Emma + Trey Engagement Photos: Part 2

Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9808Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9790Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9775Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9755Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9736Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9780-2Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9753-2More nontraditional engagement portraits. I know. Don't worry this is only session 2 or 3 for all you traditionalist out there. There's a couple of things I'm thinking, as I browse through these photos. First, I love how game Sarah was to try this. It's a weird request. "Hey, do you think we could do a photo shoot at night, in the dark, only lit by a fire?" That's got to be every photographers nightmare question. And yet, Sarah didn't bat an eye. She was pretty much like, "Let's go for it." I love that. 

Second. This is the fire pit Trey and I built last summer. It's in my backyard. Soon to be our backyard. Somehow I like the idea of capturing us at our house before it was our house. You know? I guess, for me, these pictures feel like the moment before everything changed. I also love the cozy and moody vibe. I will for sure be hanging one of these in my (soon to be our) living room. Thanks for letting me share. xo. Emma

*Photos by Arrow and Apple

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