Eye candy from Rachel!

Happy Monday!  

Today has been an eye candy feast but I'd like to add another batch of yummy and share the work of some artists that have been inspiring me lately.  Most of them are mixed media and use bright colors and fantastic illustrations.  I find myself drawn to busy pieces that keep your eye moving and a lot of these use colors that remind me of being in an ice cream parlor.  And now I want some sherbert!


Lauren Nassef


Mati Rose


Lucas Biazon


Maybe Emily



And now for the give away!  One lucky commenter will receive a complimentary spot in my latest online art journal class titled 'I Do Solemnly Swear'.  It's all about making plans for summer time and reminiscing about summers past.  It combines two of my favorite elements in one, lists and vintage papers, and might even serve as a motivator on those hot days when you can't think of anything to do. 

Another lucky commenter will receive a complimentary spot in all three of my art journal classes from 2008!  These include 24 tutorials with a few bonuses in classes one and two.  I've used a variety of journaling styles and creative techniques to offer you new ways of journaling your thoughts, wishes, plans and secrets. 
All you need to do is make a list of five things you want to do on your summer break (or winter if you're down under!) and we'll pick two commenters and send them the info to access the private class blogs.

Thanks for stopping by the party!  

  • i’m in the class, so u don’t have to put me in the drawing for it BUT wanted to say hi and beautiful eyecandy!!

  • I love love love your layouts, Rachel 🙂

    1. say bye to my wee music students in style, making them feel special.

    2. prepare summer cmpas with huge amounts of love and care.

    3. go back to creating all the time.

    4. lay back and listen more.

    5. celebrate our 1year married anniversary!

  • 1. arts & crafts nights w/wine
    2. swimming/laying out by the pool
    3. visit the zoo
    4. take lots of photos
    5. learn Adobe Illustrator 🙂

  • create lots of projects to sell

    spend lots of time going to fun places like the zoo

    cherish my time with my new husband!


    play with my puppy and take her for lots of long walks

  • spend lots of fun stuff time with the girls!

    go the pool

    make a trip to the beach

    fall in love

    make fun, cute things 🙂

  • Love your work, Rachel and would love to be in a class of yours. Here is what I would love to do this summer:
    1. Find more time to create.
    2. Go on a road trip and do more camping in our vintage ’72 trailer
    3. Go to Ireland (again!)
    4. Teach my son to read (he’s 4 1/2)
    5. Make a mini sewing room diorama for my MIL.

  • 1.Travel to Ireland!!!!(I’ve never been to Europe and tix are pretty cheap!)

    2.More picnics

    3.Try and get more excercise

    4.Get motivated and shoot, shoot, shoot!

    5.Visit my family

  • ooooooooooh!!! I totally want to win!!!

    1. spend lots of time outdoors exploring St. Louis treasures
    2. Complete the IDSS class journal
    3. get healthy
    4. go to LA
    5. Create daily!!!!

  • oh! here’s my summer list:

    *have a tea party with my Nana
    *create personalized kits for my students for the fall
    *buy a hammock and a basket for my bike
    *re-paint my bedroom and lovely creamsicle color
    *have a HUGE cutie garage sale with my Mom!

    oh how i adore summer. <3
    Elaine, Indiana

  • 1. save save save for my 10th anniversary vacation

    2. take more photos

    3. enjoy life just as it is right now

    4. design more

    5. get rid of things I don’t need

  • *lots and lots of camping

    *swimming in Lake Michigan

    *several trips to Chicago

    *get all photos scanned and backed up

    *go on at least one destination:unknown roadtrip


  • I’m lovin’ that Mati Rose piece!

    So my list of 5 things I want to do over Summer Break (because I would love more than anything to be apart of the online class,but I am a poor college kid that doesn’t have the mula…):

    1. scrapbook more (i’m trying to do an art journal/scrapbook page a day and I really wanna catch up, school has thrown me off

    2. travel. road trip with my bestie before we graduate (hopefully)!

    3. more photoshoots. i love my camera, but I never get enough time with it.

    4. have more quality time with friends and family (hmm…perhaps a photoshoot can come from this as well) 🙂

    5. spend more time outside. biking, sun bathing…anything, just as long as i get outside into the sun. it helps me stay positive and appreciative of what God’s given us/me.

    <3 <3 Kellie

  • Five things I want to do this summer:
    1. Photograph EVERYTHING.
    2. Get my hair cut, it has been way too long.
    3. Buy some cute sandals.
    4. Read, read, read.
    5. Use the BBQ more often so the kitchen doesn’t get hot. Heehee.

  • 1.have a lemonade stand with the girls i babysit

    2.buy an anthro dress

    3.send happy mail

    4.host a midsummer nights party

    5.get my craft on

  • This summer I would like to:

    1. Camp
    2. Knit a bunch of stuff!
    3. Make a baby
    4. Read, read, read
    5. Clean out and reorganize life

  • 1. Scrapbook a lot more

    2. Get ready for baby number 1

    3. Get moved into our apartment (we’ve been living in random places with random people since Jan!!)

    4. Wear more dresses (they are sooooo comfortable in my current “state” haha)

    5. Relex. Read more. Write more. and Stay cool… haha!!

  • The plan:

    -Go to Paris

    -Dance like a crazy person for four days straight at Reading Festival.

    -Take lots of Photos with my friends before we all head off to University at different ends of the country.

    -Learn to make my own clothes

    -Visit the Hat exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


    p.s I’m already in your ‘I do solemnly swear’ class. It already looks AWESOME!

  • 1. Go to Paris
    2. Make loads of cute layouts
    3. Begin a journal
    4. Enjoy the sun (I hope it’ll be nice weather her in the Netherlands)
    5. Get a new tattoo

  • Omgosh, what a great prize! I was just drooling at your journal class listings..

    Lets see..!

    1) Breathe and Enjoy every moment. (For the first time in my 25 years!)

    2) Visit California and the Renegade Craft Fair!!

    3) Finally start/finish a slew of RVA projects from the Pretty class.

    4) Inpsire and be inspired by a group of fab girls. I just started “Kraft Night” with a handful of girls from church. Last week we made shrinky dinks!

    5) Find time and ways to be creative everyday!

    I’m crossing my fingers!! 🙂

  • – Host a BBQ with my best friend! And make all the decorations by hand!

    – Read more of the classics! Jane Eyre, Emma, & Alice in Wonderland!

    – See my Jay!

    – Bake cupcakes from scratch.

    – Create more!

  • 1. go to the aquarium…again.

    2. find more waterfalls in this area.

    3. paint a huge canvas.

    4. volunterr at an animal shelter.

    5. pass my oceanography class that I am taking with an “A”

  • Gosh I love anything Mixed Media!
    You’re so darn creative missy!

    1) Get my Drivers License!!!! And go on a road trip by myself. With my camera and some maps to thrift stores.

    2) Try and get out camping at least once!

    3) Spend as much time as I can with my puppy before her time is up 🙁

    4)Find out how to smuggle myself to the doorstep of the RVA store!

    5)Plan the most amazing Pirate themed bachlorette party for my friend!

  • hello!

    1. make ballerina tutu for my tiny new friend
    2. paint my closet hot pink
    3. make 13 years old feel less awkward
    4. tell that boy.
    5. sew an elephant

  • Loving all of the eye candy! My five are:

    1. go to disneyland with the fam.

    2. have a summer social

    3. take tons of outdoor photos of the boys.

    4. go to chicago with the fam.

    5. spend some quality time with my hubby since he will be off all summer!

  • Lovely eye candy!!!

    This summer I plan to:

    1. eats lots of popsicles – especially the grape ones

    2. get a new bathingsuit that i don’t have to suck in my tummy for and can actually be comfortable at the beach (maybe i should cut down on those popsicles after all)

    3. go on weekly picnics with my husband

    4. get my bike fixed

    5. wear lots of sundresses

    I’m already in the IDSS class but pick me for the others!!! 😀

  • 1) find a new place to live
    2) finish my half marathon in two weeks
    3) fly home and hug my mama
    4) heal my broken heart
    5) see the new harry potter movie with incredible friends!

  • 1) Open an Etsy shop.

    2) Finish my list of projects from the Pretty class.

    3) Find some local artists.

    4) Help my daughter finish her To-Do list for summer.

    5) RELAX!!!!!

