Emma’s Guest Room Makeover

Emma's guest bedroomElsie Larson and Emma ChapmanI am so stoked to share my guest bedroom makeover with you guys today. Elsie and I worked on this makeover together, emailing ideas back and forth, because 1.) I respect her opinion, and 2.) she and Jeremy are actually the guests who use this room the most when they come back to Springfield to visit or work since their move to Nashville. So it seemed only fitting that she love the space just as much as me – it was a fun sister project to do together.

We also got to work with the awesome folks at Joss & Main. Pretty much all of the items in this room we found on their site, which is huge! And they are hosting a sale right now that ties in with our guest bedroom makeover – so fun!

Guest room before and afterSince Trey and I moved into our home last autumn, the guest bedroom has pretty much just become a catchall for random furniture or items from our last house. Although it was usable… there was a bed you could sleep on after all… the room had ZERO point of view and felt kind of forgotten. And honestly this is because we really don’t use this room ourselves all that much. So I did kind of forget to make it a priority for a while – time to remedy this.

So, my goals for the room were pretty simple:
-Clean out items we no longer want or need.
-Create a clean, cohesive space with a point of view.
-Make sure the room is functional as well as comfortable for guests.
-Keep the room feeling as spacious and free from clutter as possible.

The first thing I did was clean out the space, which included selling the dresser that we really didn’t need and took up a lot of space as well as a rug that I had rolled up in this room that I loved but didn’t really have a spot for in our home (it was from our last house). I ended up selling both items to a friend who sent me some pics of them in her house, and they look just great in her space! I’m glad I didn’t hang on to things I truly didn’t need because now they are appreciated somewhere else.

Joss and Main guest bedroomThe next step was figuring out a cohesive look/color palette, and then getting items that fit this but also helped the overall functionality of the room. One thing that made this easy was the Joss & Main website, which allows you to make Idea Boards right on the site. So I would add items to this, and then let Elsie go check it out – which made working on this long distance a breeze. You can shop anything in this post by visiting this link. Be sure to go check out the sale; it only lasts for two weeks!

Bedside lampExtra blanketsThrow blanket ladderThis room doesn’t have an overhead light (or any builtin lighting), so I knew a good lamp (similar) would be essential. I also love this leaning ladder that I can store extra blankets or towels on for guests. Cute and functional!

Guest bedroom mirrorAcryclic side tableGold bookendJust inside the door there is a beautiful mirror so guests can finish getting ready in the room if they need, an acrylic stacking side table that you can pull out if you want, and a cute little basket I added a few guest snacks too just for fun. Elsie always has snacks in the guest room when I visit her, and I love this. So I figured I’d return the favor. 🙂

Awesome blackout curtainsLove these curtains! The neutral tone went well with our overall design, but they are also blackout curtains, which means guest won’t have to rise with the sun unless they want to. Also, naps are possible. Double win!

Chair cornerGuest bedroom artMini gallery wallPouf and chairNext to the bed is some seating (similar) as well as a pretty pouf. This is the spot to kick back and relax in the room, or you could set your suitcase on the pouf. I’m not strict, so guests can do as they please. 🙂

I also added a little personal touch to this area by printing, framing, and hanging a few pictures I’ve taken from past vacations. I stuck with all ocean/beach pictures because I love them, and I think they also make the room feel calm – kind of beach house feeling.

Bedside tableComfy guest bedroom makeoverI also have this little tray (similar) that sits on the bed that I fill with guest toiletries. My thinking was they can just pick up the entire tray and set it on the hallway bathroom counter, right by their room. But it’s nice to have some little extra things for them in case anyone forgets shampoo or a toothbrush. When I visit Elsie, my usual overpacking of toiletries goes by the wayside because since she’s my sister, I know I can steal a little shampoo from her –I’ve been doing it since high school! So, again, I figured I’d better return the favor.

Also, side note, I haven’t mentioned the headboard yet! I think it’s my favorite item in the whole room, and it really makes a statement without being overly showy. I just love it!

