Emma’s (Video) Home Tour

Emma's (video) home tourToday I’m super excited to share a video tour of my home with you! We’ve been trying to find ways to be more candid and interactive with you guys, and one thought I had was, “Why not walk them through my house like I would a friend who’s coming over for the first time?” And so, I did. This is sort of a different type of video for us, and I hope you enjoy it.

Throughout the video I mention a few DIYs from the blog. So I thought I’d share the links to all those as well as my past room tours:

Quotation Mark Bookends
Small Gallery Wall
Large Gallery Wall
Wooden Coffee Table
Brass Side Tables
Kitchen String Art
Dining Room Table
Kitchen Pegboard
Sleepover Headboard
Standing Desk
Macrame Curtain
Photo Decoupage Furniture
Photo Booth Strip Wall Art
Photo to Wood Transfer

Living Room Tour
Dining Room Tour
Kitchen Tour
Bedroom Tour
Home Office Tour
Guest Bedroom Tour

Hopefully, if you have a question, some of them might be answered in these posts. But, you’re always welcome to ask me anything in the comments as well. Thanks for coming along for my ramble-y home tour. 🙂 xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Video and Music: Jeremy Larson.

  • Hi Emma,

    Love your home! Just wondering if the thermos in your bedroom is from The Bay? (I’m Canadian!)


  • You are such a sweetheart Emma! I’ve been reading the blog on and off for a few years and seeing all the projects in your home was almost felt nostalgic. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love how you organised the books by colour!! it looks really cool!


  • Every inch makes for such a gorgeous living space! We love all of the quirky and unique finishing touches that really make the whole home come together. If you’re ever looking for yet another product to make the place pop — check out feltballrug.com

  • Nice video Emma! Lovely home and you are very natural on camera – I love the idea that ABM do more of these videos.

    Also love your decor, most especially the black gallery wall, and the kitchen cabinets are lovely.

  • Well that was just really fun<3
    I actually got into ABM through your old blog, Emma, so it was really fun to see you live and in action through this little video.
    Thanks for the tour!

  • Hi Emma! I’m still such a fan of the bookshelf wall! Question: How tall are your ceilings? And what is the length of that wall? I recently purchased a home & am considering something similar but wanted a better idea of your wall dimensions. Thanks so much!

  • Your home is lovely, Emma! I love that you guys are trying to do more candid things. It’s super fun!

  • I really enjoyed this! I would’ve liked to get a peek into the bathrooms as well. I just participated in the wedding of two of my closest friends this weekend and texted her a picture of your wedding certificate being framed 🙂

  • Loved seeing your home. My 8yr old son watched it with me & he’s a little concerned that you hung your necklaces on Trey’s side of the bed, ha!

  • Emma…you are just so cute!! I loved watching your house tour and seeing a more candid video.

  • Hello Emma

    I was just wondering where did you buy the pillows in your lounge room from?


  • Emma, thanks for the tour! I’m a huge fan of the site, and I loved seeing some of the DIY’s from the site “in real life.” Also, where did you get that large glass (?) gem on your living room table? I really like it.

  • Emma! Where is that amazing cowhide clutch from????? Neeeeeed it.

  • Love the home tour idea! It’s nice get to more of the story behind your designs than we get in just the blog writing.

  • My books are organized by color too, but I have a very easy time finding them. I remember the books I read almost like faces, so the spine color is tied to the book in my brain. If you haven’t already, try alphabetizing the books by author within each color set. That will make book finding much easier for you!

  • Emma on my goodness you are so cute! Love your house. Especially the colour coded books and black walls. I have been wanting to paint a room black in our apartment but my husband is not to convinced. Maybe someday!

  • Hi Emma.

    Great Home Tour! Just to let you know: Every Friday I share some TOPREADS on my blog Yellow Me in the category Fri-A-Way! Your blogarticle is in it. I loved it and my readers will probably do!

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  • Things in this blog are always inspiring. I love the vintage/boho-esque style of you and Elsie and I can’t wait to recreate your creations. Thanks for being so generous with ideas all the time.

  • Actually, my favourite part was your “cluttered” desk 😀
    Sometimes your (and other bloggers’) houses/rooms look like they’re too good to be true – especially it looks like you guys don’t have any of the ugly clutter every household has somewhere – and I just love that spark of normality!

    And you are just an adorable person!
    I really like the video stuff you guys are making 🙂


  • You have a lovely house and I’ve loved seeing in “on motion”. The kitchen is my favorite part, though. I love cooking and spending time in the kitchen! My dream is to have a kitchen with a huge wooden table to have my family and friends there while I feed them! I know that’s pretty usual in the USA but here kitchens are apart from the actual dining room and they are usually quite small so… Who knows? Maybe one day…

  • You bedroom is my favorite, LOVE that floral dresser!


  • Emma!! I have seen your house in snippets on the blog and (of course!) in happy handmade home. But it was so fun to have you walk us through it. Your sleepover headboard is still one of my favourite DIYs to date!

