Emma’s Everyday Styling Routine

Emma's everyday styling routineElsie and I get asked every now and then about our everyday styling routines. I'll be the first to admit that I am no makeup expert. But I love trying new products and techniques and over the years I have developed an everyday makeup and hair routine that I am comfortable with and that I feel works best with my features. Today I thought it would be fun to share my routine, along with all the real products I use.

Let's get startedIn the morning I wash my face and apply a moisturizer with SPF 15. I have gotten in the habit of wearing a little sunscreen everyday in the hopes that one day my skin will look as good as my mother's. Dream big, I say.

Foundation + ConcealerI apply concealer to my under eye circle areas and if I have a blemish I usually blot on a little concealer to that as well. (Side note: When is this blemish thing going to be over?! I thought by my mid/late 20s I'd be done with all that.) I am currently using CoverGirl Invisible Concealer in Fair. I then apply foundation to my entire face and try to blend it on my jaw line and neck. Currently using NYC Liquid foundation. The NYC makeup brand is super inexpensive so it suits my thrifty heart.

BronzerBronzer With foundation and bronzerI then brush bronzer just below my cheekbones. They say matte is best but I tend to like a little sparkle in my bronzer, it's the 90's child in me. I'm currently using Jane shimmering bronzer.

BlushNext, I apply a touch of blush to just above my cheekbones. I read once that this makes you look less tired. Sold. I've been doing it ever since. For blush I'm currently using Wet n Wild in heather silk.

EyelinerOn to the eyes: I actually do wear eyeliner almost every day. I line the outer two-thirds of my upper lids and just dot in a little bit on my outer lower lids. For a special night I sometimes add a lot more liner and a tiny cat-eye effect. My current eyeliner is Bonne Bell Eye Style Precise Eyeliner in Basic Black.

EyeshadowBenefit EyeshadowFor eyeshadow I like use at least three neutral tones. I usually buy one of those multi-packs of eyeshadow so everything goes well together; currently using Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes Palette. I brush a tiny bit of darkest brown into the outer edges of my lids and blend toward the center. Next, I add the second darkest shade to the center of my lid and blend. Last, I brush on the lightest shade from the inner corners and blend toward the center. It's a lot of blending but I've found this helps to make the shadow look a little more natural.

MascaraMascaraMascara. You gotta have mascara. Even on days I'm giving my face a rest from make up I usually still wear mascara and lip gloss. I'm currently loving Rimmel Scandaleys Mascara in Extreme Black.

LipstickLipstickNow I add a little lipstick. I tend to wear a lot of darker neutrals/browns for everyday wear. I get adventurous now and again with reds and pinks but most days I play it safe with a bronze brown lipstick. I'm currently loving NYC Lipstick in Caramel.

Finish with powderLast I add a bit of powder to set my look and keep things matte. I really love L'Oreal Paris True Match Powder in soft ivory (this also has SPF 19, double win!). I have oily skin so powder is nice, you don't want too much sheen. I press my lips together as I powder around my lips and chin. I've found that this helps my lipstick stay in place longer.

Finished MakeupCurlsNow let's talk hair. I have straight, limp, lazy hair. That's the card I was dealt in life. And since I have oily skin, my hair, especially around my hairline, gets greasy looking fast. To combat this tragedy I use dry shampoo. I LOVE my dry shampoo. I don't know what I ever did without it. My favorite brand is Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo. Simply spray a little in, brush out and boom- clean looking hair. Most days I curl the ends of my hair and spray in place. I also like to rock a braided crown now and again, especially if it's rainy out.

Emma's Finished LookEmma's Styling RoutineI hope you've enjoyed seeing my everyday styling routine. I tried to add links to products I could find online, or very similar products. Thanks for letting me get a little girlie with you. Elsie will be sharing her everyday styling routine in the near future as well. xo. Emma 

  • Thank you thank you as a fellow fair skinned, lip haired lady these tips helped a ton!!ADORE this post! The photographs are absolutely stunning! I really like those eye shadows. They complement your eyes really well. The one thing I’m unsure about with your look is the bronzer… thanks for sharing!

  • Gorgeous!

    The trick I was taught with bronzer is to apply it to the places sun would hit, lightly. Forehead, bridge of nose, tops of cheeks, and the top of chin where it creases a bit.

    Another quick way is to sweep the number 3 on each side of your face sweeping from the middle of the forehead out to the temples, down and over on the cheeks, and diwn and around to the chin. This will offer a quick, natural, sun kissed look.

