Erin’s Fresh + Fun Makeover Story

Makeover Story by A Beautiful MessWhen Erin volunteered for Makeover Story I got super excited! Erin just finished her first year as a Kindergarten teacher. Her new career keeps her super busy and active and she's rennovating her first home in her spare time. With such a full life, Erin wanted a new look that was fresh and fun. Here's her before look… 

Makeover Story BeforeWhen I asked Erin what kind of makeover she was envisioning she told me that she was having a difficult time finding plus sized dresses that were both comfortable and flattering. Many of the options she found made her look and feel older than she is. Because she wasn't loving the dress selection she was finding, she stayed in a comfort zone of mostly jeans and t-shirts.

One of the goals Erin made before we started selecting clothing was to find dresses that she could wear to teach Kindergarten in and also wear out on a date. Instead of styling in 100% vintage, we teamed up with Ruche for this makeover story. They have an amazing Curvy Plus section on their site. Erin chose two dresses she loved and we styled two looks from head to toe. Here are the results…

Makeover Story by A Beautiful Mess : Look OneMakeover Story by A Beautiful Mess : Look OneMakeover Story by A Beautiful Mess : Look OneErin's first look is comfy and perfect for many occasions. This black stretch dress is so pretty on her. She can wear it to church or on a night out with her girlfriends. She can also wear it to school to teach in! We kept the styling simple with a mod purse and black and gold accessories.

Makeover Story Effortless BraidsFor Erin's hair we pinned up two maiden braids. (tutorial here + an easy version here) Erin said she would definitely wear this hairstyle again. We love braids because they are effortless and feminine. They are easy too! You can roll out of bed and pull together this hairstyle in a matter of minutes! 

Makeover Story by A Beautiful Mess : Look TwoMakeover Story by A Beautiful Mess : Look TwoMakeover Story by A Beautiful Mess : Look TwoErin's second outfit is playful and sweet. She says she would wear this outfit anywhere. Erin chose a pretty floral dress and we styled her look with a light pink scarf, sandals and glossy lips. This look is more feminine, but not too fussy. Through out the process Erin felt more and more encouraged that creating effortless looks with dresses and a few accessories was not only possible, but fun! 

Makeover Story : ErinAfter the makeover + photo shoot Erin and I sat down to chat and she told me that she couldn't wait to shop for more dresses… I'd say the story was a success! 

This is Volume 7 of our series, Makeover Story. To see the rest visit our Fashion Gallery

  • It Really looks cool 🙂 I really like the outfits and makeover you did ..!

  • One word! AMAZING!! and WOW.. okay that makes two ;). She looks fabulous. Being Asian and plus size like myself here is hard for me to look for clothing. This is truly inspiring. xoxo

  • Hi, the article is so wonderful, I am interested in it. I will pay attention to your articles.

  • I don’t comment very often, but I just have to say how beautiful she is! Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Oh this is awesome!! That second dress is adorable, and I love the different take on those braids.

  • she looks gorgeous! she is a spitting image of ginnifer goodwin xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  • I LOVE this! She looks so cute in both outfits. I definitely understand how hard it can be to find cute, plus sized clothing. Well done ladies!!

  • This is so great! I have such trouble finding beautiful plus size clothes, clothes that aren’t big, bright, flowery, ugly… Do you have any other suggestions for stores that sell plus size clothing that are stylish and subtle? Erin, you look beautiful!!!

  • I love the hair and makeup in the second look. So sweet! My favorite dress ever came from Ruche! 😀

  • I love before + after stories! She looks gorgeous, her outfits look amazing! I really love the first one, and the bag really pulls the whole thing together. What a great makeover story!

    Annie xx

  • gorgeous young lady – love the doggie too – how beautiful you have done this entire “scene”

  • She looks realy beautifull.

    love the hair, make-up, clothes.. everything!

    she is very lucky with this make-over (:

  • Prettyyyy! I love when braids are mixed into hairstyles. =)

  • i was super happy to see a makeover story that featured a plus sized girl. She looked awesome! This totally inspires me to invest in more dresses and let my hair down more often:)

  • Wow, she looks SO GOOD! I think many girls and women who don’t have size zero lack confidence and don’t know how to dress but this proves again that being plussize never means that you can’t look great. She has the most kind looking face and a wonderful smile and she looks so confident and beautiful and happy! I’m really impressed 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, she looks beautiful! I mean, she was before, but the makeover is gorgeous!

  • Erin looks so pretty in both dresses! As someone who wants to be a teacher, I love how you styled her to look both beautiful, functional, and modest for the job. I’d love to see more of these makeovers!

