Episode #37: Our Dream Home Offices

Hi there! This week’s episode is all about our dream home offices. We’ve both spent a LOT of time dreaming and visualizing, so this episode is full of hopes and dreams. We also get back to our roots with some guilty pleasure treasures!

You can stream the episode here on the blog or on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayTuneInPocket Casts, and Stitcher. You can find the podcast posts archive here.

Show notes:

-Emma wants an office with a DOOR, lol. By the way, here’s a photo of Emma’s current home office. See more photos here.

-Elsie’s dream office is basically a replica of Darcy Miller’s office, who is a FOREVER inspiration to both of us. You can follow Darcy on IG here.

-A photo of Emma’s “diaper dog” Love Love (aka Lovers). He’s a good boy!

-Elsie’s office struggles are currently related to not having a home office at all. If you work from home without a proper office space, I’d love to hear your tips and tricks! To make it even trickier, we also don’t have any dining room tables yet … but we will probably next month. Specifically, where do you keep your printer and your essential documents/files?

-Here’s a pic of Elsie’s former office (it was always a LOT messier than this). More pics here.

Here’s a link to Elsie’s printer (the big one—it prints up to 13×19) and Emma’s printer (which includes a scanner).

-Do you enjoy perusing stationery supplies just for fun? We do!

-Emma makes a good point that you may spend more time in your office than any other room, so prioritizing your office and making it beautiful, organized and functional makes a lot of sense!

-Here’s a photo of the modern room dividers Emma mentions as a solution for her no-door issues.

I found this image at IkeaHackers, but I am not sure that’s the original source. If anyone knows the original source, please let us know in the comments so we can link them.

-Elsie talks about open vs. closed shelves (in kitchen, but this applies to offices as well). If I had to choose 100% open or 100% closed, I would choose OPEN every time. But I think the best office or kitchen for me would be a combination of both open and closed storage!

-Elsie’s guilty pleasure treasure: Open Book by Jessica Simpson (10/10)

-Also loving the Libby app for listening to audiobooks for free!

-Emma’s guilty pleasure treasure: Seedlip non-alcoholic spirit.

-Here’s a link to our mocktail recipes, and this one too, if you like Bloody Marys.

Thank you so much for listening! :)) There is no mini episode this week. If you have topic requests for future episodes, we’d love to hear them!

P.S. We have been working hard to bring you a weekly transcript of our podcast, so that is coming soon!!

  • I’ve really been enjoying the business episodes of the podcast! Even though I’m a government employee… I guess I have other dreams…

  • Hey Elsie and Emma!
    I just wanted to leave you a note saying I’m loving the podcast and look forward to new episodes every Monday. We met briefly in Amsterdam a few years ago, when I was speaking (about Pinterest) at a blogging conference that you were keynoting for and I’ve been following you both since. Love the honesty and vulnerability in the podcast episodes and especially love the more business-focused episodes mixed with your personal stories and tips.

    I would LOVE to hear more about how you girls moved your business from let’s say ‘economy class’ to ‘business class’ (I’m a travel blogger, so can only think in travel-related terms, haha), with which I mean the process of first starting to hire people (where did you find them, what tasks did you first outsource?), getting started with your first products – and maybe even more about dealing with having other people contribute to something that is such a personal thing like your blog that you’ve been running alone for a few years.

    Is it really ‘only’ a matter of setting clear goals of where you want your business to be and then making conscious decisions such as hiring for your weaknesses? Or did(do) you feel that you have to actively keep balancing the line between wanting to keep full control and have creative freedom (and maybe sabotaging/holding yourself back a bit because you’re scared of what comes next) versus just getting over yourself, getting s- done and asking for help because that’s what will keep moving your business forward?

    I’m always scared that in order to take that ‘next step’ with my own blog, I have to either disconnect emotionally a bit or give something up in order to get there (#TeamPerfectionist #TeamControlFreak) – would love to hear what your experience was with building a team and if you have any advice for bloggers on developing a growth/business mindset.

    Hope my question(s) makes sense. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to future episodes!

    Love from Amsterdam,
    Nienke (pronounced ‘neen-kuh’, – when I’m at Starbucks on my travels I have them write down ‘Susan’ because it’s easier for everyone, ah well…)

    • Hello again. What an incredibly thoughtful comment / question. We’d love to talk on this more in a future episode. Thanks for taking the time to connect!

  • I had my husband out a shelf and an outlet in a closet for our printer. With the kids having distance learning and is printing at home it’s been so great. Before I’d just plug it in when needed. We also just bought a metal filing cabinet for the garage for papers we both need to keep that can’t fit in our single file drawer inside the house. I didn’t want the cabinet inside.

  • Hi! Loved hearing you chat about your offices and organizational styles! The way you were talking about open vs. closed storage reminded me of a home organization blogger/podcaster called “Clutterbug” – she has a great quiz and rubric to figure out these best way to organizer your home based on your “clutterbug”
    personality. It’s really neat to think about! I love both of your office spaces!

  • Hi Emma and Elsie! I am a huge huge fan of your longtime blog and now podcast! I started following you all back when you posted the kitchen with the “stamped” oranges on the walls.

    Listening to the podcast this week I heard you both mention that you’re short. Can you pretty please do an episode about being short/dressing and shopping for short people?? I’m only 5’2” and most times have a hard time figuring out how to make mainstream clothes fit and look good!! Share all of your tips!!

  • I’m very curious to hear y’all talk about creative blocks and how to overcome! Really love the podcast, it’s lovely to feel like I’m getting to know you both better 😀

  • Thank you Elsie for mentioning Libby today! So many people are unaware of how much material they can get for free from their public library. And electronic books and ebooks are a no-contact solution. I also nodded my head listening to Emma and her diaper dog – ours uses a belly band. I can completely relate. You ladies are the best!

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