here's a shot from my (almost perfect) studio! 
today i am going to have a meeting with rachel, pick up Leigh-Ann from the KC airport (that means a 6 hour drive & lots of music and planning!) and drink a ton of coffee. 
that's the plan! :D 
what are you doing today? 
XOXO. elssss
  • fun day! I’m about 50 minutes from the KC Airport and I think that’s long, but I should stop complaining…I’m MUCH closer than you and LA will have to be driving.

  • I’m working, and trying to stay busy. Not much to do at work makes for a long, boring day. I so can’t wait for the day when I can have coffee again (I’m currently pregnant). Enjoy, and safe travels, Elsie!!

  • Whoa. Sounds like a blast, though!

    Let’s see…today isn’t all that productive. When I get off I’m going to work out, take a shower, see the boy (I love when I’m able to see him on his work weeks 🙂 lol), try to clean this pig-sty, and order my dresses from Thrush (thanks for sharing that link, btw!)

    And coffee sounds great right about now! 😛

  • Hi Elsie!

    Tell LA when you pick her up that I said hi and will keep tabs with Keith on the pups to make sure he keeps them alive!! hahahaha…have a great creative visit! ( i’m soooo jealous!! )



  • elsie what a beautiful sewing machine :D.. im going to scraping all morning and shoping in the afternoon! have a nice day :D!

  • Well I am celebrating my son’s 17th Birthday today. He was born with 4 holes in his heart and the valve that pumps the blood from the heart to the lungs was so narrow that he had to have a donor valve. He has had many operations through the years and he has the best disposition! So here’s to him!

    PS…have a great trip and enjoy!

  • Yay! Have a fun roadtrip to pick up LA today! I’m home with crappy legs today so didn’t make it to work but I’m enjoy working on my embroidery from your *awesome* RVA class patterns!!! Right now I’m working on the big house one to hang by the front door! 🙂

    Have a happy & inspiring day!!!

    xoxo -j

  • Aww, such a cute sewing machine! My day is almost over (European;)) but I spent it at work and walking my roomies puppy:D

    Will you show us what you made at your classes in Italy? Would love to see those projects:)

  • Working! I manage a winery tasting room in California, and it’s beautiful here today. 🙂

  • I never thought of putting something on my sewing machine…hmm. I like!

    I picked up the yard from the storm two days ago, we are going to have a bon fire tonight and make smores!! YUM! 🙂

  • Laundry, laundry and more laundry… I love the dinos… very cute. I’m still trying to get to CA time after being in FL for a week.. it’s been a bit surreal. (lost my dad last week). Sigh… Today, laundry, my roots, and some cards for some friends.

  • your sewing machine is really cool! when i come to rva i will get some decor for mine lol!

    tonight i am going on a blind date and today i went to a print showwwwwww! ooo la la DRIVE SAFELY!

  • Hi Elsie… I love your blog.. you’re such a inspiration!!! every design is amazing!!!! ….

  • I’m sure I will be having my fare share of coffee when I drive 9 hrs to come and see you all in a couple of weeks…. HI LA!

    I just got home from work…and will be going to a class tonight to learn more about my Silhouette cutter machine. Have fun with LA! And take some pictures of the both of you and post them.

  • Today I started a 2 week pre-op diet to shrink my liver. And took my dog Charlie for a walk and did yoga. And went to church.

    Ooooh I hope you soooo much fun with Leigh-Ann!!


  • sounds like a fun day! i love the dinosaurs :]

    today i am studying FOREVER for finals and starting to pack to go home!!!

  • my day involved lots of coffee too and a walk with a wagon-ful of kids to pick up the big brothers from school and a sit down with a book while the kids were engrossed in the sandbox

  • ’tis the season for spring studio clean-up! i did mine too and man, it feels great!

    have fun!

  • It’s my birthday! I wore a crazy hot pink 70s dress that I picked up at the Salvation Army for $5, made cookies for my class today (I’m an undergrad), then came to work with a peacock feather in my hair. 🙂

  • Hmmmm…. so your day is su much better than mine… I have to work with some animals between the age of 12 to 18 years and try to teach them some math and history… But the kids have so much more on their minds… like vacation… here in Holland the vacation starts in about a week and the kids don’t think about anything else… So… when I’m off I go pick up my 11 month son at the daycare and when we’ve had dinner and he is to bed… Let the creactivity burst… I will scrap… So… let’s hope I’m not to tired…..

    Have a great day you all……

  • AWESOME!! really..u make me jealous..i hope there’s moreee great stuff you will make with that sewing machine ^^..today i’m gonna back to work again =D

  • Just got home from visiting Benjamin Harrison’s (the 23rd president) home in downtown Indianapolis. It was very historical and great!

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