Emma’s Annual Instagram Calendar

Instagram calendar DIYAs 2013 approaches (or possibly the end of the world… uh…) I realized it was time to make a new Instagram calendar for my mom. Last year I made my mom a calendar using all Instagram photos of my pug (my mom LOVES dogs). I saw her use it all year, she hung it in her art studio. I'm making it an official tradition this year, because I made her a new one for 2013.Instagram calendarThis year there were a few features that I changed. I still used all Instagram photos (printed from Postal Pix) but the photos feature my dog, Trey's dog and one surprise "dog" appearance. I also decided to try a slightly different technique for creating the calendar this year. Here's what I did:Homemade calendar instructions1. Supplies needed: pretty papers, photos, mini calendar (I bought mine at Walmart for $1 but you could also create your own and print off the pages), scissors, glue and a stapler. 2. Deconstruct the mini calendar and use it as a guide to create your calendar pages. Go ahead and place your pages together so you can clearly see where your photos and calendar pages will go. 3. Cut out your calendar (and photos if necessary) and glue to the pages. 4. Staple the inside folded edge to bind the calendar together. Optional: add glitter numbers to the cover!Emma's annual dog calendarA couple of tips: I would recommend using a glue stick for this project. Even though I tried to apply my glue evenly I still had some wrinkles in my pages after it dried. I think using a glue stick would solve this issue. I also recommend using thinner paper than the blue ones you see above for the actual pages. My calendar ended up being a little difficult to fold because all of the papers added so much bulk. If you find this to be an issue for you then try binding your calendar more like I did for last year's edition. 🙂Homemade calendarEasy, inexpensive and cute! Ring in the new year with your own homemade calendar. xo. Emma

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