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Emma's Fab favoritesHi Friends! Today we are partnering with Fab to share some items we are currently crushing on. Can you tell I'm addicted to internet window shopping? My list: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I am, as always, obsessed with playing around in the kitchen. I really want to learn more about Soda Stream machines. Do any of you already have one? Like my sister, I'm also looking forward to spring (come early please!), so I’m getting obsessed with bright yellow and in the mood to shop for short sleeves. I'm trying to hold off on starting to sandal shop just yet, but man is it hard. What are you currently obsessing over? xo. Emma

  • mcclure’s pickles are soo good. they also make the best bloody mary mix!

  • I have a Soda Stream and I love it. I don’t use the cola flavoring or anything, I just use mine to carbonate water, because I love carbonated water but I don’t like paying for it (not to mention the waisted resources used in packaging and shipping the stuff). I have, however, used that carbonated water to make carbonated tea and lemonade. And I even carbonated wine with it once, which worked but was pretty messy. A little tip, if you get one (and you really should get one), you might need to press the button more than they say depending on your preference for how carbonated you like your water to be. They say the average preference is 3, but I do 6 usually and sometimes more.

  • For Christmas my grandma bought all of her children’s families Soda Streams, I really liked mine. My family has had fun carbonating weird things, but ours seemed to be made pretty cheaply and promptly broke about a month after we got it out of the box:(

  • I first experienced the soda stream living abroad in Germany, but I didn’t get one myself until a little over a year ago. It’s wonderful to have. I mostly just make soda water because it is refreshing, though my roommate is ordering ingredients so we can make our own tonic. Last night I had people over for a game night and I made cocktails with gin, creme de cassis, lime juice and soda water from my soda stream. Another cocktail hit was gin, simple syrup, muddled strawberries and fresh basil with soda water.

  • Our soda stream is a darling. I found a tonic flavour and now i get my gin and tonic fix whenever I like. My partner goes through mineral water like a crazy thing, so this saves us heaps. The usual soda mixes are not my thing though, but I bet you would love it with all your syrup mixes and cocktails!
    PS. Weird: the creaming soda flavour is neon green!

  • My family has a Soda Stream and it is AMAZING. All of the flavors taste exactly like the real thing, with the exception of Diet Coke.

  • Fab is great, I’m just waiting for something I ordered this week. 🙂 I’ve never really wanted a Soda Stream, because I prefer to drink just water, so I probably wouldn’t use it at all.

    I’m obsessed with stripes right now, and my new H&M socks, because they are so colorful and very springlike. 🙂

    Hope you have a nice weekend.


  • Gotta love a soda stream, you will never buy soda water again.
    My family have one, and its perfect for a hot summers day.
    Soda water and lemon cordial – so refreshing.

  • Oh my, what memories! As a child we had a soda stream back in the 70’s, this was in England. At the time I thought it was brilliant -fizzy drinks on tap! But the drinks were a bit flat, we had to fizz it more than was suggested & the cola wasn’t as good as Coke. But it was cheaper, which was probably why my parents liked it! I seem to remember the branded drinks concentrates being available around the mid 80’s but by then I was 18 & leaving home for uni.
    I was half aware that soda stream had relaunched but as my memories, although fond, were of slightly too sweet, slightly flat, not tasting quite the same drinks, I’ve not bothered with it. But from other comments here maybe I should.

  • Haha. I’m already on my ‘sandal window-shopping spree’. Florida next week!

  • My husband has a soda stream and he uses it all the time. Mostly for club soda, but we’ve tried some flavours and were quite impressed.

  • I just love my soda stream. I’ve had it for about a year now. I usually just bubble plain water and don’t make soda. Sometimes I add natural fruit essence, but cold and fizzy, it’s so refreshing, and calorie free. During the summer I can sip through two bottles. After the initial cost, the machine has saved me money on purchasing bottled water, and not to mention the number of empty bottles I had to recycle. If you find yourself purchasing a lot of fizzy water, this machine is for you.

  • I love love love my sodastream and making soda syrups! I got one for Christmas and use it at least once a day; I just had to get a new carbonator ($16) but it is worth it for me.
    The sample flavor packs they come with are pretty gross, they all have a weird diet-y sucrose-y aftertaste.
    So far I’ve made lemon-lime, pink grapefruit, basil-lime numerous times, and just recently made cream soda. Check out my blog, I just posted a citrus medley today 🙂
    The Flight Of Fancy

  • My husband and I purchased a Soda Stream with doubles and unwanted gift items from our wedding registry. It’s fantastic and comes in handy for carbonated water and flavored water, also most of the soda flavors have less sugar in them then regular cans or bottled brands. Another great thing is you can refill your CO2 tank at various hardware/auto locations instead of constantly buying new tanks for much cheaper than a replacement would be. Hope this helps.

