Emma + Trey Wedding Video

We almost didn’t get a wedding day video made. I guess I felt like I had so many other details and plans to finalize that the idea of researching and hiring a videographer sounded daunting to me. And, I thought, aren’t the pictures enough anyway? Trey felt more passionate about finding a great videographer, and so the ball fell in his court. I am so glad, because I was thrilled when I saw our finished wedding video! It really captures the nervous excitement that morphed into full-on celebration. I love all the dancing, from our cousin Brian break dancing, Trey getting picked up by his friends, Posey’s awesome moves, and you can see me dancing with an ice cream cone at one point. Ha! So happy we have these memories recorded. I hope our future kids will watch this and laugh one day. 🙂 xoxo. Emma (+ Trey)

Video by: Something Blue Cinema

P.S. You can see Elsie’s wedding video here. And you can now follow us on youtube

  • <3 So much love.

    Just a question – i absolutly love the chairs for the wedding ceremony. Where are they from?

  • fortuitous this yr now we have three or four wideouts and also have a tight stop that we could take advantage of, Schmitt stated. CHLOE http://gallowayjapan.com/hy/chloe.html

  • Such a great wedding video. I’ve seen so many having worked in hotels and weddings for so long — and this was one of the best! Congratulations, you look so so happy and in love.

  • This video is so so beautiful, may have even shed a teeny tear x


  • Cutest. Thing. EVER.


  • I don’t usually comment much on English blogs but I really have to say now how much I love your video! Thanks for sharing these very personal moments with us.

  • Wow! Like you, I didn’t think the video would be so perfect! I love how it turned out.

  • That is so sweet! When my brother got married, he actually had a livestream of the ceremony since him and his fiancé had so many international friends who couldn’t attend the wedding. I guess that’s their “wedding video”. 🙂

  • oh my goodness, what a wonderful video! i always kind of thought, eh, videographer, whatever, but now this makes me totally want one for when i get married! beautiful wedding the two of you had. i wish you all the best in your marriage, emma and trey!

  • This is so lovely! Possibly one of the best wedding videos I’ve ever seen 🙂 What a memory to treasure <3

  • Beautiful! I didn’t have a videographer at my wedding and it is my biggest regret from the day. 🙁

  • This is perfect! A new wedding video I’m in love with! 🙂 <3

    Lulu xx


  • wow this video is so incredible, I love how you guys have such beautiful and precious moments recorded! 🙂


  • Such an amazing vid, congrats 🙂


  • Simply beautiful! Really, I can’t get enough off your wedding!

  • so so beautiful! almost made me cry! congratulations! you look perfect together xx

  • What a stunning video ! What kind of filter did he use? I love the vintage look to the footage. You all looked so beautiful !!!!!!

  • So, so lovely 🙂 I’m already getting ideas, dreaming of my big day like a little girl, one day, one day… 🙂

  • This was absolutely beautiful ! You made a beautiful bride and the video was just amazing !

  • This made me more crying than it should. So pretty, I hope I can experience a wedding like this in a few years.

  • It brought tears to my eyes…I wish you all happiness in the world.
    I wish my husband would look at me at me the way Trey looks at you…<3

  • oh my gosh, i bawled. i’m such a girl but that was just beautiful. so precious to have forever! love you guys!

  • That was so lovely! I love photos, but I almost feel a videographer is more important for a wedding than a photographer. When I see someone’s wedding photos I smile; when I see someone’s wedding video I cry.


  • I just died a little bit. How beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Oh.My. Goodness. They did an amazing job capturing the spirt and vibe of the day!!!! love it

  • Absolutely gorgeous. It’s so interesting because, for bloggers/readers like me that have never met you and only know you through words and pictures, videos convey so much more. Feels almost like we’re sharing your special moments with you!! Thanks for posting this <3

  • I’m so glad I watched this. I love weddings. The way Emma looked at her father(?) TEARS! So beautiful. Anywho. Such a great video. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This was SO COOL!! I love it! Except now I’m pissed I didn’t have a wedding video! 🙂 This was seriously so sweet. I love the feeling, it’s amazing. And Posey is the cutest dancer ever!!!

  • I’m following ABM on youtube and seen Elsie wedding videos too, both of your video (Elsie and Emma)are stunning and inspiring, I hope you have a blessing life with Trey..