  • Rachel, you’re journals are so beautiful! And inspiring 🙂

    My goals this summer:

    1. Train super hard for my October Marathon 🙂

    2. Start writing that book I keep talking about

    3. Take a road trip to somewhere magical.

    4. Do lots of summer things with the people I love the most

    5. Fill my sketch book up with lots of beauty.

  • 1. Visit the USA and discover the Carolina’s..yeah road trip with my hubby.

    2. Celebrate 1 year of being a mrs.

    3. Exercise more and loose this weight that i am soooo upset about.

    4. Shoot lots of pictures, paint and create non-stop.

    5. Enjoy and embrace life as it comes my way! Summer off being a teacher is awesome!!!!!

  • DON’T PICK ME – already in the class! 🙂

    Loving all the yummy – definitely saving these in my inspo folder!

    1) Missouri!! 🙂
    2) Sign up for school in the fall 🙂
    3) Go to Savannah, GA (you would think I’d would have already been there..I only live hours away!)
    4) Take lots and lots of pretty pictures!
    5)Go back to the beach (maybe in Savannah? :P)!

  • I don’t get a summer vacay, but I want to spend more time outside, mail out more handmade cards, take pretty photos, lose weight!, and figure out where I’m going with my life!

  • 1. Start a fun crafty project and finish it

    2. Host my bff’s baby shower and make it the best hello kitty party ever

    3. Photo shoot with the boys

    4. Lose the baby weight so I can get a super cute swim suit, fly to vegas, and sit by the pool with a yummy drink =)

    5. Explore more of Seattle

  • 1. Have lots of bbq’s

    2. Spend a lot of time in a near by forrest just drawing and beeing in the moment.

    3. Give my fiancé lots of kisses and hugs, all summer long!

    4. I neeeeed to wear more dresses since i usually just put on a pair of leggings and a long top. Dresses is cute and much more cofortable.

    5. Scrapbook a looooot more! And write more in my diare!


  • Five things I want to do on this summer break-

    1. re-open my etsy shop

    2. get caught up on current crafts projects

    3. get my photos better organized

    4. try new recipes

    5. learn how to follow a sewing pattern 🙂

  • Here is my list….. 🙂

    1. Pass the CPA exam (HUGE FOR ME!)

    2. play lots of tennis

    3. scrapbook lots and lots

    4. take lots of walks in the evening

    5. find a way to get to the RVA store (oh, what an exiting thought…)

  • 1. Spend quality time with my family

    2. Oregon coast is beautiful!

    3. Marion Lake – I would love it if my husband came home from his trip with beautiful photos and HE hopes to get loads of fish.

    4. Salem Art Fair! My favorite!

    5. Local Garden Tour. It is so beautiful. You get to tour local home grown flower gardens. Most are done by the homeowners. So inspiring!

  • So fun!!!

    This summer I want to:

    1. run a 5k

    2. go tubing in the mountains

    3. have a photo shoot downtown

    4. lose 10 lbs

    5. and reward myself with a new Anthro dress 🙂

  • 1. Get pregnant!
    2. Take some photos in a park with my hubby
    3. Go to the Texas State Fair
    4. Continue working on artsy projects
    5. Have fun!

  • Oh, this is such an awesome giveaway! I’ve been wanting to take one of your classes, Rachel.

    What I want to do is:
    1.Read on a hammock
    2. Go on bike rides
    3. Go to farmer’s markets whenever I can
    4. Paint & scrapbook
    5. Read a lot!

  • Oh my goodness!! Your classes would totally help me feel creative again…

    1. Have a successful move out next month (so excited, but nervous too)
    2. Find inspiration everywhere
    3. Celebrate two years with my boyfriend 😉
    4. Enjoy the break
    5. Craft all the time!!

    Thanks Rachel <3

  • OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS SAKES ALIVE!!!!! I think I’d rather win the previous three classes, since I’ve never had a chance to take them. (But I am not going to deny wining the new class either ;))

    Lovely inspiration post Miss Rachel, will definitely add it to my list of inspirational blog posts. 🙂 I especially love photos 1,3,5 (and of course your art journaling photos :))

    5 things I want to do on my summer break…
    1) Spend quality time with my BFF (since we live 500 miles away, I only see him during school breaks)

    2) Work at least 20 hours a week at a retail business (pay for my summer living expenses, plus have some spending money for summer and the upcoming school year, pay $$ to my boyfriend towards what I owe him, pay $$ to my parents towards I owe them.)

    3) Quality craft making time!! — I would be doing so much more of this if I didn’t have school. …specifically I have 3 skirts in progress, and another half dozen or so ideas for some(with materials I already have).

    4) Wear skirts – I am not a fan of short shorts or mini skirts, but mid-length (around the knee, but above a little or below a little is fine) but I love wearing skirts! And especially because of point #3, I am excited when I get to wear something I made myself. 🙂

    5) …hmm, let me think about that and come back with an answer for this one. 🙂

  • I love all your layouts!
    Here are five of my summer goals:
    1. Go on a spontaneous road-trip
    2. Start a journal for my son and write something in it everyday
    3. Make A’s in all of my summer classes
    4. Sew a quilt
    5. Save money for an anniversary vacation (in October)

  • Hey this is amanda from lovely Long Beach, Ca!

    what I want to do this summer is:
    1. learn to make homemade Ice Cream
    2. Get my driver’s license. Hehe
    3. Write in my journal more often instead of just writing in it for school projects
    4. go on more picnics
    5. learn to knit/crochet for the wintertime to make scarves and hats for everyone….LOVES!!!

  • on my summer break I want to…

    spend time with my husband

    see cool places, learn about them (like local history) and enjoy them

    eat icecream

    make a traveljournal

    take lots of photo’s

  • five things from me for summer
    1. finish unpacking
    2. Camp alot
    3. read a classic
    4. go to the beach
    5. be really present with my kids

  • 1. lounge at the pool.
    2. bond with my kids.
    3. read some good books.
    4. do some scrapbooking for fun.
    5. finish some half-done projects 🙂

  • 1. Finish some big scrap projects (my 365 album mainly, and start another one I have in mind)
    2. Have some outdoor photoshoots with my sister
    3. Go for lots of walks with my husband to get Slushies
    4. Camping
    5. Tan!!

  • this is so lovely!
    well let’s see. my plans include:

    1. setting my wedding date! i’ve been putting it off for too long now!

    2. reapplying for my teaching degree in art. i realized that i should be doing what i love!

    3. thrift store shopping more! i recently began doing it and LOVE what i find!

    4. working on my art projects around the house and finishing those that i have semi-started.

    5. christmas shopping! yes..christmas shopping. i’m a planner and like to get everything done!


  • Oh my… I’m not sure I can list only five, but I’ll list my top five…

    1. Finish the art journal I started
    2. Start training for a triathlon
    3. Create some fun things with needle felting
    4. Start an embroidery sampler
    5. Paint something… anything!

  • I’m already in all of the classes so no entry here, just wanted to share

    1. Spend a month in Dominican Republic
    2. Teach some scrapbooking classes while in D.R.
    3. Celebrate my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend.
    4. Create wonderful things for my etsy shop and blog
    5. Spend lots of quality time with Lily


  • 1. Get married (Yay…July 11th, it will be here soon)

    2. Declutter our house

    3. Make several dinners with just what we grow in our garden

    4. Start my etsy store

    5. Go on at least one short weekend getaway to a small town in Missouri!!

  • It just keeps getting better and better! Oh, my goodness…

    1. Roadtrip with my husband…we are going to pick a direction and just see what happens
    2. Continue on the making baby #3 front and try not to get too frustrated
    3. Play in the fountains with the smalls
    4. Drink fewer cherry cokes from Sonic (I am addicted!)
    5. Try to let my hair grow out without wanting to chop it off every other week

  • 1. camping

    2. church retreat

    3. watch beautiful summer sunsets on the beach

    4. eat lots of ice cream

    5. river rafting

  • *wear summer dresses everyday
    *record fun music videos
    *learn to ski
    *create creat creat
    *spend more time with family and friends

    Hey rach! Love the inspiration.
    Xo ang

  • 1. Hold a craft night every month at my house. Invite my girlies over and just create and play!

    2. Keep up my art journal…it’s always the last thing on my creative mind when it should be at least top three!

    3. Spend more time with my sister.

    4. Move all my art stuff upstairs and take over the third bedroom! I need a space to call my own!

    5. Keep on writing. It has opened my mind to so many new possibilities!

  • awesome!