    I also like the stuff with sparkle too!

  • Thank you so much for this great post. I have similar coloring of Emmas and went out and purchased half these products as I have been looking to play with my makeup more these days. LOVE the lipstick. Please continue to post these styling routines – it really inspires! Thanks

  • oh, i love that you use “regular” make up and not the stuff that so expensive!! you just gave me some really good product ideas! thanks.

  • I think your makeup style is really nice, and while I could never pull it off you pull off the blush/bronzer cheeks really nicely. I really like your lipstick! My lips are the only thing I pay any attention to on my face…oh, that and blemishes. I feel your pain.

  • Thanks for doing this post. I have the same coloring as you and have been wanting to wear more makeup lately. I went out and purchased some of the products you mention and love them. Thanks again Emma:)

  • I’ve been trying to figure out how to blend my eye shadow for the longest time. I find that blending the darker shades first, and THEN the lighter shades works so much better for me! Love all the advice, especially the blush tip 😉

  • I love this–seeing your routine from start to finish is really great! The eye shadows and liner go really well together and give such a great open-eyed look, love it!

  • Just went makeup shopping for the first time ever for my trip to France and this was a helpful guide! (Yes, I’m 23 and have never really worn makeup unless you count summer camp when my campers decide to doll me up for beauty night… but that is an unfortunate sight by the end). I’m excited to try everything out and learn how to wear it!

  • I was just wondering where you found your Jane bronzer? I really love it and a good bronzer is so hard to find.

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  • You know what I love most about this tutorial? That you use almost all drugstore make-up! 🙂 I love seeing budget friendly items used and your techniques are super simple with beautiful results. I’ve also been thinking about trying dry shampoo so I’ll have to check out your recommendation. 🙂

  • thanks for sharing!
    i’ve never been big on make-up, but want to get into it a bit more.
    this post is definitely a big help and inspiration!
    xo, cheyenne

  • Emma, you’re a natural beauty! I like that you don’t use all of these insanely priced high end make up products. Everything is affordable and looks just as lovely.

  • I love your natural look – your makeup seems to simply accentuate your natural features. Amazing, lady!

    I have oily skin too and I’m all to familiar to the oily roots by late afternoon! I have a nice little collection of dry shampoos. Now I wish there were a super quick fix for the late afternoon smudgey foundation.

  • Gorgeous and inexpensive. My kind of make up styling!!

    Cathy Trails

  • Such a great post! I really enjoyed your tips, and especially your honesty, and simple products!

    I am a recent follower of your blog, and you have such engaging and fun posts and tutorials!

  • Loved it! Love reading people’s routines and yours was great 🙂

  • Great post Emma- Im glad it’s not just me with greasy skin, limp hair and stilll waiting for the acne fairy to come and take those pesky blemishes away!! Lotsoflovexo

  • Love that you showed actual products you actually use! Sometimes I feel like a lot of blogs just show items by places that they are sponsored by, which I understand, but sometimes I feel like I’m just reading a commercial. But seeing this just made me love this blog even more (I didn’t think that was possible!) and went immediately to the drugstore to pick these products up. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • This is such a nifty idea for a post. I adore the way that you style your hair. It suits you perfectly. Pretty girl!

  • I disagree heavily with the comment on the bronzer. I love the bronzer you’re using! It gives you this natural healthy glow. I haven’t been able to find Jane in stores though.

    Great post, Emma!

  • I never thought to do my eyeshadow like how you do, but it looks amazing! I’m going to have to try it out 🙂

  • Just gorgeous! Absolutely perfect; a beautiful natural look with a bit of omff! Love it! Xo

  • Oh Emma, I am so glad you shared this!

    I constantly see people with like expensive makeup brands and I’m like okay well I can’t have that look because I can’t afford it. But all of your stuff looks great and is right in my price range. So excited to try out that eyeliner and concealer!

  • That is also my favorite mascara! I love big brushes and this is the biggest I’ve ever found. The only problem is they do not make it in waterproof. I even went to sephora the other day with it in hand, whipped open the tube and asked them if they could show me a mascara that had a brush that big, was waterproof and was under $15. No such luck. So I think I will just stick to my cheaper non waterproof version.