  • You looked so in love when you were on the boats!!! Congratulations emma, I’m sure you’ll be very happy!!! 😀

  • omg . it’s such an amazing video ..
    what a wonderful ceremonie and party . must
    have been such a special and great day for you two .!

    absolutely gorgeous .

  • I love this! Wedding videos are always so wonderful, thanks for sharing!


  • I admit it…I had tears coming soon…Luckily the video is only 2minutes so I have been able to control myself…beautiful video dear Emma, it’s really touching that you would want to share such a beautiful and personal moment with us here…Oh, tears coming back, gotta go! 😉
    Much Love for you guys,

  • OMG Emma! Best wedding vide ever! So captivating. Loved how the images went with the beat. What an awesome thing to have. This makes me want to get married all over again!!! So happy for you. xoxo

  • I love it when one can see the unbridled adoration and deep love that two people have for each other. 🙂 Really lovely, Trey and Emma.
    All the best!

  • you are so happy! you are so lucky to have this happiness captured:) the whole day looked amazing, all your work was worth it:)))

  • What an amazing video! It is really showing your excitement and happiness. It’s so darn adorable. I wish you guys the very best for your marriage 🙂
    Xo Elisa | MESSY + MARVELOUS

  • What a sweet video! You’re making me wish I’d had a videographer!


  • Truly lovely video – esp. loved the part when Emma & Trey are in the boats, that part is tooooooo cute. 🙂 Emma, your dress is insanely beautiful.


  • oh my god. I just cried my eyes out. and I don’t even know you in person.
    what a lovely lovely video!
    all the best to you and trey!

  • This is gorgeous! Congratulations to you both- It looks like you had a beautiful day full of wonderful memories! 🙂

  • We eloped but had someone there to take pictures and film. The pictures are great but what really makes it is the video. It was just taken on a point and shoot camera so it’s not fancy but I am so glad to have it. Especially since no one was at our wedding. It’s going to be so cool to rewatch through the years.

  • this is just wonderful. i am so happy he took that initiative. what a beautiful thing to look back on! every detail looks just perfect. congratulations again 🙂

  • WOW. This was amazing – definitely have to get a videographer!

  • This is one of the nicest wedding videos I’ve seen. Very touching…I got a little teary eyed. Congrats again to Emma & Trey. There are no words to describe how beautiful Emma looked!


  • Love this video! What a beautiful venue
    🙂 Liz @ www.rusticpeach.com

  • Oh my goodness that is so beautiful! I LOVE that there are no lyrics or words, it’s perfect. You looked like such a lovely, relaxed bride. This video captures so many moments.

    Thought I’d share our wedding video. Our videographer was featured on greenweddingshoes.com and used our wedding video: http://vimeo.com/41909607

    It’s pretty quick and really fun! If anyone’s engaged or wedding planning, I’d HIGHLY recommend getting a videographer. I wouldn’t have remembered a thing without our video!

    Loved seeing you get your dance on at the end with some ice cream! 🙂

  • I love everything about this! Looks like the most beautiful day. 🙂 Also, Poesy’s dancing rules.

  • Ah such a beautiful video!


  • Hello dear
    I just follow your lovely blog on Bloglovin!
    Please do the same if you wish!


  • I would love to see my parent’s wedding video but sadly it got destroyed and can’t be recovered. *sob* I’m sure your future children would like to see your video! It’s so sweet and full of good memories. You two are such a great couple.


  • you look so happy i just couldn’t help it but smile… still grinning actually 🙂

    good good husband that insisted on a video!!

  • What a beautiful video! It made me cry. Wish I would have had something like that for my wedding. Beautiful memories recorded.

  • this is absolutely beautiful. you will treasure it forever. how amazing. and the dance moves + ice cream are pretty stellar 😀

  • This is just beautiful! It really does seem like you had the most perfect day! xxx


  • So beautiful. Love the song you used. Congratulations, you two.


  • Oh my goodness that was precious! So pretty and you both look so happy! Gongratulations 🙂

  • Absolutely loved the video – it brought a tear to my eye! I’m keeping this in my inspiration list for what I hope will be my dream wedding someday soon!