    1. finish my new website
    2. finish all the projects from the RVA Pretty class
    3. visit the ocean
    4. get back to the gym
    5. sign up for some creative (and business) classes at my local community college

  • wowww! i wanted to sign up for the classes so bad but money has been a little tight lately, so unfortunately i couldn’t! to win this would be amazing and inspiring!

    *do something creative daily
    *drive in movie theatre!!!! (so great!)
    *spend time with family


  • I want to—

    1. take pictures on our camping trip to scrapbook & enjoy the trip.

    2. swim! Living in Texas(Its HOT here) we swim from april to october!

    3. Do crafty things with my older sister! scrapbook, paint, alter things, etc.

    4. Celebrate my brithday! Should be fun! 🙂

    5. visit family on the beach! should be lots of kodak moments there! I can’t wait! <3

  • Five things to do this summer:
    1. Take photos
    2. Save money for a lomo Diana+F camera
    3. visual journaling
    4. write my friends some snail mail
    5. spend time with friends and family outside in the sunshine!!

  • oooh, i love those top two artists! nice pics and thanks for sharing, rach!

    this summer . . .
    1. tend my new garden!
    2. ride my bike a few times a week.
    3. lay in the hammock
    4. write at the coffee shop on tuesday and thursday mornings after the gym!
    5. float on the lazy river at the little community pool/water park a few miles south!

  • 1. go to hawaii

    2. make a baby!

    3. create

    4. sleep

    5. bike ride more than once a week!

  • Those art journals look so cute!

    1. Hone my sewing skills.

    2. Visit my best friend that I haven’t seen in 9 years.

    3. Discover more local flea markets and thrift stores.

    4. Buy a piece of vintage clothing–my first!

    5. Talk a walk with a special someone. 🙂

  • *reconnect with my husband.

    *bicycle around the area.

    *learn of more local fun things…staycation anyone?

    *have fun with my newest baby girl! :]

    *live out loud!

  • hey rachel! i just wanted to say hi and thanks for a sweet post! dont put me in the drawing though. i was lucky enough to be able to afford your first 2 classes and thanks to a really kind, and amazingly generous person, i get to take your new class too. i still cant believe it! im so grateful, and so excited!!! 😉

  • 1. Read a lot of books

    2. Organize my scrap space

    3. Do an album for my sister

    4. Work on some altered projects

    5. Go camping with my family

    My main goal is to relax and recharge for the upcoming school year.

  • Hello,

    Five things I want to do this summer:

    1. Take my kids on some fun adventures.

    2. Get caught up on their baby albums and school albums.

    3. Make a scrapbook about me.

    4. Paint my dining room and living room.

    5. get acrylic nails.(I want to be kind of high maintenance this summer!!!)

  • 1. Go to the local amusement park and ride the wooden roller coaster.
    2. Make my first sewing project using my very first sewing machine.
    3. Put up a hummingbird feeder.
    4. Have a picnic in the park where I got engaged.
    5. Make chalkboard furniture.

  • Here is mine
    1. have fun with my family
    2. relax
    3. read some good book
    4. stitch, scrap and so on
    5. have long walking

  • yay! I love your art journals!

    1. book club for kids

    2. weekly photo outings

    3. a mad hatter tea party birthday

    4. illustrate a book for my mom

    5. bi-monthly cupcake get together for all my ladies.

  • 1. Look for a job – I just got made redundant after 10 years :^(

    2. Use this free time to make alot of art.

    3. Make art alot with my daughter all summer long cuz it’s fun and cuz I want to encourage her talent.

    4. Try making a funky artsy mini quilt using some of my drawings.

    5. Catching up on reading – now I can’t afford satellite I can make up for the wasted time I spend watching the tube!

  • 1. Learn more about graphic design
    2. Create as much art as possible
    3. Figure out what I’m doing when the summer is over!
    4. Run at LEAST twice a week
    5. Keep improving my blog and website


  • this is so fun!

    1. dream up some new knitting patterns
    2. plant more veggies
    3. play with my puppy a bunch
    4. making a panda painting for my sister’s very first apartment
    5. visit my grannies

  • My list is….

    1. vacation and relax with the boyfriend, parents and sister.

    2. walk, walk, walk to train for the breast cancer 3-day

    3. take lots of pics

    4. make a trip to the zoo

    5. redecorate the powder room.

  • 1. Road Trip!!!
    2. Make new art
    3. See Bob Dylan play in Stockton in August
    4. Be joyful about the good things, even when life is being lame!
    5. Get my photog biz up =)

  • Ooo lovin’ your eye candy!

    My top 5 things to do this summer are:
    1. Find a grown up job
    2. Finish my senior year (last year) scrapbook pages
    3. Get “up to date” on my scrapbooking
    4. Take online classes to learn new skills for crafting
    5. Go to the beach as much as possible (I live 3 hours away)

  • thanks for the giveaway:

    summer plans:

    1) keep up with my photo a day

    2) travel to LA for a wedding

    3) celebrate my sister and hubby’s birthdays (separately of course!)

    4) visit my dear high school friends

    5) scrapbook it all!

  • Hello:)
    I would love to:
    -bake goodies
    -lose 10 pounds;)
    -draw, draw, draw!
    -photograph, photography, photograph!
    -spend more time with friends and family!

  • 1. Do well on the MCAT for medical school.
    2. Go to Italy!
    3. Finish the quilt I started.
    4. Play with fabric.
    5. Run & Swim.

  • hey rachel, love the bling on your sewin machine! 🙂

    Goals 4 Summer:

    1*Participate in summer craft fairs to increase my business.

    2*Visist my boyfriends family and friends around the country.

    3*Help my dad find a great house!

    4*Resist my resistance to get a puppy.

    5*Learn to use the grill outside.



  • holy yay!

    i seriously want/NEED a spot in your previous classes! wahoooo!

    my 5 are…

    *get my babybear back! i miss her to pieces! 10 more days!!! (but what an experience for both of us!)

    *idss class! too exciting for words!

    *spend lots of time at the park

    *travel back to sd and a quick roady to springfield again! Yay!

    *learn to live for today… be more patient and ok with life!


  • these are GREAT rachel!

    here goes…

    1. find an excellent home for my little rooster. he was a surprise, and i can’t keep him. 🙁

    2. help Henry have an EXCELLENT summer so that the transition to kindergarten in the fall goes smoothly.

    3. eliminate everything from the house that we don’t need or like, so that everything that remains is either something we need, something we love or both!

    4. clean out the garage and organize all of the tools so we know where something is when we need it.

    5. take as many rides with josh in the model a as possible. they are heaven.

  • Goodness me, I always have so many things I want to do. Lists fill up my journal, so let me pick the first five I can think of:

    1. Sketch and journal more. I do an ok job, but I wish I could be more on top of it.
    2. SEW! I’ve seen so many cute designs of things I could make my girls, and I am inspired to learn.
    3. Let my husband teach me to surf. I promise you this one will not be pretty.
    4. Play outside every day.
    5. Relax. Breathe. It’s vacation. 🙂

    heaps of blessings,
    sonya audrey

  • my first summer in my new home in CALI!

    i hope to:

    1. read on the beach.
    2. walk on the pier at sunset.
    3. meet a cute california boy.
    4. try to surf without dying.
    5. get my 1st tattoo.


  • i hope i win this as always wanted to do one of r classes bt never had the money lol!!!

    5 things i want to do this summer….

    1. have a picnic in the forest!

    2. learn how to spin my own yarn

    3. keep a diary

    4. wear pretty dresses every day

    5.go on lots of thrifting adventures!!!

  • 1. Lose weight!

    2. Paint

    3. make some books

    4. Finish my journal

    5. RELAX!

  • My husband and I just moved into a new neighbourhood, it’s so wonderful! I think we’ll spend our summer exploring the area and working on our new house. (http://www.fortlangley.com/ if you want to learn about our little town!)

    1. Throw a kick butt house warming party in July
    2. Plant a small veggie garden
    3. Go to the Fort (a National Historic Site), something I haven’t done since elementary school
    4. Visit each of the wonderful antique stores in the village
    5. Go camping across the channel at “Fort Camping”


  • I’m hoping summer will bring me:

    1. lots of sunshine so plenty of BBQs with my friends

    2. someone to teach me to crochet!

    3. a week on a canal boat watching the world slide by

    4. the confidence to try more crafty things – painting especially…

    5. happy, fun times with friends and family to photograph as I go!


  • Oh my, what an exciting giveaway!

