Episode #20: Our Clean Skincare + Beauty Favorites

Hello, hello! Happy Monday! This week, we are taking a break from our usual home stuff and talking about clean skincare and beauty. So many of you have requested this episode. It’s a bit of a wildcard, but a subject that we care so deeply about! I hope it is helpful or at least a fun listen.

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Show notes: 
OK, let me first say … Emma’s dogs are barking throughout this episode and we are sorry, haha—but honestly, that’s life, right?

Skin Cleanse Book 
This is our clean beauty bible. If you find clean beauty confusing, we HIGHLY recommend this book. Learning about clean skincare/beauty can be so overwhelming at first. How do you know which brands/products are truly clean and which are just marketing that way (AKA lying!). This book really helps get a base of knowledge for the beginning of a clean product transition.

Clean beauty IS real. I am not going to spend time defending how or why today, instead I’ll just say read this book if you want to learn more. 😀

Think Dirty App
When I was first transitioning, this was so helpful for general brand awareness. You can look up brands and products and see their scores (from 1 to 10, 10 being the “worst”). There are A LOT of brands that market themselves as clean, but are actually just as bad or worse than other conventional brands. There are also brands and products that are surprisingly clean. And, last, there are my favorites … brands you can trust across the board. These are the brands I tend to stick with.

One more tip! You can go on the app and just search “laundry soap” or “foundation” or “shampoo” to compare popular brands and see some new ones that are clean.

Elsie’s morning routine products: 

-rinse with water
Thayers Toner (Rose)
Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist
Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen
Face Hero Face Oil
Frankincense Essential Oil

Emma’s morning routine products:
Burt’s Bees Cleaning Oil and Juice Beauty Green Apple Cleansing Bar
One Love Skin Dew
COOLA Mineral Primer + SPF
COOLA Scalp and Hair Mist + SPF

Elsie’s night routine products: 

-Double cleanse, oil base cleanser (Leahlani smells soooo good, but any oil will work)
-use a water-based cleanser 
Toner (use a cotton pad or just your hands and press it into your face)
Face Hero Face Oil with one drop of Frankincense
-Eye cream Biossance or Boscia
-Face serum (Herbivore Prism is so good, and I like leave-on masks like Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask)
Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask
-Masks (ESW Beauty Raw Juice Mask or Leahlani Mermaid Mask

Emma’s night routine products: 

I just noticed Emma says LAY-Lani and I say LEE-Uh-Lani … which is right? Who knows??

Elsie’s makeup: 

-ILIA (love it all, but this highlighter and these multi-sticks are my favorite)
Bite Beauty Lip Crayon for making your lips look bigger—I outline my lips a lot.
Jane Iredale primer + foundation

Emma’s makeup:
-Rejuva Minerals Blush
-Pink House Organics Glow Sticks
-100% Pure Matte Lipstick
-One Over One Lip Oil

Facials and treatments:
-BBL (photo facial)-light therapy for sun spots.
-Microneedling (collagen encouraging)
-microneedling with added PRP and PRP injections
-Skin Pharm in Nashville (and Atlanta soon)

Goop Lab is on Netflix and the main episode Emma references regarding skin is #4 “The Health-Span Plan.”
We love you, Elsie + Emma
  • I absolutely love your podcast! I listen to a lot of different podcasts and ya’ll’s has quickly become one of my faves! I love listening to it on the way into work Monday morning. It starts my week off on a great note!

  • I totally love the podcast and listen weekly! I just wanted to mention a product you might like that I use on my face. It’s called everyday oil. You can look them up on Instagram or on the web. They are in Black Mountain NC. It’s has so many amazing uses and smells amazing! I think you’d love it!

  • Hey Emma – re your dry eyes, have you tried sea buckthorn oil? You can get it as a supplement (capsule) or as a serum/gel. My optician recommended it for my dry eye. I’ve been taking it for 6 weeks now and I can definitely feel the benefit. Might be worth a try??

  • I always had dry eyes when I was taking the pill. When I gave it up, it helped a lot. And daily contact lenses are better for dry eyes. Right now I am lazy and wearing glasses all the time 🙂 It’s better for the eyes. No contacts can be as good as the good old glasses.

  • Emma,
    I too struggle with very dry eyes and have a problem with driving at night because of it. A couple months ago I found something that has really been working well for me. I use Systane eye drops. Also a dermatologist I follow online said that chemical sunscreens tend to irritate eyes more, so I switched to a fragrance free mineral sunscreen. Between those 2 things, I’ve had zero issues with watery eyes while driving at night. One more thing… I‘be found that having the heat or air directed at your face makes the dryness worse too. Hope this is helpful.

  • I LOVE your podcast and this episode in particular was super helpful, thanks!
    Emma, I have some light melasma too and even if others say they can’t see it, I do and its very annoying! I’ve tried lots of different stuff to get rid of it but nothing seems to work, do you have any tips or recommendations on what has worked for you?
    Would love to hear about it!

  • Curious to know do either of you consider yourselves to have sensitive skin?

  • Do you have any “clean” eyeliner or mascara recommendations? All the things I’ve tried tend not to stay all day and get smudged. Elsie your eye makeup is always perfect! What do you use?

  • hi all, i have really been enjoying your podcasts. just wanted you to know that i really loved the byte products too but sadly i seem to have some serious allergic reaction to them — and i am not alone once i started googling. my lips swelled up and i started to get blisters. it was so weird and disconcerting. i’d never had that happen to me before. any other ideas for lip products — mine are so dry — would be great. thanks for all your content. laura

  • I loved this episode on clean beauty!! Such an important topic. Have either of you ever tried Beautycounter? You should give a few of their makeup and skincare products a try!

  • I tried the Burt’s Bees oil and the Thayers toner. MY LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED.

    Thank you for making it so easy to find a place to start with clean beauty. ❤️

  • Elsie, you mentioned that you don’t use clean foundations. Have you tried the glossier perfecting skin tint? I love it! It’s just the right amount of coverage for me!

  • Hi there! Just recently listened to this episode and really enjoyed it as I have been in the process of migrating to cleaner products. I have one question for you. You guys super briefly mentioned some kind of beauty subscription box (I think) in the episode. If so, can you tell me which one that is and if it is specifically clean beauty products? Thanks so much!

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