Emma + Trey Wedding Video

We almost didn’t get a wedding day video made. I guess I felt like I had so many other details and plans to finalize that the idea of researching and hiring a videographer sounded daunting to me. And, I thought, aren’t the pictures enough anyway? Trey felt more passionate about finding a great videographer, and so the ball fell in his court. I am so glad, because I was thrilled when I saw our finished wedding video! It really captures the nervous excitement that morphed into full-on celebration. I love all the dancing, from our cousin Brian break dancing, Trey getting picked up by his friends, Posey’s awesome moves, and you can see me dancing with an ice cream cone at one point. Ha! So happy we have these memories recorded. I hope our future kids will watch this and laugh one day. 🙂 xoxo. Emma (+ Trey)

Video by: Something Blue Cinema

P.S. You can see Elsie’s wedding video here. And you can now follow us on youtube

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