Episode #96: How To “Nancy Meyers” Your Home

In this week’s episode we’re taking the Nancy Meyer’s deep dive of my dreams.

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Show Notes:
-The complete list of Nancy Meyer’s Films.

Here’s my Nancy Meyer’s interiors pin board.

Here’s a cute cake stand that looks like mine.

Here’s a cute fruit bowl.

-Here’s Elsie’s stick on tile from Etsy.

-If you love TV and movie houses, we love the blog Hooked On Houses.

-Here’s a link to cabinet and trim paint tips.

-Here’s a link to Nancy’s real life kitchen she posted on IG.

-Correction: At the end, I say Emma is coming back in August but it is definitely September (sorry about that!).

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Episode 96 Transcript

Elsie: You’re listening to the A Beautiful Mess podcast, and it just so happens that today I’ll be sharing the most extensively researched episode of all time. It’s our How to Nancy Meyers, your home episode.

Keely: Hell yeah!

Elsie: (laughs) Nancy Meyers is a writer and director of nostalgic movies like Father of the Bride and the Holiday. Her interiors are beloved and have become one of my biggest inspirations as I work to create a cozier home. In this episode will pinpoint some of her tricks and teach you how to translate them into your home. All right. It’s Nancy Meyers time. Keely is here with me for this episode because I had to find the most intense Nancy Meyers fan of our team.

Keely: Oh, I’m so intense, I’m so ready for this. I feel like I’ve been preparing my whole for this episode.

Elsie: Tell them what you watched for your pregame last night.

Keely: I watched It’s Complicated for my pregame. I hadn’t seen it in a long time. And so it was a really good watch. I loved every second of it.

Elsie: Mmhmm. So a little bit of prep before we jump in: last fall, Emma and I watched The Holiday and that got me started on this binge. And since then I have watched every single Nancy Meyers movie and the ones that are very notable for decor that we’re going to be talking about the most in this episode are Father of the Bride 1 and 2, The Holiday, It’s Complicated, Something’s Gotta Give, The Intern, and The Parent Trap. And I’m also going to reference the movie Home Again a lot, which is not technically a Nancy Meyers movie, but it is written and directed by her daughter, Hallie, and also produced by Nancy. And it just is a…

Keely: It’s Nancy Meyers adjacent.

Elsie: Yes.

Keely: Yeah.

Elsie: It has that vibe. So this is kind of a complication. I wanted to put like pictures of every single room that we’re talking about in the show notes. But we have like gotten served little like finds in the past for using other people’s pictures and we’re not going to risk it. So what I did instead was I made you all a pinboard where you can see everything. So I’m going to just link the pinboard in the show notes, and then you can see all the rooms together. And if you haven’t watched all these movies, I highly recommend it. These are movies that you could watch with like an older child, a teenager like it’s family-friendly for the most part, like their feel good, mostly nineteen nineties movies with a pretty cheesy storyline and really, really, really good kitchens.

Keely: Amazing interiors for sure. And I think anybody who has seen these movies and doesn’t know that they’re all cut from the same cloth, like they know there’s something special about the interiors, like they just don’t know that it’s all Nancy Meyers.

Elsie: It’s true. And there are other movies out there like I recently watched You’ve Got Mail and I feel like it could kind of like blend into this universe. But theNancy Meyers movies have like this certain special something. So we’re going to dissect that through this whole episode. And I think it’s very exciting. I’ve been trying to use her tricks for my new home and it freaking works.

Keely: Yeah, I’m kind of reading through these tips as I was prepping for this episode. And they’re so good. They’re so doable. And that is probably the most exciting part of this, is like you could probably put all these into action like this weekend.

Elsie: Yes. Yeah. You can start on this shit right away! So let’s jump into kitchens. We’re going to do kitchens, living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms. And then we will also talk about our top three rooms and why at the end, this is just like such a fangirl episode. I’m so happy. For the kitchen’s…

Keely: The most iconic Nancy Meyers room has to be the kitchen, don’t you think?

