Create your own fabric patterns!

Fabric fun pillowsIMG_5523IMG_5520Elsie and I recently acquired these Fabric Fun dye sticks. We immediately started playing around with them to see what we could create. Elsie made this adorable polka dot journal; and I created some oversized throw pillows. These dye sticks are super easy to use and can allow you to create any kind of design you want onto fabric. Here's how to use them:Fabric fun crayons steps1. Supplies: Dye sticks, natural fabric (cottons work great), plain paper and an iron. 2. Use the dye sticks to color your design directly onto the fabric. 3. Place the plain paper on top of the color and iron for 20-30 seconds. 4. You can see that the dye will set as you heat it; so you may need to use a few sheets of paper so you don't smear your colors everywhere as you go.IMG_5530IMG_5496We are not too sure how well the colors hold up to being washed, as we both choose projects that didn't require any washing. But we just LOVE the whimsical look these can create—Fabric Fun dye sticks would be a great project to try out with kiddos too. xo. emma and elsie

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