email if you’re interested. <3
    xo- Ally

  • I seriously struggled with the shampoo and conditioner part too! I’m currently using Rahua for color treated hair and I LOVE it. Their products are a little on the pricey side, but I only wash my hair once a week so the product lasts forever.

  • What a great list! I’m definitely going to bookmark and will especially try some of the masks… I’ve liked the Biossance oil you recomment so may have to check out their eye cream as well. I wonder if you’ve heard of or tried the Le Prunier oil? It’s totally clean, 100% plum oil and it is the best smell I have ever smelled in my life – like marzipan – and I am obsessed!

  • Hi Elsie! Love following you and your sweet family.

    Upon reading this above, noticed that you didn’t include any moisturizers – do you use oils solely as your moisturizer?

    Thanks – Mary

    • Yes, I do. I use body butter for my feet/legs/elbows before bed, but I only use oils on my face. 🙂

  • Love this post, but have to ask!
    Are these products all cruelty free as well?

  • hey! thanks for the list but i wanted to mention that some of your sunscreen reccs include chemical sunscreens (like avobenzone)…which, if worn in the ocean, wreak havoc with coral reefs and other sea life 🙁 it’s not very well known, but causes huge issues – hawaii just banned the sale chemical suncreens, for example. please keep that in mind when you make these lists, because i know a lot of people read them – the ocean thanks you!

  • I feel you on the shampoos! I was using bronners bar soap to cleanse my hair for a while, but we have hard water and the combo of the two was so drying and left my already this/fine hair pretty dull. Have you tried hairprint? I bought their chelating shampoo made for occasional use to remove hard water and hair product build up, and I like using that once a week. I think I’ll try one of their others soon, made for regular use.

  • Who are these mental people that didn’t LOVE the Osea face oil?? Insane. It was my fave thing in ALL the boxes lately. Smh.

  • Thank you so much for this list!
    I’m curious about your search for shampoo and conditioner, because I am having a similar problem finding one. The natural ones all tend to leave my hair feeling kinda greasy and weighed down. Is that the problem you’re encountering, too?!
    I didn’t actually mind Avalon Organics Lemon when I was using that for awhile…

  • I use dp Hue ACV. I actually discovered it through my Fab Fit Fun box. I think it’s a 2 on the Think Dirty App, it doesn’t strip my color, and my scalp is the healthiest it’s ever been! I have always had dry scalp (and some build up too if I’m being honest). I’ve had zero flakes since switching. I do have to be sure to use a moisturizer before blow drying and heat styling, my hair is coarse naturally and I’ve abused it my whole life. ???? I like argan oil or shea because they’re both anti-humectants.

  • Love this post! I recently feel in love with Drunk Elephant products – and I haven’t even tried the baby facial, which seems to have a cult following!! Have you tired their products? Also, I do not know how clean it is, but I like the Kristen Ess hair products that is at target.

  • Elsie, do you use your face oil even before applying makeup? I’m so used to using moisturizer that it seems like an oil would be almost too hydrating…?

    • Yes- I use face oil in the morning (not as much as at night) and then I put on my primer- and then I wait 5-10 minutes to let it soak into my skin before applying foundation. xx!

  • Thank you so much for bringing awareness to this topic!!

    I have a medical condition where I have various terrible reactions to EVERY chemically-scented product, so as you can imagine I get sick A LOT. I try not to leave my house if I can avoid it since so many people still wear fragrance (plus there’s air fresheners, cleaning products, candles, etc that are everywhere). People just don’t realize how toxic these things are to themselves and everyone around them, not just people with allergies or medical issues. Hopefully more people start making the switch! 🙂

    For hair products, have you tried John Masters Organics? I also like Seaweed Co (you mentioned their lotion above). And after a years-long search, I think I finally found some hair products for naturally curly hair that I love (Beautiful Curls), which means that I can finally embrace my natural curl again and give it a break from the heat styling. It doesn’t look like any of the ABM gals have naturally curly hair per say, but just thought I’d mention the brand in case anyone else is looking.

    Also, I know this doesn’t apply to any of the ABM ladies either, but I would LOVE to see what natural products a woman closer to her 40’s (ahem) would recommend!

    Thanks again!

  • Have you tried the Nutrimetics products? ( Nutri = Nutrition and Metics = Cosmetics ). All Natural.

  • These at great options but why isn’t Beautycounter on this list…they take non-toxic to a new level when it comes to cosmetics, skin care. They’ve excluded over 1,500 toxins from there products forming the “never list” and are trying to change legislation and what the government allows in Beauty products

  • Any way to update the post with information on the packaging? I try to use as little plastic as possible so the container and amount of packaging an item comes in also adds to sway me one way or another on a product. Thanks so much for this list Elsie! xo

  • I just started using Acure shampoo and conditioner and I really like it! I’m using the argan oil and pumpkin moisture one and it’s rated a 3 on think dirty ???? I really like it! And I love this round up, so many good brands and some I really want to try!

  • Hello!
    Great article. I’m a male and I am looking for all natural and toxic free shampoo and conditioner. Please please let me know when you find a great one. Definitely the hardest category.
    Thank you,
    Michael O’Brien

  • Hi Elsie!

    Thank you for such a wonderful list! I use a few of these products myself and cannot wait to pick up a few more. For your shampoo and conditioner question, have you tried the True Botanicals Nourishing shampoo and conditioner? I received them (and the body wash which is also lovely) in a recent beauty box and LOVE them so much! The conditioner is not as heavy as I usually prefer but my hair is still plenty easy to comb through after my shower and my scalp, which is generally very sensitive and finicky, seems to be very happy. They also smell incredible. Good luck in your search, I’ll be interested to hear what you find that you love!