    5 summer goals:

    1. Finish my embroidered/pieced Christmas stocking

    2. Be more diligent about scrapbooking

    3. Use some of my yarn stash to knit some cute items

    4. Toss around the idea of visiting my cousin in Germany

    5. Start an art journal for the first time!

  • This summer I plan to:

    1. Take a TON of pictures

    2. Finish my 3 “in process” scrapbooks

    3. Get an ‘A’ in my summer Chemistry class

    4. Visit New York for the first time

    5. Make more jewelry!

  • 1. Roller coasters & water park with my two munchkinheads
    2. Walks on the Trail
    3. Picnics in the park
    4. Road trips to Seattle.
    5. Bridesmaid in BFF and brother’s wedding.


  • 1} do one little creative thing every day

    2} play more and sit on the porch glider with my son

    3} be a better blogger

    4} participate in our county fair cook-off

    5} create more joy

  • First let me say I love eye candy, it is not “fattening”

    1. Go to the beach as often as I can
    2. Get inspiration while I am there
    3. Come home and put that inspiration to use.
    4. Sit in my studio and do more than sit…winks
    5. Work on all the online classes I need to catch up on.

  • I’m so so excited about this giveaway!

    here are my goals:

    1. use my sewing machine and make some lovely things.

    2. spend time with my beautiful sister

    3. save money to pay for school

    4. take a roadtrip with my favorite girls

    5. realaxxxx


  • 1. spend quality time with each of my 5 kids separately

    2. take 2 of my boys to the skate park at least once a week…they love to sk8!

    3. spend some alone time with hubby.

    4. be inspired to create!!

    5. visit at least one flea market.

  • 1. Finish some of the works-in-progress I have started

    2. Have a yard sale.

    3. Remodel travel trailer

    4. Have a kick-butt 30th birthday party!

    5. Fall in love!

  • Hey Rach! Let’s see…

    1. Finish my projects from the RVA weekend!
    2. The journal classes by you.. 🙂
    3. Take my neice Jadyn to the library, to get ice cream and to the pool at the YMCA.
    4. Go to Mass every day
    5. Eat healthier, work out every day and strive to be a better friend, sister, wife, and daughter.

    I miss you gals!!! XOXOXOX

  • ooh, such a fun giveaway! here’s my list!

    1. make time to paint!
    2. …and write!
    3. make passion iced tea and lay out in the backyard with my sweet roommates
    4. print lots of photos to take with me for my year overseas (i leave in august!)
    5. get as many people hooked on yahtzee as i can :]

  • Yay Rachel did an entry!!

    1. Visit Old Orchard Beach

    2. Go to at least three roller derby bouts

    3. Find a job/learn to sell my own artwork and crafts on First Fridays

    4. Press the flowers growing from the pots in my windows

    5. Make a trip to Six Flags in Massachusetts

    Thanks Rachel for all the inspiration!

  • Oh my word how I have soooo desperately wanted to do these journalling classes!

    1) sew/knit all bday & christmas gifts again this year!

    2)go on a vacation w. hubs and kiddos

    3) GET MY SON POTTY TRAINED! Hello 2 kids UNDER 2 in diapers!

    4)transition toddler to bed and baby into crib (instead of packnplay)


    ok so my list looks HARD to me! haha

    Sarah M

  • 1. Get the baby’s room ready!
    2. Paint kitchen cabinets!
    3. Go to Orlando with the Girls.
    4. READ!! (especially some classics)
    5. Hang out at the pool as much as possible!

    Shelly Brewer

  • 1. Get out on the boat more often.
    2. Learn how to embroider
    3. Make more items for my etsy shop
    4. Loose some poundage
    5. take lots of photos

    Thanks Rachel!

  • 1. take lots of photos for my business

    2. get a tan. I’m am too pale…seriously

    3. scrapbook more

    4. discover more musicians

    5. play more with my child

  • Oh man! Summer break?? I never get a break being a mama, but here goes: 1. see my first ever veggie garden grow 2. sew a shirt for myself 3. finish crocheting a dolly for my baby 4. make a couple of jean skirts out of some jeans I don’t wear 5. write more poems!!

  • only 5!? LOL.

    i’m definitely an overacheiver so, this list is easy.

    1. paint a bedroom.
    2. paint the kitchen tabletop with chalkboard paint.
    3. make a quilt.
    4. go to a flea market.
    5. slow down. breathe it all in. and let my skin drink in the summer rays.

  • 1. Organize my house, art and crafts.

    2. Design backyard pavers, pool, outdoor living room.

    3. Create something in my art journal every day.

    4. Start watercolor painting again.

    5. Really practice with creative digital photography.

  • 1. Run the Butte to Butte 10k (fun 4th of July race in my town)

    2. Buy and eat tons and tons of strawberries from the farmers market

    3. Document my summer in a minibook

    4. Make salsa with vegetables grown in my garden

    5. Finish planning my August wedding without turning into a bridezilla

  • 1. read! my to read-pile is huge and i finally have time to work on it
    2. finish my granny square blanket
    3. journal
    4. spend a lot of time in the park
    5. make a zine

  • 1. make a trip to vienna
    2. start painting for fun again
    3. visit the girls from summercamp
    4. go dancing salsa again =)
    5. find a place to live while studying

  • Just five?

    Okay ..

    1. Swim, a lot.

    2. Finish all the scrapbook pages I started.

    3. Paint. I started a project awhile back and need to finish it.

    4. Read all the books sitting on my nightstand.

    5. Loose the baby weight I still have on.

  • omgosh i want to win this sooooooooo badly!!!!!!!

    k, this summer i will:

    1. eat TONS of ice cream
    2. play hide and seek in IKEA
    3. make lots of Matilda trips to the library
    4. race a stranger across waterloo bridge without them realising …lol can’t wait to see how this one turns out 😛
    5. make a ‘Life Box’ full of CUTENESS!!!

    thank you Rachel!!!

  • Let’s see my 5 things would be:

    1. Learn to sew
    2. More painting
    3. Swimming with my daughter
    4. Learn Photoshop Elements
    5. Hanging out with my daughter before she starts Kindergarten doing fun new things.

  • I’m thinking this summer break will be my best so far, but it would definitely be even better with one of your classes. They look so fabulous!

    Here are some of my summer plans:
    1. go to Rome with my chamber choir
    2. learn to play the trumpet or trombone (haven’t decided yet)
    3. take a photography class
    4. go hiking in the Swedish mountains for at least a week
    5. put photos in albums

  • Summer break? No rest for the wicked unfortunately! Why am I not a student??

    Soooo… 5 things…

    1. Learn to crochet
    2. Go to the beach
    3. Get back into my scrapbooking
    4. Move in with The Boy! ♥
    5. Take loads of photos and play with my new [old] Polaroid Camera!


  • 1. CAMPING! With a lovely group of old friends
    2. Lounge on the beach every opportunity i get
    3. Read many inspiring books
    4. Learn how to screen print
    5. Roadtrip to a summer music festival! I missed Sasquatch 2009 but the lineup was AMAZING.


  • five things to do over summer break:

    1. get married! (august 20th.)

    2. have an adventure in yellowstone.

    3. knit, knit, knit.

    4. sew a vogue pattern dress.

    5. watch a sunrise with my best friend.

  • 1. Pass my algebra class..try #2
    2. Go to San Francisco
    3. Get in as many museums as possible
    4. Hope that spring cleaning can be done in the summer.
    5. Search for fairies or monsters..or both!

  • What a fun giveaway!

    My five things:
    1. Visit Scotland with my mom
    2. Visit my dad in Seattle
    3. Spend lots of time helping my Grandma and Grandpa organize their house.
    4. Find a good book about a female vampire (they all seem to be about guys!)
    5. Go to Renegade Craft Fair in SF.

    : )


  • 1. To finish all of my half done projects that are still laying around.

    2. Travel somewhere I have never been before.

    3. Go to the local farmer and fle markets at least everyother week.

    4. Start working out more this summer and to be at lease one size smaller.

    5. Enjoy nice summer days outside exploring my local area

  • oh cool!

    1) finish at least 1 unfisihed sb projects a week.