    You always strike me as so genuine and down to earth. I love love love that that we are having the opportunity (with videos, the live stream, etc.) to hear you and Elsie chat about the blog, crafts, cooking, and yes – RAMBLE! I have followed you both for so many years – for Emma, during your food coma days 🙂 – and it isn’t that you haven’t always seemed REAL, but these new features make us (or at least me) feel connected to you guys in some small way. And it’s really neat. It’s a whole new way to feel inspired. Just wanted to say thanks 🙂


  • Love the whole house! Question about the grey couch in the living room-
    1. Where did you get it?
    2. Is it a futon?
    3. How’s the quality?
    I’ve been looking at some very similar ones online- but they all have pretty dubious reviews.

  • Wow thanks for sharing! I hope to have a home at least half as beautiful as yours is when I get older 🙂 xx

    Brooke | brookewrote

  • Hey Emma, loved the home tour. Your house is cute, can you let me know where you got the drinks, or cups little 4 pics in your craft room, above your sewing area?

  • I enjoyed watching your home tour, Emma! I love the extensive library in your living room. Also, I appreciate that each room consists of furniture, fixtures, or artwork put together by loved ones. My favorite components of your home is the steel countertop, as well as the gallery wall in your living room.

    Happy Thursday 🙂

  • you have a very cute house!

    i know you probably cropped the “walking down the halls” parts for time, but i would love to actually follow you down the halls. i think seeing how a house is laid out is a fun way to put all the rooms together in my head. 🙂

  • Hi I was wondering about painting the insides of your kitchen cabinets? Were they particle board inside? Did you have to do any extra prep work on them? And how have they held up?

    I love your blog! I literally check it everyday for new posts! Y’all are so creative and your DIYs are so accessible and fun!

  • Your home is cute. I find your personality shows through so much more in videos! I hope you consider doing more like this.

  • This makes me want to be best friends with you, Emma! Your house is amazing! And not hella tidy, like real life happens there. It’s great! Elsie’s house next?

  • Emma, your home is SO cute, and I really appreciate you leaving some clutter out. No home is perfect 100% of the time. We leave our free weights out accidentally as well and I am always the one to trip on them… So I feel your pain. LOL! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Hi Emma,

    Such a lovely house and space!!! I wanted to know about the hanging glass globes – are those on A Beautiful Mess, or did you purchase them somewhere?

    Thanks a ton! And thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Love the fake tea light globes in your guest room. I’ve been trying to come up with nice accent lighting for our basement and my husband has a prejudice against hanging up twinkle lights. I think this might be the ticket!

  • OMG! I loved this! It’s so great to see you “in person” instead just in photographs. It was also so great to see your home. The video was great, because it gave a better representation of the size of projects and layout of your home. I love your living room and dining room. I’m trying to think of a way to make a pegboard in my kitchen (renting, so I can’t make holes). Thanks for sharing!


  • Love your house and the cute little decor items that are so cool..love the simple decors in both the bedrooms…and kitchen cabinet, love the idea to stencil it..


  • Hi Emma,

    love your home ! Its so personalized ! I was wondering where or if you made those wonderful, colorful pillows on your sofa ?

    Thanks !


  • ah, i loved seeing your house Emma! What I especially liked was how every day objects can be decoration on the walls like jewellery, magazines and pots 🙂 Looking forward to Elsie’s!

  • You said you cut right on the counter. Does the stainless steel leave knife marks after cutting? I’ve cut on metal cookware and it left marks, so I’m wondering if your counter top does. I want to make a kitchen island and I’m debating between bamboo or stainless steel. Thanks!

  • I loved this video!! Your home is lovely Emma it’s really stylish but still practical. I must admit I paused the video just to look at your multicoloured bookshelves for a moment- so pretty! ♡


  • The Macy’s one was very good-well worth the price in my opinion. No, we got a new couch because after two years with three dogs our couch had gotten quite… well, worn out. It had chewed edges, a few stains from muddy paws, and was beginning to smell a little. I vacuumed, febreezed, and tried to keep it clean but it was just on it’s last leg. We probably would have kept it another year but then Trey very unexpectedly received $500 (it’s a long story-but it was a welcome surprise!). So, he bought me a new couch. It’s from Urban Outfitters and I like it but I actually think the Macy’s one was a little better.

    Good luck!

  • Ha! That’s awesome. That was gift to us this past Christmas as I have a pug portrait collection in our master bathroom (which wasn’t in the video mainly because there’s no way me and Jeremy holding the camera could really fit-ha!). I keep meaning to hang it up but I haven’t yet and it’s been over 3 months-the shame!


  • Really?! How interesting. I guess it makes total sense that they vary from state to state but I never really gave it much thought before. But yes, that’s my original copy. I figure I’m less likely to loose it if I hang it up rather than file it away. 🙂


  • I’ve actually never had a granite one before. So… I don’t really know I guess. Before the stainless I had laminate.


  • Yes, the original plan was to walk through but we don’t own wireless microphones so it proved too difficult for us. We may buy some this year, have to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment (if we’ll use them enough). But yeah, no stairs my home is all one level. You pretty much saw every room except the bathrooms and our short hallway that connects the bedrooms.

