Emma’s Wedding Ceremony

Emma-trey-wedding-web-5861Emma-trey-wedding-web-6250Emma-trey-wedding-web-5853Emma-trey-wedding-web-5857Emma-trey-wedding-web-5870Emma-trey-wedding-web-5872Emma-trey-wedding-web-5899Emma-trey-wedding-web-5925Trey and I choose to host our wedding ceremony at my grandmother, Corina's, cabin. It's an absolutley breath-taking place. I feel like grandma doesn't get to show her cabin off enough, since it's so far out in the country. Glad she was ok with us inviting around 180 family and friends out to see it! Trey and I both checked our phones obsessively all week, keeping an eye on the forecast. We got lucky and had beautiful, sunny weather the day we tied the knot. The cabin felt like the perfect place for our wedding. We love the outdoors and anything with a rustic feel. I've always wanted to get married in a family member's back yard. The idea has always sounded so perfect and quaint to me, even as a little girl. And I guess, in a way, I did.Emma-trey-wedding-web-5963Emma-trey-wedding-web-6099Emma-trey-wedding-web-5990Emma-trey-wedding-web-6119Emma-trey-wedding-web-6111Emma-trey-wedding-web-6133Here are a few of my favorite portraits of the wedding party. We have some pretty good looking friends, no? We decided not to do the traditional matching bridesmaids dresses or matching groomsmen suits. I like a little variation. My sister did something similar at her wedding, allowing the bridesmaids to shop for their own dress within a small range of colors (white/cream). I loved this, because you get to find a dress that better suits your body type. And I love how the overall vibe ends up looking in a photo. I feel like I can see a little bit of everyone's personality showing through in this simple way. To unify the look all the bridesmaid's had braids with flowers in their updos and all the groomsmen wore matching (custom made!) bow ties.Emma-trey-wedding-web-6273Emma-trey-wedding-web-6269Emma-trey-wedding-web-6294Emma-trey-wedding-web-6285Emma-trey-wedding-web-6303Emma-trey-wedding-web-6316Emma-trey-wedding-web-6319Emma-trey-wedding-web-6357Emma-trey-wedding-web-6375Emma-trey-wedding-web-6425Emma-trey-wedding-web-6400-2Emma-trey-wedding-web-6443Emma-trey-wedding-web-6470Emma-trey-wedding-web-6487Emma-trey-wedding-web-6495Emma-trey-wedding-web-6513Oh, did I mention my grandma's cabin has a pond with a floating dock in the back yard!? Trey had the idea early on to rent canoes that could serve as the first row of seating around the dock. Initially this idea scared me. But I'm glad I came around, because it was so cute. We had an extra canoe that we filled with ice and served drinks from (including: homemade sangria and lemonade plus beers). We kept the decor simple, since it's such a beautiful spot anyway. The main attraction were large painted rocks that lined the dock (inspired by Salvation Mountain). Our ceremony was simple, and somewhat traditional but with a few customized twists. For example, we wrote our own vows. They still very much reflected traditional vows but with our added goals and ideas and in our own words. I loved writing them together! We also chose to incorporate a ceremony called bittersweet wine. Basically we had a glass of red (bitter) wine and a glass of white (sweet) wine that we both drank from. This symbolized how we are going to take the good and the bad in life together. I had never heard of this before our officiant had suggested the idea a few weeks before (apparently it's a pretty common thing), but I'm so glad he did. The music for our wedding was arranged and performed by Jeremy and a few other talented musicians. I walked down the aisle to Bon Iver's Skinny Love and we walk out to Kayne West's All of the Lights. Our friend John handed Trey a beer as we walked out, and that was probably one of the funniest moments of the ceremony. Although I can't help but ask, where was my beer? 🙂Emma-trey-wedding-web-6572Emma-trey-wedding-web-6530Emma-trey-wedding-web-6544Emma-trey-wedding-web-6548Emma-trey-wedding-web-6588Emma-trey-wedding-web-6599Emma-trey-wedding-web-6591Emma-trey-wedding-web-6576The moments after our ceremony will always be precious to me. We didn't do a formal receiving line but there was lots of time for everyone to hug, laugh, mingle, meet, smooch, have a drink and generally just hang out and enjoy each other. It's crazy to have all of your family and close friends together, all in one place. Other than getting to marry my best friend, this was probably one of my favorite things about our wedding day. You can also see a photo of our "guest book." We had guests sign a vintage bull skull that is now hanging in our living room. I wanted to do something that we would be excited to display in our home for years to come. Trey was pretty weirded out by the idea at first, but he's come full circle. 🙂#tremmaOn our programs we included a hashtag (#tremma) that guests could use in case they were going to Instagram or Tweet their photos. I am totally willing to admit that creating a hashtag for your own event can feel a little/lot silly. However, I am so glad that we did! We loved scrolling through the hashtag the next day, seeing what everyone posted. This photo from Katie Day (@ohkatieday) is one of my favorites.

