Episode #45: Covid Pivots

Hi hi hi. This week, we’re talking about big pandemic-related life changes! After Elsie shared her big moving news, we heard from so many of you who have experienced BIG life changes. Many are very sad, some are inspiring, most of them are VERY surprising. It’s all over the map! We’re exciting to share your stories today. What a time to be alive, right??

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Show notes:
-In this episode, we share a LOT of different stories. We’d love to hear about your unique story here in the comments. COVID has affected our lives in so, so many ways and as a result we have a collective endless well of REALLY interesting stories.

-We mention Episode #41: Emma’s quarantine novel and Episode #42: Oops, I’m moving again.

-Sorry about the dogs barking. Emma’s elderly dog has separation anxiety from her. Poor little buddy. 🙂

-Emma mentions @MiddleClassFancy

-Elsie mentions @Ramit (per usual)

-Follow Shoe Makes New (congratulations Emma for starting your new blog—it’s beautiful!!!)

-Send us your stories, questions or episode requests anytime at podcast AT abeautifulmess DOT com (we are also accepting ghost stories, haha).

We love you! Emma + Elsie

  • Would love to hear a mini episode about buying a house! Planning to be a first-time home buyer and would love some tips!

  • I was all set to move back home to LA from Northern VA when everything was shut down. Had to postpone because of job security and was paranoid I could take the virus home to my parents. Staying put until opportunities pop back up. Very sad and disappointing but trying to make the best of it and grateful we have a home and health.

  • I loved this episode. It was so cool to hear stories from others about their big changes. We have decided to move out of the city and a little bit more into the country (we live in Michigan) Pre Covid we had talked about it but we were so tied to our location with school and my husbands work that we never did it. He is now permanently working from home and school is looking so different that it’s honestly the perfect time. With relying on walks and being outside to keep our sanity in the beginning of the quarantine we all kind of realized how much we are craving having some extra land and not being so close to our neighbors 🤣 it’s scary and exciting and never in a million years would I think this is what we would be doing this year yet here we are. This just felt like the pep talk I needed and the whole time I was just shaking my head and saying “yes” I appreciate your kindness and gratitude with everything going on ❤️

  • I loved this episode! You summed it up perfectly: everyone is having such different experiences during this crazy time. Although, I definitely found myself wishing I was experiencing that last story- I want to be stuck on vacation!

  • The long-distance relationship thing is hitting me hard. We’re within a day’s drive but it’s still hard to navigate how to schedule visits right now.

  • What a great episode! I love listening to your podcasts, I always do it on my walks and it feels like walking with friends :-). Thank you Elsie for talking about adoption in relation to COVID. We have been in an adoption process since 2014. It was already a long wait, but now everything has come to a hold. We are adopting from South Africa which does not make it easier at the moment. I’ve always been positive and hopeful, but I find it quite hard at the moment. But we have to stay positive cause it’s the only thing we can do. Thanks again! And I love to see you with the girls!

  • Great episode. I started (after a 33 year “hiatus”) ballet again – online and love it so much. I’m finally pursuing my desire to learn to sew athletic wear. And, I am doing online dance workshops with women around the world, which feels great when in most ways my world feels so small.

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