hi. happy monday! i have tons of exciting things to share with you today. 

but first, please give birthday wishes to my bff miss rachel.
she really is the ultimate woman and an amazing friend. i'm so lucky. lookin' forward to a sushi double date tonight to celebrate! 
also, i finished the inside part of my 2010 planner last night! i worked on it for about 2 hours and it was so much fun! i'll be posting more photos and instructions towards the end of the week too, since i still have to stitch my cover. really pleased with how it's turning out! 
here are a few more peeks…
he! i thought it would be fun to add a little stitching kit in the back of my book. :) 


and here are a few photos of the vintage pyrex i thrifted over the weekend…
ha! and some silly photos of vanessa & i in Branson today (most silly city in the W O R L D!). at least they have ice cream, though. 🙂
and something i have been so excited to share…. the RVA Autumn schedule!
i'll post more info as each event approaches. Hope lots of you can come to our NERD PARTY and sidewalk sale this Friday night! The party will be from 6-9 with a surprise make&take craft project, yummy treats and (as always) tons of photos & fun shopping! 
LOVE YOU. miss cake

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