Emma + Trey Engagement Photos: Part 2

Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9808Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9790Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9775Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9755Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9736Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9780-2Emma-trey-winter-engagement-photos-9753-2More nontraditional engagement portraits. I know. Don’t worry this is only session 2 or 3 for all you traditionalist out there. There’s a couple of things I’m thinking, as I browse through these photos. First, I love how game Sarah was to try this. It’s a weird request. “Hey, do you think we could do a photo shoot at night, in the dark, only lit by a fire?” That’s got to be every photographers nightmare question. And yet, Sarah didn’t bat an eye. She was pretty much like, “Let’s go for it.” I love that.

Second. This is the fire pit Trey and I built last summer. It’s in my backyard. Soon to be our backyard. Somehow I like the idea of capturing us at our house before it was our house. You know? I guess, for me, these pictures feel like the moment before everything changed. I also love the cozy and moody vibe. I will for sure be hanging one of these in my (soon to be our) living room. Thanks for letting me share. xo. Emma

*Photos by Arrow and Apple

  • These are wonderful, Emma! I love how simple and beautiful they are. It’s so obvious the love you two have for each other and I wish you all the best. I’m really excited for the other details of the wedding! <3

  • I love these so much! Usually I roll my eyes at engagement photos (in this generation where we are so photo driven it seems weird that we have them, compared to early decades. Oh well!) I think they’re great and relaxed and most definitely not gag inducing 😉

  • I just love these! They feel so authentic, unlike “traditional” engagement pictures which look to be so posed. There’s a certain intimacy in nature, at night, with fire and snow, that is lovely about your pictures. Congratulations on your engagement, and may you enjoy many cold nights wrapped in warmth with the one you love.

  • These are such awesome and personal shots! You have a very brave and talented photographer 🙂

  • Best engagement photos ever!

    <3 Melanie

  • these are so gorgeous – I think it’s awesome that you guys are having ‘non-traditional’ engagement photos. After all, it’s about the two of you, not whatever is the norm, or the fashion 🙂

  • I love these photos because as non-traditional as they are they’re real life…and that’s what makes them perfect. Beautiful pictures.

  • I LOVE your ideas for engagement pictures! they are fabulous! i also LOVE that coat (:

    also..funny story…i dreamed last night that i met you and elsie and just went up to you and told you i read your blog! i’m not a creeper i promise! but if i ever see you in public…prepare yourself for a (very excited) hug!

  • I am in love with these pictures… seriously beautiful… and I am a little bit obsessed.

  • Wow, great photos! I love how you two are open to non-traditional engagement photos! Makes me want to change it up if I ever got married!


  • Absolutely stunning pictures, so romantic & sweet. I have to admit though, it really makes me glad to live in Florida. It looks so cold there!


  • That is a great idea for photo shoot..Love those pictures..


  • Wow wow wow! Yay Sarah, I’d say this was a great success! I guess I’m not a traditionalist anyway, but I ADORE these photos. Now I want one of the engaged couples I’m working with to want to do this! So, so sweet, and you have engagement images that are totally different from everyone else. As much as I love a grassy field with late afternoon, “magic hour” sunlight, it’s certainly not as unique and personalized as this is to Emma & Trey. Congrats again! 🙂

  • Once again, congratulation to Emma and her beautiful moments..


  • Love you portraits! The one at night, roasting marshmallows is fab! CONGRATULATIONS!

  • number 3 is my fav!
    perfect in every way!


  • Wow. So beautiful, romantic pictures. Nice creative idea.

  • Okay guys, these are awesome! I love the cosiness and the top photo is definitely my favourite. So sweet. x

  • these are amazing pictures. i love how your photograph pictured the light of the fireplace, you can almost feel the warmth. almost symbolic to the love you have for each other…or was that the idea?

    love, x

  • So beautiful! I’m so happy for you both! And these are so inspiring. I’ve never been a very traditional person and I feel like for my wedding photos (many many years down the road from now) I’ll be going down a similar road!

    <3 Sara from tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  • Very cute! I love the first one of your guys’ backs. Too cool.


  • First of all Congrats to the both of you!! Secondly these photos are so on point, the last pic is something out of a magazine…LOVE IT! Great idea love how raw this and your 1st session was!! 🙂

  • My favorite thing about the first photograph is the hint of your cute pug sittin all lopsided. Made me giggle.

  • I love how these turned out! Such a neat story behind the idea, too.

  • These photos are so soft and effortless. I love this engagement series!

  • Wow ! those pictures are just stunning ! wish I did that…


  • oh, these are lovely. the last one is my favorite – you have quite a talented photographer!

  • Pretty cute snow bunnies.. These are so great! Love is in the air:)

  • These photos are amazing… and so is your photographer! I love both shoots that you’ve shared so far. As a photographer, I not only appreciate them but I’m kinda jealous- I wish more people opted for fun sessions like these. Also, I don’t think I’ve officially congratulated you, So CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait to see all of your wedding awesomeness.

  • the pictures are beautiful, it’s beautiful to see people in love and sharing their lives together.

  • These pictures are beautiful. Very romantic.

  • I usually find engagement photos way cheesy for my taste, but I am loving on these shots! They are by far the coolest engagement shots I have ever seen! Filing this away in the “someday” folder!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent – Paris is Always a Good Idea.


  • Awwwww! These are so cozy and romantic! I love them.

    Stephanie May*


  • Such cute photos, wish I did this when I got engaged a few years ago. specially Love the third one!


  • Man, Sarah is such a talented photographer! Can’t wait for session number 3!