Elsie: Yes. So we just mentioned It’s Complicated. That is definitely one of the best kitchens. There is a really special kitchen in The Holiday. The Father of the Bride kitchen is really special and the Something’s Gotta Give kitchen is a beach version of a Nancy Meyers kitchen. And then The Intern kitchen is like a New York apartment version. And the Home Again kitchen is kind of like if Reese Witherspoon decorated a mid-century like Spanish style home…

Keely: A little Draper James-y.

Elsie: It has a lot of blue. And I really like it. So it’s all like feel good. But there are different styles. So, OK, so the first thing you have to do is put a lot of fresh food on your counter.

Keely: Oh yeah.

Elsie: This is an obvious tip, but I for ever since we were first married, I had this little cake stand and it was just like sitting at the top of my shelves. I never used it. And since we moved to this home, I put it in the center of our island. And every week when I go to the grocery store, I buy croissants or something like that to put in it so we always have it full, and I think I was like afraid that I would be like putting stuff in there would get wasted or somehow, like wouldn’t get used or I was just like buying food that was a decoration. But hell, no, this food always gets eaten.

Keely: I love that.

Elsie: Every single time. Same with, like a bowl of fruit. Like we like those little Clementine oranges. So if you take one thing from this episode, it’s to buy a cake stand and buy yourself a baked treat every week and just put it in there and just see what happens. Just see how much it makes your life feel like a Nancy Meyers movie, because I swear it’s like the smallest little thing. But every day when I walk in there, I’m like, this is cute. You know?

Keely: I think that’s what cozy kind of comes down to is little details. And she really does it right. She makes these homes feel like somebody really lives there. And you want to go into this home like every single time. It’s like, I want to be in this home.

Elsie: Yeah, that is that’s an essential element of it that I want to mention is that they never feel staged, like it never feels like the way a blogger house looks in a photo shoot is like perfect, you know, and it’s like there’s nothing on the counters. Like it’s all like very like clean, staged, everything’s matching. And it doesn’t necessarily have that vibe. It feels more lived-in and more casual, which I am taking notes. I’m going to try to emulate that in the future because it does feel very good. Another thing you can put on your counter is fresh herbs. So if you want to just like grow a little bit of rosemary by your kitchen window, that is very Nancy Meyers. And also you’ll probably use the rosemary all the time and it’ll be delicious. OK, the next essential element is fresh flowers, definitely in the kitchen, but in every room is also great…

Keely: Every room. (laughs)

Elsie: It’s just…it’s kind of like a life tip. I usually buy a bunch of flowers when I go to the grocery store once a week and I will admit, like it feels when you first start doing it, it feels like this like silly indulgence. And then over time you’re like, I think this is the most important thing in my life that I’m doing for myself. Like, it becomes a thing where you’re like, oh, this is actually really valuable, at least it is for me. So, yeah, having some fresh flowers, swapping them out, it’s just like a fun little tradition. It makes the house feel like a home and it just kind of like makes your room feel fresh and alive.

Keely: I completely agree. And one thing I want to add is I feel like people don’t give grocery store flowers the time of day because they feel like whenever they put them in a vase, they just look like they’re missing something. But a lot of the time, people don’t realize they need to process their flowers. So I learned this when I worked in a florist. You have to cut the leaves off of the flowers and, like, cut them down to size of your vase. Like maybe to some of you, this is like no shit, like I know I need to do this, but I feel like you can make a grocery store flower stretch so much further if you process it correctly and just like give it give it a little TLC.

Elsie: It’s true. Like the way the flowers look when my husband makes me a vase is like they’re sticking straight up out of the vase and there’s like a lot of them stems showing…

Keely: Which is so sweet.

Elsie: It is sweet. But you do have to take them out and redo it. And it’s quick and it’s easy. And if you’re curious how to do it, just look on A Beautiful Mess, on reels, because we have a whole bunch of videos like that and we’re always doing flower videos and it’s easy. It’s definitely — one of my first jobs also was in a flower shop and I feel like learning to make your own bouquets is so valuable like it’s a life skill. So I’m gonna teach in our Girl Scouts troop.

Keely: Oh my gosh. That is the most precious badge ever. I love it.

