16 Farm-Fresh Recipes

Kale and potato breakfast hashWe joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) through Millsap Farm this summer, and it’s been so much fun to get fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruit on our doorstep every week! We love opening up the delivery box to see what kinds of goodies are inside. Today we are going to share all the awesome dishes that Emma made using items from the farm! Hungry? Let’s get started with this amazing kale and potato breakfast hash.

Baked polenta and tomato saladWant something other than greens for your salad? Try baked polenta and tomatoes. Don’t forget to drizzle on some balsamic!

Summer frittataWe used fresh brown eggs, summer squash, and bell pepper to make this amazing frittata. You’ll love making this for brunch.

Crispy eggplant parmesan subsNot sure what to make with eggplant? Try these crispy eggplant parmesan subs

Cripsy polenta croutonsAdd these polenta croutons to your favorite salad for some added crunch and flavor.

Crispy kale pizzaWe topped this homemade pizza with fresh kale. Healthy and delicious pizza? Yes, please.

Potato donutsNow for something sweet. If you haven’t tried potato donuts before, you are missing out! So good.

Southwestern baked eggsWe used eggs, cherry tomatoes, and cilantro from our CSA delivery to makes these amazing southwestern baked eggs.

Fresh spring rolls with spicy peanut sauceWe can’t get over how good (and pretty) these fresh spring rolls are. Fill them with your favorite veggies and herbs and then dip them in spicy peanut sauce!

Garlic and Miso Green BeansYou can’t beat fresh green beans, especially when they are combined with garlic, miso, and soy sauce!

Creamy beet linguineTry this creamy beet linguine. It has tons of flavor and a fun, bright color! 

Sweet and spicy refrigerator picklesHomemade pickles are super easy to make. Try these sweet and spicy refrigerator pickles.

Baked quinoa falafelThis baked quinoa falafel is packed with flavor, and it’s super healthy! We topped ours with cherry tomatoes, herbs, and cucumber.

Carrot and ginger salad dressingThe ABM studio smelled so good when Emma made this carrot and ginger salad dressing. It has tons of bold flavors, too!

Tomato toast with basil cream cheeseTop your toast with fresh tomato and basil cream cheese.

Easy kale quicheLast, but not least, make this kale quiche Sunday morning. The crust is so easy, and you’ll see why. 🙂 

We hope this inspires you to make something fresh or homemade this weekend! – The ABM Team