  • Holy Cow! sometimes i forget what a difference makeup makes- Emma- pretty before-stunning after / maybe i should wear makeup and stop being so lazy in the mornings kami from thebluekazoo

  • Your hair.. The colors, the curly ends, all of it…. It’s my favorite. <3

  • Fun! Love seeing how people do their everyday looks 🙂 My doctor told me that if I still have blemishes at this age (25) it’s considered adult acne, and it will never go away. WHAT?! Then I started an acne medication, as well as all Burt’s Bees skin products and BAM. Best looking skin I’ve ever had in my life 🙂 There’s hope!
    You look gorgeous with or without makeup 🙂

  • Love this post!
    The eye shadow is compliments her balyage very nicely.
    Sexy but not over the top!

  • Thanks for the tips!

    I have to say, I think you look stunning in the photo where you’re just wearing bronzer. You have such gorgeous eyes! Have you ever had short hair? I think you could really rock a short style!

  • Hi Emma! Thanks for sharing your routine!

    I was curious about where you get your hair colored? I live in the Springfield area and I cannot seem to find anyone who I would trust to do a dip dye properly. I would love to know where you get yours done.

  • You’re really awesome, Emma!! Love that look. Which brush do you use for blending?


  • Absolutely love your make-up routine. It looks very natural and brings out your features, especially you eyes.

    Thanks for this post. <3

  • Beautiful – thanks for sharing your routine! I may have to try out that dry shampoo as I have the same problem.

    You curl your hair beautifully. This may sound totally silly, but I would love to see a step by step “how to curl your hair properly” tutorial. I am terrible with everything hair related, and cannot seem to figure out how to coordinate curling my own hair nicely. It always looks different on both sides.

  • I’ve never seen bronzer used in that way before, but it works!

    I can’t believe you wear all that almost every day though. I don’t even wear that much make-up for a Friday out and you look beautiful without the make-up!

  • This is so wonderful!! You are are adorable lovely! I haven’t used a bronzer before, and not exactly sure how to use it but I could possibly benefit from it. This def makes me want to put more effort in my make up routine. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • emma… you are soooo beautiful girl. thanks for sharing! your hair always looks perfect. love this post!

  • LOVE that mascara! I got it free with my eyeliner which makes it even better obv- love a mega bargain. Have been loving it ever since.

    YES also to dry shampoo for some sneaky volume. Although I have been known to get carried away & end up looking like Cher in The Witches of Eastwick. Actually that’s not really an accident I try to look like Cher everyday of my life tbh.

  • Thanks for the tips! Always looking for a great mascara!


  • OMG that was AWESOME!!! Your look is sooo polished. I like how your products were inexpensive. I always over look those brands bc I never thought they would look that GREAT!! It looks the same as MAC or any other expensive brand!!

  • Hard to say and hard to admit, but in make-up Emma looks way better 😀


  • Can I just say that I LOVE that you use cheap make-up? Holla! 🙂

  • I love this! It’s really refreshing to see a big time blogger’s make up routine that uses products that I could actually have a chance of affording, so thank you! You look beautiful!
    x Hannah

  • I love your makeup & hair! Stunning! http://www.natalyascloset.com/

  • Gorgeous! I love your eye shadow 🙂

    xo Jennifer


  • Wow. I loved this post. It’s so fun to see other people’s beauty products/routine. You don’t even need to wear foundation all over–you have such nice skin! And I need to try that dry shampoo. And quick question–I battle undereye circles but do drink a cup of coffee a day which I’m thinking of stopping. You don’t seem to have any at all–do you drink coffee or have any tips for puffy/dark undereyes?

  • Emma! You are so gorgeous – even without makeup! I love how you do your eyes!

  • I could not be bothered to do all this every day, sounds like it’d take me half the morning! Plus, you look pretty without make-up Emma, you don’t really need all that. I often go bare-faced Mon-Friday and put lipstick on on Friday or Saturday nights.
    I like your tips though for those days when I feel like making an effort!

  • This post was so nice. It’s really nice to see women who look beautiful who aren’t spending tons and tons of money on their cosmetics. Thanks for sharing!


  • Very fun! I am the laziest morning person ever, but you make it seem quite easy to get a nice look. You give me hope too, with my own greasy face and limp hair. I’m not sure these problems ever go away (I’m 33!).

