Fancy Grilled Cheese Party!

Fancy Grilled Cheese Party IdeaOne thing we love about this time of year is hosting parties! Last week we hosted a cocktail night with friends and we made a grilled cheese bar for a party snack.

Fancy Grilled Cheese Party Idea Fancy Grilled Cheese Party Idea We had so much fun picking out interesting toppings for the grilled cheese bar! We had pesto, spicy blue cheese mustard, candied pecans, wasabi sauce and sun dried tomatoes… just to name a few. Everyone had a great time choosing toppings and testing out combinations. I have to say, this was one of my favorite themed food bars we’ve ever created because it was casual, but still unusual and special!

Fancy Grilled Cheese Party Idea Do you love planning parties? We’re excited to ring in the new year with a fun party next week. We have a feeling 2013 is going to be an epic year! xoxo. Elsie

  • My husband and I take a lake trip with friends every June and on the night it was our turn to prepare dinner, we did a giant grilled cheese bar with not only many pre-planned toppings, but also some leftovers from previous meals, like goetta (it’s a Cincinnati thing we all love) and pepperoni. It was a huge hit!

  • I love this idea so much, I am actually doing it for my son’s first birthday party this weekend. What other toppings did you do? Besides the ones that were listed? And did you make the blue cheese mustard? Or make it?

  • I’m also wondering how the grilling of the sandwiches came into play. Panini press? I think that’s what I’d do, but I’d like to hear how you guys did it. Thanks!!

  • I just fell back in love with grilled cheese! This is such a great idea. Now…since I usually love every recipe you post…how about an amazing creaming tomato soup one! <3

  • This is a freaking fantastic idea!!! I love Grilled Cheese and experimenting with different cheeses :} thanks for sharing.

  • Haha,this food bar looks like a lot of fun!!!
    I love to plan parties,I`m already planning for Easter and my Halloween party in 2013 🙂


  • Haha,this food bar looks like a lot of fun!!!
    I love to plan parties,I`m already planning for Easter and my Halloween party in 2013 🙂


  • you have such cute and fun ideas. i’ll have to do this for our next sunday dinner we host.

    xo Monie

  • this is such a fun idea! definitely want to try

  • I did a grilled cheese party on election night. Also amazing–apples! They go well with lots of cheese flavors. 🙂

  • Oh my gosh! I LOVE this idea! I’m such a big fan of concoting my own grilled cheese combos on my own but it’s so fun to get a group to make their own unique sandwhich! Bookmarking this to save this for a rainy day. :]

  • Elsie and Emma,
    This is awesome, it reminds me of the cheese platter you had on your blog over the summer. I used that idea for my small, second, country wedding, and had many compliments on the cheese platter. We had vintage table cloths, pop in glass bottles, paper straws, galvinized tubs with ice for the pop, paper lanterns from the ceiling and it was so beautiful! Your cheese platter was perfect for the short time when everyone grabbed a drink and the caterer delivered the dinner. Keep up the great posts
    Debbie Darling <3

  • Yum! What a great idea!


  • That’s such a great idea. I love to get my grilled cheese on!


  • I am a cheese addict so this is right up my alley. I love this. It looks like a fun time and beautiful to look at. Great post.

  • Love this idea!! I have done quesadilla (sp?) parties tons of fun can’t wait to do grilled cheese!! Granparents gave all of us grandkids a Panini press for christmas. This is got to be the next family party!!

  • Who doesn’t like a grilled cheese sandwich? Nobody. That looks fun. I should do this for my kiddo’s.

  • whoooah, yummy!

  • This is so cute, I love creating different grilled cheese combinations! There is a specialty grilled cheese restaurant in Cleveland that makes AMAZING (and unique!) sandwiches–I often try to replicate those. I’m curious though, after everyone picked out their toppings, where/how did you heat them? Was it a mini grill or did everyone line up at the stove?

    Thanks! -Melissa

  • Wow, this food bar certainly is unusual but I love cheese and what you came up with!

