Episode #28: (MINI) Interview with Nova Winter Larson

Haha—this week’s mini episode is a rapid fire “interview” with Elsie’s 4-year-old daughter, Nova. We hope you enjoy it!

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This episode is just for fun and silly, but listening back I am so glad I have it so I can listen to it on repeat when she is, like, 16 years old! Hope you all enjoy it too. xx- Elsie

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Episode 28 Transcript

Elsie: Ok, so this is a special episode, a mini episode, and it is 10 questions with Nova Winter Larson, my daughter. And yeah, hopefully you enjoy it. All right. So the first question, Actually I’m not going to say which one’s which. Because we might change around. All right. Which holiday is your favorite Halloween or Christmas?

Nova: Halloween.

Elsie: Why?

Nova: Because I love to wear my lion costume!

Elsie: Oh okay! Which one do you love the best, witches, vampires, or zombies?

Nova: I don’t like any of those.

Elsie: Oh. Which one do you like?

Nova: To pretend?

Elsie: Yeah.

Nova: I would POOF the window!

Elsie: Yes!

Nova: Into a lion. And I would clap, clap, clap.

Elsie: You kind of wish you were a witch so you could do some magic?

Nova: Mmhmm.

Elsie: What is your favorite thing to do at home with Marigold?

Nova: Play with her.

Elsie: What do you play?

Nova: Ring around the rosies!

Elsie: Okay. Which dog do you love more? Dolly or Suki?

Nova: Dolly.

Elsie: And why?

Nova: I love both of them.

Elsie: Aww.

Nova: Because they’re both old.

Elsie: They’re old, huh? Okay. What kind of job does your mommy and daddy do. You know how grown ups have jobs?

Nova: Yeah.

Elsie: What is your mommy’s job and your daddy’s job?

Nova: You blog.

Elsie: Oh! And what’s daddy’s?

Nova: Playing piano and playing drums and his keyboard and his…and his trumpet.

Elsie: Okay. That was a pretty good answer. Okay. What is something that you don’t know how to do yet, but you’re so excited to learn when you get bigger?

Nova: Whistling. Cuz I don’t know how to whistle!

Elsie: Yeah. Try to whistle. Just try.

Nova: *blows air* That doesn’t sound like whistling.

Elsie: Yeah. It’s not a whistle yet, but we’ll keep trying.

Nova: But the little sound is a whistle, right?

Elsie: Yeah. Are you ready for your next question?

Nova: Yeah.

Elsie: What is your favorite food in the whole wide world?

Nova: Rice.

Elsie: Rice, and what else?

Nova: And…macaroni.

Elsie: Ooh. Ok. Can you tell me a story of the happiest thing that you can ever, ever remember?

Nova: Oh, you mean our at our old house?

Elsie: Yeah. Anywhere it can be from any time, anywhere in your whole life. What’s the happiest you remember?

Nova: I used to I used to play daddy’s trumpet there.

Elsie: Aww that’s so sweet.

Nova: And I do this *makes trumpet noises*. Oh, let’s do which restaurant do you like?

Elsie: OK. What restaurant is your favorite restaurant?

Nova: Rainforest Cafe.

Elsie: Rainforest Cafe! That is accurate. OK. Let’s see. How do you like sharing a bedroom with Marigold?

Nova: Good! Can I say some words by myself?

Elsie: Yeah. Go ahead.

Nova: And I…mom is the best podcaster.

Elsie: Aww.

Nova: And momma’s the best blogger too.

Elsie: Oh, really?

Nova: Yeah.

Elsie: Thank you, sweetheart. That made my day.

Nova: What’s blogger mean?

Elsie: You know, it’s like…I write things on my web site on the computer and teach people how to, you know, like paint their walls or make something fun, make a craft, make a recipe…

Nova: Wait wait wait, one day daddy paint a wall!

Elsie: Right. Yeah. Daddy, he’s been on the blog, too. OK.

Nova: And sometimes he was on the podcast.

Elsie: That’s right. What is your favorite song?

Nova: Ring Around the Rosie. Because Here’s how it goes: Ring around the rosie pocket full of posies ashes ashes we all fall down! That’s a funny song. And I love Hakuna Matata.

Elsie: OK. Do you want to sing that?

Nova: *sings* Hakuna Matata. But one day I got to get up and sing it.

Elsie: You did! She got to sing Hakuna Matata in front of her school.

Nova: Yeah. Me too.

Elsie: Yeah. Was that your first time on a stage?

Nova: No. That was in the gym.

Elsie: OK. *laughs)

Nova: Where we play off our balls.

Elsie: Right.

Nova: And we got to sing Hakuna Matata in front of our special friends!

Elsie: Yeah girl. What do you want to be for Halloween next year?

Nova: A lion.

Elsie: A lion again?

Nova: Yeah.

Elsie: You know you can be anything you want.

Nova: RAWR!

Elsie: OK. So what is your favorite ride at Disney World?

Nova: *sings* It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all it’s a small, small world!

Elsie: Alright! Okay, what are you the most excited to do that only big kids can do.

Nova: I already know how to dribble.

Elsie: Oh, you already know how to dribble. OK. What else do you want to learn?

Nova: I want to learn to do it like this big and then catch.

Elsie: Oh okay.

Nova: And that’s what big kids can do.

Elsie: OK, one last question. Can you sing Sugar Town?

Nova: Sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sugar town!

Elsie: Nice! Oh wait I have one more. What do you want to be when you grow up for your job?

Nova: I want to be. I want to be…I want to be a worker’s man.

Elsie: A workers man?

Nova: Yeah.

Elsie: What’s that mean?

Nova: I want to be a worker’s man to work! I want to work on broken things.

Elsie: Thank you so much for being on the podcast Novi…alright, she’s walking away. It’s over.

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  • Love her little scratchy voice! “They are both old” (about the dogs!) LOL. So impressed that she understands what your job is!
    “And I…my momma is the best podcaster!”
    “What does blogger mean?” ha!
    Ruby loves “Atuna mutata” too 🙂

  • Oh, Nova! She’s so much fun!! Go, Nova!
    I can’t imagine my 3yo answering so many questions ?? Or one question, hahaha. I honestly didn’t expect to love this episode so much ?

    • Awe thank you! She did a good job- I was impressed too haha. You never know at that age!

  • I finally got around to listening! I laughed so hard I cried. What a glorious girl and she knows a thing or two about good blogging, eh?!?
    I am going to do this with my 3 and 5 year olds. Except NO ONE will ever listen to it except me, probably sobbing, or maybe laughing. Or maybe both.

  • Her little voice is life affirming. I love this so much. More Nova on the podcast!

  • I listen to your podcast like you are both my dearest friends – I usually (before quarantine) listened to them on my early morning Tuesday commute or travel days and enjoy them so much since my closest friends have moved away. It was my girl time in-between face times around the country. I now listen when I go get my kids during our quarantine. This particular episode made me smile and giggle and I listened twice. Nova is darling and reminds me so much of my daughter when she was that age. Just wanted to send a thank you since some times smiles and genuine laughter are harder to come by right now.

  • Omg this was amazing, I laughed, I teared up, it was everything. I think you should do this annually, keep some of the same questions, but add some as she gets older. Thank you for sharing <3

  • This was an EXCELLENT interview. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. She did a great job, and I learned a lot! This is the compelling content the internet needs 😀

  • LOVE her!! What a poppet! Such a wonderful thing to keep for ever. And maybe repeat every 4 years….

  • I listened with my 3 year old and we both loved it! Nova is ADORABLE and my little girl has been missing other kids. We played Ring Around the Rosie for like an hour afterwards ?

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