P.S. You can see even more photos over at 100 Layer Cake later today!

Wedding Ceremony Details
Bride's attire: dress/DIY, flower crown c/o BHLDN, shoes/UO
Groom's attire: suit and shoes/Topman, tie/Forage Haberdashery
Groomsmen bowties: Forage Haberdashery
Hair & Makeup: RetroPolitan Salon
Flowers & Boutonneires: DIY by the bridesmaids
Ceremony Decor: Sharon Taylor Designs

Program Design by: Doren Chapman
Chair Rental: SB Bon Events
Canoe Rental: RiverFront Campground & Canoe Rental
Photography by: Arrow & Apple

  • Hi! I’m from Italy and I’m sorry fo’ my bad english!

    A question: Is there in your wedding tradition a present to thankz friends and relatives for coming to the party?

    We call it BOMBONIERE 🙂

  • So lovely! I love the idea of having the wedding at such a rustic cabin setting. The canoes as seats was a clever touch 🙂


  • Hi Congrats Emma and Trey. Love the bridesmaids dresses any hints on where they can be found? Especially Katie’s. Please tell…

  • Congratulations Emma, so happy for you! What a beautiful wedding.
    Shlomit and Anat Ofir

  • Everything about this was great. Such a beautiful wedding. Congrats guys! You are a beautiful couple.

    Brittanny // http://brittannytaylor.com/blog/

  • Wow, I’m trying really hard not to cry right now! How incredibly beautiful! I love that everyone is wearing their own thing. If I ever get married, I am 100% doing this. I do not want back up dancers! Much love to you both, Trey and Emma!
    Cx http://mixedmediumstheatre.blogspot.co.uk/

  • They just scream happy! You must be so thrilled. Awesome pics and Emma you have never looked more beautiful. Breathtaking.

  • I think this might be the coolest wedding I’ve ever seen. So many amazing ideas and your dress is just divine! x

  • what a beautiful wedding! the photos have captured perfectly the emotions, you both look over the moon! i’m totally in love with every idea of this wedding.
    congratulations to you both xxx


  • Your wedding was perfect! Congratulations again for everything: marrying yur best friend, being so amazingly pretty and surrounded by your loved ones!

  • Wow, everything looks so wonderful! I love the kanoos :)! Congratulations!

  • Congratuulations from germany! Such a beautiful wedding…. really amazing! Cute details everywhere, seems like it was the perfect day!

    Weiter so…love your blog!


  • Looks like you had such a perfect day! Everything looks so lovely and wonderful and amazing! xxx


  • Gorgeous photos of a beautiful and creative wedding…although I expected nothing less from you ladies! Looks like it was an entirely wonderful day. Happy for you all!

  • What a fabulous idea for the beers. Looks like a really fun wedding. I love individuality and something far from different. Awesome pics from 3girls1apple.com

  • What a gorgeous, gorgeous wedding you had! This looks like the wedding I always wanted but couldn’t have due to, you know, getting married in December makes it hard to get married outside. (But I’m completely happy with my wedding!) SO gorgeous! You looked absolutely stunning! What a happy day!

  • What did you use to paint the rocks at the first picture? They’re adorable 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning! And captured so beautifully! I love that Blue Ribbon shot…great detail…and that little ring bearer is a doll! What a lovely day it must have been!

