Embroidered Rainbow Romper DIY

If you’ve ever had to buy clothes for your baby (or as a gift for someone else’s kiddo), then you know how much fun clothes shopping for babies can be! I’ve already made a few things for my daughter Lola (like this summer halter top romper), but since most of the items were more summer themed, I thought I should make a fun outfit that’s more suited for the cooler months as well. I love seeing all the weather-related sweater and tops that have the fluffy clouds or rainbow raindrops, so I thought I would create a more geometric rainbow/cloud situation and add some texture with wool balls and embroidery thread—so cute!Supplies:
25 10mm white felt wool balls
colored 10mm felt wool balls
-embroidery thread in 7 rainbow colors
-white wool felt sheet
-washi tape
-needle, thread, and fabric scissors
plain colored romper
-fabric glue
Cut a 2 1/2″ circle out of your white wool felt and pin it near the top of the chest on your romper. Sew around the circle close to the edge to secure the circle.Use fabric glue to attach your white felt balls and fill the wool circle. Take a needle and thread and secure each ball to the romper beneath, knotting after each ball, to double secure the balls in place.Take some washi tape and tape off a “lane” down the center of your circle. Sew your middle color in your rainbow down that center line in long stitches and then sew an identical line right next to that first one on the right and the left so you have a thicker overall line. Move over a bit and repeat the process with the next color in the rainbow and so on until you have all your colors sewn in. I varied the lengths of my lines so that the felt balls on the end would be staggered and not all next to each other in a line. I tried not to pull the thread too tight so that the fabric wouldn’t pucker up. Once my rainbow lines were sewn in, I glued a similar colored wool ball at the end of each line and then sewed each ball in place (knotting between each ball) to double secure them. Once they were secure, the romper was done! Don’t worry if your lines aren’t sewn in totally perfect; I think that gives this design a bit more of a handmade quality that is rather sweet. You could do this on a colored romper as well, but I like the rainbow on the neutral color since it makes the rainbow stand out. This looks so cute with her gold sneakers and pink turban hat and since it’s a rainbow jumper, any color of accessory will match! Just one thing to make dressing a baby a little easier 😉 xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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