Emma’s March Wishlist

Emma chapman's march wishlistOkay, so maybe it’s not spring yet. I know many of you are still seeing snow, and some of you are probably on the other side of the world and are beginning to feel the tail end of summer. I’m actually wearing a coat as I type this. But. Let’s visualize spring for a few minutes together, okay? Let’s think about sunshine and swimming pools and open toe shoes. Oh how I love sandals. That’s my jam. Spring is also all about cleaning and fixing up your home. Starting to dream about outdoor spaces and planting little herb gardens. I want to put lime and cilantro on everything this spring.  I want to get a tan. I want to take a late afternoon nap in a hammock (dare to dream!). And this spring I will continue to plan our wedding, while Trey scopes out honeymoon locations. Here’s to looking forward to this coming season! xo. Emma

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