  • Awww, these photos are beautiful, seriously makes me want to have another wedding. May God Bless your marriage! :))

  • We had a “canoe cooler’ at our wedding reception and people are still talking about it 3 years later!

  • Wow such beautiful pictures! I love the rocks and all the creative ideas you had for the wedding. Very inspirational. :))

  • I also walked up the aisle to Skinny Love – I get goosebumps whenever I hear those first chords now. Your wedding day looks utterly perfect! Congratulations!

  • So very lovely Emma! I love the Salvation Mountain inspiration in there too! I’m so glad yall shared these amazing photos!!!

  • This post just made me tear up. Both of you look so happy, I love it and I do hope that one day I’ll get to marry my best friend, too.

  • This got me all teary! Those moments were truly precious and full of love. So happy for you two, xxo

  • So pretty- Love to you both! Any chance you can add where any of the bridesmaids dresses came from? Guessing they are vintage, but so cute!

  • Absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful setting! I particularly love the canoes as the front row of seats, and those painted stones are really lovely and brighten up the scene. Lovely.

  • Beautiful. Hope you treasure this day always. Congratulations to you both!

    x http://www.randomlyhappyblog.com

  • Emma, your wedding looks fabulous! The place looks great and we can feel the happy spirit of the day! once again, congratulations! always be happy and love one onather ( and your comment about getting married to your best friend gave me the chills! I believe this the best). xxx from Greece

  • PBR? You kids might as well drink skanky water. Oh to be a hipster. Wait until you’re 40 and all this seems incredibly silly.

    Congrats on the marriage. You seem very happy.

  • Beautiful wedding! Love the canoes! Is that Emma Stone as a bridesmaid?!

  • Lovely ceremony! Your dress is very pretty and I love the sandals soo much!


  • WOW!!! The day looked magical… and that’s only the beginning! I love all of the unique and creative touches. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about this wedding and it is just stunning : ) Wishing the two of you a lifetime of happiness. Thank you so much for sharing on the blog!

  • this is so beautiful! I love weddings that are so personal 🙂

  • what a beautiful day that reflects your love and creative spirits!

  • Looks like an ideal wedding: fun and special at the same time. Beautiful pics, Emma – congratulations!


  • I love how original all of this is! I feel like with the “blogworld” and Pinterest constantly growing, it can be so easy to buy into the ideas that you see other people using for weddings and other events. It looks like the two of you looked at yourselves as a couple before you looked to what other people have done- I love it!


  • Hehehe, all those chairs looked like they were made from pretzel sticks. I want to gnaw on some 🙂

  • Aww this looks so beautiful 🙂



  • best.wedding.ever.

    i’d want to walk down the aisle with a can in my hand, my love in the other. heck yes! i’d want my guests to have a drink in hand as well.

    you guys have such amazing weddings! love, love!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stunning photographs and beautiful ceremony!
    Congratulations once again
    Emma x

  • I loved every picture! I felt like I know everybody cause i follow not only this blog, but also Katy’s, Rachel’s and others. 🙂 Stunning place for a wedding and I especially liked that you choose so simple and comfortable shoes 🙂

  • This is one of the most unique, personalized, well done, classy weddings I’ve ever seen! Congratulations, you guys are all radiant.

  • Emma, I’m following your and your sister’s blog since a year now. I’m from Germany and totally fascinated by what you two are doing!
    Even more I feel very happy, that you two let us readers have a glimpse into your private life!

    Although I never met you before (and probably never will ;)) I always feel, as if I would know you all, while I’m scrolling through abeautifulmess.

    Your wedding looks totally idyllic and you looked so happy and absolutely in love! I love the setting, I love your dress!

    I hope that someday, I’ll also have such a nice wedding (I’m dreaming of a big BBQ on a field in the countryside :)).

    I wish the both of you just the best, that you’ll live “happily ever after” and that you’ll have a bunch of cute kids! As special as you are!

  • What a gorgeous wedding you had! All the little touches were perfect and the setting spectacular. Congratulations and cheers to your love for one another.

