Episode #23: Things To Do At Home

Hi everyone. Wow, WHAT AN INSANE FEW WEEKS … wow wow. This is our first episode since we’ve been self-quarantining, so we decided to spend this episode talking about things to do at home. We’ll chat about what’s on our to-do lists, how different our experiences are (with and without kiddos at home) and share some stuff that sparks joy during this challenging time.

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Show Notes:
-We mention Episode #22 (our Airbnb biz episode), which is pretty ironic since our business is one of the many businesses that is hit pretty hard by the quarantine (we’re not complaining, just acknowledging how WEIRD the timing of that episode may have seemed).

10 Things to do while we stay home: 

Elsie: Catch up on those half-finished books and projects. Watch any Oscar movies you never got around to watching.

Emma: Deep clean or organize something. Maybe something fun and something less fun?

Idea- If you clean out craft supplies, leave some on the porch of one of your friends with kiddos. 🙂

Elsie: Work on a personal goal you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Em and I are each trying to write a book right now, so maybe this is our big chance???

Emma: Go on walks and work out at home. Or dance with your kids if they won’t leave you alone (cough, cough).

Elsie: Make a list of memories you want to do as a family or in your home. Date night at home, baking cookies, picnic on the porch … etc.!

Emma: Make routines and rituals daily to help your health. Call friends, call your grandma, take your vitamins, do a face mask. These small things help.

Elsie: Eat your meals in a “fun spot.” This is more a tip for people with kiddos, but it’s something that has helped us to feel the special feelings, even in the midst of a big move.

-Here’s a link to my gathre mat that we love for picnics (and art). They are wipeable and really last.

Emma: Cook or bake something for fun!

Emma’s favorite no-bake cookie recipe. Also, these four-ingredient cookies are really good!

Elsie: Make a list of creative projects you want to do. I LOVE THIS SHIT. It really helps me. Watercoloring is so fun. And I’m still enjoying working on my Curated Closet Workbook.

Emma mentions her love of Clover Robin’s collage art and also her book.

Emma: Limit your time consuming news and social media.

Listener question: We chat about ways to reduce the number of harmful ingredients in your home. Here are a few helpful links:

Elsie’s green mattress
-For “cleaner” cleaning products we love Seventh Generation.
-Diffusing essential oils 95% of the time, and only using candles on occasion.
-Opening our windows every day.
-If you only want to do one simple thing, spray your perfume on your clothing NEVER on your skin. 🙂
-Here are a few links to green posts: 25 Clean Living Posts, Why Clean Beauty Matters, Elsie’s Clean Cosmetics Favorites … more posts here.

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Big news: We decided to launch MINI EPISODES this week. Starting today, there will be a full-length episode (this one!) and also a mini episode, which is under 20 minutes! We hope it brightens your week! XX- Elsie + Emma

  • I think I’ve organised every cupboard I wanted to in this house during self-isolation and I am not mad about it at all! I’ve also been cooking nicer meals as I have time to think and actually put some effort into it and that feels lovely too.


  • I love the free little library. I’ve been culling a collection of my own books I’d like to use for a FLL once we can share things again. Do you have more info on the build of this design?

  • I normally aspire to reach Emma-level coolness, so today is so exciting because I actually totally relate to you in this episode! Stocking up on books and coffee to continue your usual self isolation is a real mood. Thank you both for the encouragement! Stay well!

  • Loved hearing all these fun ideas! One note: quarantine is different than shelter-in-place or stay at home orders. Quarantine means you are not making contact with ANYONE outside your house and not leaving your house (I.e. not picking up takeout). I think it’s important to get these terms right as there’s so much confusion around the facts right now. Thank you for keeping things positive!

  • Hi Elsie and Emma,
    I’ve just finishing listening to this podcast episode and one thing that struck me the most was the guilt and sadness you expressed about not having a “useful job” that can help people during this pandemic. The timing of this episode is quite eerie, as I had been thinking about writing to you anyway before it aired. I’d like to share a different perspective with you.

    I am a doctor living in Australia. At the moment, we are lucky to have much fewer cases of COVID 19 than areas like the US. However, one of the most heartbreaking and frustrating things I have witnessed during this pandemic, is many members of the public’s unwillingness to stay at home. Working in the health system, I know that without excellent social distancing, it is only a matter of time before our hospitals become overwhelmed, and both patient’s and health care workers lives are placed at risk.

    We know that the best thing anyone can do to reduce the impact of the pandemic, is to stay at home. The truth is, healthcare workers are not the “front line” of the fight against COVID 19, we are the last line of defence. The real front line is every single member of the public, who has the capacity to reduce the number of cases simply by self isolating or quarantining themselves.

    With this in mind, PLEASE DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE AND VALUE OF WHAT YOU DO in giving people skills, advice and resources to make their home a place they want to be! Not to mention the many tutorials and ideas for children you provide, which are probably keeping many parents sane while their kids are off school.

    We’ve all seen the memes and heard the phrases “saving the world by sitting on the couch/ watching Netflix”. What blogs like yours offer is an alternative to this proposal. Imagine if we could emerge from this period of social isolation as more engaged parents, more creative, literate and innovate human beings? That to me, sounds like a job worth valuing.

  • Your podcast is one of the things I do for myself, it brings me joy! Please don’t underestimate the importance of your job right now. I used to listen on my way to pick up my toddler from daycare. Now that we are all home I’m carving out special time to listen. I’ve listened to all of the episodes and have used a lot of your ideas (love the curated closet!). I appreciate how intentional you guys are about having creative outlets.- it’s really inspired me to do the same.
    One topic I’d love to hear about sometime is tattoos- how you came to get yours, advice you have for others, how do you know when to pull the trigger and get one, etc.

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