Fancy Grilled Cheese Party!

Fancy Grilled Cheese Party IdeaOne thing we love about this time of year is hosting parties! Last week we hosted a cocktail night with friends and we made a grilled cheese bar for a party snack.

Fancy Grilled Cheese Party Idea Fancy Grilled Cheese Party Idea We had so much fun picking out interesting toppings for the grilled cheese bar! We had pesto, spicy blue cheese mustard, candied pecans, wasabi sauce and sun dried tomatoes… just to name a few. Everyone had a great time choosing toppings and testing out combinations. I have to say, this was one of my favorite themed food bars we’ve ever created because it was casual, but still unusual and special!

Fancy Grilled Cheese Party Idea Do you love planning parties? We’re excited to ring in the new year with a fun party next week. We have a feeling 2013 is going to be an epic year! xoxo. Elsie

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