Emma’s Wedding Invites + Invite Checklist

DIY wedding invitationsThe time has come for us to send out our wedding invitations. When I was planning what kind of invites we wanted I got a little overwhelmed at all the options and etiquette rules I kept seeing, as I researched. Etiquette rules make me nervous sometimes. I’m not all that traditional, but I also don’t want to offend anyone on our guest list. And then dreaming up a design was an overwhelming thought to me as well. Should I keep it the colors of our wedding? Should they be colorful or illustrated or modern or handwritten or embossed or include confetti?! Oh my! Here’s what we landed on: Emma + trey's wedding invitesWhat I love most about our invites is that they are very us, in that I don’t feel like it leans more me or Trey—just us. My brother designed them. He was the one who originally suggested we get them letter pressed too. We knew we wanted the invite to look kind of like a giant movie ticket. Then, I found these cute inner envelopes (they’re gold, can’t pass that up!) with the tab cut out, which was perfect for the design we had in mind. We tried to keep the wording simple and to-the-point, but, yeah, that’s a Kanye quote (from a verse he did on an old Pharrell song). We listen to a lot more Yeezy than I care to admit, and June 8 is his birthday. We’re getting married on Kanye West’s Birthday!Traders Printing in Springfield, MOLetter pressOur invites were printed locally at Trader’s Printing & Design. I love how they turned out and am so excited for everyone to start receiving them this week!Letter pressed wedding invitesWedding Invite Checklist + Tips

-Plan your budget before you start shopping. We needed right around 130 save the dates (you can see them here) and invites. Since I was already thinking about custom letter pressed invites, we found a cute but inexpensive option for our save the dates.

-Research wording options for the invitations. Are you self hosting? Do you want the wording to feel more traditional or do you prefer something off beat? There are tons of different ideas out there. And there is no right or wrong! Just be sure to include all the necessary information: date, location and time. Invites-Additional information and RSVP instructions are a must. We included an additional card that included a lot of important info for guests including: a map to our ceremony location, how guests can RSVP (online at our website), where we are registered (here you can also include info on if you prefer gift cards, gifts to charity or no gifts at all), since we are planning an outdoor wedding in Missouri we included info on where the ceremony will be moved in the event it rains and hotel information for out-of-town guests. It’s a good idea to call around to nearby hotels and block off rooms for guests to reserve, as many guests might not be familiar with your city and won’t know the best/nearest hotels to try.

-Include a printed engagement photo. This is very optional, but I love it when invitations include pictures. I immediately hang them up on my refrigerator. 🙂 We printed 4×6 photos from our snow engagement shoot to include in our invites.

Thanks for letting me share our wedding invites with you! xo. Emma (and Trey)

  • Cute invites! I haven’t posted about my invites yet! I have so many things I should’ve been photographing and writing about along the way. I didn’t have a ton of time though–We decided in February to get married, and got married two weekends ago. I wrote my part one of my wedding reflections here. There’s some pretty good photos of my diy bouquets!

  • Congrats Emma+Tray!!! You know, June 8 is the day when Princess Madeleine of Sweden is getting married as well. So, quite nice wedding date choice! Greetings from Finland and Scandinavia!!

  • You invites are fantastic. But the Emily Post in me has to say this: it is a BIG NO to put anything on a wedding invitation about registry or gifts. Gifts are optional and you don’t want it to look like you are expecting them. This is especially true if you put something in the invitation about a specific gift you want, which seems very presumptuous. It’s better to put your website information on the save the date and have the website link to the registries or use work of mouth for where you are registered if you aren’t doing a website.

  • My husband & I included a lot of Kanye West into our wedding too! We got Kanye inspired engagement tattoos and our first dance was to “Otis” by Kanye & Jay-Z. Love it!

  • Really beautiful, and funny. Judging by the invite the wedding will be such a funny event. Lucky guests!