  • Love! And love love love the Purse in the first outfit… Where can I get it?

  • Wow!! Gorgeous transformation, and so very few changes (all so simple and stunning). Great job!! Love the dresses – she looks beautiful!

  • She looks so amazing! Beautiful, fresh… I can feel her happiness! 🙂 xoxo

  • YOu did a great job. She is a pretty girl but I agree that in a vintage dress she would not look good. It’s the same with me, I look much older in vintage clothes. Do not get me wrong, I like vintage style a lot but it is no for everyone, unfortunately.
    Both looks are very good but I like the second one more.

  • Whoa!! She looks stunning. Especially in that second dress. Such a pretty girl.

  • The looks really came out great! She looks gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer

  • Erin is gorgeous! Love her smile! The dresses really bring out her personality. 🙂

  • She looks great! Love the pink on her. Her hair & makeup, everything just came together. 🙂

  • Ladies – the new look is super. its easy to navigate and search for previous posts. last time I struggled to find an old project because I couldn’t remember the title of the post – now i can just look at the pictures 🙂 yeah
    as for the makeover- absolutely stunning. she has a naturally gorgeous smile and I can definitely see how young she actually is – so the makeover achieved the objective. its also refreshing that you are also doing curvacious ladies too – so we can all aspire.
    Well done ladies

  • I love the 2nd dress so much! I’m glad Erin was able to have a fun makeover experience. It’s so easy to get discouraged when you can’t find the right clothes for your body type. Great job!


  • I love the braids and the styling! Erin, you look fantastic and so happy! and congrats on finishing that crazy first year of teaching!

  • both the dresses looked amazing! & Erin has such a beautiful smile, really lit up the photos XO Beck

  • She looks so beautiful! Both outfits suit her perfectly, and those braids are gorgeous!

  • Oh man, this literally has me teared up… didn’t expect that today. How lovely and she looks great (and real happy). Kudos!

  • She looks so happy and adorable! I missed the makeover stories. Glad they’re back!

    Side note- I don’t just like it, I LOVE the new layout. It’s easy on the eyes and its so great to be able to check out recipes I’ve missed <3

  • THis is the cutest post – thank you <3

  • She looks amazing!

    LOVE the braids 🙂

    This gives me some inspiration, I feel like I have no style… I swear, lol.

  • She is so pretty. You should definitely feature more real sized women.

  • Wow this is really cool! I’d definitely love to see you guys do more stuff like this. Especially since it could give a little more variety to the outfits you guys do just for yourselves and give us plainclothes people some new ideas.

    And btw Erin, you look absolutely stunning. 🙂 I love your hair with that braid.

  • I think the makeover came out beautifully. She looks amazing, and most of all- she´s glowing!
    I wanted to know if you girls can make a post one day on fun hairdoes for women with curly hair.. id love to see that!

  • You guys are so good at doing these makeovers!
    I need one myself!
    I wish you can do one for me!

  • I love all the looks! I missed makeover stories! so happy they’re back!!

  • Those dresses are very cute, but she hair and cosmetic make over…she looks absolutely beautiful! And she looks so happy in those photo! Good for her!

  • She looks lovely in both although, as a teacher myself, I question whether or not I’d have the time to braid my hair before getting to work in the morning!

  • She looks beautiful! I love the second look the best but she looks fantastic in both 🙂

  • Oh, I SO relate to Erin. It is so hard to find Plus size dresses that I feel pretty in.

    Erin, you look amazing! I especially love the 2nd look… I think I am going to have to wander over to Ruche 🙂

    P.S. Erin, your bangs are so cute! It makes me want to go try bangs, too!

  • Wow, you did a great job! The dresses are lovely and look fantastic on her.

  • Awesome dresses! These looks are fresh and sassy 🙂 Well done!

  • She looks amazing! The black and floral dresses suit her perfectly! <3

  • Gorgeous gorgeous!! LOVE the looks, and she is absolutely adorable. She looks so happy with her new looks!

  • Thank you for sharing a blog with a plus size girl! It was great to see! Nice “make over!”


  • I am glad to see you happy on your make over. Lovely! lovely! lovely!

  • Wow! She looks INCREDIBLE! It’s so awesome that she wants to purchase more dresses!

    XO Krystin

  • She looks great! The maiden braids and black dress compliment her so well! Good job!


  • I LOVE choice 2! That dress is so cute and looks FABULOUS! Great job!

  • She looks so beautiful! That braided hair is perfect. 🙂 Great outfit picks for her.

