Episode #40: Side Hustles

Hi everyone! This week, we are talking all things side hustles. We hope this is helpful to some who have been considering making a change or adding a side hustle due to COVID-19.

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Show notes:

ABM print shop. In June, 100% of proceeds with go to ColorOfChange.org

How I Built This Podcast is a HUGE trove of business inspiration.

-Here is my friend Leah’s T-shirt side biz that we reference. She gives a portion of each sale to a charitable cause.

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xx- Elsie + Emma

  • Please read regarding appropriation regarding both the term and the concept of a “side hustle”:

    Also, please consider how much space white folks need to take up. This is what it can look like to give up power. How many endeavors does one need? How many resources must be consumed to take up more and more space and opportunities, especially when you already have more than enough in your foundation and especially when everything is so much more accessible when white?

    I also suggest investing in research regarding race and entrepreneurship, race and business ownership, and race property ownership (to consider for your bnb business). How much do you need?

    • That’s an interesting question, and it made me think for a few days afterwards, so thank you for that :). Maybe part of the answer is to help others in their endeavours, rather than simply to step back?
      I went and listened to the podcast, and realized it’s all about the advice they have for other people to ‘take up more space’, if they are so inclined. Emma and Elsie can’t go back and undo their businesses of course, but they’re using those experiences to help others, and hopefully lots of those others will be POC :).

      • They can’t undo their businesses, but they could step down or appoint a BIPOC into a position of power in their company (like the CEO of Reddit did).

        Sure, providing advice on a podcast could result in a marginalized person gleaning knowledge and actualizing a dream— but how is that quantifiable or provable? It just seems like the lazy way to make space, when they actually have a lot of power to recruit and hire people today.

        It’s also limiting to dismiss the broader conversation around this. Traditionally, side hustles were necessary for poor people because their main source of income was insufficient to live off of. Blogging is a predominantly white industry, why not explore why that is? You can be a lifestyle blog and still acknowledge privilege, injustice, and activism.

  • Good to think about, how much do any of us need? For me ? enough to support my family, friends and community.

    Lots of good tips and things to consider, and for reminding me of digital sales and projects, particularly helpful as I was listening while racing around my studio packing up another $4 card to get to the post office on time! Thank you

  • This podcast was just the push I needed to jump in and start working on creating e-courses. Thank you for the valuable advice and perspective!

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