Fabric Covered Storage Boxes


Recently, I've been super superrrr obsessed with organizing my closet. I've been cleaning out, donating, hanging, boxing up and building displays. I wanted to have some cute hat boxes in the top of my closet to store some of my vintage hats and other things that can be easily bent up. After shopping around I decided that the best option for me was D.I.Y. I gathered up all my shoe boxes that I'd been saving and went to town…


1. Collect shoe boxes. I never throw them away! You can use them to store so many things other than shoes! 2. Cover one side of your box (whatever side you'd like facing out) with mod podge or gel medium. 3. Press a fabric scrap on that one side of the box. Allow to dry completely. 4. Trim away the excess fabric. 5. Take an instant photo of the item(s) you plan to store in your box. Adhere your photo to the front of your box for easy identification! 6. Allow to dry, stack them and store them! Try to use a lot of different patterned fabrics in a limited color scheme for a simple, yet interesting, effect.






I'm so happy with my new closet boxes! The best part about this easy D.I.Y. is that I didn't have to buy any supplies. Everything I used was already in my home and recycled. Have fun crafting a more organized space… xo. elsie 

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