    You look lovely girl!!

  • Wow she looks amazing! Both outfits are great but look TWO IS SO GORGEOUS ON HER!!! Sooooo pretty!! And she has beautiful hair too! What a pretty gal!! Love, Love, Love!!

  • Thank you for featuring a lovely plus-sized model! I rarely get to see myself reflected in fashion blogs and this made my morning! She looks happy and the outfits are fresh and young. Brava!

  • the best one so far! what beautiful smile and hair and i love your style!

  • Erin looks amazing! She’s so beautiful!!! I love both dresses but I think the second one is my favorite.

  • LOVE the hair, and the dresses are awesome.

    One question, though — what happened to the glasses?! Getting rid of them in both styles was shades of She’s All That… =/

  • Love it! So inspiring and pretty! I love the styles that you guys accomplish! <3 it!

  • Erin has the most beautiful smile, especially once she got into the makeover clothes (so you can tell how much she liked them!)

    Looks lovely.

  • she looks great!!! I love the second dress 🙂 And those braids are a great idea!

    Also loving the new look on the blog!

  • What a great idea! i love this! Erin is so pretty!


    twitter: cincy_cindrella

  • Both looks are cute, but the 2nd one is just adorable! She looked so comfortable & sweet– fantastic job for a beautiful woman!

  • I’m a fairly new reader, so I had no idea you had this section! What a fun idea, and the results across the board are great!

  • Love both these looks…

    Visit the shiny new blog

  • I love Erin’s makeover! The dresses she picked are adorable and so is she. <3

  • Oh she looks so great! You want to come to Iowa and make over this 5th grade teacher?! 🙂

  • Love both looks! Love the classic look of a black dress! Look 2 is super feminine!

    P.S. Such a cutie doggie to photograph with 🙂

  • i love that black dress!!! she looks so pretty! and i know at our school, teachers and students cant wear tank tops or speg straps, but she could just slip on a jean jacket or a shrug and it would work! i love these makeover stories, btw!!!

  • Thank you so much for featuring a plus size reader.
    This is my first comment (save entering a few give aways) and I’m a pretty devoted reader. Your blog really is lovely, with so much good info. You guys and your contributors are stunners, and excellent stylists, and I feel like your looks are very aspirational, but most of us aren’t skinny-minnies. It is awesome to see a beautiful woman who isn’t shaped like a model on the blog. I would love to see a plus size (or really, even a average size) regular contributor on the site!
    The redesign is great, I’m really looking forward to the personal blogs!

  • Thank you for a plus size makeover + She looks fantastic! love the scarf with the floral print – I would have never attempted – it’s perfect. and those braids…wow!

  • She looks adorable in both outfits! Great job!

  • Thank you for featuring a plus-size girl. She looks fabulous and the looks she’s wearing would be great for a girl of any size. So nice to see the versatility. She is positively GLOWING in those after shots. Nice work!

  • Beautiful! I’m really glad to see y’all do another makeover story. It has been a while!

  • Erin looks fantastic and the dresses show off her great legs. And thank you for doing a makeover on a plus sized girl.

  • Beautiful! I love both looks, but I’d have to say the second one is my favorite.

  • How sweet! She looks so pretty with maiden braids. I missed these makeovers 🙂

  • She looks absolutely lovely! Second look is my favorite, very cute and summery!

  • Oh my goodness… She’s gorgeous! Her smile is a ray of sunshine! She looks amazing in those dresses and I really hope she’ll wear more dresses from now on! She’s unbelievably beautiful in them! I’m so excited about this new makeover, I love them so much…

  • Love this makeover story!!! And I can’t wait to try and braid my hair like that. So pretty!!

  • The outfits really compliment her! Great job 😀

  • So glad to see a makeover again, it was a favorite of mine when I first spotted your blog & I’ve missed it lately. About Erin, I think she’s really pretty & both outfits look amazing on her. I especially like the first one, that black dress is so smart & suits her perfectly. Plus, I love the accesories.

  • hahaha love that the dog’s in the last picture.

    great post, ladies


  • The floral dress and the puppy are the best combination!
    I loved to see that honest happy smile on Erin’s face, loosing the “modelling” melancholy, pure beauty!


  • What a lovely makeover, she looks beautiful and happy.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Love the new look (especially the columns, it’s so much easier to overlook everything!) and especially your personal blogs!
    I envy you for this, I would love to blog like this but I’m afraid my boyfriend would’net be very fond of the idea… in Germany blogs are different…

    I have the plan to call my daughter (I’m not pregnant) “Berta”, so I can understand your feelings about the grandmother-name-thing. But I love names that are not that common.

