Episode #11: New Year’s Goals

Happy Monday! It’s our last episode of 2019 and we want to say the BIGGEST thank you! 2019 was such a fulfilling year for us and we’re so glad we finally took the leap to start this podcast. Thank you to the over 500 of you who have taken the time to leave us a review! We appreciate you!

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Show Notes:

Are you more of an Emma or more of an Elsie when it comes to New Year’s goals? Do you prefer one big goal or a new small goal each season?

Music jar

-Here’s the first post I did about our music jar goal last year.

-Here’s the full list of bands in the Larson’s 2019 music jar.

-To see our daughter, Nova, answering a quiz about music look at Jeremy’s IG story highlight “Q+A”
Used clothing challenge
-Here’s the first post where I outlined my goals and “rules” for the challenge.
-And here is update one, two, three and four that I shared throughout the year.
-I loved using Poshmark. Use the code ELSIELARSON for $10 off your first order.
-Do you have any suggestions for a baking course Emma should take?
-Do you have any suggestions for how I should format my one photo a day challenge?
Wireless memory card (to sync your DSLR to your phone for quick editing)

Thank you for an incredible first podcast year!!! In all our years of blogging, we have never felt so connected to our audience. It’s been so special! We’re excited for 2020 … lots of good episodes planned! xx- Elsie

  • Hi guys,
    I don’t have a specific cooking course to offer Emma but while she was talking about her cooking goals on the podcast it made me think of The Little Library Cafe by Katie Young. She takes food/meals from literature and recreates the recipes on her website. She even has some from Harry Potter. It might be fun try out a few from your favorite books!


    I’m loving the podcast! Thank you both so much!

  • Loved the episode! It helped me move threw a couple sticking points with my 2020 goals.

    Also, we do a similar music thing with our kids. We go thru the alphabet and choose a music artist or band for a letter a day. If we can’t think of something for X or Z we just move to the next letter. Love the idea of sticking with the same artist for a week!

  • HOW IS NOVA SO CUTE?! Her little singing of 9 to 5 was perfect. Can she be on the podcast??

  • Hi Elsie and Emma,
    I loved this episode about goal setting. Would you explain the difference (to you) between goals (especially small ones) and a “to do” list. I’ve never been a goal setter and I’m looking forward to setting some goals for 2020. Thanks!

  • Thank you so much. Your podcast has been my favorite since it came out. It really feels like just being in a cozy room listening in on two great friends. I hope you will keep posting for a looong time 🙂 I also just got two courses from you. They are so good and I can’t wait to get better at blogging and book pitching 🙂 Happy new year and lots of love from http://www.skandimama.com

  • I fell off a stage while dancing backwards. during a junior high homecoming performance. The whole school was watching.. I feel ya, Emma.

  • So, I listened to this last week but have been out of town and it was new year and all that jazz. My family is stealing Elsie’s music jar idea this year! We are all music people and some of us are musicians. I told my 15 year old daughter about this and she is SO EXCITED!!! We are starting this week, because of all the above, and I can not wait!! Thanks so much for the idea! ( btw, I love your podcast! i look forward to it every week. it’s like my sister and i sitting around the table small talking. so, thanks for letting me in :)! )

  • I would love to see what you guys pick for your work from home wardrobes! I struggle with this too and could love some comfortable options that make you feel a little put together without putting jeans .. it feels offensive to wear jeans at home.

  • I have a question for Elsie… I can’t remember what episode you spoke about this on either, I’m sorry. Its about the photobooks you make with your daughters artwork… my question is… do you throw away the actual physical artwork? I’m having trouble with this.

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