#elsiesnashvillebnb is officially open for business!

I am SO SO SO excited to share that after our year-long renovation (blaming some that on Nova—haha) our East Nashville home is finally ready for bookings!

I will share the links below. But first, photos!

So just a few little notes … this home is so charming and full of character. It sleeps six, is kid-friendly and has two full bathrooms. If it wasn’t my bnb and I didn’t already live in Nashville, I would love to book it for a weekend. We tried to be very mindful about details and for the past six months we have been testing the space on our friends and family and making improvements. It’s two houses down from a coffee and ice cream shop where I have had MANY cups of coffee while working on the renovation, and we love to take Nova for rainbow ice cream. Bottom line, we put a lot of love into this project and we hope you love it!

Here’s a link to our airbnb listing. In addition, you can book directly through the the local small business who manages our bnb, Epicbnb (and save on a few fees).

If you are curious about any of the sources for items in any of these rooms, you can see all the tours here (the living room is coming up next).

Thank you so much for your support and excitement surrounding this project!! xx. Elsie

  • When I click on the link for air bnb it takes me to a general listing page homes to rent https://www.airbnb.com/s/homes?refinement_paths%5B%5D=%2Fhomes&s_tag=pPK5sW5U and the epicbnb only let’s you rent it for a month?? Is it just me 🙁

  • Gahhh!! I was so excited to book for our conference in Nashville and you are booked two days smack in the middle of when we need it 🙁 Such a huge bummer. Oh well. Still in the market for a great space from August 1-6th if you know of one!

  • So this question is a little late, but I was looking through the pictures and I was wondering if the fiddle leaf figs are real? I don’t have any current travel plans but I wanted to ask in case of any future plans. I’m sadly allergic to them and I didn’t know till I bought one and then had to find it a new home. I was so sad! Any way, beautiful home and I am excited for you guys!

  • This is so exciting!! Everything is so beautiful and it’s such a fun project for you, it’s like owning your own mini hotel! :)) I think it’s awesome that you love renovating and decorating so much that you did TWO houses, with so much passion and attention to detail! It’s an awesome gift! 🙂 I was looking through the air bnb listing for fun, and I thought it seemed a little confusing that the “home highlights” at the top of the page says there’s breakfast and that it’s one of the only homes in area to offer that. But after reading it seemed like there’s coffee and snacks, but not actually breakfast? Just thought I’d mention it! Congratulations on your first guests coming! 🙂

  • I absolutely LOVE the space and a friend is getting married in September in Nashville so I thought this would be a great place for me. I looked and there was availability! Then I saw the cleaning fee. For 3 nights it was going to $120! I don’t know if that was a mistake? I completely understand it’s a whole house but I have stayed in SO MANY AirBnBs all over the world and have never seen a cleaning fee like that.

  • Elsie, this is so beautiful, you’ve done a great job! Would looove to spend some days there on our next trip to the USA (which will include Nashville for sure)!
    Can you tell me where the wooden coatrack in the second bedroom (under the roof) is from? I couldn’t find the info anywhere… Thank you so much!
    xxx Simone

  • Beautiful! Would love to stay there next time I am in Nashville. May I ask what color paint you used in the living room? Many thanks!

  • Love it!!!! Can you source all the round mirrors in the house?? Thanks!

  • I love this house so much! The room tours showing what you’ve done have been some of my favorite posts!

  • This looks like a great place. I should get some friends together for a girls trip!

  • Elsie, it looks so great!! Congratulations on the official listing! I’m sure the house will be a big success! Haven’t made it to Nashville yet but will hopefully get there sometime soon <3

    Eva | www.shessobright.com

  • Now I can come to Nashville and stay at your place, so cool!

  • FYI, there is a “Cancellation” section at the bottom of the rental info (looks to be Air BnB’s policies) that contradicts the cancellation policy you outlined yourself further up in the listing… not sure if you can change that but wanted to share! The house is beautiful!

  • I can’t wait to visit Nashville again and stay here! So cool! 🙂

  • It is stunning! Love the deep green accents you’ve worked throughout the home. I bet it was fun to shop for home decor items and supplies without having to commit to them for your own house too. Can’t wait to try and reserve it in the future!

  • It looks amazing!!! It would be super fun to plan a road trip (we are in Michigan) and our kiddos would love that room! I also get a ton of inspiration for our own home because the layout looks very similar!! Good luck! I am sure it is going to be a huge hit!

  • I love the addition of the trundle in the kids room and the bedding is perfect.

  • If only I was travelling to Nashville! I wonder who becomes the lucky ducky who gets the first stay. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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