  • Wow these photos are beautiful! so different to the usual engagement photos! wish you lived in Belfast 🙁 LOL!



  • Perfect shoot! Wow soooo romantic! I seriously cant wait for you guys to get married. I’m excited to see what you come up with for your wedding. Exciting!!

    Lulu xx


  • Such a cute idea! I love all of your non-traditional engagement photos, they are so much more intimate than more “traditional” ones 🙂


  • Lovely photos. Since taking engagement photos is not very common from where I am from (Northern Europe) then I wouldn’t even know what a traditional photo would be like. Plus being non-traditionalist is always cool. 🙂

    Hah, yes, shooting in the dark IS challenging. Way to go Sarah!

    Can’t wait for part 3.

    xx Kaisa


  • I really love these photos. I would love to do something like this! Great job guys.

  • My boyfriend and I are doing a couple’s shoot with some photographer friends of ours this Saturday! How did you come up with ideas for the different locations? So far, they have seemed perfectly suited to the two of you from what I can see!


  • those photos are soo cute! i like the lighting on them


  • I don’t know if this is considered traditional or not, but this is what I took for my sister, she had a disney themed wedding and the photo reminded her of Pooh and Piglet.


  • These are SO lovely! I wish we had gotten more creative with our engagement pictures, but they were kind of last-minute. I love the firelight. It’s so pretty!

  • I wanted to comment on the first series but had technical issues: everything about them is simply perfect. Finally not boring or “oh-these-again” engagement pictures. Here in europe it’s not even usual to take them, but browsing through blogs and through portfolios I have never seen anything like it. and this is meant as a compliment for the one with the idea and of course for the photographer.

    awesome job, can’t wait for the last series!

    last but not least, you two are really some cutie pies!

    greetings from vienna


  • Lovely! I love your S’mores theme. You guys look so cute and cozy
    🙂 Liz @ rusticpeach.com

  • I love these! such a lovely setting for portraits, snow and a camp fire and the coats! fantastic

  • My favourite photo is the last one, how beautiful. In Barcelona, people usually go to a park or the beach, so, this is really an amazing photo shoot.

  • Beautiful pictures, why do something traditional if you can be creative?
    Love it, lots of luck together.

  • Oh my goodness, that first photo especially is so beyond gorgeous. wow.

  • I love them! Especially the first and the fourth! They’re wonderful! 🙂


  • Marshmallows and fire…..to die for!!!!

    Lovely pics!!!


  • I love the one of you two from behind with the fire glowing around your feet. Its romantic and personal without being too intimate. Lovely.

  • absolutly love the third photo: your backs in color. so cute.


  • I feel like engagement photos can sometimes be awkward but I love that these capture your love in a very unique, creative way!

  • Such lovely photographs, I love that you’ve done something different!


  • Creative idea and lovely photos! You can see the warm atmosphere and intimacy between you two.

  • Beautiful, what a great idea!

  • My favs are no. 1 & 3. You guys are such a cute couple

  • Ooo, really really romantic pics. I like it.


  • Lady, I am all about nontraditional. So cool. And those marshmallow roasters! So cool! Although they could totally use a third, fourth or fifth prong… 😉

  • Adorable 🙂

    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  • These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love the use of light. The first one looks like it could be used in some national advertising campaign. What an adorable couple! I love that you guys are being innovative and experimental with your engagement photos. These really showcase your personalities. Thanks for sharing! xo


  • So beautiful, Sarah is very talented. 🙂 Congrats again!


  • Loving these photographs, they look absolutely perfect. I actually like nontraditional engagement photographs more than the traditional ones, I’m not a big fan of those serious, static photographs! Lovely


  • ooooo this is such a creative direction to take engagement photos. it’s so much more intimate and far less staged looking. so perfect!


  • Incredible pics! Love all of them. You are very lucky to be able to do exactly what you want.

  • I love the third one down, shot from behind. It’s so cozy feeling! Love these.

  • I’m really liking this non-traditional photos. These are very creative and beautiful.

  • How gorgeous. So original and interesting. You two will surely treasure these shots forever!

  • I love the non-tradition you have going with both posts you’ve shared. Very inspiring [plus, you two are adorable!].



  • I love this so very much! So different and really beautiful and natural – lots better than posey posey hoo-har you normally get for these kinds of things.

    And especially love the often ‘soon to ours’. Lovely pair xxxx

  • The first set of photos were simple and beautiful, and these are just as wonderful! It’s moody, but cozy. Who needs traditional? Love the variety in your engagement series!

  • These are beautiful! I especially love the one of your backs.
    With Luck

  • I love these!! Beautiful, and what a creative idea. I especially love your coats!

  • I love the one from behind with the little puppy butt on the side! So cute 🙂

  • The last photo is my FAVORITE! Love it in black and white and how the fire just lights up your two faces. Beautiful!

  • I love that you are doing what YOU want with your photos. I loved the intimacy of the first session, and this one conveys that same closeness, and homey-ness, in a really interesting way. Engagement photos should be a true reflection of the couple in them, and it is so clear that these do just that.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

    PS. Your “matching” sweaters are to die for.

  • I think this was a brilliant idea and the photos and styling is quite unique. Why go to a park during the day when you can roast marshmellows at night?

  • Wow, Emma. These photos (and round one) are simply beautiful. I love the non-traditional route. As an Indiana native, most of the engagement photos my friends seem to do are the same ones everyone does– (think train tracks), but I love what you guys decided. Thanks for the inspiration! (Not that I’m engaged, but hey, a girl can dream)

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