Family Bedtime Routine Organizer

Bedtime routine organizer Getting five people groomed and out the door on time is no simple task whether you’ve got one tiny shared bathroom (our last rental) or three bathrooms on two floors (our current rental). It can be just as frustrating in the evenings when the kids can’t remember which bathroom they left their favorite hairbrush in or why their toothpaste is missing AGAIN. I decided to take advantage of one of my favorite small space organization solutions and create some vertical storage in one of our central bathrooms to see if we could streamline our morning and evening routines and save everyone’s sanity in the process.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with IKEA, one of our favorite affordable home goods stores, for this small space solution! They have so many well-designed home organization items for each room in your house, but sometimes the best solutions can come from unexpected places. As I was flipping through their website, I came across the SATSUMAS plant stand in the outdoor department and noticed the size and amount of pots included were perfect for storing each family member’s personal hygiene essentials. Here are all the items I used to create this renter-friendly vertical storage solution: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Bedtime routine organizer Not only did this unexpected storage solution show its usefulness in helping us keep all of our stuff in one visible location, it’s also helped keep the bathroom countertops clutter free. An added bonus is it keeps everyone’s stuff out of reach from our curious two-year-old who likes to test out all of the toothbrushes. True story. Thankfully, I’m pretty quick.

I arranged the pots according to height so that each child could easily reach their own items and be responsible for replacing them when they were done. They love that they each have their own special space for storing their stuff, and I love that they are more likely to not wander off with their toothbrushes and leave them on a random bookshelf in another part of the house.

To make this storage solution as pretty as it was practical, I added color-coordinating FRÄJEN hand towels and colored SVARTSJÖN tumblers for rinsing. There’s still plenty of space in each one to add their own combs or anything else that is used more than once a day.

Bedtime routine organizerBedtime routine organizer Bedtime routine organizer Bedtime routine organizer Another fun way to personalize each pot would be to hand-letter each family member’s name on the outside of their pot or add an oversized vinyl alpha sticker with the first letter of each person’s name. You could even spray paint each pot if you’re looking for something even more colorful!

Bedtime routine organizer I love looking for the potential in anything we bring into our small space because it almost always ends up needing to do more than one job in its lifetime as our needs change. This beautiful plant stand may eventually hold plants, but until then, it’s going to make our mornings and evenings a lot more peaceful! –Rachel

Credits//Author: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Janae Hardy and Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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