  • WOW WOW WOW!!!! Just loved reading this post today, Thank you lovely Emma for sharing your tips and tricks!!! Your before picture is gorgeous too, and I know what you mean about blemishes….I am 36 now and still have them popping up every now and again!!!
    Big hugs


  • wow this is cool. I always worry about wearing makeup and looking un-natural, but you seem to accomplish a very natural look while still incorporating cosmetics. thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you for posting this! I also have oily skin and my hair gets oily. I am so going to try the dry shampoo 🙂

  • I swear we have the same hair and skin tone, so thank you for posting…you look amazing! I’ve been having the greasy look issue and wishing it would go away since high school, so now I absolutely have to try that dry shampoo! My mother unfortunately always called my hair “dishwater blonde” which caused me to dye it dark for years. It’s finally back to it’s natural color and I’ve been searching for a good product. Can you find the shampoo in stores, or is best to order online? Thanks again ladies…your posts are motivational and fun!

  • Since you have oily skin, how does that NYC foundation work? I’d love to find a cheaper alternative with pretty good coverage! I also have oily skin so if it works well (in the outdoor heat, too) than I’ll go grab one right now!

    -Tara Joy


  • Wow, great info! Any chance you can convince your bud Katie Shelton to do a similar post? She gives wonderful hair tutorials, but I’ve been very curious about her makeup routine. Thanks!!

  • Wow lovely! Plus, great pictures.

    Hello bloggers + readers!
    I’m Valentina, from http://valentinaduracinsky.blogspot.com/
    I’m a singer with turquoise highlights in my hair. A student at Smith College. A lover of Ireland. Someone who is always looking for simplicity & happiness.

    I’d love to invite you all to visit my blog. I’m currently in Paris, and I’ve been doing some traveling around Europe. I’d love to share my travels with you all!

    I do some fashion posts, some lifestyle posts, some recipes… It’s a work in progress, but it’s all done with love.

    Cheers 🙂


  • Thanks so much for keeping it real! Often times I read lifestyle blogs that focus on expensive makeup. Or they’ll do a “What’s in my makeup bag” post and
    I’m always shocked by all the higher end makeup! Thanks for showing everyone that drugstore makeup can do a great job too 🙂

  • What a fun, beautiful result! Unfortunately, something to consider in today’s world is what’s *in* those cosmetics. Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff Project has a great little video on this: http://www.storyofstuff.org/movies-all/story-of-cosmetics/

  • You look great without make-up too…I look like a sleepy mouse without a bit of slap!
    I am going to get that lippy over the weekend, I have been after a more neutral shade for work, and that fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for sharing!
    Kim x


  • I have really limp fine hair too! But I’ve noticed that it wants to go flat even after spraying it.

    What kind of hairspray do you use?

  • I was totally expecting you to bust out some expensive makeup and was shocked to see the drugstore kind! You look lovely.

  • Emma, you’re beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your routine. I love that you use affordable over-the-counter beauty products, and that you’re willing to share your beauty tips. You & Elsie ROCK! XO

  • Oooh, I love beauty posts! This was a fun read. I can’t wait to see what Elsie’s routine is. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for sharing this:) It gave me lots of ideas on how you style everyday. Question! I also have super straight hair like you. I try to use a curling iron to curl, but curls go back to straight soon. I use spray to keep curls, but it gives me a hard texture (hope you know what I meant) and again it doesn’t hold curls… What products do you use before and after using a curling iron?

  • although the make up is beautiful, the natural shot is my favorite! so pretty!

  • Thanks for sharing! This style is so perfect for the summer. I love her simple and yet very fresh style!



  • Great post– I love your makeup tips! xx


  • Thanks so much for sharing! I’m terrible when it comes to doing my make up. I love that the brands are affordable too 🙂

  • A natural beauty with a lovely polished routine!

  • This is a really cool post, thanks for the tips and lets say it : you are BEAUTIFUL without makeup!!!

  • I have plain old flat hair that gets oily too. I’ve tried some dry shampoos in the past, but they always had such a strong smell that I didn’t like. What does the one you use smell like?

    Lately, I’ve been using baby powder to combat my oily locks.

    Thanks for the tips 🙂

  • Your red lipstick really makes you blue eyes pop. Beautiful!


  • Looking lovely girls!


  • Thanks for the makeup tips! I love (and wear) Benefit and I must go out and try that eyeshadow now!!

    Have a great day!


    p.s. You ombre hair is FAB!!

  • You are so pretty and you have a great makeup routine!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  • Emma, you’re so gorgeous you don’t even need makeup! But I liked this post, anyway 🙂

  • Love this! Thanks for the explanation of your technique. I also love how you create a gorgeous look with cosmetics that you can largely buy in a drugstore or at Target.

  • That mascara is my favourite as well. Its has a great brush.