    2) take kids to an everyday swim class that’s 50miles away

    3) clear out/purge out garage

    4) develop good working habits/schedule

    5)hang up painting on walls…and create new ones for empty walls

  • Summer Plans

    1. Move

    2. Paint the entire inside of a house

    3. plant a butterfly garden

    4. Camp in the empty living room with my boys

    5. Have a Mad Hatter unbirthday tea party

  • 1. drive route 66

    2. have an alice in wonderland theme party

    3. start my etsy stor ewith my sister

    4. spend enough time outside to get a natural tan (niot including soccre games)

    5. have a watermelon seed spitting contest 🙂

  • SueSan Eghbalian

    1. find an excuse to eat ice cream or a popsicle every day
    2. make more jewelry
    3. buy a slip n slide
    4. have a summer party – little kid style with lots of polka dots invovled and the slip n slide i’ll be purchasing
    5. work as hard as i plan to play

  • oh and number 6. go to chicago to see the flaming lips at pitchfork music festival– i hear its like going to the best birthday party you;ve ever been to so i’m heart set now : )

  • oh oh oh! SO excited!!! i ordered your vintage paper pack and would love the classes to go with it! yippy!!!

    1. spend every moment with my two beautiful babies while they’re home from school!

    2. swim, swim some more, then swim and maybe do a little more swimming!

    3. travel (vaca number one is coming sooooooon! we can hardly stand it!)

    4. craft, craft, craft…as much as possible…we have lots of fun projects (including summer journals) we want to tackle

    5. go to as many garage sales, antique shops & thrift stores as possible

  • 1. Paint
    2. Sew
    3. Train my dog to “give 5”
    4. organize my sewing area
    5. Go on a camp out with my family

  • i LOVE the pink/blue teardrop painting…it’s gorgeous.

    five summer goals:

    1.) move to san diego for a month to be closer to my boyfriend.

    2.) spend as much time at the beach as possible! 😀

    3.) learn how to embroider.

    4.) organize my room & closets.

    5.) send half of my wardrobe off to thrift stores.

    eeeek, i hope i win! thanks for the eye candy, rachel. i love all the pink.


  • 1. I want to up my time volunteering when I am off track (teach at a year round school). I should have some extra time to give to my favorite projects (our local independent theatre & adult literacy program).

    2. Write more! I have lots of half-finished poems & stories that should be polished & edited.

    3. I’d like to plan out my big projects for my school year so they’re more evenly distributed & less OMG PROJECTS !1!1111!!! and then nothing for three months.

    4. Finally, I am planning on sorting through my photos and trying to do more of an album-type storage instead of everything-is-in-a-large-box like they are right now.

    5. I am hoping to beef up my websites – both my personal one & my one for my students.

  • heres my list:
    1-have the best 4th of july wedding!
    2-spend as much time with my family
    3-get creative
    4-make money
    5-get ready for school

  • 1. spend hours and hours at the beach

    2. zoo!

    3. scrapbook my own pictures a bit

    4. bring my boys to as many culture events as possible.

    5 did i mention the beach…lol

  • 5 things I want to do this summer:

    1. travel to either new england, canada, or germany, but preferably all three.
    2. to work out 5 times a week.
    3. to really, really document my life.
    4. to start my business
    5. to make my backyard awesome.

  • All I want for summer is:
    1. my garden to flourish – I want to make out-of-this-world salsa with my tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro
    2. finish my 4-year-old’s baby album – sheesh
    3. learn to take way better pictures with my way awesome camera
    4. NOT gain 50 pounds with this pregnancy – random, I know.
    5. book more kid’s golf lessons

  • *have a girl’s day in Seattle with my sisters and go to the places my husband and son hate.

    *Get back in the habit of reading.

    *Turn the huge walk-in closet in our new home into a craft room to be envied

    *spend way too much time (and probably money) at farmer’s markets.

    *enjoy my husband’s summer off before he returns to teaching in the fall. Let him rest as much as possible.

  • 1. shoot lots of photographs, paint and create non-stop.

    2. throw a fancy party.

    3. collect cookbooks.

    4. go on a roadtrip.

    5. volunteer.


  • 1. wear pretty skirts/dresses a lot
    2. goon family bike rides every saturday
    3. go to the pool
    4. have my parents/twin visit me
    5. documenting it all in photos, scrapbook pages, and art journal pages

  • Wow, I would love to take your journaling classes – thanks so much for the chance!!

    1. camping
    2. disneyland
    3. girls roadtrip
    4. scrapbook old family photos
    5. sew!!!

  • 1. Learn how to actually use my daggum sewing machine.
    2. Learn to knit.
    3. Create a few pin cushions.
    4. Do some clay work for my scrapbooking
    5. Embroider the new fabric I just got because it SO needs to be stitched!

  • I LOVE LOVE your cute journals.

    1. Learn to write with my left hand. (Weird goal? Yes.. but it is something I have always wanted to be able to do! hehe!)

    2. Be better about keeping a journal of my kids lives!

    3. Give my husband more love and attention. He deserves it!

    4. Learn to use my serger.

    5. Call my mom and dad more often! We moved and I miss them 🙁

    Ooh and I have one more.

    6. Learn to be more frugal. I tend to buy everything I see 🙂

  • Wow! What a lovely idea.

    1. make cards, cards, cards

    2. go swimming every day

    3. create something new

    4. read books

    5. open a blog


  • OHHH I would love a spot in either of those- LOVE IT!

    so first on the list:
    -win a giveaway and a spot into an awesome art class
    -finish a painting
    -get in the habit of running again
    -find the perfect bread recipe
    -spend lots of time with the family

  • summer fun list:

    1. a romantic getaway to carlsbad caverns…yay caves

    2. build a dream house for my puppy

    3. tai chi in the backyard

    4. host a dance party

    5. tandem bike rides with my babycakes!


  • omg Rachel! I am craving ice cream now too!

    1- Dream Big

    2- Ace Microecon

    3- Go adventuring (rock climbing, rapelling, hiking)

    4- Save Money

    5- Train for and run a 5k

    <3 B

  • This summer I want to

    1.) Have Fun
    2.) Tell my crush that I like him
    3.) Go Swimming
    4.) Express myself in art
    5.) Play with my little cousin Anna 🙂

  • OMG… If you pick my name I’ll do a kartwheel, I swear. 🙂

    This summer I AM planning on:

    1. Promoting my etsy shop like, crazy mad.

    2. Finding a couple of crops to go to… I was so inspired the last one that I went to.

    3. Taking sooo many more pictures than last summer.

    4. Sticking to my weight watchers diet and looking totally hot by the end of the summer 🙂

    5. Visiting my dear boyfriend who is in Washington D.C. at least twice… Hopefully three times 🙂


  • Pick me, Pick me 😉

    1. learn how to use photoshop and my new slr camera
    2. begin my Christmas crafting!
    3. spend quality time with my kiddos every day
    4. pick strawberries and eat them while they’re still warm!
    5. go for a bicycle ride everyday

  • oh summer :]

    1. work & save money for college.
    2. paint more
    3. write in my journal regularly!
    4. finish the quilt i started! [batik fabrics!]
    and 5. become more proficient with photoshop!

  • 1. finish my quilt
    2. make kids clothes!
    3. send a few anonymous mails.
    4. continue falling in deep love for my partner.
    5. welcome my little girl into the world.

  • i am so in some need of inspiration these days.

    1. visit as many farmers markets as possible.
    2. run more
    3. get to the beach
    4. take more photos
    5. road trips!

  • 1)Go to the beach at Lake MI at least 5 times this summer. (It’s only a 30min. drive)

    2)Create a mixed-media picture to hang in my house.

    3)Pick and eat and preserve lots of fresh fruit.

    4)Read lots of books with my kids.

    5)Escersise regularly outside.

  • 1. paint a whooole lot more than i have been

    2. sell my paintings

    3. get a summer job to buy a car

    4. do a photoshoot sometime soon w/ friends

    5. step out of my comfort zone and do something creatively that i don’t think i can do.

  • 1. visit my friend julie in kona, hawaii.
    2. buy a sewing machine.
    3. see as many of my little brothers baseball games as possible.
    4. road trip… anywhere.
    5. learn how to paint with watercolors.

  • Love the eyecandy!
    This summer I want

    1. Paint my livingroom.
    2. Make a citytrip to maybe Vienna or Barcelona or Amsterdam.
    3. Visit some musicfestivals.
    4. Take lots of photo’s.
    5. Learn to knit.

  • gotta say, i just loved your journaling classes, rachel! you are just the jump start that i needed.

    here’s my summer:
    1. garage sales (have one myself and go to many others)
    2. wading pools
    3. farmers market
    4. hit up lollapalooza in chicago
    5. participate in as many local craft shows as i can

  • Ohh I love this question!!