    Good luck house hunting!!!

  • Amazing! It’s so nice for Erin (: She looks good in both of the dresses!

  • gorgeous. love the style

    sorry to be annoying but incase you didnt notice theres a small error in ‘volunteered” – sorry if its not proper to comment but Im guessing you just missed it. 🙂

    barnicles x

  • Wow. I love it and the new look of your blog! Keep it up Elsie and Emma <3 I am really inspired DIYing because of you guys! Kudos!

  • She’s beautiful You really helped her emphasize that! Wish you could come to France one day and help me change my style too… Love your new blog.

  • She does look good, well done.
    I know it’s probably not the correct etiquette but there’s an amazing fashionista who is an inspiration to the more voluptuous of us. I only just found it myself through Polyvore, perhaps you could pass it on to your friend for more ideas:

    People need to see that we should wear what makes us feel good no matter what our sizes.

  • Erin, you look fabulous!!! 🙂


  • She will be so happy!
    Love the result
    And your new blog look, amazing!

  • Gorgeous! I especially like the floral dress, because she looks so at home and at ease in that dress. It’s just HER.

  • Such a great makeover! She looks SO pretty…I especially love the first dress! <3

  • She is absolutely stunning! She was beautiful to begin with, but she looks so much happier and confident in the makeover images. SO fun!

  • Please tell Erin that she looks GORGEOUS!! I love those dresses and her hair! As a curvy girl, thus post makes me super happy and encouraged to find outfits like these!


  • Woah, looks so great! Those dresses look amazing on her.

    xO, vicky

  • Oh both dresses are so nice and giving her different styles, of which fit her so well. The hair makeover brightens her face too. Good job!


  • I love your make-over features! She looks so gorgeous in both these outfits.
    Catherine Denton

  • Wow! She looks amazing in maiden braids! You did a good job bringing out her beautiful features.

  • She looks amazing! That dress compliments her in every way.


  • She is so beautiful, and you can tell it is an inside and out beauty! I bet her students adore her! That first dress is simply amazing and classic. Great makeover!


  • LOVE when cute stores have plus size sections. I just picked out a cute shirt from Ruche’s curvy section!

    Erin looks incredible. She is one gorgeous lady who looks even better in these pretty dresses. I’m a kindy teacher too, so I know how easy it is to go to those jeans + tees.

    I really appreciated this plus size styling article. It can be so hard to find cute plus size clothes.

  • The second look is my favorite! She looks super gorgeous in both, and those outfits are so versatile! Excellent make-over story!

  • Both outfits are super cute; she looks AMAZING in the second look; hair, makeup, outfit and all! Beautiful!

  • from the ‘before’ picture to the two looks you gave her, It’s so lovely to see you guys make someone smile 🙂

  • She looks amazing! You guys did a great makeover 🙂 That black dress slims down and makes her look so elegant! I love the floral print on the second one, too 🙂

  • the second look is killer. the pug is adorable. oh my, i loved this post.
    i want a makeover.
    i wonder what suggestions you’d have for me?

  • Erin- you are SO beautiful!!! Good for you finding such cute outfits that bring out the best in you=).

  • Congrats Erin on the new look AND on finishing your first year of teaching!
    I haven’t seen this Makeover feature before, and have just looked through your past makeovers. love them all!

  • Loving the new look on the blog guys – it’s really terrific.
    And this makeover is super cute, she looks lovely!


  • The second dress looks so great on her! Love the braid hairdo as well! Success Id say!

  • She’s so pretty and beautiful! Also, Ruche has a plus sized section? I know where I’m spending my next paycheck!

  • That’s so nice. Everyone should feel confident in what they wear.

  • She looks so good, good god. The curled hair frames her face so nicely. Seriously, she just looks so fresh.

  • This is wonderful! Erin looked adorable already in her ‘before’ but she is positively radiant and glowing in her ‘afters’. I love makeover stories! 🙂

  • So so cute! She looks great in everything and I especially love the hair

  • I love the simple maiden braids on her. She looks very effortlessly beautiful. Nicely done!

  • She is so beautiful! And she looks absolutely gorgeous in all of these dresses!


  • I LOVE a good makeover story, and this one was so sweet! And Ruche is amazing! The braids look so adorable on her, and overall I love the simple but feminine styling you did!

  • This girl is GORGEOUS! I especially love the braid hairband in Look #1. So simple and chic.

  • This is amazing!!! She looks SO pretty! I didn’t even know Ruche offered plus sizes. I’m on it!!

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