Eye Ornament DIY

AGH! So cute! Eye ornament DIY (click through for tutorial) I’ve been browsing different holiday catalogs and websites over the past month to gather some Christmas DIY inspiration for this year, and something caught my eye—more eyes! Well, ornaments decorated like eyes to be precise. As much as I love a classic Christmas theme, I like to throw in a little bit of whimsical fun as well. So novelty ornaments are right up my alley! These are also perfect because they are quick to make, so you can easily do enough for a whole tree in an evening.

AGH! So cute! Eye ornament DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
-round ornaments
-acrylic paint
-paint pen
-loose glitter
-Mod Podge
-small brushes

AGH! So cute! Eye ornament DIY (click through for tutorial) For an open eye ornament, you’ll first want to draw an oval football shape onto your ornament. I found it easiest to sketch in my shape with a white paint pen first, and then once I got a shape that I liked, I used the brush and white paint to fill in the shape. Do two coats of paint if needed and allow the paint to dry.

AGH! So cute! Eye ornament DIY (click through for tutorial) Mix together a small amount of Mod Podge with a lot of loose glitter and use a paintbrush to paint a smaller circle of the glitter onto the white eye. Allow the glue to fully dry and then add your black dot for the iris and any lashes as desired. You can also add a tiny dot of white for that sparkle-in-your-eye look.

For the winking eye ornament, use a pen to sketch a half oval shape and then add some short straight lines for the lashes. Trace over the lines with black paint, and you’re all set!

AGH! So cute! Eye ornament DIY (click through for tutorial) AGH! So cute! Eye ornament DIY (click through for tutorial) AGH! So cute! Eye ornament DIY (click through for tutorial) You can either hang them side by side so they look like they are winking at you, or can you scatter them throughout your tree. Either way I think they add a lot of fun to our Christmas decor, and they are totally the type of holiday DIY that is easy to store and use again next year. I hope you’ll be “seeing” these on your tree this year! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • These are adorable and a fun idea to do with the family. They are definitely eye catching. :p


  • I made them a few years ago!


    Laura 🙂

  • EYE LOVE THESE. I can definitely SEE these being part of my Christmas décor! heehee
    Another technique for the glitter pupils: you could do the circle in ModPodge, then put glitter over that, let it set, then gently dab MP over the glitter to make it dust-proof and the glitter is bolder, more vibrant than mixing it into the MP 🙂
    Glitter being my main medium for many years I pick these things up. Also, getting yelled at for there being glitter all over the carpet….

  • I like the idea of customizing your ornaments and these tricks could probably work for all sorts of interesting designs. Personally, I find the idea of eyes in my tree a tad bit creepy but that’s just me. I also always look at magazines for inspiration for each year’s tree (I traditionally make it with my mother at her place as christmas day is always spent at her place). We prefer a classic approach but we do like to innovate every year. We always use white lights (I find the rainbow coloured lights a little overwhelming) but we use a different colour scheme to change things up. Plus our chocolate labs help make the experience extra special by helping out with the ribbons 🙂

  • That is such a cool project, and they look kind of exotic I think. A very extraordinary decoration for your Christmas tree!

  • Very original and funny! We love this nice details for this elegant and bright festivity.


  • What a cute idea! I’m sure these ornaments being any tree to life. How whimsical 🙂

  • They’re so cute and they seem easy to make 🙂 Modern twist to christmas deco

  • HOW CUTE! I love this…if only I hadn’t already decorated my tree in champagne and silver!!!

  • These are UNBELIEVABLE! Unfortunately I’m not much of a DIY-er myself…please tell me I can buy these…
    xoxo Blonde

  • These are UNBELIEVABLE! Unfortunately I’m not much of a DIY-er myself…please tell me I can buy these…
    xoxo Blonde

  • Adorable! I love giving a personal touch to my Christmas decorations. Where did you get those jewel-shaped ornaments?

  • This is such a fun and cute idea. I haven’t gotten around to decorating yet, so I’ll most likely make a few of these to hang around the house. I think these would also make such great gifts!


  • I seriously LOVE this so much! We have a white tree that is decorated with all sorts of off beat things, and these would be AMAZING!! I can’t wait to make some!

  • Haha, these kind of remind me of Ah! Real Monsters from my childhood. Like The Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s the perfect mix of Christmas and Halloween 🙂


  • Haha! Amazing! I love the idea!!!

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