Essential Oils Diffuser Blends

Hello friends! Today I am excited to share some of my favorite diffuser blends with you! I diffuse oils every single day in our home. At the risk of sounding crazy, we have diffusers in our entryway, every bedroom, my office and our living room (this is my favorite affordable diffuser).

I rarely burn candles anymore because I avoid synthetic fragrances (although I had found some options that are naturally scented for special occasions) and essential oils have so many benefits. So I fully embraced them as an alternative to candles.

Here are a few of my go-to blends that I use often!

Sleep Blend 
Many people try essential oils for the first time during a bout of insomnia—I was one of them! A good sleep blend is the perfect gateway into EOs. Diffusing pure Lavender on its own is a great option. I love adding Fir Needle and Palo Santo to my sleep blend as well.

Herbal Blend 
I still use this blend for sleep, but it’s more intense. I love the herbal fragrance. It’s also great for daytime. Try this one and let me know what you think. It’s kind of a wildcard, but I’m obsessed. Rosemary is a great oil for headaches and Eucalyptus is great for respiratory concerns.

Work Blend
I love diffusing something happy in my office. Peppermint mixed with lemon and lime is a big win for me! It’s so refreshing!

Home Blend
I care a lot about what we diffuse in our entryway and living room because it’s a part of the first impression of our home. Lemongrass and Fir Needle are two of my favorite oils individually and they mix so well with Grapefruit. It’s fresh and clean, but the Fir Needle grounds the scent so it’s not too fruity.

Cleanse Blend
Palo Santo is my favorite oil for cleansing and stress relief, but it’s not my favorite scent alone (it smells kind of like leather) so I like to mix it with lemon and bergamot. Lemon is my favorite cleaning oil. Try this combination next time you have a big cleaning marathon. And definitely diffuse Palo Santo anytime you want a fresh start!

Happy Blend
Sometimes you just want a pleasant, nice diffuser blend. Nothing too crazy. This is a go-to for good vibes and a positive attitude!

I hope this was helpful to you! Essential oils are such a fun hobby for me and I love sharing them with you. Let me know if you have any blends you love! Also, if you are new to essential oils, check out our Frequently Asked Questions about oils, but you are welcome to leave any questions in the comments below as well. xx – Elsie

P.S. For seasonal blends, check out Spring + Summer Diffuser Blends!

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photos edited with A Design Kit App.
  • I love your blends. I have a difficulty though. I just want to buy Frankincense already blended for the skin. Know anything?

  • Do you know Petitgrain EO ? The smell is amazing and it’s perfect for sleeptime 🙂

  • So glad for this post, I have just got myself a diffuser and was wondering how to blend different essential oils for different situations / needs. Thank you for airing this post.

    Eme |

  • So excited! I just order a bunch of oils from you guys and I’m literally waiting by the door for them to arrive. My Pilates trainer uses a little diffuser in her studio and I love all the smells, so I finally decided to try it out. Thanks for sharing these great blends. I’m most excited for my lemongrass, and would love some shares on what you’d make with that scent!

    Eva |

  • I love the simple combinations that make oils more approachable for me without feeling I need a medical degree 🙂 You all are the first people who finally got me using oils confidently on my own! I may just be defusing a lot of lavender to start…but you know what they say…lavender is the gateway oil. (…do people say that?)

  • I am obsessed with essential oils and love to try new blends. I can’t wait to try out the happy blend!

  • I am looking for a diffuser for my bedroom. I would like to know which one would you recommend. I am using the one with the tea light in the bottom cavity. Be I’m decorating my first bedroom in 12 years, don’t ask. One that I regulate the hours for operation and regulate the output stream, from high to low.
    What would you recommend.
    Kathleen Strainis

  • Thanks for sharing these blends 😀 also just wanted to say I am obsessed with the little stickers, they have made my oils collection look so cute and also SO much more functional and easier to find the one I want!

  • i’ve been wondering if it’s safe to diffuse essential oils around pets. i’ve read that they obviously shouldn’t be consumed, but are they safe for inhalation?

  • I make candles with essential oils and pink grapefruit and fir is one of my go to combos! Love how the grapefruit really perks up the vibe of the scents. It’s the only citrus oil I really like. It’s also really good with cinnamon essential oils, oddly enough.

    Just ordered the Rose Geranium and Bergamot Mint oils. Looking forward to trying them out!

  • I love these! I personally use Saje essential oils, and they are my go to! I absolutely love aromatherapy, and experimenting with different blends! xx

    • I use a couple drops of each. I am not very picky about counting the exact drops when diffusing. xx!

  • Which scent will trigger a man’s feeling that I am a goddess among women? I’ll take two of those.

  • This was so interesting to read. I keep being tempted by getting a diffuser but I wonder about so many things. Fire risk? How long do you leave it on? What if you forget to turn it off? Can you set a timer? Do you need to clean it, how often and how do you go about it? Would love a post to address these questions please as I might not be the only one wondering… Thanks 🙂

    • Most diffusers are ultrasonic – they don’t use heat so you don’t have to worry about a fire risk unless you have faulty wiring. They are very different from wax warmers and oil warmers that use a bulb.

      Because it’s ultrasonic, it’s best to use tap water or water that contains minerals (as opposed to distilled water) for the best mist and scent.

      A good diffuser usually comes with timing options. I advise most people to use the 30 min on/30 min off if there is that option as the body maximizes the aromatherapeutic benefits fully in that time and diffuser *certain* oils for hours straight can actually be a little overwhelming to one’s system.

      As far as time? A sleep blend is good to diffuse on and off throughout the night. If you are just wanting to scent the home, an hour or two would suffice. If you’re diffusing to clean the air, you’d also want a longer program. 🙂

      Hope that helps answer some questions!

    • I also forgot to add most diffusers have an auto turn off after it runs the set program or once it runs out of water – whichever happens first. They are very gracious to our busy lifestyles! You don’t have to mind them like a candle.

      For cleaning, add water to the line and a small capful of white vinegar and let it sit for about a half hour to get out mineral deposits. You can carefully wipe the bottom with a q-tip if you see any visible signs of buildup. I do this every 2 weeks or so.

    • Hi Ann,
      I have two diffusers that run different ways- one runs until it runs out of water and one runs for a set number of hours. They both turn off automatically.

      Yes- you do need to clean it occasionally. It I notice any build up in mine I soak it with water and apple cider vinegar, scrub with a sponge and rinse with water.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!!! Elsie

  • Oh gosh, I simply love your Oui Fresh products! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Hi Elsie, could you please add a disclaimer that diffusing essential oils (certain citrus oils and coniferous tree oils are particularly bad) can poison cats? Not enough cat owners are aware of this danger.

    • Hello, just a warning, most oils are highly toxic to cats and birds, and will cause deadly reactions. Some are toxic to dogs. Lately vets have been speaking out against the use of essential oils used on and around pets.

  • You read my mind!!!!! Literally yesterday I was searching the internet for good blends with rosemary or a blend that smells like Aveda. There’s so much information but couldn’t really find what was in my mind and was just spending waaaay too much time searching. I thought, “ah ha! Elsie!” So I checked your stories highlights for blends, then I checked the blog and searched for blends and went to your oui fresh….anyway, today you delivered exactly what I wanted!! Thank you!!!!!!❤️

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