    My blog is having a Le Specs giveaway


  • I really like your routine! I am going to get some of that lipstick — it’s very pretty!

  • I really love that you use makeup that normal people buy! It’s frustrating when bloggers make you feel like you have to either a) be rich or b) become a super successful fashion blogger who gets free goodies, if you want to ever afford the look they have! Thank you – and you look beautiful!

  • Um thank you! I have similar hair to yours and I always use baby powder to get rid of the grease but it’s smelly an not very attractive. I’m going to find that dry shampoo stat!

  • i love this! and you are beautiful!!! im gonna grab some of that bronzer

  • I highly approve of this post! I love seeing how people style their faces. 😛 NYC Color is one of my favorite brands, so I agree with you there. Also? I need that chic eyeshadow kit!

  • It’s really interesting to see your routine and very brave of you to share it! I think you look so much younger without make up, and almost prettier in my opinion, with just the bronzer stage!

  • I love that you mainly use drug store brand products that any of us can afford!

  • I have oily skin and some days at work I don’t get the chance to keep reapplying make up. I found PRIME TIME foundational primer. It literally keeps your make up on all day and I use it on my eyelids too and you will not get any creases. I got it from amazon. It saves you time and money in the long run. I also love Maybelline’s 24 hr lipsticks, as they come with the balm. You can kiss with them on, eat with them on and only do tiny touch ups. You need to have ultra dry lips when applying. I’m looking into the airbrush foundations, one gets tires of washing out dirty brushes, but they aren’t inexpensive.

  • It makes me so happy that you use inexpensive makeup too. I would have assumed you used MAC or something that is out of my price range, so this was such a pleasant surprise!!

  • I love seeing people daily beauty routines, really enjoyed this 🙂


  • I loved especially that you managed to do such a nice look using usual drug-store products, not all those MAC, Channel, YSL … overpirced items 😉 Looking forward to see Elsie´s!

  • Gorgeous girl is gorgeous!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! I also swear by dry shampoo!


  • Obviously practice makes perfect but, GIRL, where do you find the time? My coworkers are lucky I manage to brush my teeth and wash my face everyday!



  • I really love this. So many times the makeup tutorials or routines I see only use super expensive brands that I would never buy, I love how you use the same stuff I am likely to purchase. Thanks!

  • I have hair like yours. However, when I do try to curl it, it straightens itself out in about a half hour. Do you use anything special to keep the curl or waves?

  • Sad to say, I’m in my 30’s and still get breakout’s. But they are better. I also like wet and wild products and also elf products. They are very reasonable. I recently placed an order with them and got a big palette for $3.50 that is usually $30 bucks and I only had to spend $25 to get it. Which is easy to do for me. I love getting a great deal.


  • I absolutely love this post! Definitely one of my favourites on the blog. Emma, you’re lovely! x

  • You use all of my exact makeup AND curling iron… freaky!! But great taste 🙂

  • Emma,

    Thank you for being so transparent. You look great in the before photo!!!

    I am hopeless with makeup so this helps a lot! Thank you!


  • Love this- I love a good nosy into people’s make-up bags and your make-up looks beautiful as well 🙂 Thanks!

  • Holy crap you are SO gorgeous. I really love seeing other people’s routines!


  • Love your look, Emma. It’s beautiful.
    I use a lot of drugstore make up too. Why spent big bugs if you can find awesome products for not even half of it.

  • such a fun post! i love that mascara too! 😀


  • Thanks for being so honest about your routine, love it! Too many times we try and hide how many products we use as though it’s some kind of weakness. I’ve always been a no-makeup gal purely because I’m so darn lazy. But this post has really inspired me – your look is beautiful and polished, yet still natural. I think it’s time for me to invest in my face, yo.

  • This is like the most awesome blogging ever Julie thankyou!

    I think you look so beautiful even without any makeup on, but what you put on is really great! And look at that hot hair!!!

    I’ve used that benefit eyeshadow pack everyday for like the last 3 years! I think I’m onto my 3rd pack, its soooo good! But sadly in Australia its like $60 🙁

    Thanks so much for the tips! I’ll be using them tomorrow for sure! I’ll have to visit the US soon to buy some of your cheap as chips makeup!!!

