Episode #34: (MINI) Our Work From Home Tips

Hi! As you may know, we’ve each worked from home for many years now, so we used this mini episode to share what works for us and what doesn’t … haha.

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Show Notes: 

-We mention Get To Work Book, which we both use and love and is owned by a dear friend of ours who we call “our third sister,” Elise Blaha Cripe.  Emma shares that she loves the Perpetual Calendar Notepad.

-Book recommendation: The Now Habit.

Here are a few links to past blog posts on this same subject:

How to be your most productive self. 

How batch working changed my life.

-And a real oldie on working from home.

Happy Monday and thank you so much for listening to the podcast! XX

  • Just wondering if you’ve ever bumped up against fear of Success, and if so how you overcame it? A lot of us talk about fear of failure, but the bigger hidden fear is of succeeding. This episode about working from home was very helpful to me, because it’s something I want to pivot towards. But I dont pursue it because of fear of success! Anybody but me feel this way???

  • I’d love an episode on batch working as suggested in this episode! 🙂

  • Hi! Love your podcasts! Do you have a post of what your work from home space looks like? Or do you move about? I have an office type space that I want to make into a cozy reading/working nook. Any tips would be great 😁

  • I would love to hear you expand on the different work environments your company has had over the years (pros/cons, maybe why the old one’s didn’t work for you and why WFH is best at least right now). I’ve read the blogs since before I could drive and I loved thinking about how cool your store must have been and how cool working out of your studio house must have been and I know I was just seeing the outsider perspective. It’s been incredibly interesting to hear you guys break down why you decided to close the store, stop the clothes line and various apps; I’m curious about the progression to working from home.

  • I’d love to hear more about balancing domestic duties and parenting duties with working from home. Who does what and when, how things are decided between partners, who comes in from the outside to help and when. Love this!

  • I was so excited to hear about the Perpetual Calendar Notepad! I have been looking for something like this for a while since like Emma I like to plan my weeks out like this. I just placed my order for it! Also like Emma, I’ve learned that I have to put something besides pjs/workout clothes to be in “work mode.”

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