Everything You Need For Your Coziest Fall Ever!

Fall lovers, rejoice! Any minute now, the Pumpkin Spice Clock will chime and ring in the start of the official fall season, so we wanted to make a list of all the items that we envision keeping us cozy this fall season …

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Items like soft blankets and pillows to cuddle into are always on the list and of course we’ll be keeping our cups full of teas and coffee (if you haven’t had it, Café du Monde coffee is amazing) all season long. How about a coffee warmer on your desk to keep it the perfect temperature too? I’m one of those people that can’t deal with life if my feet are cold, so slippers are a must (or I love tall fuzzy socks too) and a cozy cropped sweater or sherpa cardigan is ideal for just about any fall activity (that cardigan in the photo above feels amazing!!). Chilly nights are also the perfect time to stay in and make something, so we added a few craft kits that would be fun for learning a new skill (like wool felting) or having some friends over to make bath bombs or jewelry. Hope you have everything you need to keep comfy and cozy this fall! xo. Laura

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