Elsie: Floral Design! So another thing I want to say about the kitchens is that they always look really fun to cook in. So it’s definitely not too precious. It’s like there’s a lot of pots and pans out, there’s a lot of wood utensils. There’s always a tea kettle sitting on the stove already.

Keely: The tea kettle, a stamp of a Nancy Meyers movie.

Elsie: It’s true. And open shelves filled with beautiful dishes and never looks too styled. It never looks too stuffy. It just looks kind of like the opposite of a catalog. It looks like you bought everything slowly over the years.

Keely: Yeah.

Elsie: It has that collected feel.

Keely: Collected! Yes. I’m thinking of the dining room in Something’s Gotta Give and it has that bead boarded plate rack that all those plates are on and it just like looks like they’re so lovingly collected and that you could just grab a plate off of there and like use it for a dish. And I feel like that’s kind of rare. Like you look at stuff like that and it normally looks precious, like you said but it all looks so inviting.

Elsie: Absolutely, I love it, love it, love it. OK, so my favorite, I think, is the It’s Complicated kitchen. So Keely and I wanted to talk about…

Keely: Same.

Elsie: …It’s Complicated because I actually just recently watched it for the first time ever a few months ago. And I love Steve Martin. I love Meryl Streep. I don’t really love Alec Baldwin, which is great for this movie, it works…

Keely: I am right there with you, yeah. It works perfectly.

Elsie: …it’s all good. John Krasinski is in a couple of Nancy Meyers movies.

Keely: He’s so endearing and It’s Complicated.

Elsie: He is.

Keely: We were, Michael and I were both watching it last night and he’s like he really feels like a 20 something in this movie. And in The Office, everybody feels so ageless in a way that it’s kind of interesting to see him play that like 20 something year old like. It’s really, really cute.

Elsie: It is. So OK. What’s funny about it’s complicated is she spends the entire movie designing her dream kitchen and Steve Martin is her architect…

Keely: It’s like, the B-plot of the whole movie.

Elsie: It’s a big part of the movie. And so you expect at the end of the movie to see the dream kitchen and they never show it, which I was like infuriated. But at the same time, it kind of makes you realize that her kitchen that was like her original kitchen was the dream kitchen.

Keely: It really is like her, her regular kitchen. I’m kind of like, how do you, how do you move up from there?

Elsie: That’s what I want to see!

Keely: In the movie. She owns a bakery, a French patisserie. And I would love to see, like, you know it would be a chef’s kitchen, like a true chef’s kitchen. So I really felt kind of duped. But that’s okay.

Elsie: Maybe we can have a contest where we design the “It’s Complicated” kitchen. In my dream world that’s going to happen for sure.

Keely: Oh, my gosh, that’s so great.

Elsie: So so if I personally was going to steal one of the kitchens, I would take that one or the Something’s Gotta Give beach kitchen because I love a double island. I think that a lot of people would say their favorite one is the kitchen from The Intern, because it’s kind of like the cool one.

Keely: Yeah.

Elsie: It’s like the loft apartment has open shelving. It’s a little more modern, I think a little too much blue for me, but it’s very cool. I would like that kitchen if I lived in a in New York, but just not with Navy. And if I ever, ever, ever, ever get my little dream holiday house in Springfield, my cheap old house, I will, I swear to God, hold me to this.

Keely: I will!

Elsie: I will emulate the blue cottage kitchen from the holiday.

Keely: Yes.

Elsie: Like as like a little replica.

Keely: Can you imagine using that on Christmas…

Elsie: It’s the most special, like beautiful movie Kitchen in the world it has a little fireplace in the kitchen and it just is like the word cozy incarnate.

Keely: Yeah, it really is. It’s so beautiful.

Elsie: Oh, and by the way, this is just a little side note, but fun trivia. I just read — I read a lot, a lot of articles getting ready for this — the blue tile in the kitchen in home again, which is like the backsplash for the kitchen, trendy blue tile is stick on tile, just like the stick on tile in my kitchen. That’s from Etsy. So we will link options for that in the show notes. And yeah, just so you know, you can make like a trendy-looking tile in any kitchen with a stick on and my stick on tile. I have to give a little shout out. People were like it’s going to get so gross it’s going to get like I think people were afraid it was going to melt because it’s like somewhat close…

Keely: It still looks like the day you put it on.