  • It’s an incredible idea!!!love these photos!!!kiss Giulia Marchegiani

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  • You should all go to holland! The cheese in america is awfull!
    Last year my boyfriend and i went to america and tried lots of cheeses! But they are not so good as the cheese in holland! Damn!
    I feel sorry for you ;-P

  • Great idea, I used to host waffle parties with different waffle toppings and a big bowl of waffle mix. Then I broke my waffle maker and haven’t replaced it :p

  • Ohmygosh this looks so fun and delicious! I must try sometime 🙂


  • I’d want to grill all the varieties just to taste them! Genius. Hosting parties makes me nervous, but you ladies make it easy.

  • This is a great idea, too. Traditionally we make Raclette for New Years Eve. It’s fun to eat and you can have so many combinations.

    will try this for our next party.


  • Love this post!! Great party idea. FYI – just tried to pin it a couple different ways and got an error message saying that Pinterest has blocked you due to inappropriate content or spamming 🙁

  • Brilliant! Everyone always love some grilled cheese, such a fun idea for family dinners and I am sure it gets thumbs up from the little ones too!

  • such a fun idea! i’m such a sucker for grilled cheese. ok.. and mac and cheese too.

  • Nolwenn, Yes! We got a panini press as a wedding gift and we’ve used it a ton!
    XOXO. Elsie

  • I have been craving gourmet grilled cheese! My favorite additions are different chutneys, and apple slices. You can’t go wrong with apple slices and cheese!
    I’m going to mark down on my grocery list to get some grilled cheese supplies!
    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • Love this idea!!! Nothing better then some cheese wrapped up in carbs! Yum!

  • oh that sounds so nice !
    Silly question though: were you using a grilling machine ?

  • What an amazing idea!!! Who doesn’t love grilled cheese

  • Sounds like so much fun and super tasty. Great idea.

  • My daughter is deathly allergic to all dairy…so we don’t get to eat like this at home…however….if I was at your party I would of consumed this whole set up! Lol. I miss cheese….looks Fab! Great idea.

  • Fabulous idea! I love trying new grilled chese combinations, and this is such a fun reason to get together with friends.

  • This idea is new to me, but I love it!

    (Even if I can’t have dairy at the moment…)

  • OMG,, that’s looks beautiful and yummy,
    sad, I can go anywhere to celebrate new year eve,
    I have so many task ..

  • OH MY GOSH!! I love cheese and this party idea!

    I’m going to have to do this soon 🙂

  • This is a great NYE idea! Fun stuff. 🙂


  • Where is this grilled cheese party happening? And why have I not been invited? 😉

  • This looks AMAZING! Grilled cheese is the best; I’m going to have to do this when I move into my apartment.


  • WOAHHHHH, i love cheese toasties! (i’m british) midnight ones are THE BEST

  • Your set up looks amazing! Loved grilled cheese. What better way to celebrate than a grill cheese party!

  • This looks amazing. I especially love the little flags. I’m not having people over for new years, but I have a feeling I might be having a grilled cheese party for two… xx

  • OH BOY! this is def my kind of party! thanks for sharing.


  • Fantastic idea! I am definitely going to have to try something similar!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • What a great idea! My parents gave us a Panini press for Christmas and it would be ideal for something like this.

  • This is adorable! I love the little flags and the creative options. I bet they were delicious!

  • You could even go a step further and set up the Foreman Grill next to the toppings and bread so that they could cook their own all night!

  • Cool! But I’m wondering…were you all fighting over who grills their sandwich first.

  • I am a huge grilled cheese fan and this sounds like the most amazing party idea ever. Gonna have to try it out instead of the usual cheese platter next time!

  • Eek, this is such a cute idea! Grilled cheese is one of my favorite foods (I swear I’m not a toddler) so I can really appreciate this. Actually, my boyfriend made a grilled cheese a while back with a dark rye and Jarlsberg cheese, and then used mayonnaise instead of butter on the outside. It was absolutely out of this world!

  • That sounds so fun! Now I want to try something new besides the classic grilled cheese.

  • This is SUCH a great idea! I will have to get some of my girlfriends together and do this one time.

  • HOLY YUM!!!!!!!!! That sounds amazing. I’ll have to try that sometime!!

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