  • I have a sodastream that I was lucky to find at a rummage sale for $5 which made it worth the investment but it’s kind of pricey generally and I don’t really like any of their flavors that I have tried. I mostly just use it to make carbonated water and then add flavored syrups and fruit juice to it.

  • i like fab as a tool to find cool little independent artists, but i always choose to then purchase directly from them and not through fab. i feel better knowing that i’m directly supporting the small businesses themselves. also, on the few times that i did purchase through fab, the shipping was ATROCIOUS. like, unforgivably bad. like it’s 2013, why is this thing taking 4 months to arrive.

  • The yellow stool is very cool!
    I have a huge thing about yellow right now, I don’t know what it is. I’m drawn to it this week. I must be like you and really wishing for spring to come early.

    I’m in the UK and the weather is still unpredictable as ever, looks like the short sleeves will have to stay in the wardrobe for a tad longer.

  • Like so many others, I got a soda stream for Christmas. Only wanted it to make “bubbly water” and its wonderful. My teenage son is somewhat obsessed with the flavours and I think they are awful.

    Bubbly water all the way 😉

  • Emma,

    LOVE the McClure’s pickles! Have you tried the Bloody Mary Mix that they make from their pickle juice? IT is FABULOUS!!!!



  • Cuppow lids are the best! My dog’s tail wag is strong and she is constantly knocking stuff off the coffee table. Cuppows help minimize spills plus look cool!

  • I love that fox shirt! And I would say the pickles because I love pickles, but I made some myself and I’m shamefully proud 🙂

  • Just gave my husband the Soda Stream as a Valentine’s present yesterday! 🙂 We tried the diet root beer right away and were pretty impressed! Can’t wait to try more flavors!

  • I found that one of the upsides of having a Soda Stream is that I drink far more water than usual. Bonus – much happier skin!

    I’m not normally a soda / soft drink drinker, but if I want something a little different I’ll add a splash of handmade fruit syrup or even just some freshly squeezed lemon juice.

    My current syrup goal is to make my own tonic water, but finding quinine root powder is proving difficult in Austria!

    Should I ever need to get a replacement machine I’d probably make the investment in one that uses the glass bottles.

  • The striped brogues look amazing! 🙂 I have a feeling i’m going to be hooked on this website 🙂

  • CUPPOW! Made right here in MA! YAY! I have one and it works great although prepare for the deluge of people asking if you have Moonshine in it or making fun of your “sippy cup”.

  • I’m in love with those limòn recipe cards. I’ve always wanted a kind of citrus themed kitchen!

  • love that backpack! i’ve been looking for a new diaper bag and that backpack might be perfect!

  • Espresso powder might be useful for making espresso martinis at home since I don’t have an actual espresso maker.

    My friend has a Soda Stream and he used it on orange juice and really enjoyed it.

  • I’ve had a SS for 3-4 years. I order diet rootbeer by the case. I gave my friends a SS and they prefer to use it with toroni syrups for more of a flavored water. I prefer the machines that can take the 130 cylinder, which lasts longer (but is a tiny bit harder to exchange than the 60). It’s especially nice on the boat, when there are not great places to recycle and you sometimes want to mask the flavor of the water.

    Jaime- how many times are you letting it “buzz” before you remove the bottle? I find most of the machines take 3 to 4 good longish buzzes to get really carbonated.

  • Hi Emma,

    Love the list of your Fab Faves – I especially love, love the backpack – wish we could get those pickles in Jamaica 🙂 I must remember to pick some up the next time I am traveling.

    As a side-note – I want to thank you and Elsie for all your fantastic and inspiring posts. I have posted today on my blog a post about Reflections, and I have credited this Blog for inspiring me to start one of my own, and the amazing Blog Course! Everyone should invest in it!


  • I love my Soda Steam! I am ADDICTED to bubbles and got sick of lugging plastic bottles of water up hills home from the grocery store in San Francisco. (Contrary to what you’d think, those bubbles don’t make the water any less heavy!)

    I love the convenience of popping open a “pre-made” packaged bottle of sparkling water, but I figure, if I’m too lazy to fill a bottle and add some gas to it, then I’m too lame to deserve a sparkling treat.

    My fav it to add a splash of grapefruit juice and a lime wedge. So tasty!

  • We had a soda stream when I was a kid and drank unhealthy amounts of things called “Mr T Knockout Punch” (a viciously pink concoction) and “Intergalactic Space Juice” (violent turquoise colour and taste). My parents used it to keep the tonic flowing into the gin and in general it made for happy times on the home front. Awesome. You can fizz up real, actual, darwinian developed, things like fruit juice too, but, well, I miss having a turquoise tongue still. Oh and Dandelion and Burdock, my all time favourite drink, seems impossible to find now I live in Canada but I loved it in Soda Stream form as a child.

  • I am also really into bright yellow right now – it is kind of an addictive color – kind of like bright pink (for me anyway!).