Elsie: And, you know, what I cooked this morning? Bacon.

Keely: Oh!

Elsie: Right up by it like I and it wipes, it’s perfectly fine. It’s definitely never going to burn like that was that’s just not true. I’ve put my hand up there when there’s like full like burner flame on and there’s no like the heat’s too far away. It just maybe it looks closer than it really is. But yeah, I would definitely do the stick on tile again as a phase one in any kitchen. I think it’s great and I think it’s kind of cool that they used it in Home Again because in home again, they show like the house as a 70s version and then they show it as a modern-day version that she fixed up, like Reese Witherspoon, remodeled it to her Reese Witherspoon taste. And it is like it’s perfect. Yeah, it’s perfect. Perfect. So anyway, stick on tile forever! Now let’s talk about living spaces. I feel like the living spaces are, they’re comfortable, they’re practical. There’s always a ton of pillows, and they always go in the direction of it’s traditional married with another style. So whatever that other style is in the movie, maybe it’s like the cool loft or it’s like the beachy house or it’s like Meryl Streep’s kind of like a California ranch style.

Keely: Yeah, like, yeah, it’s almost like a Spanish style, like feel to it a little bit like the roof is the, you know, the terracotta tile or whatever.

Elsie: In Home Again, her pillows are very trendy and I liked that. Oh, and there’s always a fireplace, you know, it must be turned on and lots of plants, blankets, flowers,

Keely: Even the modern spaces are really cozy and practical.

Elsie: No, I agree. I and I think that like blogger living rooms, I mean, I’m like generalizing bloggers a lot in this episode. Like I should talk because I’ve done all these things you guys know. But we like when we shoot a living room, we make it look so frigging perfect, you know, and it’s like it never looks that way in real life.

Keely: There’s blankets everywhere, pillows everywhere. Yeah.

Elsie: Yeah. That’s how it looks in everyday life. And so I like that it kind of has that lived in feel. So I wanted to mention my favorite one, which I feel like this house doesn’t get as much glory in the Nancy Meyers universe, but it’s Jude Laws house from The Holiday?

Keely: Yes!

Elsie: Because what’s special I mean, he has like a little bit of a miniature historic mansion, like let’s just like point that out. It’s really cute. It’s decorated for Christmas in the movie and it has a lot of like really special moments. But the thing I love about the Jude Law, the holiday house, is there’s art. Kids art in every single room taped everywhere. And it’s one of the rooms. There’s a paper chain. And I’ll be damned if I don’t have a paper chain this year for the holidays because it just like the feeling, the nostalgic feeling is so high and so elevated with those little kid memories. It’s just very special. So they went all like full to a full ten with that that little detail. That detail. Yeah. And now let’s take a quick break in here from our sponsors.

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I feel like the living spaces aren’t always shown as much in movies because they spend so much time in the kitchen.

Keely: Yeah, I agree. One thing that I found out about The Holiday, the cottage that really blew my mind is that they built it for the movie. I didn’t know that. I just thought there…I mean, there’s so many beautiful cottages like in the UK, but they built the facade of it.

Elsie: It’s a real heartbreaker when you find out that it’s not real. I think that’s why there’s like so much fan art, like the most. Nancy Meyers fan art is the house from Father of the Bride and the Rose Hill cottage from The Holiday because they are so idyllic.

Keely: Yeah, absolutely perfect.

Elsie: Ok, let’s talk about bedrooms.

Keely: So such a good topic because bedrooms are oft-overlooked, I think.

Elsie: I agree. My bedroom looks like shit right now. Like I have to show you, it looks terrible.

Keely: (laughs) I’m sure it does not look like shit.

Elsie: It needs a full…it needs everything and it’s not the first room that I’m decorating or worrying about like at all. It’s like for a lot of people it’s the last, which I mean, it makes sense why. So there’s one key element to Nancy Meyers bedrooms, and that is lamps. There is a minimum of three lamps per room. They will always be turned on. They will all always have the perfect temperature of light bulbs, which is like very warm and very soft. And that’s the magic is the lamps. Like, I am not a lamp person, but I am going to change now. I’m going to become like reformed.