    On my summer break I want to:

    1) Decorate the new apt I am moving into in July (!!!)
    2) Learn to horseback ride
    3) Take lots of yoga classes
    4) go camping and take magical pictures
    5) lots anf lots of crafting, of course…

  • 1. Move to Ohio.

    2. Get pregnant with #2. (We hope!)

    3. Paint at least one wall in our new place.

    4. Teach Kiffer to swim at the lake.

    5. Do something “artsy” daily. Even while moving.

  • 1.Take the kids camping (I have never been but my hubbie swears it is fun)
    2.Take my kids to see UP.
    3.Plan a romantic get away from the kids.
    4. Watch Foxy (my horse) give birth.
    5. Sew something with AJ’s grandma (she is awesome and in her 90’s)!

  • 1. Get organized
    2. Go to Falling Water
    3. Finish my Disney World scrapbook
    4. Create a new look for my blog
    5. Go to Springfield!

  • this is great Rachel! thanks, I would love to participate

    1. finish crocheting my blanket

    2. learn to use my DSLR better

    3. go to mexico

    4. stick to my CrossFit workouts

    5. kick off a Mexican food blog

  • 1. road trip to colorado or anywhere for that matter
    2. go camping on the beach
    3. make homemade strawberry lemonade
    4. have a LATE NIGHT create something party w/ close friends
    5. write a letter to someone special every week

    there are many more but…you only asked for five

  • This summer I want to

    1. Hike the Half Dome (Yosemite)

    2. Take more photographs

    3. Go kayaking

    4. Play in a tennis tournament

    5. Last but least – Make lots of mini albums!

  • Yeah, great giveaway!
    1. make my veggie & flower garden a success
    2. take my little boy swimming
    3. make a tshirt quilt
    4. have a big garage sale
    5. read more books!

  • whew…how about 6!?

    1. paint my kitchen cabinets.
    2. put up a clothesline outside.
    3. transplant the wild blackberries growing in my flower beds.
    4. perfect my owl plushie pattern.
    5. organize my scrap space.
    6. keep up with my blog.

  • Oh lovely artist picks:) Inspiring.

    1. Swim alot in the salty bay, soak up the sun and read tons and tons of books.

    2. Conquere my sewing machine(I say this every season) I have had it since last Christmas(2008)

    3. Meet tons of online friends, which I will be doing in June.

    4. Travel with my mom(will be doing that as well in July)

    5. Search and out buy the most perfect used, vintage bike so I can ride around my bay side town:)

    Happy Summer!!!

  • 1. finish my embroidered Tiki table runner.

    2. make fabulous memories with my kiddos.

    3. make homemade ice cream.

    4. go to a baseball game with my husband (not my cup of tea, but it will make his little eyes light up, and that makes me smile!)

    5. Train for the St. Jude 1/2 marathon.

  • 1 – get safely moved to london!
    2 – get a new teaching job there.
    3 – find a non-skeezy apartment
    4 – get my craft on: get all my scrapping stuff from the US, sewsewsew, and re-learn embroidery decently! and get my etsy shop back in action
    5 – enjoy it all!!!!

  • 1) learn a foreign language Japanese or Frence??

    2) catch up on movies and books that I didn’t have time to watch/read during school year

    3) learn a new craft

    4) learn swimming

    5) working on my art projects & re-organize my apartment.

  • 1. Spend as much time with my daughter doing fun stuff before I send her to preschool and look for a job this fall!

    2. Finish all my projects… yeah right!

    3. Paint furniture that I have and look for more!

    4. Start my Etsy store!

    5. Romantic dates with the hubby!

  • this is the best giveaway ever especially for me!!! I have been having some dollar $$$ problems and this would RULE to win. I have wanted to take these journal classes FOR*EV!!!!

    so five NON costly things for my summer are:

    1. BEACH BBQ with the fam!
    2. relax on a blanket with the BF and listen to beautiful music
    3. read a NEW book
    4. CREATE MORE!!!
    5. take a photo a day of summer stuff (anything really) starting the first day of summer.

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THIS OPP. to win the journal classes!!!!

    I love RVA!!!

    -Kari 🙂

  • 1. visit local live outdoor concert

    2. girls’ night crafty sleepover

    3. paint outdoors with the kids

    4. complete my first canvas painting

    5. visit the local strawberry patch and pick some


  • 1. go on a vacation, somewhere, anywhere!

    2. finish my Daily December album (shhh…don’t tell)

    3. get a decent tan

    4. get a job!!!

    5. Scrap, scrap, scrap!

  • 1. enjoy lots of canada dry gingerale with green tea accompanied by sesame snaps

    2. check out the north west coast -portland, seattle, vancouver)

    3. see beirut in montreal! sooo ecstatic about that one!

    4. exercise! (been prohibited for medical reasons. i’ll be cleared in a week!)

    5. reaaaad/sew/be inspired by the galleries in toronto 🙂 these are all synonymous and cannot be separated.

  • Well I probably won’t have a break this summer, but I want to:
    1. Ride bikes
    2. Eat ice cream
    3. Make lots of things for the etsy shop, enough to make a sale!
    4. Get better at photography
    5. Be spontaneous

  • top 5 things to do on summer

    1. go to the beach and get a taaaan!
    2. spend time with the nephew (oh they just grow up so fast…)
    3. organize my studio (aka the clutter room)
    4. take lots and lots of pictures with the Holga 120CFN (which sure loves a lot of sun)!
    5. eat ice creeeeeaaam!!

  • I’m already in the class as well, but access to the 3 old classes would be super awesome

    1. Spend time with my sister
    2. Go to the Opera or Ballet
    3. Eat as much soft serve as possible
    4. Use up some of my Fabric/Craft Stash
    5. Learn to cook some new things

  • hmmmm…

    1.start my stores online store

    2.go to the hotsprings and get spiced iced diced chai’s

    3.learn to make my own beads

    4.re-organize my craft room

    5.make a baby

  • Here are mine.

    1. Scrap my second daughter’s first year of life.

    2. Continue growing creatively.

    3. Create something I can sell.

    4. Enjoy my kids as much as possible.

    5. Get better at my photography.

  • 1) Spend hours outside with my boys.
    2) Go on lots of movie dates with my husband. So. many. good. options.
    3) Have a massive garage sale to purge our house of clutter.
    4) Make a kid-friendly cotton slipcover for our mismatching chair and ottoman.
    5) Find a job with my shiny new MA (and explore self-employments ops).

  • There’s so much to do! 😉 Here are some thing i surely want to:

    1. i like to try nothing… but not sure if that’s really nice 😉

    2. Crafting a lot!!

    3. Go to the beach with friends

    4. taking pictures

    5. bbq’s… till’ late 😀

  • This is going to be the best summer ever, I can feel it!

    I. Knit a tank top (preferably something babydoll-styled)
    II. Start something like a Flickr 365 project, but just for summer!
    III. Paint my bedroom purple!
    IV. Get an oldish film camera and experiment 😉
    V. Try to spend less time on the computer (except on this blog, of course!)

  • uno. get funky creative for the new preschool I am starting in the fall for my four year old and his pals.

    II. reclaim and refurbish a half dozen old dresses I have collected from thrift stores over the year.

    tres. staple astroturf to the wall of my children’s playroom.

    4444. go camping and eat lots o’smoresssssssssssss and listen to my husband play his heart out on his guitar……

    five. work it on the dance floor at my brother’s kickin’ wedding. I can seriously ROCK the dance floor -watch out!!!!!!

    and hopefully — most hopefully– I will be taking an online journaling class!!!! Oh, how this mama needs it. Sometimes I think I am creatively constipated!!! I have so much creativity and so many ideas but no outlet and no time!!! When you have kiddos creativity is most def. used but in different ways. I would love a spark of fun to reflect on my own thoughts through journaling….

    I am crinkling this up and putting it in your big hat to get drawn. It is really crinkled and big and your hands WANTS it…

  • Ok,these are my five:

    1.lose weight

    2.fix up our little house so we can finally live there together

    3.Stay fresh (cause here in italy it’s very hot in the summer)

    4.Learn how to knit

    5.sew something


  • My fives for summer

    1. Visiting Paris for the first time
    2. loose some weight
    3. Learn more portoguese
    4. Crafting
    5. a second pregnancy

  • Here are my five!