Guest bedroom essentialsEmma Chapman and Elsie LarsonComfy guest bedroom makeoverLast time Elsie and Jeremy came to visit, they got to check out the room and see everything in real life! It was so fun making over a space with my sister, and I can’t wait for them to stay again. Thanks for letting me share my guest room makeover with you! xx. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Project assistance: Claire Shaffer. Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman. 

  • You have such a unique and beautiful style! This looks so cozy and inviting. Great job!

    Michelle Henry

  • Love the overall result! i’ve been thinking of doing a room makeover too. I have an ideas now on how to make my room more attractive , thanks to you 🙂 godbless

  • It’s really a nice idea. I love the room decoration and utilization of space.

  • I love this! It’s so simple and clean. What a great space for guests. Now I need to get on my own guest room… Cleaning it out will be the hardest part. Guest rooms really do become the catch-all place for all your random objects and furniture pieces : )

  • It looks like this one: https://www.jossandmain.com/Delphine-Coverlet-Set-OAWY1927-OAWY1927.html

  • Everything looks so perfect, I love the headpiece of the bed!

  • I would love to stay in this guest room =o) So great that you worked together on the room!


  • Beautiful room! I especially love that you can really see both of your home decor aesthetics combined in it. I love the colors and style you chose!

  • Hi Kelly! https://www.jossandmain.com/Delphine-Coverlet-Set-OAWY1927-OAWY1927.html 🙂 -Jacki

  • So gorgeous and I love the ladder detail! You have great taste 🙂


  • So fresh and welcoming!! I love every last detail in that room. Are the plants real or fake?

  • Great upgrade! I don’t have a house that would warrant a room that functions only as a guest room. With a kid running around in it, nothing actually stays clean like that for long. And great job not having that super bright yellow bed spread in the new room – I didn’t know they made things that bright!

  • What a positively stunning makeover! Joss & Main really is the best. Love all of the pieces, especially the nightstand.

  • That’s one awesome transformation! The headboard has got to be my favorite. 🙂


  • Oh my gosh, the ladders and plants are gorgeous! They really make the room!

  • I love this room decor so so much!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Love the head board and all of the pretty gold accents! The makeover makes the room look so much brighter. Great job!


  • Love you new guest room set up!
    I adore the ladder and throws. I went to Joss & Main to buy these throws (Wow! They are under $20!), but their Blue throw has a different shades of blue. Their blue looks more like royal blue and yours is sky blue. Are they the same ones?

  • Omg what a gorgeous makeover! Every inch of this room is flawless, I’m loving the colours at play. Life in Blue Skies | A Lifestyle Blog

  • This is sooo beautiful!! What a subtle transformtaion that really made a difference. Can I come live here please? K thanks! ;p

    -Emily www.coatandcoffee.com

  • Thank so much!

    Currently the “sleepover” headboard is in my garage. I was thinking I might sell it in a garage sell (still thinking on if I should have one) or put it in Craigslist or something. Idk. Are you located in Springfield MO? If so email me: emma AT abeautifulness DOT com

  • Love the set up! But where did the bed spread come from? Reminds me of one my grandmother had that I loved – that shag style. 🙂

  • Two things:
    1) Incredible! This room is so inviting and stylish. You two really know how to make authentic sponsored content. It never feels like you’re selling me on something, just showing me the possibilities.
    2) What did you do with that old “sleepover” headboard? Although the new one is gorgeous and a perfect compliment for the space, I’ve been in love with the old one since your initial blog post. If you ever want to sell it and don’t already have a buyer….Well, I’d take that baby off your hands in a heartbeat haha!

  • Hi Jeannie! It’s also from there, but it looks like it’s unavailable right now. -Jacki

  • Hi Elizabeth! Everything in the post is from Joss & Main. 🙂 -Jacki

  • Love the room! Where’s the nightstand from? I couldn’t find it on the Joss & Main website.

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