Keely: This makes me want to reform as well. I…

Elsie: Are you lamp person?

Keely: I’m not. And I was just thinking about this. My grandma wanted to buy us a housewarming gift so badly and I think — I think I’m going to put a lamp on the wish list for our living room. Like it really does make all the difference, like having different lighting sources and these bedrooms in these movies, they look so inviting and lighting, I think often does not get the credit it deserves. The lamps really make it.

Elsie: I agree. Another fun trick is putting like a mirror above your dresser and then the lamp in front of it. So it’s like a double lamp.

Keely: Yeah!

Elsie: There’s a lot of family photos in the movies, like if you just stop and like, obsess over the stills, the family photos are very special. I think bedrooms are a great place for those. And then just like layers and layers and layers of cozy textiles so that it feels like an inviting bed. And, you know, there’s always like a tough to chair and things like that.

Keely: Best version of like a hotel, you know, like that feel of like lots of blankets, lots of pillows, like very inviting.

Elsie: I know I’ve definitely been guilty of sort of like underdoing my bedroom in the past. I thought doing it a really minimal bedroom is like relaxing, which I do still agree with that. But I think I want a little bit more of a layered feel this next time. Oh, and one more note from…this is kind of for all the rooms, but definitely for the bedrooms is like the furniture does not look new. It doesn’t look like a set. It doesn’t look like it’s from a catalog. It looks like it was collected over time. I think that is an essential element. Oh, bathrooms. OK, so just like a quick stop here, there’s always a wine-drinking scene in a bathtub.

Keely: Always. Maybe it’s a tiny, tiny bathtub like in The Holiday. (laughs)

Elsie: Yes, The Holiday bathtub is so cute. And then there’s like a very like funny one and It’s Complicated — candles, all of the things I think a bathroom needs to have its products, its candles, you know, and it needs to you have to put bubbles in the bubble bath.

Keely: Lots of bubbles. Yeah.

Elsie: Ok, so next, let’s move on to our top three Nancy Meyers movie home rooms like well,

Keely: We’re taking rooms lightly here, right? Like room is a concept.

Elsie: Ok, let’s say it this way.

Keely: Ok.

Elsie: Each pick our top three Nancy Meyers movie spaces. It doesn’t have to be a home because it can be outdoors. OK, I had so many extra ones. I think I need to put in a few, like, caveats in here. (laughs)

Keely: That’s OK.

Elsie: But there’s so many and basically like the kind of spaces that make you want to jump through the movie screen and just like be in that little moment.

Keely: Absolutely. Ok, let’s hear them.

Elsie: Ok, so my first one, this is like so obvious, but the fairy tale fort from The Holiday is my favorite movie moment.

Keely: It’s the ultimate.

Elsie: It’s the ultimate movie moment of all time. Like I have to say, it’s the best. Like it can never be topped by anything. Last year we try to make our Christmas card, like emulate that.

Keely: It was so cute. You did a good job.

Elsie: Thank you. I, I really want to make my kids a bigger fort for this year. I think forts are so special and magical and I don’t know. The thing that I loved about that scene is like it’s a perma-fort. You can tell it’s not like a fort that’s there for a second. It’s like always in there. And I think that that’s really special. And yeah, a place where you can hang out with your kids and read a story. There’s nothing better in all of life.

Keely: I love it.

Elsie: Ok, say your first one.

Keely: Ok, so my first one is again, like you said, yours is like totally obvious, but it’s The Holiday cottage kitchen. It’s just everything and more. I know we already talked about it but…

Elsie: Describe it a little bit.

Keely: It’s got a lot of stone. It’s got the blue cabinets like…

Elsie: Wood knobs painted the same color as the cabinets.

Keely: Very, very traditional cottage. And there’s something about that that is just so timeless and I honestly challenge anyone to say that they wouldn’t love to have that kitchen like it’s so beautiful and it’s like everything you could ever dream of.

Elsie: It’s a dream come true.

