Emma chapman 1Emma chapman 2Emma chapman 3Emma chapman 4today, my beloved little sister comes to visit. it's going to be a very refreshing week! i am going with my parent's to pick her up from the airport in a few minutes. i hope your weekend was wonderful!
xo. elsie

  • Nice pictures! I´m sad to say that I haven´t any sister whom can visit me… Love your work!

    //xo from Sweden

  • I’ve spent the whole creating a little book with the neverland kit… Its been lots of fun, can’t wait to get my Alice and wonderland kit

  • After all the speculion in the previous posts about your “status” I thought I’d weigh in….are you getting a new pug?

    Have a great time with the gorgeous Emma!

  • the picture of emma with the umbrella is my absolute favorite, since the first time i saw it. i love everything about it. you girls are so talented. i wish we shared talent instead of the same name 🙂

  • Yay. So glad you get to see her. My weekend was great. Today was even better, I got my Wonderland kit in the mail, it is just awesome. Your kits are so great. Thanks.

  • my weekend WAS wonderful thank you. :]

    i went to a youth revival at a church where one of my FAVORITE renound preachers preached. he’s a young guy…FIRECRACKER when he preaches.lol. Well, I found out that he went to the bible college im going to in January! and he encouraged me about it! Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill NEVER EVER forget what he told me!!!!!

    It was so amazing, I soaked up every word he said. I really look up to him.

    he spoke on us being instruments of God and him being a motion activated God. When we raise our hands and worship him, to bless him, he’ll bless us. We shouldnt worry about what WE get out of our worship. We need to focus on blessing God and touching him. THEN, He’ll bless us. If someone can just learn how to touch God… It was truly amazing.

    So who do you look up to elsie? You should do a blog about the people who you admire-those who inspire you and those who you hope to meodel at least some sort of behavior after. and those who you hope to inspire and what you ultimately want to teach people.

  • I wish I had a sister like Emma! (I only have one big brother..)

    Have a nice week together!

    Ps; I love your new neighbourhood. Ever since I left USA (after our 5 week roadtrip) I still craving for a good coffee at those great stores you have over there!) Please send me one! 😀

  • Sister time is the best! I am lucky, my sister just moved so now she is only an hour drive away! Yay! Have a great week with your sis.

  • WooHoo! I wish I had a sister.

    I got one of my orders yesterday- THANK YOU! I was luck enough to get a beautiful page – the lullaby with Wendy and Peter! I’m going to frame it and hang it in our bedroom I think! It’s truly wonderful!

  • Just wanted to say that I got my Wonderland kit in the mail today and I love it!!! Thanks for all the extra goodies…love them!! So sweet of you to throw in something extra! The kit is a gift for my sisters birthday (hopefully she won’t read this :)) and i wish I got 2 of the kits. I know she will be thrilled to get it. Have fun with Emma this week!

  • Just wanted to say I got my wonderland kit in the mail today and it looks so great! So sweet of you to throw in something extra!! The kit is a birthday present for my sister (hope she doesn’t read this :)) and I know she will love it too (wish i got 2 kits…)! Have a fun week with Emma!

  • Elsie,

    Have a great time visiting with your sister. It is so wonderful to be surrounded by those you love and when the numbers increase – well all the better. Hope your visit is a long and lovely one. I too absolutely love the pic of emma in her galoshes and an umbrella. need to take some photography classes. Got my love monkeys stationary on Saturday AM, was a perfect mornin’ with my puppy taking a drive with me in the car, a good cup of coffee, and no line at the post office. Can wait to scap with them love monkeys, thanks also for the pirate monkey tags. Thinking to make something special for my nephew’s 10tht birthday coming up with one of them.

  • Got my wonderland kit today….THANK YOU!!!!! so looking forward to playing!!!..you are soooo clever!!

    Rach xx NZ

  • Just wanted to say that I love your blog and find it so inspiring. 🙂

    Also – I have a link from my blog to yours and wanted to make sure that was cool.


  • Wow spun me out the other morning we get American TV early hours in Australia, I woke at some ungodly hour & thought I saw Jeremy & a band playing live! was very cool, can’t recall the name, or was I dreaming

  • I just got my Wonderland Kit and it is SO AWESOME! Wah…I didn’t get anything special in mine.. 🙁 Just kidding, it’s okay because the kit itself did not disappoint. I especially love the 4X6 prints! Gorgeous, Elsie, just gorgeous.

  • I just got my Wonderland Kit and it is SO AWESOME! Wah…I didn’t get anything special in mine.. 🙁 Just kidding, it’s okay because the kit itself did not disappoint. I especially love the 4X6 prints! Gorgeous, Elsie, just gorgeous.

  • Thanks Elsie! You are a sweetie. I don’t want to ask you to ship anything, I really did mean it…the Wonderland Kit DID NOT disappoint. I love it.

    I’m hoping to get to order something from your October shop goodies, so I’ll hold my breath for that. Happy Sister Weekend, they really do make the best friends, don’t they.

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