Emma’s July Wishlist

Emma's_July_WishlistWe are in the thick of summer where we live. It’s, like, seriously hot you guys. I’m so glad I decided to go ahead and splurge by getting my car air conditioner fixed last month. It may be hot, but I’m still standing by the fact that summer is my time of year. I love sandals, cool summer nights, breezy maxi dresses and summer kitchen experiments (like ice cream!). I’m starting to feel more inspired as our schedules are settling down finally. I’m gonna be home a little more the next few months, and Trey and I have plenty of plans. We want to work on cleaning out the garage (wedding project mania happened there and it… uh… shows). We dreamed up how we want to deck out our home office (what goes good with guitars and a sewing machine?). And we may or may not be saving to install a hot tub in our back yard. Spoiler: we are! Do you have any big summer projects planned?

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