Keely: Very cozy. It’s not the biggest kitchen in the world at all. It’s very small. But I think we can all agree that, like, big spaces do not equal amazing spaces.

Elsie: Yeah. I think that’s like part of the beauty of The Holiday is that the other character, her, the Cameron Diaz one, she has like a legit mansion. Yeah. Amanda, she has a mansion and it, it’s a — it’s a mansion. And and you never hear anyone talk about that house from the movie. Everyone always talks about the cottage because the cottage gives you all the feelings and the mansion doesn’t really, like, bring that out.

Keely: I will say, though, when Kate Winslet moves into the mansion, they do put little touches of the cottage around so that you can tell that like she lives there right now, which is really sweet. She makes it her own, you know, with flowers and cozy touches.

Elsie: And it’s a good mansion, too. Like, I would totally love the little like button by the bedside that brings up all the curtains is my favorite detail of the whole movie.

Keely: Give us your second favorite Nancy Meyers space.

Elsie: Ok, so this one is from Home Again, which I loved that house. Like, if I could steal one of the houses, I guess I would have to steal the Father of the Bride house, but this would probably be my second. So just the house they shot in. It’s amazing. It’s a Spanish-style ranch mid-century, and it has a guest house so perfect. And it has like the metal, like, you know, the like black metal doors that everyone unlike windows that are very cool, right? It’s the grid.

Keely: Yep.

Elsie: It has that. But they’re like pinkish red, which is really unique and different. I loved it. I was like, oh can you get those any color you want. So OK, that movie has an outdoor movie scene. That’s just it, it’ll never be beaten. And then an outdoor dinner scene. So as to outdoor scenes, just kind of like in the courtyard and it’s primo like of flowers, the candles, no detail left undone. Yeah. It gives you like the the template for the perfect outdoor dinner party. There’s nothing more perfect than that. So yeah, that’s definitely one of my like scenes. I would hop into.

Keely: Love it. So my second one and I will say that this is my second favorite movie of all time. So it’s the Parent Trap. And I, I know this kind of goes outside the confines of the space, but Hallie’s Nappa home is so — it’s so 90s. It’s so nostalgic. It feels like home in so many different ways because that’s like when I really grew up in the nineties and those interior styles are so special to me. So, you know, you get a very small glimpse of the kitchen in that movie. They don’t really focus on it very much. But like the living room with a giant fireplace that ivy covered, you know, vinyard house, it’s just…

Elsie: We love an unpretentious mansion.

Keely: Oh, we do. We really, really do. So that’s — that’s my second one.

Elsie: I absolutely love that home as well.

Keely: And I mean, there’s something to be said also for Elizabeth James, Annie — well, both of their mothers. But, you know, the the London home. But I just like love that entryway. I love the Grandpa’s office because that’s kind of where all the magic happens in that movie. So I’ve, like, totally, like, outdone my second point. But yeah, Parent Trap all the way.

Elsie: I, I love the Parent Trap as well. And also the cabins like the camping—

Keely: Yes. Oh they’re so like true to life. Like I went to camp and those cabins are the real deal.

Elsie: They’re magical.

Keely: The windows that they have to close when it’s raining. I mean it’s just. Yeah.

Elsie: So shout out that you can watch the Parent Trap on Disney plus if you have it, it’s one of the only Nancy Meyers movies that I didn’t have to pay three dollars for. (laughs) So I love that. All right, let’s take a quick pause for a sponsor break.

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Elsie: My third. Oh my God. Oh, this one is like ultimate is the basketball court scenes from Father of the Bride.

Keely: Iconic.

Keely: It like puts me in like a Zen-like nostalgic…like those are my favorite scenes from both movies. I love that home in general. It’s, it’s incredible. Like the climbing greenery and, you know, the basketball court, I did read that it’s not really a part of that house. It was like filmed at a different house, whatever. I don’t care. It’s a part of the movie. And yeah, it’s just really special, like the feeling of like closed-in by kind of like it’s kind of like enclosed by like greenery and vines and trees. Right. And then it’s like on the side of their house. It’s kind of like this little nook. And I love a nook. So that is my third spot.