    1. Start on my last vacation’s mini album.

    2. Spend at least 30 minutes every day reading to my kids…no matter what!

    3. Go on vacation to New Mexico!

    4. Repaint my kitchen table and chairs.

    5. Paint a new pc of artwork to go in our living room…I’m thinking maybe cherry blossoms!

  • Good one!

    Plans are:

    *Be outside a lot

    *Go to Old Orchard Beach (Maine). This is an old classic for Montrealers and I never did it. I can’t wait.

    *Ride the bike with kids on all the bicycle trails around the city.

    *Have mojitos with friends on my tiny cute deck.

    *Create, late at night when the air is chill.


  • 1. get my passport

    2. take a roll of photos a week (at least)

    3. read 3 books all the way through

    4. hike

    5. make something big…in size. something bigger than myself. 🙂

  • would LOVE to be in your class!

    1. finish a Beth Moore bible study

    2. run a 5K

    3. embroider, embroider, embroider

    4. make new curtains for our bedroom

    5. get preggers with that 3rd kid (well, I’m still kicking it around!!)

  • 1. Get caught up with the kids school scrapbooks
    2. Clean out the garage
    3. De-clutter the house
    4. Slow down
    5. Get more sleep

  • 1. Try at least 10 new snocone flavors

    2. start my new journal

    3. memorize lots of bible scriptures

    4. read all the books i haven’t read yet

    5. get tan! (for once)

  • 1. ride my bike ALOT

    2. Drink lots of sweet tea


    4. shop at lots of thrift stores

    5. laugh with friends

  • Oh I just started journaling and so love it! Here’s my 5…

    1. Be creative everyday.
    2. Make art with my cute nieces and 2 year old baby girl.
    3. Set-up the tent next to my horses barn and camp under the stars.
    4. Play Frisbee in the pasture.
    5. Go to the ocean as much as possible.


  • 1. lose some (all) of this post-baby weight.

    2. regular date nights with the husband

    3. read, read, read. not just magazines. but those too. 🙂

    4. play outside with the boys whenever the freakishly hot-ness allows.

    5. create more beautiful spaces in our home.

  • Learn ukulele
    Go to Pittsburgh with the boyfriend
    Ride my bike more
    organize my closets
    finish all unfinished are projects

  • Five things?


    1- Scrapbook and craft

    2- Exercice

    3- Organise my very new studio!!!

    4- Art journal!

    5- Go camping

  • – Learn to love spicy Mexican food by eating as many burritos as I can this summer.

    – Finish putting together the dark room in my basement.

    – Re-spool and shoot with 120 film in the Brownie Hawkeye and Kodak Duoflex I recently thrifted.

    – Actually let go of the rope when swinging on a rope swing.

    – See at least TWO of “The World’s Biggest ____.”

  • Oh Wow!

    This summer I want to:
    1. Sew purses out of old T-shirts.
    2. Simplify my life by getting rid of a ton of belongings that I don’t need!
    3. Celebrate many friend’s weddings!
    4. Read a ton of books, particularly the Twilight series.
    5. Open an Etsy shop!

  • How fun! I’ve been wanting to take an art journal class for a little while now.

    Here are a handful of things I would love to do over the summer:

    1. Get a tan.
    2. Get back in shape after childbirth.
    3. Get into a good routine with the kids.
    4. Venture out of the house with all 5 kids – that makes me a bit nervous! lol
    5. Make lots of memories as a family. 🙂

  • hello rachel love and little baby!!

    My 5 things are:

    1) Swim a tons

    2) Clean and simply house

    3) Roadtrip to visit Janel

    4) Get a new tattoo (even small) maybe xo5!

    5) Make homemade milk shakes and slip and slide

  • Alright these are my Top 5
    1.catch up on reading
    2. Drink Green smoothie consistently
    3.BBQ and swimming parties
    4.Create like a mad woman
    5.Have a Baby:D

    What’s yours Rachel?

  • how fun…

    5 things for summer

    1. go to Cali

    2. swim at the beach

    3. get a tan

    4. go on lots of walks

    5. go to w a couple national parks and take lots of pics!!!

  • I would absolutely LOVE to take one of your classes!

    This summer I would like to:

    1. Scrapbook, paint, sew, journal…just take lots of time getting super crafty!
    2. Spend time finding hidden gems in our community (and photographing them)
    3. Learn to like exercising
    4. Enjoy my first nephew (due to arrive late July)
    5. Spend more quality time with my husband Rex

  • 1. try fun photography like Candice Stringham

    2. scrapbook ALL DAY

    3. clean a closet or two

    4. plan day trips for fun

    5. start a running regime


  • 1. Get in the kiddie pool with my two sons
    2. Catch fireflies in a jar
    3. Go camping
    4. Make homemade ice cream
    5. Take my little ones to see the ocean for the first time.

  • Rachel love your ideas and home decor..

    my five goals are:

    1. Take more photos

    2. Move house to Cambodia!!

    3. Make a hamock and use it to read a good book in

    4. make lots o smoothies

    5. Go to the beach and find beach treasure

  • *learn krav maga with my 2 best friends
    *embroider, embroider, embroider
    *learn how to knit!
    *tons of hiking
    *go to TORONTO with my loves!

  • 1. Lose my baby weight (so cliché, I know!).
    2. Introduce my baby to all the awesome things associated with summer – pools, the ocean, sandy beaches.
    3. Complete the LOM class and spend time perfecting the system.
    4. Have a 4th of July cookout
    5. Take a nap in a hammock

  • 1. Drive boats
    2. Laugh with kids
    3. Meet new friends
    4. Be challenged to know God better.
    5. Eat lots of snack shop!

    (I work at a summer camp!!!)

  • oohhhh this is really interesting:

    1. Goooo to the beach and enjoy the sun in my skin.. (I used to live in cancun.. i really miss that, but i love my family more than anything)

    2. organize b-day parties for familyyy!!! =).

    3. learn to sew!! haha is a goalll !!!

    4. Start an art journal for inspiration in my job and lifE!! ..

    5. Enjoy my family timee!!! =) …

    I dont ask for anything impossible!! hehe!!

  • Things I will do this summer:

    1. Organize baby clothes and repurpose some for the new baby.
    2. Cook something new every week.
    3. Clean out the garage.
    4. Go to a waterpark and play!
    5. Drink more homemade lemonade!

  • 1.visit my BFF, it’s been over a year

    2.takes lots of pictures of my daughter

    3.play in the pool

    4.visit old town sac (hopefully this weekend)

    5.start my 4th of july album for my grandparents.

  • i am visiting my grandparents in switzerland

    i’m teaching my boyfriend how to surf

    i would like to sort out my art room greatly (it is a big mess)

    and also paint a shed for my mama (paint the door i mean)

    and i would like to play more guitar

  • 1. Save up some money

    2. Hang out with my best friend as much as possible before she gets married

    3. Get a tan for once

    4. Do as many crafts as I can with my babysitting kids

    5. Go to as many Atlanta Braves baseball games as humanly possible

  • thanks for this giveaway, rachel! you inspire me SO much! i would so ABSOLUTELY LOVE to take your journaling class! :]
    hmmmmm….five things for this summer….

    1. read more books. next on my list is “the curious case of benjamin button.” <3
    2. be crafty like a fox! hehe. i want to work on lots of projects!
    3. exercise more. don't be a lazy bum!
    4. learn a new skill. i want to get good at doing something i've never done before.
    5. spend time with my family and friends! maybe travel a little bit. this summer should be wonderful!

    xoxo emily<3

  • 1) finish setting up scrapbook room
    2) stain deck and fence so we can reward ourselves with a new grill and finally grill outdoors like everyone else seems to in the summer
    3) hang our porch swing so we can enjoy a glass of wine and the sunset each evening
    4) going on walks each day with my hubby, who’s also off
    5) buy a sewing machine finally and get my craft on

  • 1.Dust off the old pop-up and go camping

    2.Take my 3 year old out surfing (at least in the whitewater)

    3.Go TV-less

    4.Try to include my kids more in MY crafts.

    5.Make more date nights with my husband

  • Hi Rachel and Elsie

    wow this would be amazing to win. I really do love your work and get so inspired by you guys.

    5 things this summer

    1. finish one art journal. (I have a lot of started ones but seem to start a new one ever to often.)

    2. Take photos everyday. And make a scrapbook of my summer.

    3. Make new friends and hang out with old ones to. And do lots of crafty things.

    4. Renovate the house.

    5. Make at least one person happy each day.

    I wish both a wonderful summer with lots of laughter and great people around you.

