Episode #17: Wedding Stuff + Traditions We Skipped

This week’s episode is based on a reader question about if there’s anything we’d do differently from our weddings (which were seven and nine years ago now). It was fun to remember our special days and serve up a bit of advice for anyone planning a wedding now. Hope you enjoy it!

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Here are a few photos from Elsie’s wedding:

You can see Elsie’s wedding video here.

Here are a few photos from Emma’s wedding:

-You can see Emma’s wedding video here.

Shout out to Sarah Rhodes who photographed both our weddings and retired from weddings right after Emma’s. She now runs the blog and design company Paro Home.

Other show notes …

-Lol when I say Amy + Tina are hosting the Oscars … oops.

The Outsider … if you’ve been watching, tell us what you think. We’re on the fence.

We’d love to hear your requests for future episodes! This whole episode was inspired by a listener question! xx. Elsie + Emma

  • This podcast has really helped me get through a lonely period. I never feel alone when I’m listening and I have relistened to all of them!

    I would love to know how you guys continue to create- how do you guys find inspiration for new ideas and how do you push ahead during times of creative-block?

  • Feminist rants aren’t bad! Thank you for sharing how you wanted your wedding to represent you, Emma! (I kept my last name too and we edited out any quasi-obeying language in the officiant’s portion of the ceremony).

    • I’m all in on Emma’s feminist rants, haha. I changed my name BUT we chose an officiant partly because I loved that she refuses to use the word “obey” in vows. 🙂

  • I can’t believe Emma’s wedding was seven years ago! I found the blog around that time and remember all the engagement/wedding posts like it was yesterday! I was like 14 and wedding crazy and I loved reading your guys’ posts about your weddings. Elsie’s wedding was my whimsical Pinterest dream. Seriously such a time capsule and I still love it so much. It was the first time I ever heard the quote “birds of a feather flock together” lol and now anytime I hear it I think of your wedding. All this to say I loved this episode, and I just now realized how long I’ve been reading your blog and how young I was when I found it. So special to bring back these memories!

  • Emma, my first Stephen King book was also “On Writing” and it introduced me to his style, which I love. He is best known for horror of course, but he writes quite a bit that’s less horror and more just weird. I recommend reading The Green Mile or 11/22/63. Both will give you a lovely dose of his engaging prose without too much horror. I

  • i LOVED your feminist rant, emma! i have always taken issue with those exact same things and refused to let our pastor ask “who gives this woman away to be married?” uh, I do. it’s my choice…not anyone else’s! i am not owned or chattle.

    the only thing i definitely wanted to do was change my name – my maiden name is jones and i was sooooo ready to ditch it and stop being the 4th sarah jones in the immediate vicinity. i felt like princess consuela banana hammock when i finally got to get it changed XD

  • I literally paid the deposit on our wedding venue yesterday, shortly before listening to this episode. I loved it! Especially Emma’s feminist rant 🙂 I liked looking at the photos too – the feather boutonnieres are so cool!

  • Okay loved this episode !!!

    And if you’re going to read Stephen King …
    My boyfriend and I are big Stephen King fans and we’ve read so many but our favourites are:
    IT… It is scary but it’s also an incredible coming of age story.
    11/22/63 is more of a sci-fi love story. The premise is incredibly interesting but the core of it is a really sweet love story.
    The Stand is just epic
    The Dark Tower Series is also amazing. The first book is confusing until you read the whole series then everything makes sense. And it’s really hard not to love the characters. There are also alot of characters in the Dark Tower that are featured in other novels of his… So it’s really fun to try and find those Easter eggs and then read the novels those characters are also featured in!

    While many of his novels are absolutely terrifying, his style of writing has a charm to it that we love and highly recommend!!!

  • My husband and I went on our first date when I was 12 and we have been together ever since (juuuuuust about 17 years now). We got married a month after I turned 19 and we just did it at the court house. We have talked about renewing our vows and doing the whole ceremony thing, but time just flies. Honestly the longer we go, the more I think…………… why? We’ve been involved in lots of friend’s weddings and it’s stressful and expensive. One day we might plan a trip, like when the kids are teenagers (they are 3 and 7 right now so it’ll be awhile) and I’ll get a beautiful dress and we’ll do our own thing but overall I have no regrets. I think as long as you and your partner are on the same page, you should do what makes you happy.

  • EMMA!
    I felt soo heard when you did the feminist rant!! I‘ve thought so much about these topics in regards to my upcoming wedding and I could never put my finger on it what it was exactly that bothered me. But you put in such clear words and stayed respectful to everyone else. Thank you!

  • Great timing with this one as I’m getting married in November! So great to hear all your thoughts!
    Loving the podcast as always ☺️
    Grace xx

  • I found you ladies through Pinterest with the amazing photo of Elise’s bridesmaids tights! So many great years!

  • Loved this episode! My wedding was very DIY 5 years ago and I still look back and loveeee everything!

    Are you guys still not sure about the Outsider? There was one episode early on that kinda made me question if I was going to love it (after loving the first few episodes) and then it quickly passed and I love it so so so much! Tonight’s episode was INTENSE!!

  • loved this episode! when I think of/describe my favorite weddings it’s always you two that pop up in my head

  • Both my sister and I, at our respective weddings, had the whole thing at one venue. Saved any travel time, made it super chilled and didn’t have to worry about cars. We even stayed there, so we were able to get ready there.

  • This was such a fun episode! When Emma shared her story of making her own wedding dress several years ago and how special it was to have friends and family involved inspired me to make my own with the help of loved ones. It was such a special experience (and I saved a bunch of $$)!

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