Emma’s Everyday (Natural) Makeup

Over time I’ve updated a number of products I use and love and so in March 2021 I decided to update this post to reflect what I am currently loving and using.

I wear makeup most days, usually skipping one or two days a week (usually when I’m pressed for time, ha) and over the years I’ve swapped out a lot of the makeup I use for more natural brands. I may still have a few items that don’t fall under the umbrella of “natural” makeup, but for the most part my everyday makeup routine is pretty clean. But even if you couldn’t care less about natural products everything I use also feels (at least to me, and with my skin type) high performing and high quality.

Above is everything in my makeup bag, although I don’t use all of this every day. I feel like most people (who wear and like makeup) have at least a few shades or lipstick or blush that you cycle through depending what you are wearing or what you’re in the mood for that day.

Foundations & Concealers-

I have two liquid foundations I love. I tend to use Bare Minerals BarePro in Aspen 04 in the colder months and ILIA Skin Tint in Tulum in the warmer months. I love that both contain a good amount of SPF (although I still wear sunscreen under my makeup if I am going anywhere at all), but the ILIA Skin Tint is a lighter consistency so it just feels better during the warmer season to me.

I love W3ll People Bio Correct in Ivory for a very full coverage concealer, like if I am covering up a blemish or red spot. And I also like this ILIA concealer stick—I tend to use it more like a highlighter or for under my eyes mainly.

Also pictured is ILIA Serum Concealer in Arrowroot, which I use at the very end to kind of set my makeup, or I’ll brush some on if I want to avoid looking shiny.

Eye Makeup-

I have eyelash extensions that I get refilled once a month. For this reason, I don’t really wear eyeliner or mascara. I love my eyelash extensions (I go to Abby at Foxie Lash in Springfield, Missouri) and to me they are worth the time and expense to keep them up. It’s my #1 treat to myself. 🙂

For eyeshadow, I have the Lawless The Little One Palette. I use ILIA Essential Brow in Medium Brown for my brows. And I also wanted to mention this HAN eyeshadow in Celebrate as I love it for not only my inner eyes, but also I use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones or the bridge of my nose.

Blush & Bronzer-

I only own one bronzer, I love it. It’s ILIA Bronzing Powder in Drawn In.

I have a few different blushes that I use and love that are slightly different shades/looks. I use Rejuva Minerals Baked Blush in Cranfusion for a basic, everyday pressed powder option. I like the ILIA Multi-Stick in At Last for cheeks and lips. I also like Bloomeffects Tulip Tint for both cheeks and lips. When I use either of those last two options it’s a little more of a dewy look.

Lipsticks and Glosses-

I love a matte lip, so most of the lip products I own fall into that category. Love BITE Lip Crayons (the two colors I have are Glacé and Nonino). I also love these Shade M Matte Liquid Lipsticks—the colors I have are Lila and Secrets. I own one very pink, bold lipstick from 100% Pure in Marrakesh, which is for special moments. Ha. And, I love HAN Lipgloss on its own for a softer look, or layered over one of my other lip products.

Thanks for letting me share! Check out Elsie’s clean makeup favorites for more product recommendations! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Emma Chapman and Janae Hardy
  • Hi from LA! This is a great article. You should try a lash serum instead of lash extensions to really complete the natural beauty routine! I love LashLuxury (Canadian company) because they use natural ingredients and peptides unlike a lot of the other brands out there that stuff a bunch of irritating chemicals in their products.

  • I also rarely wear makeup during the week! I just spot conceal with RMS concealer – if I want more coverage I just mix it with some facial oil for a lighter, dewier finish and spread it around my face!

    Tara | www.gameofserums.com

  • I have been dying to try a natural foundation, but I have REALLY dry skin and already struggle with the non-natural foundations.

    I know both you and Elsie use Crunchi. Do you know if they have sample/smaller sizes for sale? I would hate to spend the $ for a full size and realize it just won’t work for me. And are either of you dry skinned?

    • I just ordered their foundation card! It has samples of the 4 middles colors (but you can request the darkest and/or lightest option (they have 6 total) to be added at no charge!

    • Hi! They do have samples at Crunchi! It’s $7. I also have dry skin and use their foundation. I spray Evian water on my face after I apply the foundation to make a tad less matte. It works great! Hope this helps!

  • we have lots of dry option. sometimes its depend on skin and weather. skin, lips i suggest to use natural supplements. that is find to complicated. https://spreeglee.dk/

  • I would love a similar feature for brunettes (or maybe there is one with Elsie I have missed?)

  • You are so pretty! I love the natural, go-to look! I’m for sure going to look into that eyebrow pen.

  • I’m curious about the brow liner – I’ve never seen a liquid one! And my eyebrows got stuck in the 90s so I always need something on my brows. I tried to click on the link and it got blocked from my work computer as porn, lol!!! Maybe I should get back to work now…

  • Wow, natural beauty is expensive. Do you have any suggestions for natural beauty brands that don’t charge $70 for moisturizer or $50 for foundation?

    • There are also LOTS of DIY options (we have a lot on our site if you click our “Clean Living” tab. For example I have a good friend who just uses organic coconut oil as a her moisturizer. Works for her, she has beautiful skin. 🙂 There are lots of different options, which is good because everyone’s skin is unique. This is just what I use.

    • moisturizer is so expensive and usually in plastic bottles. i use a combo of rosehip or baobab or argan oil instead (shea moisture is a certified b corp, cruelty free + affordable – the bottle lasts a while).

    • Please check out the company Cocokind, ALLLLL of their products are under 25 dollars. They are amazing, organic, you can pronounce everything on the bottle and most of their stuff is fair trade.

    • Dana, I agree that natural beauty can be expensive. It’s trendy right now, and I hope that over the longer term we will see prices come down and this become even more mainstream and accessible. Some “natural” brands I can recommend include Acure (for moisturizer), Honeybee Gardens, and Root Pretty. I’m working on a post about the latter two. My post on DIYing salve is linked above. I didn’t think I’d like a salve, but I still use it regularly, and may make it again when I run out.

  • You look gorgeous, Emma! I actually don’t use makeup Monday to Friday as well, even at work. I like to keep things natural and minimal (and my skin is great because of it!). Going to check your products out!! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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