  • I got married on Harry Potter’s birthday, so we used a quote from Ron Weasley and put them in random fortune cookies. 🙂

  • These turned out lovely. So perfect!

    Juliette Laura

  • They turned out so pretty! I’ll remember this for the day – if it ever comes – when I might need some inspiration 🙂

  • my husband designed ours (in a modified trifold seen here: http://natebridi.com/#/work/bridiwedding 2nd still) and i loved them! congrats on the upcoming nuptials! these are great and don’t forget —on that day, the little details will sort themselves out! no stress or worry for you two 🙂

  • I love them! It seems so fun designing them!



  • emma!!! i’m getting married on the same day! and we also made letterpress invitations! (;

  • So cute , unique and beautiful !!! I like the idea very much . xxx

  • soo purr-tty <3 can’t wait for the actual date for photos 😉 very happy for you guys!!

  • These are clever little invites. Thanks for sharing these with us. So personal.

  • Oh Emma! These are so cute! I’m so happy for you!

  • I love how simple and classic they are! Lovely!


  • They look great! Invites can definitely be overwhelming because there are so many options. The love the black and white choice and the important thing is that it speaks true to who you are as a couple.

  • Very nice invites Emma! I love how non-traditional they are. Forgive me if this comes across as rude, I merely want to ask out of innocent curiosity and general interest in how nicknames come about: how did Trey go about being called Trey?

  • So excited for you Emma! I am getting married the same day! I know you will have a beautiful day. Congratulations to you and Trey!

  • My birthday is June 8- and I happen to be a Yeezy fan myself. I’ve had fun sharing the date with him and this year, quite a few brides as well! Ill be thinking warm thoughts of you on that day this year! Congratulations!

  • love that y’all used a local print shop. my husband’s family’s print shop closed a year ago, so i’m very partial to helping out the ‘mom and pop’ shops!
    p.s. love the invite! can’t wait to get mine in the mail 😉

  • They’re wonderful, Emma!
    Sweet and unique – perfect, just like you two.

  • I absolutely LOVE that you put a Kanye West lyric on your invites! So making it your own!!

  • The Kanye quote must be the coolest thing ever on a wedding invitation!

  • love your invites and they’re perfectly you.
    would never have guessed the kayne lyric!
    xo, aiyanajane || www.citystylecountrysmile.com

  • You guys are awesome! I love the Kanye addition, so unexpected and made my day! I cannot wait to see pics of the big day 🙂

  • I love your invites! We went with black for ours, as well… I thought it looked so modern and classy. We also included one of our engagement photos with the invites, too… it’s such a personal touch!

  • beautiful and the kanye quote is absolutely perfect! so real
    kw Ladies in Navy
    Target giveaway!

  • Great invites, so beautiful and the Kanye quote is just awesome.
    Wishing you the best,

  • These invitations are so nice, it’s lovely that it’s personal to you as a couple and not just a generic traditional design (although that is still nice too!) 🙂 xx


  • Wow, love the invites. Great idea!

    Carina xx

  • These are so different, I absolutely love them!! Invites are some of my favorite things in the world.

    xo, Clare

  • that’s so great!


  • Oh my gosh, that Kanye quote. So great.

    But really, these are fantastic looking.

  • love those invites! so creative and cool.


  • Very clever spin on a wedding invite. Everyone is sick of getting the same invitations over and over again – this is a fun alternative. Thanks for sharing!


  • Way cute! Great minds think alike! My roommate is letter pressing our invites in a similar color scheme, just flip flopped! Our entire house can’t wait to see your wedding!!!

  • These are such fun invitations!

    xo Jennifer


  • WANT these invites!


  • Hi guys! Thanks so much for being concerned about my privacy. 🙂 I really did not share anything that makes me uncomfortable, so I’m not worried about anything.

