Episode #29: What’s Your Vacation Mode?

Hello and happy Monday!

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*Disclaimer (lol) we’re not traveling—we’re CHATTING about traveling from quarantine. Don’t flip out. We felt like some dreaming about the future might be good for us all right now! Plus, we’re excited to support tourist industry once it’s safe to do so again.

Show notes: 

Here’s a photo from our favorite trips we’ve taken (we go more into detail on each trip in the episode).

Emma: Norway

Elsie: ISLA MUJERES (Sea Shell house)

Here’s a link to the bnb … it’s magical!


Elsie: Disney World and Disneyland (LOL)

-Which Harry Potter house do you think Nova is??

-Here’s an illustration of Frozenland that’s going to be built for Paris Disney.

-Here’s the trailer for The Imagineering Story on Disney+

Emma: SWITZERLAND (and here are a few photos from other memorable trips recently)

Elsie: Palm Springs (slash Joshua Tree + Salvation Mountain)

Our travel wishlist:

-Santa Fe, New Mexico + Meow Wolf

-In Europe: Paris, Italy, Greece, Turkey
-Beachy: Pink Beach in Bermuda, Bora Bora + Hawaii (Maui + Kawaii) and Australia
-Asia: China (for a real vacation), Thailand, Vietnam
-Banff/Lake Louise

-Our Great Wall Of China pics.

Listener question: We’re chatting about boundaries! We love this question and could probably do a whole episode on this topic.

On that note, we’re really sailing on new episodes through this quarantine. It’s one of the parts of our week that is bringing us a lot of joy! If you have any requests for a topic you’d like us to cover for an episode or even a question, just let us know! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has left us a review and shared our podcast with friends! We truly appreciate you!

  • i went to sante fe in February and went to meow wolf after you mentioned it in a podcast! it was AMAZINNGGGGGG. i also stayed in ojo caliente (about an hour outside of sante fe) at the hot springs resort. i feel like you would love it, emma!

  • Last February I went to Lofoten because of your blogpost, Emma. Unfortunately we didn’t see the northern lights, but luckily the landscape alone was very impressive! Pictures don’t do it justice, the place is so magical.

  • As a travel adorer I envy you on your travel list <3 sending greetings from Croatia, I really hope Emma you will have a chance to visit us, let me know if you'll need any recommendations 🙂

  • Emma, thank you so much for sharing all your colder climate vacation destinations! Everyone I know thinks that I’m so weird for wanting to go to places that are cold instead of warmer beach destinations.

  • Emma, you will absolutely love Santa Fe!! It is super magical and there is tons to do. Albuquerque has a famous hot air balloon festival too. New Mexico in general is just magical. Also, Meow Wolf is 100% worth the hype.

    • I was going to point that out, too! Albuquerque is only about an hour’s drive to Santa Fe. Balloon Fiesta is in October which is also a really pretty time of year in NM. And if you do fly into Albuquerque (bigger airport than Santa Fe), take the turquoise trail to Santa Fe. It’s a little bit longer, but scenic and you’ll drive through Madrid, NM which is a cute little town with lots of galleries and a really good chocolate shop. Well, assuming all those small businesses survive this time. Also, there’s a singing road on that route!

      Thanks for the short mental escape from our current reality!

  • Seriously can’t get enough of all of your podcasts! And yes you need to visit Lake Louise, it’s actually more beautiful than you could imagine. We are lucky to live only an hour and a half away. Hearing you talk about it makes me realize we don’t visit it enough or fully appreciate it being in our backyard.

    I’ve tried to find podcasts that I can relate to and not find annoying and I have to say yours is by far my favourite. The only complaint I’d have is that I’m running out of episodes to listen to, please do more!! I also feel like during this social distancing, releasing a podcast once every two days would be my dream! ;P

  • I am so there and have been fantasizing & planning trips. I have a passion for seeing medieval citadels and Dubrovnik, Croatia is definitely on the list. You should check out Gotland medieval week, it is amazing and Gotland is gorgeous!! Also, Santa Fe is beautiful and the food is yummy.

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