    Thanks for the recommendation!


  • No, we don’t have any cold brew canisters. We have a grinder, chemex, french press and a single pour over with cup.


  • Love all the decor! You have the funnest home! I need to bring some whimsical fun to my apartment


  • Reeeaaaally liked that! See there’s this whole internet envy thing which I hate but of course we all get sucked into. It’s kind of ‘her life/house/clothes/whatever is better than mine’. Everyone feels it from time to time. And then you show us your house and yes, it probably is better than mine but I don’t feel at all bad about it because of you. A moving, talking you showing a real house with real life going on in it just makes me feel like ‘you’re a bit lovely’ and ‘how nice for you’ and ‘ooh I could do that’, etc. No more grass is greener, I’m just left with ‘let me water my own grass’!

  • Thanks for doing this!! Seriously I love how chill you guys are…you just all seem so cool and it makes me happy 🙂 We have lived in our home for about five years now and I’m finally getting our style down and making it homey and “us” this was so cool to see and I loved all the “realness” to it (the dog bed and workout bench…thats life right?!) I really enjoy the blog…keep up the great work!

  • Thanks Emma! I love your space!

    Curious though… I am in the market for a new sofa and I was actually hooked on getting the yellow one you had before from Macy’s- and was actually thinking about picking it up this weekend… But now I see you have a new couch- which makes me nervous the Macy’s one wasn’t any good. Can you share the pro’s vs. con’s? Also, where did you get this new grey one?

    Thanks a million, sofa shopping is hard!

  • Loved your tour! Did a total double take when I saw the pug-in-a-sweater print in your office, I have the same one!!! Love it!! 🙂

  • Great home! I love how you kept everything simple and how much you have creative control over it, like the DIYs and not just buying things and placing them there. It’s very inspiring! I love the pegboard detail. I wanna do that one for my bedroom and maybe hang accessories or frames. I don’t know yet. Haha! Suggestions? 🙂

    Do you have a tutorial on that piece of wood you use to hang your necklaces on? 🙂

  • Emma, I envy your kitchen and bedroom and I love that you have art displayed throughout your home! I love the dining room table you guys built too. Thank you so much for sharing your home on the blog! 😀 You guys are amazing.


  • Me gusta tu casa, solo me horrorizan los cráneos de animales que tienes en una pared. Me parecen horrorosos¡¡¡ No me pega nada con vuestra personalidad… 🙁
    El resto, simplemente perfecto¡¡ jeje.
    Saludos desde Madrid, España¡¡

  • Thank you so much for doing a home tour–I’ve always wanted to see your homes! It’s absolutely adorable and quirky fun. LOVE the quote bookends and your kitchen; the green cabinets are such a happy idea!
    -Kaitlyn 🙂

  • You guys are amazing – loved seeing this side of your personality- and your gorgeous home!

    Warm Regards,

  • Love everything but especially those cabinets! Inspiration!!!!

  • Such a cute style, this has super inspired me to change up my space – i LOVE the ‘pot luck’ sign…may steal that for my kitchen area!

    Lucy xoxo


  • I love your home! You’re super cute! I had one question, did you shrink your marriage license? Or is that the original and they come kind of small in MO? Mine, in another state, is really long, as in the size of a lawyer sheet. But I love the way you have yours displayed/framed!

  • Loved this home tour! Its fun to see how all of your pieces go together!


  • Emma, you have a really cool home. Very eclectic. I love the outfit you’re wearing in the video too. It’s super-cute 🙂 You have such a relatable personality, it’s really fun when you do room tours and on Livestream. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

    I think the marriage certificate in a frame is a very cool idea!


    Laurali Star


  • Fantastic video! I agree with the previous comment about the size of your space. I love everything you guys post but always thought that my space was too small, apparently not! Thank you Emma 🙂

  • Im assuming the coffee cart has cold brew canisters on them? Could you tell me where you got them from? They are so cute! <3

  • You have such a nice personality! I LOVE the look of the stainless steel counter! How does it compare to a regular granite one?

  • Great tour, thanks for sharing your home with us! Would have love to see you walk trough the whole house to get a better sense of space/ do you have stairs / how does your hallway look etc.

    Also, re simplifying your life. Just doing the same here with the help of Marie Kondo. Have you read her book ‘The life changing magic of tidying’? Loved it and can totally recommend it.

  • Yay! This was so fun to watch. I love seeing how other people decorate and use their home. It’s such a different experience seeing it on video too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Thanks! Yes, my house is around 1200 square feet. So, if I were a New Yorker it would be a HUGE space but here in the Midwest it’s sort of on the average/small side. I’ve lived there for about 5 years now and it’s been the perfect size for me as I used to have room mates (including my sweet niece Penelope!) and for the last two years it’s been just me + Trey and our dogs. 🙂


  • My year and a half year old son said he likes you. It was pretty sweet.

  • Thanks so much for doing this tour! I live in a really small house and I always had the impression that your houses were REALLY big. It was nice to get a better idea of the size of the living room, dining area, and kitchen because now I feel more inspired to make my small/cute spaces work!

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