  • these photos are incredible emma, i’m so happy for you two! it definitely looks like the perfect day and you should be proud that you made such good, even though definitely not so common, choices:)
    ps. you were carrying a bouquet, so of course trey’s friend didn’t get you a beer… poor you, hahaha

  • Such a beautiful ceremony, everyone and everything looks gorgeous! And the hashtag idea is great. Congratulations!


  • Look like a scene out of a movie, absolutely stunning and beautiful. So lucky to have such an excellent, not cheesy photographer 🙂

  • I just watched Elsie and Jeremy´s wedding video and I love the fact that Emma caught the bouquet and we are seeing her beautiful wedding pictures here! And there is a video to come, too! Can´t wait! Congratulations again!xx

  • Such a beautiful, unique and special day Emma! I just love every detail. The photo near the end of you with your brother and niece is really breathtaking…you can feel the love. 🙂

  • Perfect wedding!! And you’re so lucky all your family and friends live in the same place!! If I had to marry, it would be pretty messy as people would be leaving in different countries :-s Anyway, lovely photos and I am sure, lovely lovely day <3

  • This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

    Congratulations xxx

  • I just did a wedding for a friend- it was in a rustic (aka no power or water) barn without outdoor ceremony. I’d love for you to see it- I’ve been blogging about it for the last 6 weeks- each element as a separate post at RainingJellyBeans.blogspot.com, Danee

  • What lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing this personal moment of your life.

  • These are definitely my favorite photos of your big day so far! I’m a sucker for candids…such beautiful moments captured and what a lovely space!

  • So many lovely photographs. The ceremony looks like it was beautiful – so many special moments for you to cherish 🙂 Congratulations again to you + Trey!

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com

  • Wow!Such lovely photos and such a beautiful wedding! I love the idea of the bitter sweet wine ceremony. I’ve been married for 10 years and there has been many an up and down. But it’s important to remember that marriage is sweeter overall knowing you can count on someone in the good and bad times. Many blessings in your journey!

  • Wedding on a river front. I seriously envy you guys. Such a lovely place and awesome photography.


  • Emma, your wedding is beautiful. You and all who attended look so happy!

    I have to ask – any idea where the groomsmen outfits came from? I am planning an October wedding where the groomsmen will wear slacks and vests, but I’m having trouble tracking down vests for them! Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Your fellas look fantastic!

  • So many precious moments captured!
    Congratulations again to both of you!
    Celina | The Celution

  • Such a nice weeding guys!! You can feel the love in the air. You guys put so much effort into every details and it definitely shows. Congrats again!

  • Absolutely beautiful! My husband and I were married in a pre-Depression era pavilion, but our original dream was to be married out on a dock, over the water, just like this!

  • oh my! this looks way more than just perfect! I mean.. wedding dream ever! A D O R A B L E! =)))

  • Glad you came around on the canoeing idea but i’d be terrified too! This has to be one of the most spectacular weddings ive ever seen emma!


  • Your ceremony was beautiful! I love the canoes-and using one as a cooler was awesome! Your friends are totally gorgeous. It looks like such a beautiful place to get married! I wanted to get married in a family members back yard too-but I didn’t even come close. Glad you got your wish!

    p.s. Your wedding dress is gorgeous!

  • MARAVILHOSO!!!!! Parabéns para vocês!!

  • Thank you for sharing your special day with us!! All of your pictures are gorgeous :)I especially love the wedding pics you took on your bikes. Such a cute idea! I just can’t get enough of you two… you’re both an inspiration to me! <3

  • I love the “guest book” idea and how sweet and happy you two are 🙂 You can feel the love between you two, and your friends and family, in these, and that makes them SO special 🙂 Congrats again guys! I can’t wait for the reception pics!

    xo Ashley

  • I absolutely love everything about your wedding! I agree with you on the coordinating vs matching for the wedding party’s attire. The photos turn out so much better than when everyone is wearing the exact same thing, plus everyone one is a little more comfortable (which means more fun/dancing!).