    Eloise Claire

  • I just love that you use affordable products! I’m always seeing routines that seem to bust my wallet, leaving me stuck with just eyeliner and gloss – it helps to see that beautiful you gets away with the affordable makeup 🙂

  • How cool! I need to get an eyeshadow set, too. Currently I only use matte cream coloured shadow because I don’t know what else to use 😀


  • This was one of my favorite posts! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Than you Emma for sharing the behind the scenes you in all your beautiful glory!


  • I think you look lovely without your make up too Emma! What a great tutorial though I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to Elsie’s too. I like the way your hair has a dip dyed effect is that intentional or are you growing out your colour?

  • Thanks for sharing your tips, Emma. I need all the help I can get when it!!

  • If u figure out the age when the blemishes stop drop me a line! I’m coming up on 32 and I just started Proactiv because I am that frustrated with the constant breakouts! I don’t even wear makeup more than once a week.

  • Love this. I have a hard time knowing how to apply eye shadow, so this post is PERFECT. Lovely.

  • This is a great post. I love bronzer. I have a hard time getting down a makeup routine. But I definitely need too. These are also really lovely photos.


  • Emma, I have a trick for you that might help you with your acne. I wash my face with raw organic honey and almost never break out. I’ve also told my friends who have problems with acne about this, they’ve tried it and said it has really, really helped their skin.

    I wrote an article about it here:

    Btw, you look stunning…I’m definitely going to try that dry shampoo because I have the same issue with oily skin and fine hair. It drive me nuts! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Emma you are so beautiful! Your look is so fresh and natural. I love it!

  • Ahhh, Emma! We are the same age and I’m still dealing with blemishes as well! Really when will it stop…


  • You make it look so simple, Emma.
    You are simply beautiful.
    That is all. 🙂
    Ronnie xo

  • You look so beautiful with and without make-up! Thanks for sharing your routine and fave products…I’ll definitely be trying out that mascara!

  • Pretty! I especially love how you do your eye shadow…thanks for sharing! <3

  • dang lady, i wish i looked as good made up as you do au naturale!


  • Ah – thanks for showing a new way to use that Benefit eyeshadow. I LOVE mine. By the way – I will be 39 (eeeek!) this year and still get the odd spot or two, but the upside is – having oily-ish skin means….less wrinkles. Woohooo.

  • Thanks for sharing. Will forward this to my sis. I love that you use many affordable products.

  • Great tips, Emma!! I agree with a previous commenter that the bronzer looks a little much- you have great cheekbones, but the bronzer takes away from them 🙁 Keep with the blush high on the cheekbones, though- it’ll make them seem even higher!

  • This is SO FANTASTIC! I have the same coloring as you Emma. I love Loreal True Match… it works so great. I use their concealer.



  • You are so stunning and I love learning about peoples’ beauty routines! Thank you for sharing!

  • What a fun post! I love seeing how other ladies do their makeup. Thanks for sharing! <3

  • I really like those eye shadows. They complement your eyes really well. The one thing I’m unsure about with your look is the bronzer… It kind of looks a little “too much.” That’s just my opinion though. Otherwise you are very beautiful.


  • You have beautiful eyes. Thanks for sharing your makeup routine 🙂

  • Awesome! Love it. Now if I could only make myself take more than three minutes everyday…

  • ADORE this post! The photographs are absolutely stunning! I love Emma’s ombre hair! Gorgeous post in absolutely every way! I LOVE RIMMELL Mascara too!

    Ginger and Lace

  • Nice. You have a beautiful natural look, even with makeup on. You’re a shining star Emma.

  • Emma you look stunning in the before picture! Thanks for keeping it real (as always!) Its so inspiring to hear that you are thrifty with your makeup too, I can’t stand paying extra when I find I’m just as satisfied with the drugstore brands!

  • LOL I meant LIMP haired not LIP haired hahaha gotta love embarassing mistypes. Hahaha

  • Wow! These are some great tips! I have always thought your eye makeup is amazing, so I might have to buy some of that Benefit 🙂
    For oily skin I use these great Dermological primer, which is truly amazing at keeping my face looking matt.
    Kel x

  • fun post! drugstore makeup is def one of my fave things to shop for. 🙂

  • Thank you thank you as a fellow fair skinned, lip haired lady these tips helped a ton!!

  • Thanks so much for sharing! I love the tutorial. Your photos are beautiful!

  • Thanks for sharing, Emma! I love bronzer and blush too. You look beautiful with and without makeup too BTW. 😉


  • You are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us! Those of us that are makeup challenged appreciate these tutorials more than you know!

  • Thank you for this fun post. Can I ask what kind of eye liner you recommend?

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