    Appreciate you! Emma

  • They are lovely! Can’t believe the wedding is only one month away! Have fun with all the other preparations! xx


  • Love letter press invites!! Super cute! And I love when people send photos too 🙂


  • Those are such cute invites! I normally don’t like the ticket idea, but you two did it in such a sleek way.

    xo Lisa


  • Your invites are beautiful! I love all things letterpressed! And gold and movie related for that matter.. Congratulations – I’m sure the wedding will be absolutely lovely 🙂 (Can’t wait to read all about it!)

  • I love those invitations! So cute.


  • Such cute invites!!!

    Seaside Beauty http://seasidebeauty.blogspot.com/

  • i LOVE the invites! june 8th is my birthday as well! i’m so excited for you!


  • Those are cute. I am loving that guys mustache in one of the photos. Congrats. My Mr. and I just celebrated our 12th.

  • I love your invitations! I love letterpress and movies and Kanye quotes. We were going to put a Brand New lyric on our invites (You’re just jealous cause we’re young and in love), but decided not to since we both have divorced parents and were worried it would hurt their feelings.

  • We had are wedding invites letter pressed too! It adds so much!

    Love how unique yours are and for the awesome tips!




  • wow, looks great and original. Nothing extra sweet what I didnt like. They are perfect.


  • LOVE those…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • Thye’re great but for privacy, should you really allow people to see date and place? If you want just invited people there…obviously I would never do that, but anybody can read your your blog. Just concerned. They look amazing though!! x

  • That’s such a good idea to include a photo! I wish I had done that! Cute invites, I love the look!

  • Oh my goodness! I’m getting married on June 8th, as well! So excited for you guys, and I love the invite design!
    Congrats, again!

  • I love how they look, gorgeous so simple and beautiful.


  • Wow, your invitations are gorgeous! I love the “ticket” idea, and this design in particular. Including a photo is a nice personal touch, too.

  • A Kayne quote on your wedding invite? I can’t even… I don’t know if that’s the silliest or most awesome thing I’ve ever heard

    xo Ashley

  • Oh Emma these are amazing!!! Your getting married 20 days before me!!Super exciting and all the best with the rest of your planning!!! 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • Very funky! I was reading a British mag the other day in the Maldives…and there was my favourite blog in colour on the pages! Fab! X

  • As a self-proclaimed typography nerd, I’ve gotta say-your brother did a great job! Love the little nod to Yeezy and how you made something classic looking so full of character. And so glad you guys threw engagement photos in there too. I hope more people get on that trend, as I love keeping engagement photos with invites-always fun to look back on!

  • Why are you so Creative? sounds like a fun wedding, and he’s from Fort Worth as well, no? Like me!

  • These are so adorable and they feel very “you” from the blog vibe I get. 🙂

  • These are way cute!



  • It looks really sleek and lovely, like the fact you included a engagement photo, makes it a bit more personal as well.


  • We are getting married later in June (the 22nd) and are doing movie-ticket like invites too. My sister will have the designs done later this week; we’re so excited. We love to through outdoor movie parties and thanks to your sister’s post on her reception we were inspired to have a movie (silently) projecting on one of the walls. So it all felt very us too.

    Love you gold and black and white look and all the tips!

  • Love these invites; so fun! Really cute idea; congratulations.

  • Oh goodness, I am in the process of picking out save the dates & invites and the etiquette is bogging me down as well. I love your approach! So you!

  • Oh my, they look really pretty! I love how they don’t look super fancy but have a really original and very personal touch.

  • These are great!
    really nice design.

    I hope your really enjoying the wedding prep, it’s exciting times!

    Esther x

  • I don’t mean to sound like a creeper but your wedding website might be a little clearer than you want it to be, particularly with addresses listed there.

    (obv, it’s fine if you don’t publish this I just want to make you aware.)

    In other news, yay!

  • Super cute! I’m mid designing my invites as well, and once I firm up the venue will send them in to get printed! Such an exciting time! I like invites that don’t feel too formal too, and that Kanye quote pretty much takes the cake.

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