  • For hair products, my sister (cancer survivor and now very much into all natural everything) swears by Monat. I’m going to give it a try. Kinda pricey though.

  • Super fun post to read! My wallet is running and hiding now, but I’m excited to try some of these products out!

  • Have you tried beautycounter for hair care? I know it’s an MLM but I have had GREAT success with their shampoo and conditioner line, enough to make me bite the bullet and order through a consultant. The one for kids is the best performing kid shampoo/conditioner I have found (it gives their hair shine and fullness) and the adult line is in my top two shampoos of all time. A lot of clean shampoos make my hair feel like straw, but this actually leaves my hair shiny and soft and actually better than conventional brands. But hair care is personal and often specific to hair type so good luck in your search!

  • Have you tried out Function of Beauty’s shampoo and conditioner? It’s personalized hair care, so you take a quiz and they create a formula for you. You can even personalize the color and scent! I’ve been very happy with the products for the past few years.

  • Great post! I recomend you Lush´s shampoo bar “Honey I washed my hair”, I tried it two days ago and I loved it. I have a conditioner bar, also from Lush, and I didn´t like it though. But the shampoo is really good (it´s the only one that I´ve tried so far but I guess the rest are good too)

    • Just an FYI, Lush uses chemical fragrances in their products so they’re not entirely safe to use.

  • I noticed that you didn’t include any direct sales companies in your list. There are some great ones out there. If you want to review those, I am pretty sure Perfectly Posh would top your list. We have a whole line of detoxing and then moisturizing masks.
    Cackle Spackle and Good as Gold are my faves. Hand cremes that are not greasy and even lip colors that won’t burn or peel your lips.
    Natural ingredients
    No fillers
    Made in the USA
    and under $25
    Spa quality pampering products.
    I’d love to send samples for your next article. ????

  • Thank you for this post, it will definitely be used for future reference! I am a subscriber to your beauty box and have been loving trying clean beauty! I do agree with some that the Osea oil scent is not my fave (I put it on one night and the hubs didn’t like the scent), but I do love oils for my skin so will probably just use it in the mornings once the cold, dry weather hits. I also like using it on my legs!

  • Great suggestions! I’m definitely checking out your sunscreen recommendations because I’m still trying to find one I love. Clean shampoo and conditioner are hard to find…my favorite is Hairstory’s New Wash. all in one and is the first detergent free shampoo out there! Its kind of pricey but so worth it.

  • Love this post, omg what a roundup! A lot of these brands have become my go to’s as well after y’all introduced me to them 🙂 and you can never have too many face mists

  • I discovered this shampoo while visiting a friend in Iceland and it changed my life! I have very dry, thick and way hair. I only wash my hair once a week, and sometimes I even skip shampoo and only condition because most cleansers seems to dry out my hair so much.

    The whole line is great, but this shampoo is honestly amazing:

  • Ahhhh love this post!! I’m ordering a few more essential oils today and also will be making our own cleaning products going forward. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and these posts are so inspiring – springs me in to action! I’ve also just started using face cleansing oils and my skin has transformed in a matter of months… I use the Badger Company Damascus Rose face cleansing oil, facial oil and balm – so good. I live in New Zealand so I’m hoping some of these products you have recommended ship here also 😉 such a great post!

  • Love this list!!! Thank you! I use a number of these products based on prior ABM recommendations and definitely downloaded the Think Dirty app because of you gals. Have put myself on a bit of a product hiatus because I too have so many and given the natural/clean ingredient lists, want to make sure to use up things before they go bad. BUT I will definitely be referencing this when I run out of my current product spread.

    Anyway, one suggestion… you seem to imply that you put your face mist on AFTER your oils. I’ve always followed the lightest to thickest routine with oils at the very very end (since they can penetrate lotions and creams). If you haven’t tried out that method would highly recommend it. Cleanse > Mist/Tone > Serum > Eye Cream > Lotion > Oil

  • Will definitely be returning to this list in the future! I started the switch to natural products a couple years ago, but still struggle with hair products. I like Andalou Naturals conditioner (haven’t tried their shampoo yet). Also, for self tanner, I use Beauty by Earth (sold on Amazon) which works really well and is budget-friendly.

  • This list is AWESOME – thank you so much! Do you ever listen to the Natch Beaut podcast? It’s very fun and all about celebrating natural beauty (however you personally define that) while promoting natural and indie brands.

  • Wow, thanks! I’m mostly interested in this kind of thing because I’m always wanting to find products that are unscented or “lightly” scented. My husband is very sensitive to smell and as such we’ve never had candles or room sprays or anything. And I have to warn him before I switch shampoos etc because he’s used to how I smell ????…oh and did you know that the Think Dirty app was bought by Procter & Gamble? Methinks they are injecting mainstream product bias into the app now!

  • Yes!! This list is awesome! I, too, have been trying to switch everything out for natural products! I use the Plaine Products shampoo/conditioner – I think their scents are amazing and they work really well compared to other natural shampoos I’ve tried (like… I just washed my hair this morning, why is it STILL greasy?!), AND they ship everything to you in reusable aluminum bottles that you send back when your new ones come. Acure Organics in Pumpkin and Argan Oil is good in a pinch because they carry it at Target, Whole Foods, and Sprouts, but it’s a 3 on the ThinkDirty scale, so not as clean as it could be.

  • Wow Elsie, I came to ABM today to specifically look through your archives to find the green beauty companies that might have a body lotion. Imagine to my surprise and delight to see this brand new post greeting me!

  • Thank you for sharing your purchases, Elsie! I love the products you guys recommend at ABM, especially when you support smaller brands! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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