    Keep smiling

  • 1. start learning the guitar

    2. read a book every week

    3. make lots and lots and lots of cute clothes and headbands.

    4. go to concerts, try to see someone i never have

    5. learn photoshop better.

    oh and try not to get sunburnt like i always do!!


  • love your journals rachel! and the art on this post is lovely:

    on my next vacation would like to visit my family in england, go shopping in london,spend a whole day crafting in my pyjamas, go to the beach, visit my friens who are far away xxx

  • 1. Teach art journaling to young girls
    2. Go on a road trip
    3. Take an art class (preferably in person but online is good too)
    4. Visit my city like a tourist
    5. Develop my photography skills


  • 1)Build sandcastles on the beach with my boys
    2)Plant an herb garden
    3)Make chalk drawings
    4)Spend one whole day in the studio creating just for me
    5)Stay up late, watch a movie, and eat ice cream with my love

  • go to the beach with my two boys

    learn to knit

    paint something in my house

    take a scrapbooking class that’s not my usual style

    enjoy the outdoors

  • ok, so my top 5 for this summer are
    1. create a cute travel guide
    2. have tons of fun in… japan!! yay!!
    3. create a scrapbook with all the pics from the trip 🙂 (hopefully before the end of summer so i can share…)
    4. ride a horse for the first time in my life
    5. learn to use my lomo 😀

  • 1. Put in a patio in the backyard with my husband.
    2. Plant more in my garden.
    3. Play outside everyday with my son.
    4. Go to the mountains and sit by a campfire
    5. Go swimming

  • 1. Find my own place (so I can finally decorate a house!)

    2. Read books which are on my shelf more than 3 years.

    3. Find a cute dress

    4. Start scrapbooking again

    5. Learn how to make a Indian curry (love it, but somehow mine always taste boring)


    The Netherlands

  • 1sleep

    2get depression meds!

    3buy some cute clothes

    4take some cute pix

    5go somewhere, anywhere, to wear those cute clothes and take those cute pix!! haha HOW fun is this? 🙂

  • This summer we are going old skool!

    1. Taking my old beach cruiser for some rides around the neighborhood and to the river

    2.Catch fireflies in a madon jar

    3. Make a cute blanket like my grandma had, for many family picnics

    4. Sidewalk chalk for sure!

    5. Have a all girl slumber party with firends from high school! lol

  • OH Cool! I actually made a list yesterday …except it was more like 20 plus things hehe but here are 5:
    – Bike trip to Niagara falls and Niagara Region (from Toronto)
    – bake a pie and bring it to a picnic
    – train for a charity run
    – make an installation piece
    – get my drivers license

  • 1.Can some salsa

    2.Re-organize my craft space

    3.Swim with my kids

    4.Get caught up on my journaling

    5.Start a blog

    6.Organize my pictures

    Okay, I know that was six, once I got going, I couldn’t stop. Thanks for making me think!


  • Five things on my summer list…

    1. Sew/Customize cute baby things for my expecting friends.

    2. Get an early start on Christmas crafting/shopping.

    3. Take more photos of my daily life, not just events. (Important!)

    4. Eat ice cream on the beach.

    5. Get a hot new summer hair cut!

  • lOOOOOve your journal!

    for my summer:

    -eat a lots of fruit

    -have a fresh bath in the Sardinia sea

    -evening parties in my garden

    -watch sunsets

    -sleep, spleep, sleep

  • summer break swear…
    1. Work more more and more on my store FancyCatVintage.com
    2. Get crafty and create more
    3. get ahead on xmas gifts (which will be crafty/handmade this year)
    4. journal my craft plans for decorating my new place I hope to get into my the end of the year
    5. live according to the word LOVE.


  • My top five would love to do things are:

    1) Scrapbook as much as I can

    2) More sewing – dresses!

    3) Work on my photography skills

    4) Take my kids to the park as much as possible

    5) Go on a vacation

  • This summer I want…

    …to travel the world…(through library books and local ethnic restaurants)

    …to follow my dream and continue crafting a business

    …to drink cheap wine with priceless friends

    …to follow the road less traveled and see what adventures come of it

    …and to dance until dawn to the soundtrack of my life.

  • How cool. Here’s my list:

    1. Break out of my shell

    2. Be outdoors more than I was last summer

    3. Try a new craft I’ve never done–knitting, soap/lotion making, or making candles (I know, it’s all totally 70s!)

    4. Give extra love to my hubby, since he will actually be here this summer!

    5. Be consciously grateful every day for at least one thing (like fun blog parties!)

  • Here are my five things:

    1. Take my kids on lots of adventures.

    2. Get caught up on their baby albums and school albums.

    3. Make a scrapbook of ME!

    4. Get acrylic nails.

    5. Eat lots of fruit.

  • 1. sleep

    2. go camping with friends

    3. visit ghost ski towns

    4. have a deck party

    5. go “tubing” on the boulder creek

  • 1. Build a sandcastle
    2. Sip raspberry margaritas
    3. Film my first art class
    4. Take the kiddies to the waterpark
    5. Paint my toes hott pink


  • 1. Eat fresh, local, and seasonal

    2. Finish 1/2 of the rough draft of my book

    3. Actually use my YMCA membership

    4. Decorate and organize my new loft

    5. Open an Etsy shop

  • nice.

    1. fly to california

    2. sell on etsy

    3. go to beach with friends

    4. re-do my room

    5. CRAFT

  • Yay! A summer to-do list:

    1. Get an A in all 3 classes I’m taking
    2. Go to Portland
    3. Visit family at least once
    4. Go spend a weekend at the lake with just girlfriends
    5. Remember to do little things to make my friends/family smile unexpectedly… like happy mail!

  • 1. paint more
    2. potty train my son
    3. road trips (to San Antonio, Houston, and hopefully Florida. And maybe Colorado.)
    4. help my friend open her boutique
    5. have fun and love my kids.

  • Hi Elsie! My five summer goals are:

    1. Work on making my house “green”

    2. Visit my daughter in Los Angeles (she’s in college and got a summer job there so she is staying:(

    3. Practice more in my art journal

    4. Finish decorating my home (I’ve lived here for YEARS and it’s not finished!)

    5. Take a crazy road trip with my crafty friends.

  • My five summer things to do list:

    1. Take my kiddos to a fun place for vacation. Maybe Vegas?

    2. Finally apply for our Passports. Then use them! Canada? The world!

    3. Start looking for a cute bungalow or cottage with real character to buy.

    4. Start working on Wed. afternoons at the animal shelter as their photographer for online pets.

    5. Start guitar lessons.

    Busy B

  • 1. I want to draw with chalks on the sidewalk.

    2. Make an art journal.

    3. Write a letter for my daugther.

    4. Cook with my daugther & my hubbie.

    5. Take a Photography course.

  • 1. Go to the pool

    2. Do fun things with my daughters

    3. Keep a journal

    4. Ride my bike more

    5. Take more pictures

  • yay!
    1. work out new design for earrings
    2. finish all knitty works-in-progress
    3. donate clothes i’m not wearing
    4. eat 5 veggie/fruit per day
    5. take daily walks!


  • 1. Write letters
    2. Fall in love
    3. Train for {my} triathlon
    4. Visit (and enjoy) my family
    5. Weekly jaunts to the Farmers Market

    This site inspires me to return to crafting…where did I get lost?

  • I passed over this section of the blog party and could tell by the pictures that they were posted by Rachel!

    1. Read atleast ten books.
    2. Get involved with my church community
    3. Pour out lots of love on my family
    4. Create all of the things that I couldn’t during the Pretty class
    5. Get out in the fresh air and enjoy HTX!

  • These are my ‘winter’ ones, because I’m in upsidedownland.

    1) BLOG. I’ve had about 3 months off. Probably longer. I’m scared to look.
    2) Make art just for me. Seriously. Don’t show it to anyone in the store or at home. Hide it, bury it, post it to myself.
    3) Participate in more swaps.
    4) Take a class in something un-papery. Maybe learn to sew.
    5) Go mad making felt beads. Make things and keep my hands warm at the same time, two wins!

  • Five things I am looking forward to this summer

    1. Feel the sand in between my toes
    2. Watch the sun set and rise in the same 24 hours
    3. Laugh so hard til there are tears
    4. Roll around in my creativity with sheer enjoyment
    5. Make and eat Vanilla Banana Cinnamon Pancakes

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