  • Amazing! Absolutely wonderful & beautiful! *happy tears*


  • Aww, loved seeing this from start to finish. You really make a lovely couple and thank you once again for sharing your special day with us!!! 🙂

  • LOVED the video! Not even a minute in I was tearing up. Such sweet memories y’all will have for years to come. You’ll see a certain scene in the video and remember details you may have forgotten. Thanks for sharing a special part of your day.

  • Such a beautiful documentation of your day and all of the love that surrounded you! So glad that you have shared so much of your wedding…I feel like a guest, minus the ice cream and the cocktails 😉

    Elsie – your video brought happy tears. Your day looked amazing and the love between you is simply breathtaking.

    Congrats to both of you on your beautiful love stories. It’s been a delight to see everything that you have shared.

  • This was great! So sweet, and you can just see the love radiating off the two of you.

  • Could you and Elsie share your wedding playlists?
    I’m interested to hear the kind of music you two played at your receptions! 🙂

  • What a great great atmosphere.. You see the love so clearly! I hope you’re future kids will watch and see the love too 🙂

  • That was really great. I am engaged and didn’t plan on having video at all. You just convinced me otherwise. Well done!

  • adorable…


  • what a beautiful memento you can treasure for years to come!

  • Oh my gosh, I was teary-eyed watching this video. What a beautiful day, thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Gorgeous!
    It really captured the mood of relaxed, by the water fun, and so nice to get all the details of dancing and celebrating together

  • So nice of you to share this video ! Beautiful !

    XX Luba

    Ruffle skirt and lace shoes in my look today on

  • Absolutely lovely, the music they chose is so well suited. It’s clear how he loves you, very lucky girl.

  • PERFECT in every way! You all looked so beautiful and happy, this video captures the best moments and I loved the music too!
    I wish you all the best, lots of love and happiness in your life from now on together! 🙂

  • This video is amazing, what a great memento of the day – made me want to cry a little haha

  • What a beautiful wedding and video. Our videographer messed up the video and then disappeared so we just have one, long, choppy mess… But I’m sure there’s enough material to make a montage video like this for my wife for her birthday (in September) or Christmas (in… well, you know, right?).

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Just lovely! I’m glad you guys decided to share such a special moment! You guys will treasure it forever!


  • This is short and sweet–the ideal wedding video! It captures the mood without going overboard, interviewing random people at the wedding, etc.
    I also LOVE the color tint they used on it. Very retro and fitting for her style. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Just beautiful. Tear up watching it. I didn’t get a videographer for the same reasons you mentioned and its one of my wedding regrets.

  • Very sweet. Love both your dresses. Loved Trey’s friend handing him a beer after the ceremony…. but I agree, where was your’s? ha!!

  • Brought tears to my eyes. Loved it! Never thought about having a wedding video, but this was perfect!

    Lol, cone in one hand and a drink in the other. Love it

  • Both videos had me crying tears of happiness. Such beautiful videos to watch. Love it!

  • this is absolutely gorgeous emma! the shot of you and trey talking on the canoes together made my heart skip a beat…so sweet and intimate.

  • Just about the most gorgeous wedding video ever! 🙂 so much happiness.

  • What a nice wedding video; super location and the most beautiful wedding dress !! Congratulations

  • This is incredibly sweet 🙂 that look you gave your dad when he finished walking you down the aisle! Too precious!

  • As with all of your videos, this was super cool and evocative! I can’t resist a great music video, myself.

  • This made my day. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your special day.

  • So pretty and fun and for sure, a treasure for always! Your dresses were beautiful! I love that you and your groom were brave to get in canoes all dressed up. 🙂 What a lovely way the day was captured and may you have happiness and good ice cream and love shared for years to come! xo

  • I’m getting married this Saturday and watching your video made me tear up with anticipation!Congratulations Emma and Trey, your day looked beautiful x

  • As, it’s beautiful and fun and precious! So much love in a little video. Thanks for sharing! xox

  • That was an amazing video! I’m nowhere close to getting married but I was like you and thought a video wasn’t really necessary with all of the photographs. I think you’ve convinced me otherwise! What a beautiful wedding and the more I see of your dress, the more I love it. Thanks for sharing! (and congratulations! 🙂 )

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