  • What a gorgeous couple and a gorgeous ceremony. I loved the PBR, haha! Everything about it was so original and just so YOU! Congratulations again to the both of you.
    xx http://enzaessentials.wordpress.com

  • Looks like a lovely day!
    It’s interested that all the bridesmaids wore white.

    xo Jennifer


  • Absolutely stunning Emma, such a beautiful ceremony. I wish it was legal to get married outside in the UK! <3

  • How cool that you have access to such a beautiful location: and the fact it’s a family place makes your wedding so much more sentimental and beautiful. I love that you chose a dock for the ceremony!

  • Everything looks adorable down to the tiniest details!


  • WOW. That was the Best scroll! So inspiring! The pops of yellow! The chairs! The beautiful people! those PBR photos could easily be a wicked ad for them 🙂

  • Wow, this has got to be one of the most adorable wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. Love the Pabst in the pictures!

  • Oh my god, the seats in the canoes…what a brilliant idea! I love the laid-back vibe, and of course the beer at the end of the ceremony! Basically perfect 🙂 Also has me planning my dream wedding, although I don’t plan on getting married any time soon, haha!


  • So beautiful! I loved looking at these. Such incredible candid shots! My sisters wedding is in a few weeks and we’ve been trying to decide if we should put out a hashtag, haha! Kinda feels weird but it’d be really fun to have all the photos in the same spot. You might have just encouraged me to go for it!

    You are glowing!

  • Love finally seeing the ceremony! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Love all the details and your grandma cabin (wonderful!) I specially like the parties pictures cutting the legs, Arrow & Apple are genius, lovely pictures (And hey! so glad that they’ve joined A Beautiful Mess!)


  • Such a beautiful wedding and it looks like it was full of beautiful people and a lot of love. Perfect day! Love all of your photos and have enjoyed seeing the entire celebration. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • I love your wedding! so beautiful. I don’t think you could have picked a more perfect song to walk down the aisle to, I love the folksy vibe of it and the album it’s on is FOR you 😉 I agree that having all of your family/friends together on your wedding day is so magical, it definitely contributes to the elated feeling of the event in a major way. Those rocks were the bomb. You ladies are too creative.

  • Love this!! I work at a wedding venue on the side so I’ve seen loads of weddings and this sounds so wonderful and unique and sweet. The bittersweet wine thing is really cool, I’ve never heard of that but I’m definitely going to share it with our planners.

  • wow this looks so amazing. i wish i will have such an beautiful wedding also in my life. you look lovely together.

  • the shot of Emma and Trey walking back down the aisle is incredible! Looks like a perfect day.

  • Your Grandma’s house was definitely the perfect choice and what wonderful day you both had. Truly have enjoyed seeing all the photos you have shared thus far and thank you for sharing them with us!! Hear is to many more happy times and years to come now!!

  • What lovely pictures! The ones with the yellow petals everywhere are my favourite.

  • Love the painted rocks and love that you included “skinny love.” It’s a favorite of mine and my husband’s. We played “For Emma” at our reception.

  • What an adorable wedding, and it has so many personal touches, I love that! Congratulations 🙂

  • What a beautiful ceremony. I’m hoping to have a wedding that resembles what you and Trey did – laidback, funny and complimented you both as a couple! I think that is what matters most with weddings, being able to see the couple through every detail (big or small!).

  • This is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen this year! Just beautiful. I love the painted rocks that line the aisle, and the canoes:) Also the steer head! Great idea.
    If I was getting married again, I would so have to copy:)


  • Dying to know if you had a ‘plan b’ for weather! I’m planning my June(ish) 2014 wedding and can’t figure out what to do in the event of inclement weather!

  • I love the beer at the end of the ceremony! That is hysterical! At my cousins wedding they drank beer throughout. it was pretty funny. I would be asking where mine was too:)
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • Emma, I LOVE the wedding ceremony pictures. It brings back memories of my day and has me wishing I had done more things laid back. There’s always renewing vows….right?
    Love the beer pic! And what a beer! Nothing like a Pabst on a warm day.

  • love the seats in the canoes, the laid back atmosphere and the flower crown! I just started planning my own wedding – so much to think about!

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