Emma’s Pink Bedroom Tour

I recently painted and made some other small updates to my main bedroom and I’m really happy with how everything turned out, so I thought I’d share.

I mostly just wanted to make the space feel a little more personal, cozy, and also add a few things that made it just a little more functional. I’m also going to share an IGTV tour of the room(s) on the ABM Instagram, so you can check there if you want a walkthrough of the space.

Here’s a look at how the space had evolved over time. The first look is how the rooms looked when we first purchased the home. As you can see, this bedroom is kind of two rooms separated by a large archway.

The second photo shows how we updated the space initially. We refinished the floors with a white stain, painted the walls and ceiling, added an accent wall of wallpaper, and a few other small changes. And the third look is how the room looks today.

In the main room (where the bed is), the biggest change is that I had the walls and ceiling painted a mauve pink color. I also added some pink velvet blackout curtains to both windows (which made a huge difference for sleep quality!). I moved a rug (from another room in the house) under the bed.

I also added a bookshelf to one corner and moved that side table to be a more useful nightstand with a lamp. The brass ceiling fixture was a little smaller than I thought it would be, but I still love the look and color. Plus, at night, the Edison bulb makes the pink walls feel super vibey!

You can’t tell this from the photos, but I also bought myself an Agility bed mattress, which also makes a huge difference for sleep quality.

Even though the room has a closet (with the bifold doors), I was wanting a little more storage space, plus I just felt the second room could be more useful if I treated it more like a second closet/changing room.

So, I added a closet organization system to one wall, moved the loveseat to the other wall, added a full-length mirror, and also a dress form I owned but hadn’t been using.

Currently, I almost feel like I have a second wardrobe (being in the third trimester of my pregnancy), so I mostly store my maternity clothes in this area, and someday when this phase of life is complete I will reorganize things again. 🙂

Love a pink home detail? Check out my pink tiled fireplace!

One thing I feel like the space is still missing is the second area with the loveseat. It doesn’t have a light fixture and it gets pretty dark in the early evenings that we’re still having at the moment. I’ve been thinking about trying to DIY the dress form into a floor lamp, or maybe adding a chandelier, but we’ll see.

Do you ever feel like a space is 100% finished? Or are you a forever-tweaking-little-things person like me? Ha. Anyway, thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Room Details: Pink Paint, Wallpaper (similar here), Bed Frame, Corner Shelf, Sunset Artwork, Light Fixture, Bedding, Neutral Area Rug, Pink Area Rug, Green Loveseat, Closet Organization System, Velvet Curtains, Pouf, Full-Length Mirror, and the abstract painting is an Elizabeth Chapman original.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Awh I love this update! I find this colour palette so soothing. I have a lot of similar tones in my bedroom, but haven’t taken the plunge with the actual wall colour yet… Feeling inspired!

  • So very pretty! I didn’t know they made such attractive blackout curtains!!

  • I’m not usually a fan of pink, but I love how this room came together! I think as humans we are always evolving (hopefully for the better!) so part of the fun of living in a home is forever tweaking, even if it’s small changes! I second the other person’s comment about keeping some of the baby’s stuff in your room if you plan on keeping baby close! (Which would make it easier when trying to nurse – which I heard you mention wanting to give a try). I had a bassinet, changing station and a nursing/diaper caddy in my room so I wouldn’t have to walk across the house to the nursery to do it. Make it as easy as possible on yourself!

  • Love it! We are thinking about doing white wooden floors in our home – how have you liked them? Do you feel like they look dirty all the time and show wear and tear easily?? That’s my big worry!!

  • My FAVORITE room Emma! I’m in love with the pink walls and the green couch <3

  • Looks amazing! ? Pink is not my favorite color but I would love that room! And there is plenty of space for the baby! ? I highly recommend keeping the babys stuff in your bedroom. Separate nursary is not functional in my opinion. Hoping you are doing good!

  • Love the pink, especially the choice to carry it onto the ceiling (and I’m not even a pink person). The front room screams nursery nook to my mom brain . . .

  • This looks so warm and inviting and calm! The before was great too, but definitely looks a little sterile in the photos. One thing that occurred to me—-I could totally see you having a bassinet in here and a mini changing station. We have found it helpful to have changing options on each floor. We have the main changing station upstairs-dresser with changing pad on it. Downstairs we have a basket with all the necessary supplies. It should also have some kind of changing pad but it doesn’t- this is my fourth child and I guess I’m getting a little risky just placing baby on whatever throw blanket we have to change him.
    So yeah I could picture a little spot upstairs near the loveseat (on the floor) where your sweet little guy has his tummy time for a few minutes while you get dressed/changed etc. ok, I’m rambling, but I can just picture your little one enjoying these spaces with you too. Wishing you both well! ?

    • We have a bedroom with this weird extra space with an archway as well. We made it the nursery for the first 6 months of babies life. It was so nice not to have to go far in the night, and we had a bassinet and changing station and nursing chair in there.

  • I’m forever tweaking the details, like you are.
    We’re human–we change, and this is reflected in our environment.
    Love the pink refresh…

  • I love the updates! It actually feels like someone lives there versus more of a show room. (I hope that doesn’t come across in a rude way because I mean that as a compliment).

    • I really love the changes you made! It feels so warm and cozy! I will keep this post as an inspiration!

  • Emma, this is honestly the cutest, dreamiest bedroom ever! I’m usually into moody colors, but this room is adorable! So sweet, feminine, delicate and still full of personality. Bravo, Emma! This is like a portrait of serenity!

  • Such a great refresh! I love that you really went for it with the pink ceiling and trim. It warms up the whole space so much and makes it seem cozy.

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