Keely: Ok, I kind of have a half and half for my last one, which is cheating fully.

Elsie: It’s OK. Well, we’ll allow it.

Keely: They are both like not traditional spaces, like I think we would describe them. So the first one is the bakery in It’s Complicated. Yes. What a great bakery, great storefront, so beautiful. And my second is also from It’s Complicated. Her garden.

Elsie: Oh my God.

Keely: The garden is truly something to behold. It’s like — I don’t even know how they — I don’t know how anybody’s garden can look like that in real life. Like it’s truly the perfect space. Outdoor space. It’s incredible.

Elsie: Yeah, it’s incredible. I definitely love all of her spaces. I just want to throw it out there. I want to hear from all of you. What are your favorite Nancy Meyers rooms and which ones just like stick with you through the years. And which movie have you re-watched the most? I’ve definitely watched The Holiday the most, but I actually every watched the Parent Trap in The Holiday the most. And if anyone has any little, like, nuggets of wisdom that they noticed from the movies, you better come into the comments on the show notes and let us know because we all are taking notes. This is a fun subject. So we’re going to move on to a listener question.

Caller: Hi, Elsie Emma. I’m so excited to be calling in for you guys. First-time homeowner for about a year now. I’m just making my cookie-cutter home my own. I plan to stay here for a while. I’m a single independent woman and I’m just trying to make it what I like stylistically, I’m really wondering if you guys have any thoughts and opinions on how to create a really good one color, like I want to do it in my bathroom where I paint the walls one color and the trim the same color. But I don’t know, like, what are the first steps? Do I need to do it different like sheens of paint? Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks, guys. Love the podcast!

Elsie: This is a great question, first of all, congratulations on your new home, so exciting. OK, so I’ve done this a bunch of times recently in the room where we’re recording right now is Jeremy’s office. And it is 360 bookshelves all the way around the room. And then his desk, his shelves, the trim, everything is the same color as the wall. So here’s what you do: for walls I like eggshell. You can pick whatever you want. I like eggshell because you can still wipe it down. But it reads almost as flat. Like flat would be what I would do if I didn’t have kids or I would never get a scuff on my wall. But that’s probably not going to happen. So I usually do eggshell for that. And then for anything that is trim or a bookshelf or a cabinet or a desk or a piece of furniture, you need to get cabinet paint. So I will link this in the show notes. We have kind of like the exact links on the blog, but you have to get cabinet paint or trim paint and you can get the same color. It’ll look so pretty, it’ll just be like a little bit shinier and it’ll be hard drying and you will have no regrets. It’ll last.

Keely: That concludes our Nancy Meyers fangirl episode.

Elsie: Yes. Thank you for coming along with us. That was so much fun. Oh, one last thing. I don’t think we mentioned this, but Nancy Meyers, like one of the highlights of my quarantine is that she posted her real kitchen on Instagram. So I’ll link that in the show notes as well. It looks pretty similar to the Something’s Gotta Give kitchen. It’s perfect. It’s really, really cool. Double Island, white kitchen, very classic. So anyway, we loved sharing that with you. Thank you for geeking out with us. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast so that you always get it automatically updated each week because sometimes you guys may have noticed. But we’re having mini episodes now and they’re coming randomly. So we don’t want you to miss and you can call into our hotline any time to ask us the question. The number for that is 417-893-0011 and Emma will be back in August. And she says, thank you for not abandoning Elsie, even though the podcast is better when I’m on it.

Keely: All right. Bye, guys.

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    I think the warm lamps and myriad textures like y’all mentioned (blankets, pillows, throws, etc.) definitely make the spaces feel warm and cozy. And, I’m a sucker for small lamps on countertops — in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. — like, Elsie, I LOVE your office coffee station and think you could Nancy Meyers it up with a cute lamp on the countertop. (Although, honestly, I have a problem… I ONLY have lamps in our house and have removed most overhead lights… so, I put them all on smart switches & timers so they can come on according to the mood/time of day to maximize coziness.)
    p.s. so glad you’re keeping the podcast going…it’s my favorite Monday morning activity 🙂

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