  • I got my soda stream years ago and I am still so happy with it. I love sparkling water and it makes drinking tab water so much more enjoyable. You can actually adjust the level of frizziness, depending on how much CO2 you put in (e.g. how often you press the button on the top). I am not that fond of the syrups, I rather have sparkling water mixed with fruit juice for a traditional German “schorle” 🙂

  • Just so you know, if you do get a soda machine, make sure to recycle your tanks at Staples. The tanks are usually around $30 and if you recycle them, you get a new one for $15 🙂

  • Ok, I’m dying here. That backpack and that yellow chair is pretty much to die for. <3

  • Oh my goodness, That cuppow is super awesome! I totally love that! Perfect for those adorable mason jar cups. I’m in love.

  • omg! such cute picks. love #5 and #10 recipe cards that are awesome! and the bright colors make me smile. that soda stream sounds cool and yes it would be really nice if Spring came a little early this year! p.s. I have an awesome Smashbox cosmetics giveaway going on at my blog right now. stop by if you would like! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  • We Love our Soda stream. It’s easy to use and the syrups are delicious and have no hidden nasties in. Great for keeping the kids happy with fizzy pop! The tonic syrup is very good in gin and tonic too!

  • my two cents on the soda stream — there’s one from williams sonoma that uses glass bottles instead of plastic. my husband and i have been trying to use less plastic generally (phasing out our plastic food storage containers for glass, etc.) so i’m a fan of the glass-carafe sodastream. plus it looks like a penguin, which is obviously a major perk. 🙂

  • I received a Soda Stream for Christmas and I was somewhat disappointed…considering it’s better for you than regular soda it’s worth it, but everytime I use mine the soda tastes flat. I am currently trying to tweak the amount of carbonation/syrup ratio to see if I can master it! Good luck!

  • Sodastreams are awesome, you should totally get one!
    We’ve had one for almost a year now on a friend’s recommendation. We make everything from Coke (my boyfriend loves it), to Ginger Ale and random mango drinks. We’ve also discovered it’s great for making your regular squashes fizzy (if that floats your boat). And amazing mixers for cocktails 🙂
    It’s super simple to use and even with what I’d consider pretty heavy use we only have to swap the gas cylinder every few months.
    Also, if you don’t have a car (we don’t), you can save your back as you only have to carry home a gas cylinder from the shop for something like 60 litres of drink rather than the equivalent amount of bottles… Oh and I think it works out cheaper too, especially since we got ours as a bundle discount and keep buying the flavouring bottles as bigger packs too.

  • ohhh i really like those recipe cards 🙂

    xx Ashleigh


  • I got a Cuppow for Christmas and it really is amazing! Use it almost every day.

    My dad has a Soda Stream and LOVES it. He makes club soda all the time. My brother in law has one too. It’s a big hit in my family.

  • I LOVE my soda stream! I really like making my own mixes like grapefruit & lemon lime for a really great base for summery cocktails. Plus sparkling water is not a luxury item for dinner parties anymore!

    I am also obsessing over dresses right now – the pastels and floral patterns popping up are really making it hard to hold off for the 2 weeks of Canadian summer I get.

  • I got a soda stream for Christmas and love it. I’m a big fan of club soda and I like that this has none of the salt. My favourite drink to make with it is to add a bit of cranberry juice and lime.

  • This is a great list. I love the fox t-shirt, but I already have a similar fox sweater that Old Navy had around the holidays.

    You should absolutely buy a soda stream if you’re into sparkling water. It completely transforms blah tap water! I didn’t like the flavor pouches, but you can buy/make other syrups instead.

    I also heard a rumor that you can take very cheap, very dry white wine and turn it into delicious sparkling wine – with the punchline that you’d be surprised how cheap you can go with the wine… I haven’t tried this yet, but the most important point was “dry” otherwise it fizzes over.

  • We have a Soda Stream. I think we bought it five years ago and I’m really content with it. Our water-quality is very good here in germany, so we don´t have to filtrate the water.

  • I don’t own a soda stream machine but my tattoo shop does. I find the soda from the machine is fizzier and more intense than regular soda. Also for the cuppow mason jar cover,it’s amazing unless you are a klutz like me and drop and shatter your mason jar making the cuppow impossible to retrieve.

  • Love the backpack!!! It seem to be comfortable with lot of space but also cool! Love that kind of pattern!! 😉

  • The recipe cards are cute! I’m not into soda, but my husband is and loves the soda stream. Mostly he uses it to make carbonated water and carbonated lemon water instead of the traditional soft drinks.

  • We got a soda stream as a wedding gift and use it like crazy! It’s so handy, and there are some flavours you can add should you want something more fruity. We haven’t tried the pop flavours, but they don’t appeal to me. Also it is 9:44 and thanks to you I am craving pickles like a crazy person 🙂

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